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J.R. Hildebrand – Wrecked Weekly Episode #11 [VIDEO]

This weeks Wrecked Weekly episode features 2013 Formula Drift rookie and INDY racer J.R. Hildebrand. I had a brief interview with him at the Mobil 1 booth where he talked about his new Chevrolet Camaro they are building for 2014 and how he got robbed at “gun point” in downtown Indianapolis. We even threw in some test footage from Sonoma Raceway of him running a Camaro.

J.R. Hildebrand Almost Robbed at Plastic Gun Point in Indianapolis

Formula Drift rookie (and I guess he drove in Indy too) driver J.R. Hildebrand was held up at plastic gun point last night while walking his dog. According to the police report, Hildebrand told the man to “get lost” because the gun he was holding was making a clicking sound and led J.R. to think the gun was fake.  This happened just on the north side of Indianapolis near 50th Street and Washington Blvd. in case your local and don’t want to get robbed at gunpoint.


J.R. Hildebrand Testing his Chevrolet Camaro at Sonoma [VIDEO]

The former Indy driver put down some serious testing at an abandoned Sonoma Raceway and the guys at GoPro captured it all with team principal Tyler McQuarrie keeping tabs on everything J.R. Hildebrand was doing. He looks pretty good in the Chevrolet Camaro but will the big bank of Evergreen Speedway be a fair first challenge this weekend?

2013 Formula Drift Streets of Long Beach Videos [OPEN MEDIA THREAD]

We know tons of videos are going to be released over the next few days so this is an open media thread. Feel free to use our contact form to submit a video or drop one in the comments and we will keep this thread ongoing. The feature video above is a piece put together by Mark Lenardon and is one awesome compilation video highlighting all of the events from Round 1.

2013 Formula Drift Streets of Long Beach Media Day
Ryan Tuerck Testing his 2JZ Retaks Scion FR-S:
Jhonnathan Castro – Nissan 350z Hood Flies Up Mid Drift
Justin Pawlak’s First Run of 2013- LoreninHD
Wrecked Magazine YouTube Playlist from Media Day

2013 Formula Drift Streets of Long Beach Practice/Qualifying Day
Keep Drifting Fun – Will Roegge RAW Footage
Justin Pawlak’s Big Crash on First Qualifying Run (BeardLife)
Justin Pawlak and Matt Field Qualifying Crash (AWfilms)
Ryan Tuerck Crash from GoPro – NetworkA
Conrad Grunewald Talks About Long Beach and New Sponsors – Lifeblasters
Matt Powers Sit Down with My Life at Speed – Not Great Audio
Brandon Wicknick Practice Runs (In Car)
Brandon Wicknick Slow Motion by LoreninHD

2013 Formula Drift Streets of Long Beach Main Event
DSTROYR Clothing at Round 1
Driven to Drift by Scion Racing
GoPro at Streets of Long Beach with Tyler McQuarrie and J.R. Hildebrand
Hoonigan Team at Round 1
Joon Maeng Recap by Nexus Visuals
Monster Drift with Vaughn Gittin Jr.
State of Stance Rolly Dee – Preview

The Rookie Race in Formula Drift for 2013

Well the 2013 season marked the first time a single rookie failed to score any points during the first round of the championship series. Out of 11 rookies none of them managed to scrape a Top 32 position for the weekend. The question must be asked if the new qualifying structured hindered the performance of these rookies or changed the dynamic of the sport? I am convinced the new qualifying order helps these lower ranked drivers but the evidence sure doesn’t play in my favor at all.

The rookie race last year was ridiculous and invalid with Daigo Saito being granted rookie status after being a Formula Drift Asia champion really reducing the value of the prize overall. These rookies are in a fight to reclaim the validity of the position and chase an opportunity similar to Fredric Aasbo who took home rookie of the year honors and then replaced Tanner Foust as the driver of Papadakis Racing.

Many of the drivers staged for a rookie season were plagued with mechanical failures or just lacked an all around ability to complete the difficult Streets of Long Beach course. The last few seasons we have watched many rookies wad up a new chassis and never really return to the series or underperform the whole season. One positive note is that most of the rookies came out of Long Beach clean with the exception of Kory Keezer and his S13.

I am excited that we have an 11 way tie after one round of Formula Drift this season and all the rookie should keep an eye on this prize above all else as they swing through the new year. At least for 2013 we have our rookie race back! What rookie do you think can win the rookie race?

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J.R. Hildebrand is Coming to Formula Drift in 2013

We don’t have all the details yet on the Indy driver joining the Formula Drift season but we do know a few things about this jump. He is officially paid and on the drivers list for Streets of Long Beach and we have confirmed with Tyler McQuarrie he is running under the Tyler McQuarrie Racing umbrella. Hildebrand did run a Chevrolet engine last year putting some synergy between the two drivers under the Chevrolet logo. We can only assume and hope to see him in a Chevrolet Camaro for the season? What does everyone think about this breaking news!?

A little flashback on the blog will show him testing the GoPro/Mobil 1 Chevrolet Camaro a few months back.