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Formula Drift Loses GoPro But Gains New Presenting Sponsor


Formula Drift signs a new three year deal for a presenting sponsor of the series today with a company called Blackvue. The company Blackvue is owned by South Korean based technology company Pittasoft Co., Ltd. The three-year agreement names BlackVue as the “Presenting Sponsor and Official Dashcam” for the Formula Drift series. This shouldn’t come as a shock I think if you follow GoPro from the business side. The stock in 2014 managed to reach $86 and now sits around $12 today. GoProStock

I am not a financial analysts but the loss in market cap alone at $74/share has to impact the company in the marketing pocket book with things such as presenting sponsorships of race series. Blackvue being the Official Dashcam according to the Formula Drift PR does sound like it leaves room for camera companies to still sponsor the series. I could see GoPro staying on with the series in some smaller capacity if Blackvue allows them to do so.


Hopefully the marketing machine behind Blackvue can concept some great product placement like we saw during the GoPro era of Formula Drift. Blackvue seems to promote cloud technology with its dash cameras so maybe we can except some in-dash camera viewing from all the drivers during an event through their services? Hopefully the new partnership promotes an improvement with the user experience along with making it better to watch from home for all the fans. Below is a shot of the product I found on the website.


Formula Drift Press Conference Set for SEMA 2015


We got a hold of the 2015 SEMA Show Conference schedule and Formula Drift has a Tuesday press conference set. The press conference normally unveils next years schedule along with other major announcements. The conference is in the Media Room and will run from 3:30pm PST to 3:50pm PST. Here are four things that we hope to discover-

1. Is Irwindale Speedway Coming Back for Another Last Season?
2. Will the series move to 8 events?
3. Can the World Championship Get Improvements to help be relevant or at least visit Europe?
4. Will 2016 finally bring us a live Television package?

2015 Formula Drift Logo Is Released


Here is the new Formula Drift logo for 2015. Sorry for the poor quality version….. but instead of actually sending the media a press release they opted to update their Facebook page instead which compresses the hell out of the color red for some reason. The logo seems like a street wear inspired design shift for the new year that also makes the logo really long now. We will see what other updates and brand change come with the new logo.

30 Second GoPro Commercial with Tyler McQuarrie and Chris Forsberg [VIDEO]

The GoPro TV commercial scientist team has released a 30 second video with Chris Forsberg and Tyler McQuarrie in tandem. The clip is a little throwback it appears from when Formula Drift ran at PBIR. Keep an eye out for this GoPro clip on television in a home near you.

Tyler McQuarrie’s Helmet and GoPro’s Stolen from Truck Last Night


Tyler McQuarrie had his truck broken into right after Formula Drift Round 1 in Long Beach from the Westin Hotel parking garage. They made off with 10 GoPro cameras, 20 Spy Sunglasses, 50 team hats, 30 team shirts, and a ton of GoPro accessories. They also walked off with his helmet and race suit! Please help if you have any information on this items. They can be returned to the Formula Drift office on Pine Avenue with no questions asked! Please help Tyler recover all the items that are his.

Formula Drift Pre Party at Federal Bar – April 3rd @ 6:00pm


Formula Drift will be throwing the second best party of the Formula Drift Streets of Long Beach weekend on Thursday from 6:00pm-10:00pm. The party is just up the streets from the track on Pine Avenue. Our Wrecked Magazine party takes place on Wednesday night starting at 7:45pm and can be found here on Facebook.

When: April 3rd, 2014
Where: The Federal Bar
Address: 102 Pine Ave. Long Beach, CA 90802
Doors Open: 6:00pm to 10:00pm

Danny George Shows off 2014 Livery on updated Mazda Miata


Danny George has a 2014 look to his newer chassis Mazda Miata in 2014. Here is what the new fan funded or fun funded Mazda will look like + a bunch of people’s faces. Danny George is retaining Hankook Tire and bringing some sticker love to GoPro in 2014. We cannot wait to hear his new engine setup and see what else he has up his sleeve in 2014. If you want to get your face on his Miata for his 2014  program find out more info here.

Order A Danny George Package – Get Face on Car + More for 2014

Danny George is back at his fun funding again for 2014 offering people even better packages than 2013. Below are a sample of three packages and one more “baller” package is available on top of these below. Some unique options in his 2014 packages include video credits, on-screen video plugs, and discounts on brands such as GoPro and STR Wheels. Head over to Danny George Racing to buy your package today.




Tyler McQuarrie Caught Again with Random Car Glitches

I ran into Tyler McQuarrie just after he failed to qualify this weekend and he said one thing to me, “I never thought once this weekend… I am going to have to [try hard to] qualify.” His reference was that his Chevrolet Camaro was running great all weekend and he was on track to finish off his season in top form. After demos, testing, and all of Friday practice the Camaro felt better than ever.

When he took off down the straightaway on his first qualifying run his ignition wire came lose resulting in the car not providing constant power and resulting in run not fit for qualifying. His second run after the rain and driver in front of him going off course resulted in a horrible pavement surface and the car just kept gripping up he told me. Just a horrible result to a season where he just cannot seem to catch a break.

The one upside for Tyler McQuarrie is that Irwindale Speedway is his stomping grounds where he has performed at a top level on several occasions in years past. I am sure he will be driving with something to prove to his fans, sponsors, and himself to finish off the 2013 season.



Tyler McQuarrie and JR Hildebrand at Formula Drift Seattle [VIDEO]

Here is a look at Tyler McQuarrie’s run at Round 5 along with the long awaited debut of former Indy driver JR Hildebrand into a Chevrolet Camaro for Formula Drift. The GoPro team with the help of other sponsors such as Mobil 1 has had some serious struggles with the chassis this season but has slowly been able to turn things around as we head into Round 6. Enjoy the video recap from the Evergreen Speedway weekend.