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KE70 vs. AE86 at Nikko Circuit [VIDEO]

Shot at Nikko Circuit by Noriyaro this video features a KE70 vs. AE86 video which has 4+ minutes of tandem drifting featuring Manabu Mitsumori and Takuya Takahashi along with some friends in pursuit. The guys are at Nikko Circuit in the video which involves some door banging fun.

“Outsiders” A Japanese Documentary Filmed by Driftworks [VIDEO]

This movie is long and I mean long as far as YouTube films go (1 hour 34 minutes and 04 seconds to be exact) about an adventure they took throughout Japan. They visit 326 Power, Bee-R, Suzuka, Meihan, and many more places on this long adventure. If you are a little spare on time skipping the first 20 minutes and watching it from then wouldn’t be the end of the world. Some of the drifting gets quite entertaining in the end of the video as well.

A Quick Look at some Door to Door Tandem Drifting in Japan [VIDEO]

Here is just a quick little 13 second tandem video showing a great tandem run that went down last week. We don’t have much more information on the event but you cannot really beat watching a door to door tandem battle like this one.

Ebisu Circuit Live Cameras – Drift Matsuri is 24/7 [VIDEO]

If your not out at a bar or having way more fun (playing Forza 4, working graveyard, or sleeping) then check out the Ebisu Circuit Live Cameras. The night time drifting right now is pretty busy as it sits around 7:00pm right now. If your a diehard drift fan this live stream camera from Ebisu Circuit will keep you entertained for hours. Follow the link below:

Watch Ebisu Circuit Live:

Initial D – Special Edition Now on Netflix Instant Streaming

If your at all like the people in our office you spend most of your day watching Netflix Instant Streaming. In fact, most of the time your actual Netflix DVD’s just sit around collecting dust until weeks later they magically get back in the mailbox. If your an Initial D fan you can find the 2005 Special Edition DVD available for streaming. The drifting movie On the Scene: Drift Battle we reported on last spring is still available for Netflix Instant Streaming as well. Say goodbye to work productivity until lunchtime today.

D1GP Ebisu Circuit – Airborne Drifting Entry [VIDEO]

D1GP Ebisu Circuit All Four Wheel Off Big Entries

This is a great video featuring Daigo Saito, Matsui, and Hibino drifting at D1GP at the south Ebisu course. The only thing this video is guilty of is being too short. Sit back and enjoy the clips from Option’s newest DVD. Matsui wound up with a 100 qualifying score after his insane entry.

Watch the video:

D1 Grand Prix Round 5 and 6 at Ebisu [RESULTS]


D1GP has done some double rounds scheduled for Ebisu and Fuji Speedway this year. Masao Suenaga swept the weekend winning both events at Ebisu if you can believe that. This put him back in championship contention for the 2009 championship. He beat Hibino on Saturday for a win and Tsuyoshi Tezuka on Sunday. Tezuka continues to lead the championship series in his Bee R Nissan Skyline.

Japanese Grassroots Drifting at Motorland SP [VIDEO]

Japanese Grassroots Fun at Motorland SP in Nanbu, Japan

Check out this great video production out of Nanbu, Japan. It is always exciting to watch grassroots drifting and even more so when the video comes from the birthplace of Drifting. The event takes place at Motorland SP and shows some great machines varying from the AE86, Skyline, and Silvia.

Watch the video:

2007 MSC Drift Event from YZ Circuit

The Japanese parts shop MAX provided the footage for this great piece of MSC footage from the fast entry YZ Circuit. Don’t miss all the great executions of drift entry along with some that aren’t so great. This is a long one but a goodie from the 2007 MSC Drifting series in Japan.

Watch the video:

Drift Samurai Loses a Wheel During a Tandem Battle!

Drift Samurai Loses his Wheel and Keeps Drifting!

During a tandem race between Drift Samurai and Koguchi the lead car driven by Drift Samurai loses his front passenger wheel. With only three wheels he continues and completes the course with Koguchi close in pursuit. A very memorable race between these two guys in Japan for sure.

Watch the video: