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Justin Pawlak Wall Rides of Long Beach


Justin Pawlak compiled this wall ride photo of him tagging the Streets of Long Beach outside clipping point wall from 2009, 2011, and 2013. His 2013 Formula Drift season wound up in a bit of a disaster when he went too deep in his first qualifying run and wrecked the car. His team at RTS did get it repaired so he could make his second qualifying pass. Here are some videos to boot with these amazing pictures.

2009 Formula Drift Long Beach Wall Tap

2011 Formula Drift Long Beach Qualifying Run

2013 Formula Drift Media Day (First Run off the Rig)

2013 Formula Drift Qualifying Run 1 with Crash

Alec Hohnadell – Wrecked Weekly Episode #10 [VIDEO]

Alec Hohnadell has quite a short history in drifting but he has made quite the impact for an 18 year old with a S-chassis! Alec made an impression in the southeast by competing in his first Pro Am round with only six months drift experience and landing a podium. Alec won Streetwise Drift and managed to also podium in every round of 2013. He has built his drifting style based on Justin Pawlak and has tons of interesting things to talk about with me on Wrecked Weekly about his LS3 Nissan 240sx and his upcoming season of Formula Drift in 2014!


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Falken Tire 2013 Formula Drift Season Year in Review [VIDEO]

The Falken Tire team compiled a season of highlights for the 2013 Formula Drift season in this video. Things didn’t quite go to plan this season with the teams best finisher Justin Pawlak only coming sixth in the championship. The 2014 season for Falken Tire should be interesting with the biggest news to date released about Dai Yoshihara hopping into a Subaru BRZ.

Just Drift Presents All Star Bash / Toy Drift at WSIR [VIDEO]

This Vimeo video from Just Drift shows off what fun all these drivers had collecting toys for the holidays. In attendance was BG, Justin Pawlak, Matt Powers, Odi Bakchis, Danny George, Matt Field, Forrest Wang and plenty of other familiar drifting stars from the west coast. Will Roegge made an awesome video with some awesome follow car action.


StateofStance Visits the Get Nutz Lab in Las Vegas [VIDEO]

Here is another video from the Las Vegas shop of Forrest Wang’s Get Nutz Lab from SEMA time. Ryan Tuerck paid a visit to the shop and smashed up a 240sx and now the guys from StateofStance are in attendance as well to make a little video of the amazing course they have built.

Formula D: Title Fight by State of Stance [VIDEO]

Check out State of Stance’s video highlighting some of the most action-packed moments at Formula Drift’s Title Fight in Irwindale. They were able to capture some pretty cool runs such as the close tandem battles with Daigo Saito  going against Falken drivers Justin Pawlak and Pat Goodin and previous years’ champions Chris Forseberg and Daijiro Yoshihara going head to head.  In the video you’ll be able to see Ryan Kado and Corey Hosford and their aggressive, nearly wall-scraping performances. Lastly, you can see a few high-angled, smokey runs featuring Mike Essa, ending with him being awarded the 2013 series champ.

2013 Bash Bangers Part 5 – All-Star Bash [VIDEO]

The fifth installment of Bash Bangers comes from All-Star Bash. Insert 2pac soundtrack and you have quite the recap of the West Coast American drift’s biggest event by far. Put together by the guys from Hoonigan.

On Car Camera Films Shot At All-Star Bash [VIDEO]

Here are two videos shot at All-Star Bash with an on car camera mounted to a Datsun and wheeled by Larry Chen. The videos chase Justin Pawlak and Matt Powers around at All-Star Bash. They are some great clips captured from the big bash weekend.

2013 All Star Bash – Another Look with David Moore [GALLERY]

Another look at All-Star Bash 2013 from photographer David Moore. Some team tandem photographs, Michael Essa’s championship celebration, and tons of drivers from Pro to beginner drifting all around Willow Springs.


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What it takes to win in 2013: Justin Pawlak

Last year, we had a quick series of posts which showed what each of the seven drivers who had a statistical chance to win the championship had to do in order to raise the big Formula D trophy. This year, six drivers are within striking distance.

Current standings:

1. Mike Essa 489.5 Points
2. Chris Forsberg 474 Points
3. Fredric Aasbo 425.5 Points
4. Vaughn Gittin Jr 410 Points
5. Daigo Saito 409.5 Points
6. Justin Pawlak
400.5 Points

First up is Justin Pawlak, a man who was also in the championship chase last season. This season, he’s a bit further out of reach of the cup, but has gotten to this point with consistent finishes and strong qualifying points. With a maximum of 112 points up for grabs and a minimum of 24.25 points available for a top-32 qualification, Pawlak can only finish with a high of 512.5 points and Essa will finish with no less than 513.25 if he qualifies for the top 32. Therefore, it’s very likely that Pawlak will be eliminated from championship contention if Essa qualifies for Saturday’s competition.

Beyond that, should Essa fail to qualify, he would need Chris Forsberg to lose in top 32 (a top 16 finish would earn Forsberg a minimum of 54.25 points and a total of 528.25 points) to still have a chance at the championship. Should Essa fail to qualify and Forsberg lose in top 32 (giving Forsberg anywhere from 498.25 to 510 points depending on qualifying), Pawlak would need no less than a second place effort and a top two qualifying effort, or a win to have a shot. Pawlak has twice been on the podium before at Irwindale (in 2008 as a rookie finishing third, and last season finishing second), so this isn’t completely out of the picture.

If Pawlak were to finish ahead of Saito in the event, it’s very likely he will finish in the top 5 for the third consecutive season, a feat that has only been done previously by Sam Hubinette, Rhys Millen, Dai Yoshihara, and Chris Forsberg. With company like that, it’s clear that Justin Pawlak’s success isn’t just a fluke and should be considered a threat in seasons to come.