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10 Things I Learned from Formula Drift Long Beach


10. The MVP of the Weekend – The Weather
The biggest game changer of the weekend in Long Beach was the rain. I was on site this weekend and when the rain started it was unbelievable how much oil and junk came up from the parking lot. Keep in mind, turn 9 through 10B are basically parking spaces used by the convention center and aquarium on a daily basis. The large issue at hand wasn’t just the rain but the oils and things it took up from the ground. If I would have known people would claim that Formula Drift cannot be done in the rain – I would have taken pictures of this gross water. Let’s keep in mind that it also doesn’t frequently rain in Southern California so the amount of junk coming up from the pavement was huge in scale. The ground was so inconsistent that huge zero traction patches were found across the course where the driver would basically become a passenger as several described it to me in the car. I am one of the first people to criticize Formula Drift when I think they do the wrong thing and everything this weekend was handled perfectly. The drivers wanted a set qualifying and nobody spoke up against it from what I saw and heard in the drivers meeting. With just 32 teams it just happened to work out and lead to the best Top 16 in Formula Drift history.


9. Kyle Mohan Debuts Most Exciting New Car with his Mazda MX-5
It was pretty clear to me that Kyle Mohan debuted the most exciting new car of the 2016 season. The pre-season buzz when I released his Mazda MX-5 to the public was huge. The car didn’t quite looked dialed in and was very snappy over the race weekend. Long Beach is very different from the other seven courses coming up so I am trying not to read too much into his performance. For him to be a contender in 2016, the car seems like it needs some work. Also, while he is working on the car I think he should invest in some wide body front fenders.

8. Cameron Moore Was Best Rookie on the Weekend
The rookie class of 2016 is sitting in a five way tie for Rookie of the Year right now since they all lost in Top 32 and no qualifying points were issued for the weekend. Cameron Moore looked most likely to win his Top 32 battle against Chris Forsberg. He did a really impressive follow run and spun on his lead run that most likely would’ve earned him at least an OMT if he kept pedaling around the course. Cameron Moore impressed me with his ability to handle the wet conditions better than most people in the paddock. I know he hails from the Pacific Northwest so he might not even know what the sun looks like yet. He looked comfortable and uninitiated being in the main event so I will keep my eye on him over the next couple rounds of Formula Drift.

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Chelsea Denofa recaps Long Beach – Say Howdy Get Rowdy S3E1 [VIDEO]

Chelsea Denofa’s “Say Howdy Get Rowdy” video series is back for the third season, starting with a recap of his first weekend on GT Radial tires. Denofa qualified 27th, and finished in the top 16, which is a decent start to the season all things considered. Sit back and enjoy the video!

Another Look at Formula Drift Long Beach with E3 Spark Plugs [GALLERY]




This is another look and glance behind the scenes of Formula Drift Long Beach thanks to E3 Spark Plugs and the skills of Regine Trias. Sit back and enjoy her work tackling the various elements of a Formula Drift weekend.


Check out the Gallery:

Mad Mike to return to Formula Drift, but will miss Long Beach [CONFIRMED]


In a release from Red Bull, we got confirmation that Mad Mike will be returning to Formula Drift US, but unfortunately won’t be able to make it to the Long Beach round due to delays at the port.  It’s unfortunate that he won’t be able to tackle the streets of Long Beach in the 1,000+ HP 4-rotor Mazda Miata MX5 he built in New Zealand, but Atlanta will be an appropriate track to properly stretch the legs of the car. The first rumors of Mad Mike making a return to FD started all the way back in November at SEMA, and hype has been building ever since. We’re excited to see him get back on track in a fully-built car as opposed to the RX-8 which, as admitted in the Red Bull PR, was more of a street car than fully built proper drift car.

2015 Formula Drift Schedule

1 Formula D Long Beach USA April 10-11th
2 Formula D Atlanta USA May 8-9th
3 Formula D Orlando USA June 5-6th (PRO 2)
4 Formula D Wall USA June 26-27
5 Formula D Seattle USA July 24-25th (PRO 2)
6 Formula D Texas USA August 21-22nd (PRO 2)
7 Formula D Irwindale October 9-10th (PRO 2)

World Championship Rounds
Japan – Fuji Speedway July 11-12
Canada – September 4-5th
China – November TBA

Formula Drift Pre Party at Federal Bar – April 3rd @ 6:00pm


Formula Drift will be throwing the second best party of the Formula Drift Streets of Long Beach weekend on Thursday from 6:00pm-10:00pm. The party is just up the streets from the track on Pine Avenue. Our Wrecked Magazine party takes place on Wednesday night starting at 7:45pm and can be found here on Facebook.

When: April 3rd, 2014
Where: The Federal Bar
Address: 102 Pine Ave. Long Beach, CA 90802
Doors Open: 6:00pm to 10:00pm

2013 Formula Drift Streets of Long Beach with KW Suspension [VIDEO]

KW Suspension shows off its 2013 drift team including Chris Forsberg, Dai Yoshihara, Ken Gushi, Ryan Tuerck, and Matt Powers round out the big 2013 team. This interview highlights the team, the changes they made to programs in the new year, and what KW suspension they are running. Sit back and enjoy what the team has to say.

2013 Formula Drift Long Beach – Even More Photos [GALLERY]

We sent out David Moore to also capture the action that was happening at Streets of Long Beach. The veteran motorsports shooter traveled around the Streets of Long Beach capturing all the moments from a unique perspective. We really enjoyed all of his images he put together from Round 1.


Check out the gallery:

2013 Formula Drift Round 1 – Streets of Long Beach Qualifying/Practice [GALLERY]

The 2013 season is underway with an intense but very long and delayed qualifying session. Justin Pawlak wrecked his first run and got his car back and rallied to a 23rd place. Tyler McQuarrie snuck in at 32nd after 0 practice time and two blown steering racks on his Camaro. He is not spending the night swapping engines in the car.


Check out the Gallery:

Steve Aoki’s Drifting Birthday Bash with Matt Powers [VIDEO]

Matt Powers and the Driftparty released some passenger camera footage from his drift day with Steve Aoki that just recently took place. The event was Nitto Tire Steve Aoki Birthday Bash which they held at the Long Beach Convention Center with Matt Powers and his Formula Drift competition car. Matt was even bold enough to let Steve get behind the wheel of his comp car during the event. The video footage is all ReplayXD camera footage captured by Matt during the event.

Watch the video: