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Mad Mike Coming to Formula Drift 2010 – EA Games and Falken Tire are Sponsors

Mad Mike

Well this week just seems to be packed with bombshells and finally we have uncovered the myth about “Mad Mike” Whiddett’s 2010 Formula Drift season. A great and reliable source close to us informed me that Mad Mike will carry two major sponsors that he was aware of into the 2010 Formula D season.

Electronic Arts which is a publicly traded company on the NASDAQ: ERTS and has really suffered over the past year compared to the last decade. Enough about financial talk as you are more familiar with them in our industry due to the Need for Speed racing series and the website Speedhunters.

His tire sponsor is going to be Falken Tire  for the new season. It was pretty safe to assume that Goodyear Tire was not coming on board with his program so we are glad to see he has tire support.

We will be announcing another driver sponsored by Electronic Arts tomorrow.

James Deane Brings S15 to Tech Day – Calvin Wan’s Old Falken Ride [RUMORMILL]

James Deane

Calvin Wan’s Nissan S15 had quite a season filled with crashes and controversial runs in 2009. Looking to wipe the slate clean for 2010 Falken has apparently hired Irishman James Deane to fill the shoes of Mr. Wan in the car. Calvin was relieved of duties sometime late last year and we didn’t think much was going to come of the car but recent rumors and hints from some people have told us this is going to happen.

The car will be at tech day and our source for this information wouldn’t tell us what was changing about the car but confirmed this S15 pictured above will be at Tech Day Saturday, just not sure in what paint scheme or sponsors. We are almost 100% sure the car is running under the Falken Tire banner.

Local Charlotte News Catches Darren McNamara Testing [SPYSHOTS]

Darren McNamara

Darren McNamara

The Formula Drift test day for Team Falken Tire cannot really seem to get much more publicity than if they tried to get it. A local news channel in Charlotte, North Carolina was doing some reporting on the scene at Lowe’s Motor Speedway in relation to the NASCAR All-Star race coming up shortly. Guess what they found going on in the infield of the track. They seemed confused but entertained with all of the drifting action and even made a horrible pun at the end of the broadcast. Here are two screen grabs of Darren McNamara man handling the Saturn Sky. Thanks for the tip That Guy.

Watch the news:

New Resident Blogger at Wrecked Magazine: Tyler McQuarrie

We have a new blogger in the Drivers Lounge by the name of Tyler McQuarrie. He currently is wheeling around the Falken Tire Nissan 350z convertible. The 2009 season he finished in third place and we think he will do even better for the 2010 season. He already has a great introduction posted up to go ahead and check it out. Don’t forget to RSS/Bookmark/Visit Daily to see what Tyler has going on.

New Wrecked Magazine Blogger:

Justin Pawlak On Falken Tires for 2010 – Set to Drive 2010 Mustang

2010 Ford Mustang

We just got word from one of our favorite sponsors Falken Tire that they have picked up Drift Alliance Ace Justin Pawlak for 2010. ASD is getting a new Falken colored (teal/green) 2010 Mustang in shape for him at Long Beach. While Vaughn is moving into a 2011 we will see the older 2010 in the hands of JTP. The boys at ASD are a team I know can have a car in racing form for Long Beach. With a 9th place finish in 2009 I have faith Justin Pawlak can be a champion contender in the Ford Mustang. The real question now is, can Justin Pawlak finish better than the Mustang poster child, Vaughn Gittin Jr.?  What are your thoughts on this one?

Speedhunters Recaps the Formula D Season with Falken Tires [VIDEO]

Falken Hunting with Speedhunters

Speedhunters dropped a 2009 Formula Drift season review piece. It highlights the Falken Tires team taking on the season as a whole. The video is titled Falken Hunting and has a great soundtrack for the Speedhunters team. Don’t miss this one!

Watch the video: