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On Car Camera Films Shot At All-Star Bash [VIDEO]

Here are two videos shot at All-Star Bash with an on car camera mounted to a Datsun and wheeled by Larry Chen. The videos chase Justin Pawlak and Matt Powers around at All-Star Bash. They are some great clips captured from the big bash weekend.

Tyler Gets the Win? [SNAPSHOT]

I know that a picture only tells 1,000 words but it sure seems to represent what our whole staff saw and left us scratching our heads at Wall Speedway this evening. Tyler McQuarire crashed right into the wall and then Chelsea (since he was drifting and following line and did I mention proximity) wound up in the wall because he had no where to go and then hit Tyler (who clearly has done it all wrong as seen here) but was allowed to move on.

Once we can pull the Live Stream video feed along with some amateur video men who hopefully have captured it but this once again shows that car to car contact continues to baffle Formula Drift and they need to create some more hard and fast rules on these subjects. Doesn’t this just feel like Chris Forsberg vs. Calvin Wan 2009 all over again? How you could ever put Chelsea at fault for hitting a car that has crashed on course is beyond me.

Nice screen grab KeepDriftingFun and we will have more on this subject on Monday but please chime in your thoughts on the whole event.

2012 Formula Drift Insider Episode 2 [VIDEO]

The Formula Drift series released its Insider Episode 2 which covers the Keep Drifting Fun movie premiere, Formula Drift Road Atlanta, and Fredric Aasbo takes you around the Motegi motorhome which was present at the track this year. A really cool build out including a bar for the Motegi drivers to hang out and have fun after a race weekend. Get an inside look at the Keep Drifting Fun movie which was released at the Midtown Arts Cinema in downtown Atlanta.


Keep Drifting Fun – The DVD is FREE to Stream [VIDEO]

This 29 minute movie titled Keep Drifting fun has been two years in the making for Will Roegge and Joshua Herron. The video carries a Slide America feel fast forwarding into this decade of drifting. These guys hopped into an old Volkswagen and hauled around the nation to Turner Field and Englishtown along with a swing through the Midwest. My only real critique is I wish the film was longer so you could be sucked into the movie for even longer. Remember if you have a Roku box at home you can easily put this on your television through the Vimeo player application in the channel store. I watched it on a television and it looks fantastic this morning. Sit back and watch the final release of Keep Drifting Fun.

Keep Drifting Fun – The Trailer [VIDEO]

The Keep Drifting Fun crew of Will Roegge and Joshua Herron has come back to life with a video trailer that we can only imagine means a video will be coming soon! The one minute and 45 second trailer features tons of grassroots action from around the country on their great exploration of drifting around the United States. Head to the link below to see the new trailer.

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JDM All-Stars Rips off Keep Drifting Fun x NOS Sticker Design

This image above is the new JDM All-Stars picture they posted of their “new” sticker design. They look an awful lot like the Keep Drifting Fun x NOS collaboration stickers that were made for the 2010 Formula Drift season. We posted the spread of Keep Drifting Fun stickers below from our Fun Friday giveaway we did last year. Pretty weak JDM All-Stars!

Matt Powers Talks About the Current Hop Topic – V8 Engines

Somebody else is now taking his comments to Facebook and this week it would be Need for Speed driver Matt Powers. For the 2011 season he is going to a V8 power plant just like our Project V8 240sx we are currently putting together. Well Matt shed some light on the reason why you shouldn’t care about running a KA or SR20 and the reality of competition with the V8 engine. It caused quite a stir with over 160+ comments on his facebook status when I screen capped it last night. What do you think about the V8 movement and the thoughts spoken from Matt Powers?

“Why do people think that going V8 is not “keeping drifting fun?”  Changing three head gaskets between Long Beach and Atlanta is not fun. Paying $15 a gallon is not fun. Getting left behind is not fun. Why do drift fans want the drivers to have shitty setups? I don’t get it.”

Keep Drifting Fun’s 2010 Formula Drift Sticker Pack Giveaway [FUN FRIDAY]

The 2010 Formula Drift sticker pack presented by Keep Drifting Fun contains 7 stickers (one from each Formula Drift event in 2010). The sponsor of the sticker packs are NOS Energy Drink who teamed up with Keep Drifting Fun to produce these limited stickers distributed all of 2010. This is one of the only chances you can get your hands on all seven stickers unless you attended every event this year. We have 5 sticker packs to give out and check out how you can win them below!

The contest will be open until 2:59AM EST/11:59PM PST tomorrow when we will select a limited numbers of winners from the pool of people who complete the tasks. You can submit your Chris Forsberg photos for contest eligibility at our store:


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3. Compile as many links from the Wrecked Magazine Gallery of Chris Forsberg (or his 350z) and submit them in the Order Comments of this product checkout. For each image you submit of Chris Forberg (or his 350z) you will be entered into the contest. No limit on images will be put on this contest so the more images you submit to us the more entries you will get for a sticker pack.

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Keep Drifting Fun – Missile Teaser [VIDEO]

Keep Drifting Fun – Missile Teaser

A great and short trailer from the Keep Drifting Fun team highlighting some Formula Drift drivers in their missile cars smashing each other around Willow Springs. The event was so exciting that even Chris Forsberg’s dog Caesar came to check out the action as seen above.

Watch the video:—missile-teaser

Chris Forsberg Followed by Keep Drifting Fun Crew [VIDEO]

Chris Forsberg Takes on Formula Drift New Jersey

Here is a great piece on Chris Forsberg form the Keep Drifting Fun crew (Will Roegge/Joshua Herron) which documents his journey to the top 16. A crash into the bank put his crew working over time to prep the car for tandem competition. Luckily it was ready and he defeated Bill Sherman after some One More Time action.

Watch the video: