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Ryan Tuerck Driving 72 Escort MK2 at Gymkhana Grid


Ryan Tuerck is set to drive Ken Block’s 1972 Ford Escort MK2 debuted this week by Hoonigan. Gymkhana Grid is this weekend at Santa Pod Raceway in the United Kingdom. Ryan Tuerck will be behind the wheel of this 72 Escort MK2 that features a 330HP naturally aspirated engine mated to a 6speed sequential transmission. Exterior wise the car features a custom ‪‎Rocket Bunny‬ kit and some amazing wheels by Fifteen52.

Ryan Tuerck Answers Your Questions With a GoPro Burnout Response [VIDEO]

Ryan Tuerck drops a burnout reply video to his fans questions this week while sitting outside of a car driven by his brother. He answers questions, his brother almost hits a car in his driveway, and he even drops that his true love lies in the Nissan 240sx. Find out what Tuerck has to say and stay tuned as the second season of Tuerck’d keeps coming your way.

Ryan Tuerck Left the Fifteen52 Tarmac Wheels at Home for Wall Speedway

Ryan Tuerck has left his famous Fiftteen52 Tarmac wheels at home for Round 4 of the Formula Drift season and unveiled a new highlighter Fifteen52 style for this weekend. The wheel is sitting on a Maxxis Z1 drift tire which Tuerck uses to compete in Formula Drift this 2013 season. What do you think of the new wheel Ryan Tuerck has leaked onto Instagram this morning?



Ryan Tuerck’s 2013 Scion FR-S Render Came to Us via FedEx this AM [SPYSHOTS]

A kind an anonymous east coast Wrecked spy sent us this FedEx package with this render of Ryan Tuerck and his 2013 Scion FR-S render and program. The program continues to be on Maxxis Tires and Retaks backpacks running as a title sponsor. Enjuku Racing has stepped up in support of the car along with Garrett Turbo, ACT Clutch, and KW Suspension. Our rumormill post about Ryan Tuerck in 2013 was a little off as we guessed he would be powering the FRS with a Chevrolet LS engine. Instead they are building a 2JZ-GTE engine that will be making over 700whp we have heard from some others. What do you think about the revamped program for Ryan Tuerck in 2013?!

Ken Block Takes on Irwindale Speedway in his HFHV Ford Fiesta [VIDEO]

Ken Block aka Kenny from the Block took his HFHV Ford Fiesta to Irwindale Speedway to run the Formula Drift course to hype up The Hoonigans brand. Early on Friday morning they let Ken Block on the track and he even managed to plant the rear of his car to the inside bank wall (just like everyone else) but he managed to smash and shatter two Fifteen52 Tarmacs wheels and keep drifting which they show at the end of the video. Ken even managed to enter the bank at 91mph during his AWD slide around the Formula D course.