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Formula Drift 2014 – Dai Yoshihara will compete in a Subaru BRZ

Sadly the 2014 Formula Drift is not a typo and we will have to wait another whole season to see Dai Yoshihara in his Subaru BRZ but they will be testing the new platform in 2013. Dai will return to a V8 powered S13 for 2013 but his team at SPD will be building and developing a Subaru BRZ according to a release put out by Falken Tire today. Will they throw a big LS V8 in the BRZ or take the large turbo route on this build? As they start development I am sure you can find build information over at MotoIQ.

2013 Formula Drift – Darren McNamara in a New V8 powered S14

Falken Tire just announced that Darren McNamara will still be on the drift team in 2013 despite some paddock buzz he would be dropped from the team which we could never really confirm to be a rumormill. It looks like Falken Tire is going to retire that S15 Silvia this winter and debut a new V8 powered S14 for the 2013 Formula Drift season. No word on if SPD Metal Works will be handling the build (who managed his S15 for the end of 2012) or not but it sounds like they have some other news coming out today about Dai Yoshihara so stay tuned.

Justin Pawlak Goes Flat in his 2013 Ford Mustang

The guys at Falken Tire shared today a new look to the 2013 Ford Mustang of Justin Pawlak showing a much more matte finish to this car. Him along with Daijiro Yoshihara and Falken Motorsports Manager J Brad will be in attendance at Adams Motorsports Park in Riverside, California tonight. What does everyone think of the matte look against the traditional teal/blue?

A 2013 Title Sponsor for Justin Pawlak that isn’t Falken Tire [RUMORMILL]

Last month in July we confirmed that ASD and Falken Tire will be splitting ways in 2013. What this means for the Falken Tire program seems to be a mystery of how it will move forward next year but ASD I feel like will be around in 2013 but at what capacity is a mystery? Falken Tire has historically ran a program without other sponsors retaining the teal/blue vehicle with Falken over the rear quarter panel.

Now a rumor has been flying around the pits about JTP courting a potential title sponsor for 2013 which almost begs to ask will JTP and VGJ even be running Falken in 2013? If they release these guys or cannot come to terms on a program I think it would be a huge mistake for the Falken Tire brand.

As for a sponsor for Justin Pawlak I can only imagine his sponsor being a dog fighting ring, a UFC company, or maybe even an evil third world dictatorship. The reality is probably far from that and while we cannot dig up much information on the title deal at this point our guess seems to point to HPI Racing if we are looking at a sponsor that is already on board with him. HPI has been doing things with Justin Pawlak and VGJ and you can currently see the logo on JTP’s car in the photo above in orange on the rear quarter panel.

2012 D1 Grand Prix Round 3 at Autopolis – Single Car Runs [VIDEO]

Here is a few minutes of simple D1GP footage form this season coming from last round at Autopolis showing off some single runs from the race weekend. It includes quite a few guys unable to make the whole run. The UpGarage Toyota FT-86 goes flying off course preparing for the weekend of tandem competition.

ASD and Falken Tire Set to Split Ways at the end of 2012

After some rumors have circled around the drift community we got some super solid evidence and communication tonight that after Formula Drift 2012 is complete the ASD and Falken Tire camp will be separated as official partners. The first outward visual issue of the partnership really came when Darren McNamara jumped ship into SPD Metal Works, the team who maintains Daijiro Yoshihara’s 2011 championship S13.4, and planned to finish out the 2012 season with the Falken S15.

Right now Vaughn Gittin Jr. is poised to take home his second championship in three years as he leads the race with just two rounds left. That would leave ASD at a championship average better than most programs building drift cars. No communication yet exactly how things will pan out for Falken Tire or the respective ASD drivers of VGJ and Justin Pawlak but information should be available soon.Whatever they have cooking up in Fontana, California they plan to win more and more championships after going back to back I am sure.

Quick Minute with Tyler McQuarrie [INTERVIEW]

A quick note is that we actually conducted this quick interview with Tyler McQuarrie before the Wall Stadium event this past weekend at Formula Drift. This was just a little introduction planned with him and the new team partnerships. Luckily I do have a statement from him and Chelsea DeNofa upcoming in an article related to the tandem accident coming up later.

Wrecked Magazine: You have been with Mobil 1 longer than this season since they backed Falken with the 350z. What have you grown to love about the product?
Tyler McQuarrie: I’ve always known that Mobil 1 made a quality product, but ever since I started working with them in 2009 I have not had a single engine malfunction since then. It says a lot about the product to have a stat like that because we push our motors in Formula D very hard

WM: What does it feel like to have a company with such motorsports pedigree being your title sponsor? They even sponsor McLaren in Formula 1 which I know is a team your fond of.
TMac: Mobil 1 is an iconic brand in motorsports and has supported some of the best teams and drivers in the world. It’s an honor and a privilege to be part of the Mobil 1 family, and it’s pretty awesome seeing Mobil 1 on the side of Mclaren, Stewart Haas, ALMS C6R, just like it is on my Formula D Chevrolet Camaro.

WM: Out of all your motorsports jobs which is the one that you have the most fun in?
TMac: I get asked that a lot and it’s hard to answer…. I love racing and drifting but I have more fun when I’m winning! So I guess it changes from event to event.

WM: What is the Chevrolet Camaro like compared to your 350z?
TMac: The cars are much different on many levels. The Camaro has a longer wheel base , which makes it much more stable. The Camaro also has SO. Much more steering angle than the Z. Those two aspects make it so much more fun to drive and easier to compete in. The Z was fast but very difficult to find its sweet spot, which makes it tough in Formula D.

WM: Any special plans for the rest of 2012?
TMac: As of right now my plan is to compete in Formula D and Grand Am for 2012. Always looking for other stuff to do though… If it has four wheel, I’ll drive it!

Darren McNamara Shows off his Silvia S15 [SNAPSHOT]

The old S15 Silvia which is being cared after by SPD is the new ride starting this weekend of Darren McNamara. After totaling the Saturn Sky and having issues with the LHD Nissan 350z he has moved on to a new pit crew/mechanic/team within Falken Tire and a new RHD ride.

The car was last fielded by another Irishmen in the way of James Deane a few years ago. Since then the car has had the SR20 pulled out of it and a V8 placed inside along with some other product refreshes. The car features KW Suspension and Mobil 1 motor oil as two partners listed on the car. Darren does lose his HRE wheels in the transfer to SPD along with some other products that are exclusive to the ASD camp within Falken. What do you think of the switch and can Darren step on the podium this weekend?

Falken Tire Pulls Darren McNamara out of 350z – Set to Hop in V8 S15 [RUMORMILL]

The guys over at Falken Tire finally have come to the conclusion we hear at Wrecked Magazine to pull Darren McNamara from the left hand drive Nissan 350z as some pretty lackluster performances since crashing the Saturn Sky at Streets of Long Beach. This switch out of the 350z is huge and from what we told cuts him from the ASD program all together.

Two different sources have confirmed however that SPD Metal Works (team who runs 2011 FD Champion Dai Yoshihara S13) will be taking the reigns of the Falken S15 which is now V8 powered. While some drivers like Calvin Wan struggled with the Falken S15 Silvia it was used later by James Deane with great success.

The car is now revamped with a V8 engine since it has seen competition and is also RHD which is the natural driving side Darren McNamara has been driving in during his drift career. The deal seems to still be in the works but we think it will be active by Formula Drift Round 4 at Wall Stadium. What does everyone think of this car swap?

Daigo Saito vs. Vaughn Gittin Jr. Tandem Battle in the Top 16 [VIDEO]

Here are some snapshots we captured of the tandem battle between these two guys. Click of any of the images to jump to the video.

One of the runs in Top 16 tons of people put focus on was the battle with Daigo Saito and Vaughn Gittin Jr. in the Top 16. Daigo was coming off a podium in Long Beach and Vaughn Gittin Jr. a blown chance against Odi Bakchis in Top 32. These two put on quite possibly one of the best tandem battles of the weekend as one high horsepower turbo’d 2JZ-GTE engine lines up against a Ford Racing crate engine. With the help of Brian Casse we captured a great video of the two in tandem.

Watch the video: