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Kenneth Moen to Join Bridges Racing and Achilles Radial for 2014 Formula Drift Season


Earlier this week Jacob reported that Bridges Racing was adding a fourth driver to the team for 2014. The new driver for the Achilles Radial / Bridges Racing team will be Kenneth Moen running a 700whp 2JZ powered S14 Nissan 240sx. The car will be built by Limitless Motorsports and driven by Kenneth through 2014 on the Achilles 123S tire.

“I’m really excited to work with Kenny this year,” said Bryan Bridges.  “He’s caught my eye over the last couple of seasons with his aggressive driving.  He is very passionate and just wants to drive, the same as the rest of our guys.  I think he’s going to make a great addition to our team, hope fully we can provide him with the tools he needs to make that final push for a podium.” 

“We are excited to welcome Kenneth Moen to the Achilles family for this season, and cannot wait to see him create a ton of smoke with his Achilles 123S tires,” said Cheralyn Hale, Director of Marketing for Achilles Motorsports LLC.

Kenneth Moen Brings Out VQ powered S13.5 to Irwindale

Kenneth Moen borrowed the Bridges Racing S13.5 (the one formerly run by Robbie Nishida in Formula Drift back in 2011) and was prepped by the awesome guys at DDS Performance in Las Vegas. After some further testing with his MKIV Toyota Supra it just looks like we will have to wait until Long Beach to see it officially in action.

Clutchmasters Giveway – Thunder Sticks to Cheer on Michael Essa

Michael Essa is in the hot seat this weekend as he tries to defend his championship position against five others at Irwindale. Alongside Essa, Clutchmasters has six other drivers competing this weekend – Odi Bakchis, Chelsea Denofa, Kenneth Moen, Patrick Mordaunt, Mats Baribeau, and Enrique Mendoza. As a gift to their supporters and an added incentive for their fans to be the loudest cheerleaders in the grandstands, Clutchmaster’s will be handing out FREE Thunder Sticks to anyone who visits their booth at Irwindale this weekend. If you’re going to be at Irwindale Friday or Saturday, make sure to stop by their booth and pick up a pair.

2013 Formula Drift Round 6 – Texas Motor Speedway Practice/Qualifying [GALLERY]

Our guest photographer this weekend from Texas Jason Scott put together some awesome coverage of Round 6 qualifying and practice. The event went from the 100 degree heat into a cool breezy night for Top 32 practice. Huge upsets in qualifying including the failure to make it to the big show by Darren McNamara, Ryan Tuerck, and Tyler McQuarrie. Enjoy the coverage and we will have much more tomorrow from Jason as well!


Check out the Gallery:


Big Names in Drifting Head to Gatebil This Weekend

Gatebil has become quite a big name in the worldwide automotive spectrum thanks to big media coverage from the likes of Speedhunters and other various sites from the last few seasons. Well the event this weekend is packed with drifting stars including Vaughn Gittin Jr., Fredric Aasbo, Ryan Tuerck, Kenneth Moen, and Mad Mike (picture from his car). We except to see some great coverage from the festival in the next coming week or two.

Photo Credit: madmike_drift instagram

Is Speed a Big Qualifying Factor in Formula Drift?

One question about Formula Drift  I have been asking myself in 2013 is how much is speed a factor in qualifying results in Formula Drift? We have the unique element in drifting of staging 500hp cars versus 1,400hp cars on the same stage set to compete. In just about every other motorsport these two cars competing would basically be impossible or a waste of time yet Formula Drift can make it work.

