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MSC Drifting at Hongo Video by Speedhunters

MSC Drift from the Speedhunters

Finally a long video from these guys full of MSC coverage, our favorite Japanese Drifting series. MSC Honjo had some amazing triple tandem coverage and a great extended MSC video footage. A great Drifting production from the Speedhunters team.

MSC Drift at Odaiba – Amazing Japanese Drift Photography Inside

Normally I use this space for a hard sell or a plea to check out the Drifting gallery we just spent our monthly dinner budget on but this time I think it takes no sell. MSC Drift invaded Odaiba over the weekend in a copy of D1GP’s summer Tokyo invasion. The sickest cars in Japan came out to rip it up and we love every still image of it….if you look through the gallery deep enough you will even find some Japanese girls and stormtroopers, what a complete weekend!

Check out the gallery:

Japanese Female Drifter featured by Speedhunters

Japanese Female Drifter featured by Speedhunters

Check out this female drifter Akiyo tear up the Ebisu Circuit. She drifts a R32 Nissan Skyline and works on her own car. What a great find the Speedhunters crew snagged while in Japan.

Read more about her at Speedhunters:

Street Drifting in Shinagawa, Japan

In a shipping area in Shinagawa we noticed a lot of tiremarks on the road. So we stopped and met up with some local drifters who just rip up the warehouse district in this area of Japan.A great video for you street Drifting and Japanese drifting fans.

Watch the video:

D1GP Fuji Speedway Qualifying Update

Mike Garrett is working some overtime down at Speedhunters and providing daily updates from Gotemba City (right outside Fuji Speedway) for the weekend. Below we have listed the seeded rank and the guys who qualified into main event qualifying.


1. Daigo Saito JZX100 Mark II

2. Youichi Imamura S15

3. Ken Nomura ER34 Skyline

4. Tsuyoshi Tezuku R32 Skyline

5. Masao Suenaga FD3S

6. Takahiro Ueno JZZ30 Soarer

7. Misato Kawabata RPS13

8. Nobushige Kumakubo CT9A Evo

9. Toshiki Yoshioka Lexus SC430

10. Kazuhiro Tanaka GDB Impreza


11. Atsushi Kuroi S13

12. Yoshinori Koguchi RPS13

13. Tatsuya Sakuma S15

14. Kazuya Matsukawa S15

15. Kazuyoshi Okamura S15

16. Tsutomu Fujio FD3S

17. Toru Inose S15

18. Hideo Hiraoka GDB Impreza

19. Takumi Nozawa S14

20. Junkichi Nagasawa S15

21. Masayoshi Tokita GRS180 Crown

22. Masashi Yokoi S14

23. Chikara Mizuhata S15

24. Akinori Utsumi S13

25. Hiroshi Fukuda RPS13

26. Tetsuya Hibino AE86

27. Hisashi Oginome S15

28. Toyohisa Matsuda AE86

29. Kuniaki Takahashi JZX100 Chaser

30. Manabu Fujinaka FD3S

Thanks for update:

Kazama Tsukuba Drift Event (Japanese Grassroots Gallery)

So by now you’ve gotten your fair share of D1 coverage but Dino Dalle Carbonare (our favorite beast from the far east) covered Kazama’s Tsukuba Circuit Drift event for us! Check out this intense gallery only here at Wrecked Magazine!

Don’t forget to click here to visit this amazing gallery from Kazama’s Drifting event at the Tsukuba Circuit!