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Fredric Aasbo at Gatebil – Just Pure 2JZ Sound [VIDEO]

Here is 10 minutes of raw footage from Gatebil showing Fredric Aasbo having way too much fun in his 2JZ powered Toyota 86 (American Scion FR-S). Enjoy!

E46 BMW with 2JZ Engine from Europe [VIDEO]

Here is a video of a E46 BMW with a 2JZ swap and anti lag over in Europe. The footage comes from the King of Europe Series Round 2. The King of Europe series has stole the spotlight in the drifting world today by announcing that Masashi Yokoi is coming in 2014.

Masashi Yokoi Heading to King of Europe in 2014

D1SL champion and D1GP driver Masashi Yokoi from MCR Factory is heading to Europe in 2014 to compete in the King of Europe series. He is attending the 10th anniversary winter party in Budapest. No word yet on what rounds he will be running in 2014 or a complete season just yet but we will keep you updated on his progress.

Preview of Drift Allstars Europe 2014 [VIDEO]

Here is a preview of the 2014 Drift Allstars season that is set to take over Europe with an invasion of 7 countries and over 100 drivers set to compete in the series. You can view the 2014 Drift Allstars season schedule hereto look at where the new season will be bringing them. We also sit down with Niall Gunn from Drift Allstars this Thursday for the next episode of Wrecked Weekly to find out more about the state of the series.

Simon Michelmore Takes on An Airport Runway [VIDEO]

Some more coverage is coming out of Australia with the growth of ADGP by driver Simon Michelmore and his S14. The car has a 500whp RB30DET engine and tears up this airport runway in his purple S14. The RB sounds awesome and the video has some quality cinematography.

Cops vs. Robbers on the Drift Climb in Brazil [VIDEO]

A drift team in Brazil with the help of CWB Motoring put together this drift video simulating a Cops vs. Robbers scenario with a black/white Police S15 Silvia chasing another S15 Silvia and a Nissan 350z. While we don’t know a ton of information about the drift scene in Brazil we wish we did know more. Either way they put together a cool video of them running a mountain in Campo Largo.


MCR Factory Takes on YZ Circuit – HUGE Tandem Train [VIDEO]

This video has just one insane tandem train at YZ Circuit. This is more insane than anything we have really seen anywhere including Drift Matsuri! Check out this huge group of drift cars lead by MCR Factory as they fly around this circuit towards the end of the video.

Australian Drift GP Round 2 Race Highlights from Barbagallo Raceway [VIDEO]

We have been reporting on ADGP Round 2 that happened last weekend with special guests Andy Gray, Daigo Saito, and Robbie Nishida at Barbagallo Raceway. Here is a highlight reel put together by ADGP to show how much fun the series down under has become.

Drift UAE Round 2 at Yas Marina Circuit [RESULTS]

After bad weather somehow delayed this second run of the Drift UAE series they threw the event again on Friday night at the Yas Marina Circuit. Ahmed Alamri and Sami Haidar went at it in a great final battle but Alamri ended up spinning on the second run giving Sami the win in his Drift 965 S13. Here is how the top four finished up this weekend in the Emirate:

1. Sami Haidar (Kuwait)
2. Ahmed Alameri (UAE)
3. Mohammed Alasmi (Oman)
4. Mutah Alessa (Saudi Arabi)

ADGP Round 2 – Barbagallo Raceway [RESULTS]

The Just Car Insurance Australian Drifting GP series kicked off this December weekend at Barbagallo Raceway with some foreign visitors in the fix including Daigo Saito and Andy Gray. In the end Beau Yates managed to qualify in first place with his Toyota 86 (pictured above) with a score of 87 in a brand new drift build. Daigo Saito finished up in 19th in a V8 powered S15. Andy Gray did much better as the other foreigner with a 79 putting him in 5th place. Female drifter Kelly Wong tucked in just behind Daigo Saito in her Cefiro. Full list of qualifying scores is below.

The Round 2 results were quite a big shake up from Round 1 of the series putting the championship at large for anyone to take coming into Round 3. The winner of the round Matt Harvey from Tasmania took home his first ever podium with this victory in his Toyota Corolla after qualifying in 23rd place. Second place was another first time podium from Matt Russell who took his AE86 all the way from the 13th qualifying position. Dale Campaign was probably one of the biggest stories of the weekend because after grabbing third place he now sits in first place over the whole championship. Daigo Saito was eliminated in Top 32 and we haven’t been able to find out exactly what resulted in his early exit at this time. Here is how they finished:

Link to Top 32 Grid: