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2014 Formula D Round 5 Seattle – OEM Manufacturers Championship [STANDINGS]


Combining a top-4 finish from Fredric Aasbo with a top-8 finish from Ken Gushi, Scion jumped Ford in the OEM Manufacturer’s standings, which is turning out to be a more exciting chase than the actual drivers championship. Ford drivers Justin Pawlak (qualified 7th, finished top-8) and Vaughn Gittin Jr (qualified 8th, finished top 32) combined for less than 100 points for the second straight event. Nissan remained in third place behind a podium from Chris Forsberg and a top-32 from Jhonnattan Castro, and Chevy remains in fourth place (Top 16 for Grunewald, Top 32 for McQuarrie). Dodge was the big mover behind Dean Kearney’s first podium finish in Formula D, jumping into sixth position behind Lexus which is remarkable as Dodge only has one car competing in the series while Lexus has three.

Here’s the current OEM Manufacturer’s Championship standings after five of seven rounds:

1. Scion  – 565 points
2. Ford – 534.5 points
3. Nissan – 519.5 points
4. Chevy – 330 points
5. BMW – 299 points
6. Lexus – 277 points
7. Dodge – 215.5 points
8. Mazda – 124 points
9. Toyota – 86 Points
10. Hyundai – 19 Points

2014 Formula D Round 4 New Jersey – OEM Manufacturers Championship [STANDINGS]


While the Tire Championship got a bit less contentious after this weekend, the OEM Championship got much more contentious. Ford remains in first place behind a pair of top 16 appearances from Vaughn Gittin Jr and Justin Pawlak, but Scion jumped Nissan into second place behind Fredric Aasbo’s first win and a top 16 appearance from Ryan Tuerck. Nissan’s points were accrued by Chris Forsberg’s second place finish and Jhonnattan Castro’s top-32 finish. BMW broke their tie with Lexus via a pair of top-32 exits combined with high qualifications from both Chelsea Denofa and Michael Essa, while Lexus’s points were accrued by Daigo Saito and Robbie Nishida, who both exited in top-32 and had lower qualifying results than the BMW’s.

Here’s how the OEM championship shapes up after four of seven rounds:

1. Ford – 461.5 points
2. Scion  – 447 points
3. Nissan – 432 points
4. Chevy – 276 points
5. BMW – 246.5 points
6. Lexus – 237.5 points
7. Dodge – 134 points
8. Mazda – 90.5 points
9. Toyota – 68.5 Points
10. Hyundai – 19 Points

2014 Formula D Tire Round 3 Miami – OEM Manufacturers Championship [STANDINGS]


Vaughn Gittin Jr’s win combined with Justin Pawlak’s Top 16 appearance have helped to extend Ford’s lead in the OEM Championship. Nissan has risen into second position behind Chris Forsberg’s second place finish and Jhonnattan Castro’s Top 16 finish. Scion is now in third place behind Aasbo’s top-8 appearance and Tuerck’s top 16 appearance. Chevy has jumped into fourth position, while BMW remains in fifth place but is joined in a tie by defending champion Lexus (who drops from fourth place after Atlanta).

Here’s how the OEM championship shapes up after three of seven rounds:

1. Ford – 393 points
2. Nissan – 334.5 points
3. Scion  – 312 points
4. Chevy – 204.5 points
T5. BMW – 201 points
T5. Lexus – 201 points
7. Dodge – 84.5 points
8. Mazda – 71.5 points
9. Toyota – 51 Points
10. Hyundai – 19 Points

Wrecked Magazine Issue 31 is Out! Come Read Now


Tune into Issue 31 and read up on the new issue of Wrecked Magazine! The cover car is a 13B powered FD Mazda RX-7 driven by Tyler Wolfson in Formula Drift and Pro 2 this year. The next car in Issue 31 is a 2JZ swapped Scion FR-S driven by Ken Gushi this season. The issue also features a V8 swapped S15 Silvia from D1NZ driven by Drew Donovan. Chris Allen finishes up the features with a S197 turbocharged Ford Mustang he is driving in Pro Am. Matt Petty then puts our Project FR-S with R/T tuning to the test at Englishtown!


Read Issue 31:

Grab These at Falken Tire Booth this Weekend at Formula Drift


Falken Tire previewed some free goodies you can grab at the Falken Tire booth this weekend at Formula Drift Round 2. You can find these available for all the main Falken Tire drivers including Dai Yoshihara, Justin Pawlak, and Darren McNamara. Head over to the Falken Tire booth early during the event as supplies will be limited!

Learn More About Vaughn Gittin Jr. Than You Ever Wanted to Know

Vaughn Gittin Jr. spends two hours with MotoManTV where you can learn more about him than you ever wanted to know. Vaughn talks about his personal car with hydraulics he use to own, his job at Wendy’s, and walking away from a career in IT all before his Formula Drift championship.

Vaughn Gittin Jr. Testing Ford Mustang at Charlotte Motor Speedway

VaughnGittinJr.2014Test2 VaughnGittinJr.2014Test3 VaughnGittinJr.2014Test

Vaughn Gittin Jr. was spotted testing at Charlotte Motor Speedway today. His car and design looks the same as last year for the most part with a couple sponsorship additions. Ecko is added to his car for 2014 which we had noticed Vaughn wearing a good bit recently. Vaughn did tell us back when he was on Wrecked Weekly that a 2015 car will probably make a debut this season but just not in Formula Drift. We imagine some form of a demo car or international car such as WDS China build? Vaughn does also add the additive company Gumout it appears to his sponsorships in 2014.

Tony Brakohiapa Heading to Pikes Peak 2014

Tony Brakohiapa has been absent from Formula Drift with his Ford Mustang recently but his 1000hp Ford is heading to Pikes Peak this year. He will join the ranks of Danny George as a competitor at Pikes Peak.  Tony who is fresh off a Hollywood stunt work on the film Need for Speed (look for him in the silver Saleen S7 and briefly in the red Koniegsegg.

His 1000hp comes from a Vortech V7 supercharger and Ignite racing’s ethanol-based race gas. “This is now a machine capable of conquering the hill!” Brakohiapa enthused. Find out how he does this summer. 

Justin Pawlak Wall Rides of Long Beach


Justin Pawlak compiled this wall ride photo of him tagging the Streets of Long Beach outside clipping point wall from 2009, 2011, and 2013. His 2013 Formula Drift season wound up in a bit of a disaster when he went too deep in his first qualifying run and wrecked the car. His team at RTS did get it repaired so he could make his second qualifying pass. Here are some videos to boot with these amazing pictures.

2009 Formula Drift Long Beach Wall Tap

2011 Formula Drift Long Beach Qualifying Run

2013 Formula Drift Media Day (First Run off the Rig)

2013 Formula Drift Qualifying Run 1 with Crash

Mustang RTR Spec 3 Sells for $110k at Barrett Jackson


Vaughn Gittin Jr.’s RTR brand teamed up with Mothers Polish to build and donate a custom Mustang RTR Spec 3. The Spec 3 has overfenders, more HP, and a different front lip, along with a gorgeous custom candy red paint job. The car was sold for $110,000 for charity. All of the money was given was donated to the TGen Foundation.

For those who are not familiar with the TGen Foundation they use all donations to fund TGen’s biomedical research as our scientists target new treatments, therapies, and cures for diseases such as autism, melanoma, pancreatic cancer, brain tumors, diabetes, and many other cancers and neurological disorders. The mission of the TGen Foundation is to positively impact the lives of patients and their families. They do this by raising funds that accelerate TGen’s efforts to make and translate genomic discoveries into advances in human health.