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What Drivers Are Paying Off in Fantasy Drift After 4 Rounds?

Tanner Foust - Fantasy Drift

After four rounds of Fantasy Drift you have some drivers that are racking up points at over 6 points a round and some barely getting 1 point a round. My rough math for you to win your league was each driver needed to get you four points an event totaling in 16 points a round. This would bring your total raw points score to 64 right now. If you are playing a Pro Account on that average you are on track to win some prizes. Here are how some drivers are doing at scoring points this year in Fantasy Drift. In your league you can visit the Drivers List page to try and trade for these drivers or pick up free agents.

1. Tanner Foust – 27 points
2. Darren McNamara – 25 points
3. Vaughn Gittin Jr. – 25 points
4. Daijio Yoshihara – 21 points
5. Chris Forsberg – 20 points
6. Charles Ng – 19 points
7. Justin Pawlak – 19 points
8. Ross Petty – 18 points
9. Ken Gushi – 17 points
10. Forrest Wang – 16 points
11. Ryan Tuerck – 16 points
12. Michihiro Takatori – 15 points
13. Tyler McQuarrie – 15 points
14. Fredric Aasbo – 15 points
15. Ryuji Miki – 13 points
16. Sam Hubinette – 13 points
17. James Deane – 13 points
18. Robbie Nishida – 13 points
19. Tony Brakohiapa – 12 points
20. Matt Waldin – 11 points

Falken Tires Takes on Wall Speedway – Goes 1/2 [VIDEO]

Falken Takes 1st and 2nd at 2010 FD Wall Speedway

The guys at Falken Tire produced another fantastic video for the 2010 season. This film is a little over seven minutes long and highlights a 1-2 finish at Wall Speedway for the team. Daijiro Yoshihara managed to clinch another first place finish after defeating Vaughn Gittin Jr. in the finals. A great interview with the leader in points caps off a great production from Falken Tire.

Watch the video: Unveils Daijiro Yoshihara’s S13 In Detail [SNAPSHOTS]

MotoIQ is an awesome tech website that really digs into the details of vehicles with some great industry experts. I just came across this 8 page detailed story on Daijiro Yoshihara’s Discount Tire x Falken S13 which is amazing. You won’t believe the detail and things you can learn by spending some time reading up on the amazing setup of this Formula Drift spec vehicle.

Read the Whole Story:–falken-tires-s13.aspx

Why I think Daijiro Yoshihara is Now A Championship Contender

Daijiro Yoshihara

Daijiro Yoshihara is the one of the most talented drivers in Formula Drift to date. I don’t think anyone can question that across the board while providing legitimate counter points. However since he has come to Falken Tire he just hasn’t brought that aggressive edge or that last 10% of performance to put him at 100%. Some fans blamed it on the Lexus and then that car got written off in Seattle 2009.

That has to be a monumental mark in Daijiro Yoshihara’s career that no one will forget anytime soon. After Seattle of last year he seemed shaken up and not recovered from the accident. The S13 under performed and Dai wasn’t his aggressive self to say the least closing out 2009.

With all that being said I didn’t give him much of a shot for making a championship run in the 2010 season. In fact, I don’t think many people really had Dai as a viable championship winner. On paper his four wins in the first 40 events makes him the only driver with more than two victories and no championship.

He qualified 4th in Atlanta and 12th in Long Beach putting on two solid performances. It’s not going to be an easy battle for Daijiro but he has some of the most loyal/vocal fans behind him and one of the best teams working on his S13. Did you see his performance in Atlanta? He was driving like a mad man who couldn’t be stopped and was unable to be stopped even after Darren McNamara removed the whole back side of his car. Right now he only sits 37 points behind Vaughn Gittin Jr. which is an easy gap to overcome with 5 rounds left. His key will be to stay consistent and score points at all five rounds.

In years past I don’t think anyone would dream of a Falken Tire driver taking home a championship but it looks like for 2010 the only people in his way might be his Falken Tire teammates. What do you think about Daijiro Yoshihara winning the 2010 championship? Are you glad he is back now at 100%?

Falken Tire Invades Streets of Long Beach [VIDEO]

Falken Tires Takes On Long Beach

The new 2010 version of Falken Tire running the RT-615K seemed to do really well for the first round. In fact, Vaughn Gittin Jr. piloted his 2011 Ford Mustang to victory as I’m sure you know by now. Watch the video from Falken Tire which is now in Higher Definition. Enjoy the quick recap from Falken Tire.

Watch the video:

Falken Launches New Website –

Check out a new website launched by Falken Tire today. You can check out the new off-road program, find out details on all the motorsport drivers and get the deets on all the new Falken Tire Models.

Check it out:

Tyler McQuarrie Blogs About the Falken Tire Compound

Tyler McQuarrie takes to his new Wrecked Magazine blog and gives you a full tour of the Falken Tire compound over the Formula Drift Long Beach weekend. A really cool look into the rigs and general Falken Tire rig area if you have never seen inside a race team rig.

Read More at Tyler McQuarrie’s Blog:

Darren McNamara Testing at Lowes Motor Speedway [VIDEO]

2010 Falken Saturn Sky Test – 800hp Run

The new Falken Tire style has arrived for 2010 on Darren McNamara’s Saturn Sky. Here is a huge testing video featuring the GoPro HD camera. Big thanks to Falken Tire for scoring us this great testing video. Does Darren McNamara have a shot at teh 2010 Formula Drift championshiop?

Watch the video:—800hp-run

2010 Formula Drift Tech Day – UTI Campus in Rancho Cucamonga, CA [GALLERY]

BMI Racing Mazda Rx-8

Project 350z - Wrecked Magazine

Team Falken - In the Pits

Check out the coverage from Tech Day at the Universal Technical Institute in Rancho Cucamonga, California. Along with all of the new teams our Project 350z showed up in matte white to the event! If you want a preview of all the new looks to vehicles coming to Streets of Long Beach then you are at the right place.

Check out the gallery:

Tyler McQuarrie Blogs About His Testing and Takes Us Behind the Scenes

Tyler McQuarrie is our newest blogger and he has dropped one of the best pieces of driver journalism I have read in quite some time. In a true NFL Films style format he takes you straight behind the action and into his testing at Charlotte, North Carolina. Learn about his team ASD, some racing simulators they got ahold of, and Falken driver Darren McNamara climbing into Jamie McMurray’s sprint cup NASCAR machine all in a few days of fun. You don’t want to miss this one.

Read Tyler McQuarrie’s Blog about Testing: First test of the 2010 season