Here are the Top 35 speed scores with a correlation of how they ended up qualifying for the Wall weekend. I realize this is an odd track of sorts but the scoring sure doesn’t seem to line up with qualifying points. Speed is of course a factor in the overall scoring system Formula Drift uses but I was very curious to know if the faster cars got some play or favoritism just by looking fast. It sure didn’t end up looking that way. In case you lack familiarity with how the qualifying system works here is something taken directly from Formula Drift:

A. Qualifying Scoring

In qualifying, each judge will be assigned to a criterion: Line, Angle, or Style. Line is worth 25 points. Angle is worth 25 points. Style is worth 40 points, of which the Line and Angle judges can contribute 0 through 5 points each to the 40 point total. The Speed category is worth either 0 through 10 points and is measured at a specific point on the course for each event. The judges will determine the median speed for qualifying. Driver will receive 5 points for achieving the median speed set by the judges. For every 1/10th of a mile per hour achieved by the driver above the minimum speed set by the judges, the driver will receive 1/10th of a point up to a maximum of 10 total points. No points above a total of 10 will given for speeds exceeding the speed scoring range. For every 1/10th of a mile the driver misses the median speed by, 1/10th of a point will be deducted from the possible 5 point median score, down to a minimum score of 0 points. Negative scores will not be given. The Line, Angle and the Style judges may award points in one (1) point increments or whole numbers for their specific criterion.

As we logged all the data it was interesting to see only about a 7mph gap in the cars from first to last place.   While speed is a big topic among drivers and the sporting regulations include things such as a “pace cone” it seems the variance issues in qualifying are not that high. One thought I have is with the new knockout style qualifying format which was announced in February and rolled out here at Long Beach is forcing some of the top drivers to leave quite a bit on the table and put down conservative qualifying runs to place in the event on the first round instead of going all out for glory in previous seasons. That is strategy and racing though. If we get some interest in this post I will log and do this speed analysis again at Evergreen Speedway.

Qualifying List in Order by Speed
1. Chelsea DeNofa – 54.2 MPH (Qualified 9th)
2. Matt Field – 54.1 MPH (Qualified 19th)
3. Fredric Aasbo – 53.4 MPH (Qualified 3rd)
4. Daigo Saito – 52.5 MPH (Qualified 6th)
5. Ryan Kado – 50.2 MPH (Qualified 17th)
6. Justin Pawlak – 49 MPH (Qualified 1st)
7. Michael Essa – 49 MPH (Qualified 13th)
8. Miro Ovcharik – 48.6 MPH (Qualified 25th)
9. Matt Powers – 48.6 MPH (Qualified 24th)
10. Nate Hamilton – 48.2 MPH (Qualified 32nd)
11. Robbie Nishida – 48.2 MPH (Qualified 7th)
12. Brandon Wicknick – 48.1 MPH
13. Jhonnattan Castro – 48.1 MPH (Qualified 14th)
14. Chris Ward – 48.1 MPH (Qualified 20th)
15. Dai Yoshihara – 47.9 MPH (Qualified 30th)
16. Taka Aono – 47.8 MPH (Qualified 27th)
17. Marc Landerville – 47.3 MPH (Qualified 21st)
18. Ryan Tuerck – 47.1 MPH (Qualified 18th)
19. Pat Goodin – 47 MPH (Qualified 31st)
20. Kenneth Moen – 47 MPH (Qualified 10th)
21. Danny George – 46.9 MPH (Qualified 16th)
22. Joshua Steele – 46.8 MPH
23. Ken Gushi – 46.8 MPH (Qualified 22nd)
24. Ryan Kado – 46.5 MPH (Qualified 17th)
25. Corey Hosford – 46.4 MPH (Qualified 26th)
26. Chris Forsberg – 46.3 MPH (Qualified 4th)
27. Carl Rydquist – 46.2 MPH (Qualified 29th)
28. Kyle Mohan – 46.2 MPH (Qualified 12th)
29. Jeff Jones – 46.1 MPH (Qualified 28th)
30. Dean Kearney – 46.1 MPH (Qualified 15th)
31. Forrest Wang – 46.1 MPH
32. Vaughn Gittin Jr. – 46.1 MPH (Qualified 11th)
33. Tyler McQuarrie – 45.9 MPH (Qualified 5th)
34. Odi Bakchis – 45.8 MPH (Qualified 23rd)
35. Darren McNamara – 45.4 MPH (Qualified 2nd)



