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Dai Yoshihara Teases 2014 Subaru BRZ Ahead of SEMA Show

The guys at SPD Metal Works seem to be getting together the 2014 Formula Drift ride of Daijiro Yoshihara. After a horrible 2013 season for him and his program the guys have to be eager to step away from the S13 chassis and start fresh. The Subaru BRZ will feature a similar LS based V8 platform like his Discount Tire S13. We sent a word out to Falken for an attempted confirmation the car will debut officially at the 2013 SEMA Show in Las Vegas.

2013 Formula Drift Round 6 – Tire Manufacturer Championship [STANDINGS]

Earning their fifth podium of the season, Hankook Tire hops over Falken Tire in the standings for the Tire Manufacturer championship. It’s basically a 3-way race to the first-ever tire championship between Hankook, Falken, and Achilles, with Nitto having an outside chance at the championship should they get two drivers on the podium at Irwindale.

Here are the standings after Six of Seven rounds of competition:

1. Hankook  – 899.5
2. Falken – 896
3. Achilles– 792.25
4. Nitto – 744
5. Yokohama – 697.5
6. Maxxis – 579
7. Nexen – 570.25
8. Kenda – 79.25

Vaughn Gittin Jr. Crew Takes Big Hit – “Gangster” Dave Steps Away from ASD

Dave Gibson much better known as “Gangster Dave” sent out an email to the drift industry this weekend announcing he needs to step away for what he cited as personal reasons. This comes at a huge loss to the drifting community at large and Vaughn Gittin Jr. who uses him as a crew member in 2013. Dave was well known for his love/involvement in the Rx-7 community and opened a shop in the San Diego area over a decade ago. In 2005 Falken Tire hired and approached his shop to build Tony Angelo’s Mazda Rx-7 that was campaigned in 2005.

Then in 2007 he built a Mazda Rx-8 for Falken Tire and continued his relationship with the company and program. At a point in the near future he linked up with Ian Stewart and packed up to Charlotte, North Carolina to be a part of the ASD program. The rest is history as they say including a rewarding 2010 championship  he was a part of with Vaughn Gittin Jr.  and company. It will be interesting to see who they can slate to replace Dave in the pits for the rest of 2013 and into the future. Sorry about the old photo, it was all I could cough up from GangsterDave’s Instagram page.

2013 Formula Drift Round 5 – Seattle – Tire Manufacturer Championship [STANDINGS]

Despite a big crash from Justin Pawlak in the Top 8 and a similar exit in the top 8 from Darren McNamara, Falken Tire remains in the lead of the tire championship although their lead has decreased substantially. Hankook has jumped into second place behind a double-podium finish, while Achilles falls to third place behind Saito’s unexpected top-32 exit. Yokohama has jumped into fifth place, while Maxxis falls to seventh.

Here are the standings after five events:

1. Falken – 776
2. Hankook  – 742.5
3. Achilles– 671.25
4. Nitto – 645
5. Yokohama – 522.5
6. Nexen – 517.75
7. Maxxis – 490.5
8. Kenda – 79.25

Miro Ovcharik Goes Pink for Round 5 at Evergreen Speedway

Miro just finished up the wrap on his S13 hatchback adding some pink to his cement grey car for the weekend. Some stars along with MT Fabrication have been put onto the car slowly converting it from the empty canvas Pro Am look over to a full on pro drift car. How do you think Miro can do this weekend?

2013 Formula Drift Round 4 – New Jersey – Tire Manufacturer Championship [STANDINGS]

After the third podium finish of the season from a third different driver, Falken Tire increased their lead over Achilles Radial in the Tire Manufacturer championship. While Justin Pawlak pulled home his first podium this season, Darren McNamara’s top-4 finish helped increase the lead. Hankook jumped ahead of Nitto in the standings with their second podium this season, while Maxxis jumped ahead of both Nexen and Yokohama thanks to top-16 finishes for both Ryan Tuerck and Matt Field.

Here are the standings after four events:

1. Falken – 640
2. Achilles – 585.5
3. Hankook – 552.5
4. Nitto – 520
5. Maxxis – 404
6. Nexen – 387.75
7. Yokohama – 375.5
8. Kenda – 24.25

2013 Formula Drift Round 3 – Palm Beach – Tire Manufacturer Championship [STANDINGS]

Despite early top 16 exits, Falken Tire extended their lead in the Tire Manufacturer Championship largely by taking the top 2 qualifying spots with Justin Pawlak and Kenneth Moen. Nitto Tire drops from second place to third place as JR takes fourth but Chelsea Denofa only manages a top-32 finish. Achilles jumps into the second position with two drivers on the podium (Nishida and Saito), a first for Achilles in the US.

Here are the full standings:

1. Falken – 461
2. Achilles – 417.5
3. Nitto – 408
4. Hankook – 399.5
5. Yokohama – 320.5
6. Nexen – 307.25
7. Maxxis – 295
8. Kenda – 24.25

Falken Puts up Old Nissan 350z For Grabs [BUY THIS]

Falken Tire motorsports manager Jonathon Bradford posted on his personal Facebook today that the Falken Nissan 350z built by ASD and campaigned by Tyler McQuarrie is now up for sale. The car will be hitting soon he reports but reach out to Falken and snag it early. This car was never actually crashed badly in its drift history unlike most Falken Tire cars of the past. The car is currently in Southern California and would make a great turn key or starter Formula Drift build.

Mats Baribeau Talks About Coming to Formula Drift in 2013 [VIDEO]

An introduction to Mats Baribeau who is gearing up to take on the Formula Drift season in 2013. He hails from Canada and has been seen in the American grassroots circuit in the north east along with Drift Mania. Mats sounds pumped and ready to take on Formula Drift this season.

Watch the video:

2013 Formula Drift Round 1- Streets of Long Beach – Tire Manufacturers Championship

The other new championship for 2013 is the Tire Manufacturers championship, where the top two finishers on each tire company earn points for their sponsor. All drivers are eligible for these points, regardless of whether they are sponsored by the manufacturer or just buying the tires. Falken has taken the early lead due to a win from Dai Yoshihara and a top 8 finish from Darren McNamara, but Nitto is hot on their tail with two drivers in the top 4. In this case, the qualifying points were the difference between the two manufacturers. It will be interesting to see how this plays out over the course of the season. Again, thanks to Jacob Leveton for helping us calculate the numbers.

1. Falken- 176
2. Nitto- 167
3. Hankook- 141
4. Yokohama- 116.5
5. Nexen- 111