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Joshua Herron Presents 2012 Formula Drift [VIDEO]

A well put together 2012 season review from the hobo Joshua Herron with a big focus on the ASD drivers, Chris Forsberg, and Daigo Saito roaming through the 2012 season. The video walks in order through all seven rounds leading up to the championship victory of Daigo Saito at Irwindale Speedway.

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Keep Drifting Fun – The DVD is FREE to Stream [VIDEO]

This 29 minute movie titled Keep Drifting fun has been two years in the making for Will Roegge and Joshua Herron. The video carries a Slide America feel fast forwarding into this decade of drifting. These guys hopped into an old Volkswagen and hauled around the nation to Turner Field and Englishtown along with a swing through the Midwest. My only real critique is I wish the film was longer so you could be sucked into the movie for even longer. Remember if you have a Roku box at home you can easily put this on your television through the Vimeo player application in the channel store. I watched it on a television and it looks fantastic this morning. Sit back and watch the final release of Keep Drifting Fun.

Keep Drifting Fun – The Trailer [VIDEO]

The Keep Drifting Fun crew of Will Roegge and Joshua Herron has come back to life with a video trailer that we can only imagine means a video will be coming soon! The one minute and 45 second trailer features tons of grassroots action from around the country on their great exploration of drifting around the United States. Head to the link below to see the new trailer.

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Chris Forsberg – Formula Drift Seattle 2010 [VIDEO]

POV with Chris Forsberg at Formula D Seattle

Will Roegge & Joshua Herron put together this awesome POV video of Chris Forsberg at Formula Drift Seattle.  The entire video was filmed using Contour HD cameras from unique point of view angles. Get a view of what its like in the NOS Energy Drink 350z from all different close up and personal angles and a sideways view from the car itself.

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Josh Herron x Will Roegge – Drift Mechaniks – Keep Drifting Fun [VIDEO]

Two drifting videomakers Will Roegge and Joshua Herron got together and made a video about an event that took place at Nashville Speedway. The Drift Mechaniks video Keep Drifting Fun just dropped with the two artists burning up Final Cut Pro. We did a feature on Will Roegge in our current issue of Wrecked Magazine which you can check out by clicking on Wrecked Magazine Issue 13.
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Joshua Herron Presents Formula Drift 2009

Joshua Herron is a Las Vegas local film maker/magician that I am sure most of you on the website are familiar with. His new video released “Formula Drift 2009” spans over ten minutes and 100+ clips from the 2009 season. The video even includes some never been seen footage like the Darren McNamara crash at Irwindale Speedway. Check it out because if your a Formula D fan, you are going to love it.

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Formula D Long Beach Video Compilation by Joshua Herron

2009 Formula D Round 1 Compilation by Joshua Herron!

A nice and quick video compliation produced by Josh which really gives a great highlight and summerizes the Formula D Long Beach event. Some fast drifting excitement all the way to the end of the video where you can watch video of Vaughn Gittin Jr. slamming into the much slower Sam Hubinette from behind as they enter the hairpin. Watch this and find some great highlights of Long Beach and enjoy some wonderful views of the surronding city.

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More Vegas Drift Coverage by Josh Herron – Full Video

Vegas Drift from Primm, Nevada Joshua Herron Style

Check out this full video from Joshua Herron from the Vegas Drift event in Primm, Nevada that happened late last year. He posted a teaser of the Vegas Drift event that we posted up a few weeks before from the same event. This full video shows some great action and tons of great grassroots footage from the Vegas Drift camp.
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All Star Bash V Video – The Real McCoy

Ziptied All Star Bash V – Full Video

Finally after months of teasers, trailers, previews, sneak peaks, and so forth we get the first ZASB V video. This is the real McCoy baby brought to you by Joshua Herron. A bunch of southern California grassroots drifters ripping it up all over the place at Horse Thief Mile. Joshua Herron cut together this great video including action from Patrick Mordaunt, Henry Schelly, and the Driftlive Mustang crew. Check it out. 


Watch the video:—full-video