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Drift UAE Round 2 at Yas Marina Circuit [RESULTS]

After bad weather somehow delayed this second run of the Drift UAE series they threw the event again on Friday night at the Yas Marina Circuit. Ahmed Alamri and Sami Haidar went at it in a great final battle but Alamri ended up spinning on the second run giving Sami the win in his Drift 965 S13. Here is how the top four finished up this weekend in the Emirate:

1. Sami Haidar (Kuwait)
2. Ahmed Alameri (UAE)
3. Mohammed Alasmi (Oman)
4. Mutah Alessa (Saudi Arabi)

ADGP Round 2 – Barbagallo Raceway [RESULTS]

The Just Car Insurance Australian Drifting GP series kicked off this December weekend at Barbagallo Raceway with some foreign visitors in the fix including Daigo Saito and Andy Gray. In the end Beau Yates managed to qualify in first place with his Toyota 86 (pictured above) with a score of 87 in a brand new drift build. Daigo Saito finished up in 19th in a V8 powered S15. Andy Gray did much better as the other foreigner with a 79 putting him in 5th place. Female drifter Kelly Wong tucked in just behind Daigo Saito in her Cefiro. Full list of qualifying scores is below.

The Round 2 results were quite a big shake up from Round 1 of the series putting the championship at large for anyone to take coming into Round 3. The winner of the round Matt Harvey from Tasmania took home his first ever podium with this victory in his Toyota Corolla after qualifying in 23rd place. Second place was another first time podium from Matt Russell who took his AE86 all the way from the 13th qualifying position. Dale Campaign was probably one of the biggest stories of the weekend because after grabbing third place he now sits in first place over the whole championship. Daigo Saito was eliminated in Top 32 and we haven’t been able to find out exactly what resulted in his early exit at this time. Here is how they finished:

Link to Top 32 Grid:

Drift Muscle Championship Finale [VIDEO]

The Drift Muscle series came about in Japan after a falling out within D1GP. A 10 minute preview video/commercial of the series final shows some content from the Muscle Class and the Ladys Class. Yes, they do spell it Ladys class and we know the proper spelling is Ladies but that is what Drift Muscle calls the series. Plug in and watch some familiar faces competing in the Drift Muscle series which lacks the big media/impact of the D1GP days of old. It still looks like the competition is quite entertaining at least.

Kyle Mohan Takes on WDS China at the Louyang Grand Prix [VIDEO]

Kyle Mohan is one of the few American drivers slated to compete in the Chinese World Drift series this season. He put together this summary video from the Louyang Grand Prix where he pulled off a top qualifying position and then suffered ebrake issues in tandem losing to a competitor from Asia.

“Outsiders” A Japanese Documentary Filmed by Driftworks [VIDEO]

This movie is long and I mean long as far as YouTube films go (1 hour 34 minutes and 04 seconds to be exact) about an adventure they took throughout Japan. They visit 326 Power, Bee-R, Suzuka, Meihan, and many more places on this long adventure. If you are a little spare on time skipping the first 20 minutes and watching it from then wouldn’t be the end of the world. Some of the drifting gets quite entertaining in the end of the video as well.

James Deane Interview – Wrecked Weekly Episode 1 [VIDEO]

We finally dropped our new project Wrecked Weekly where we sit down with a professional drifter once a week until the end of time. These interviews will be released every Thursday! Our first every episode is with 2013 Irish Drift Champion James Deane who was visiting from Ireland and came by the Wrecked Magazine office for a quick visit/interview. Our 20 minute interview brings up his 2014 plans to be in Drift-Allstars, his favorite alcoholic drink, the Rubberbandits, and how his Mazda Rx-7 was put together for the 2013 season.

We chatted for about five minutes and turned on the cameras for our first ever Wrecked Weekly episode. We have currently shot about 10 episodes now and we have learned quite a bit. I am excited that the quality, timeframe, and things have improved with each episode we have done. Look out for interviews coming from Mike Pollard, Chris Forsberg, Robbie Nishida, JR Hildebrand, Dmitriy Illyuk, and much more!

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Another Crash from D1GP Odaiba [VIDEO]

This R34 Skyline went for a ride while in tandem with Takahiro Ueno and his BMW. We have been digging around for results from this D1GP weekend and haven’t had any luck landing who was an actual winner and loser just yet. This was the second in several pretty crazy wreck videos we have found over the weekend.

James Deane On Board Camera at Nurburgring Drift Cup [VIDEO]

Ride along with James Deane as he wins the Nurburgring Drift Cup over on the old Formula 1 course in western Germany. Some not so perfect weather fell during the event but James Deane kept on point for the weekend and drove his Mazda Rx-7 to a big victory at the Nurburgring. James Deane when he visited America sat down with us at the Wrecked Magazine office for a great interview coming soon on our YouTube page as well!

Ferrari 360 Modena Drifting at Ebisu Circuit [VIDEO]

After the Lamborghini drifting video a few days ago someone tipped us off to a much less exciting and under produced version with a Ferrari. Not to be outdone by a Lamborghini the Ferrari fans wanted to let us know that they can do some sliding as well. Here is someone on the west course at Ebisu Circuit flicking around a yellow Ferrari 360 Modena.

2013 World Time Attack Practice Mishap and Crash [VIDEO]

While practice was going on at World Time Attack a driver spun out and put up a smoke screen for all the following cars as they come down the hill. The end result was 3 smashed up drift cars at the big weekend in Australia. May this be a tip for any other drivers when running in an open practice session of things not to do.