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2014 D1 Street Legal Round 1 at Bihoku [RESULTS]

Check out the start of the D1 Street Legal series that went down at Bihoku over the past weekend. The big winner was Naoki Nakamura on the weekend! You can see his final battle with Kazuki Hayashi in the video above. Nakamura qualified third for the event after suffering serious mechanical issues in practice. His car normally around 450hp was down around 370hp after an issue with a broken camshaft put him out for most of practice. Here is how they finished up:

1. Naoki Nakamura (25)
2. Kazuki Hayashi (21)
3. Yusuke Kitaoka (18)

2014 Polish Drift Championship Round 1 at Poznań [RESULTS]


The first round of the Polish Drift Championship is in the books after a big weekend at Poznań. Here is how qualifying and the final event results clocked in for the big season kick off! Noteably absent was the PUZ Drift Team as they were away in Lithuania for another event. We will have more content coming soon from Poland thanks to the help of Maciej Maroszek!

For the results Read More…

Triple Crown is Back in 2015 with $100k Prize Purse


Formula Drift announced some more news about the 2015 World Championship today in a PR. The big highlight of the PR in my opinion was the return of the Triple Crown championship. While they didn’t clearly announce which three rounds would be part of this Triple crown they did say the purse will be  $100k USD. The Triple Crown will be based off of points from three rounds that are a mixture of FD US and FD International weekends.




D1GP Season Kickoff at Fuji Speedway Drilled with Rain [VIDEO]

The D1GP season kicked off in Japan with a very rainy main event. The guys at Formula Drift are planning to kick off Formula Drift Japan at the same track in July of this year. They will probably hope for a better weather weekend than this one. Here is a 3 minute highlight of tandem battles shot by

Maxim Lemoine Shakes Down New 350z in Snow [VIDEO]

Maxim Lemonine retired his Chevrolet S10 drift machine in 2014 and has been building a Nissan 350z chassis. He was so impatient to test he just took it out in the snow by his shop. It looks like a great time!

D1 Grand Prix Bans Nitrous for 2014 and Beyond [RUMORMILL]


A very reliable source this evening has told us that the D1GP series in Japan has made provisions for the 2014 season to ban the power adder nitrous. While exact details are not clear yet (I have reached out to D1GP for exact clarification of rule change) it seems that various teams are changing how they build a car for the 2014 season. We have heard talks of drivers swapping to smaller turbo setups already due to the inability to spool fast without nitrous along for the ride. This is quite a shake up announcement for the world of drifting as the race for big horsepower cars is giving nitrous an ever more frequent home within the drift world. D1GP is one of the most loosely regulated professional drift series in existence so a blanket ban on a product is a tad shocking. Companies like NOS and NX will be looking closely at other series to hope they don’t make the same rulings we are sure!


Fredric Aasbo at Gatebil – Just Pure 2JZ Sound [VIDEO]

Here is 10 minutes of raw footage from Gatebil showing Fredric Aasbo having way too much fun in his 2JZ powered Toyota 86 (American Scion FR-S). Enjoy!

E46 BMW with 2JZ Engine from Europe [VIDEO]

Here is a video of a E46 BMW with a 2JZ swap and anti lag over in Europe. The footage comes from the King of Europe Series Round 2. The King of Europe series has stole the spotlight in the drifting world today by announcing that Masashi Yokoi is coming in 2014.

Masashi Yokoi Heading to King of Europe in 2014

D1SL champion and D1GP driver Masashi Yokoi from MCR Factory is heading to Europe in 2014 to compete in the King of Europe series. He is attending the 10th anniversary winter party in Budapest. No word yet on what rounds he will be running in 2014 or a complete season just yet but we will keep you updated on his progress.

Preview of Drift Allstars Europe 2014 [VIDEO]

Here is a preview of the 2014 Drift Allstars season that is set to take over Europe with an invasion of 7 countries and over 100 drivers set to compete in the series. You can view the 2014 Drift Allstars season schedule hereto look at where the new season will be bringing them. We also sit down with Niall Gunn from Drift Allstars this Thursday for the next episode of Wrecked Weekly to find out more about the state of the series.

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