Formula D Championship Points standings after New Jersey [STANDINGS]

After a third consecutive podium, Daigo Saito is increasing his lead on a quest to win his second consecutive championship. After being knocked out in the top 16, both Vaughn Gittin Jr and Mike Essa lost ground on Saito in the points standings. Forsberg remains in fourth after his second podium this season, while Pawlak moves from 8th to 5th with his first podium of the season. Here’s how the points shape up after four events in the season:

Here’s how the points currently sit:

1. Daigo Saito                   361 points

2. Vaughn Gittin Jr.       300 points

3. Michael Essa                296.5 points

4. Chris Forsberg            286 points

5. Justin Pawlak              282.5 points

6. Fredric Aasbo             266.5 points

7. Darren McNamara     259.5 points

8. Aurimas ”Odi” Bakchis     221.5 points

9. Daijiro Yoshihara      219.5 points

10. Kenneth Moen               210 points

11. Ryan Tuerck               205 points

12. Matt Field                   199 points

13. Robbie Nishida         191.5 points

14. Chelsea Denofa          186 points

15. Conrad Grunewald   174.5 points

16. Tyler McQuarrie       143.5 points

16. Matt Powers               143.5 points

Qualifying from Gatebil event in Sweden [RESULTS]

Mad Mike and Kenny Moen tied for the top qualifying spot at the Gatebil drifting event in Mantorp, Sweden this weekend, both earning 96 points, even more incredible as Moen is driving a 2JZ-powered S13 coupe he recently finished building instead of the Supra he typically competes with. Mad Mike’s Speedhunters teammate Fredric Aasbo earned third place with a score of 94 points in his Toyota GT86, proving that he has the car pretty dialed in. The top 16 event is tomorrow, and we’ll have the results for you shortly after.

1. Mad Mike Whiddet – Mazda RX8 (96)
1. Kenny Moen – Nissan S13(96)
3. Fredric Aasbo – Toyota GT86 (94)
4. Teemu Peltola –  Mercedes Benz C-class Wagon (91)
5. Johan Halvarsson – Nissan S15 (89)
6. Fredrik Myhre – Toyota Supra (88)
7. Jim Olofsson – BMW E30 (87)
8. Martin Emmar – BMW E36 (84)
8. Roger Naerum – BMW E30 (84)
10. Dennis Martinsson – Toyota Supra (83)
11. Lars Jorgen Skogdalen – Toyota Soarer (82)
12. Dennis Johansson – Nissan S13 (81)
13. Stian Lovdal – Toyota Supra (80)
13. Robin Alasker – Toyota Supra (80)
15. Olie Olsson – BMW E46 (79)
16. Kristian Erlandsson – Volvo (78)

Kenny Moen’s Formula D Supra is almost ready for battle

Kenny Moen will be replacing the 350Z he currently pilots with a Toyota Supra later this year. We previewed the build for you last summer, but the car is looking closer and closer to being finished. The car was in the pits in Atlanta, but is now sporting a Formula D windshield banner and may be ready for action as soon as in Palm Beach. The snapshot we found above is from the Hot Import Nights Orlando show last weekend. Since Lutz Performance is based in Florida, it would be an easy event to debut at. Sadly, this will be a major blow to the Manufacturer Championship for Nissan as  Moen had scored points for Nissan in both Long Beach and Atlanta. Kenny is currently sitting in 9th place overall in the championship.

Top Gear USA Season 3 is Confirmed – More Tanner Foust on the Tube

Tanner Foust and the boys will be doing a third season of Top Gear USA which is just about to start filming we have learned. Excited to see the History Channel has gotten so behind this programming which we have heard is bringing in some top viewership on the cable channel. As the episodes have continued the chemistry and entertainment these guys are producing on air is going up up and up. While we cannot see Tanner Foust tearing it up in a Scion tC anymore we guess watching him on TV is the next best thing while his old championship 350z is being driven by Kenneth Moen in Formula Drift this weekend.