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2017 Formula Drift End of Season awards


Formula Drift announced their annual awards at a special awards banquet over the weekend. Special thanks to Formula D ProAm partner US Drift for posting these on their Facebook page.

Here’s a look at all the awards that were handed out:

Fan Favorite Car of the Year: “Chucky” Ola Jaeger
Fan Favorite Driver of the Year: Dirk Stratton
Ace of the Year: Kevin Lawrence
Rookie of the Year: Travis Reeder

Fan Favorite Car of the Year: Kristaps Blušs
Fan Favorite Driver of the Year: Kristaps Blušs
Best Personal Style: Ken Gushi
Best Drifting Style: Chelsea DeNofa
Hard Charger: Jhonnattan Castro
Spotter of the Year: Amy Bakchis (Aurimas Bakchis (Odi))
Spirit of Drifting: Robbie Nishida
Crew of the Year: Worthouse Drift Team (Piotr Więcek / James Deane.)
Crew Chief of the Year: Alex (James Deane)
Team Manager of the Year: Brian Bridges (Bridges Racing)
Most Improved Driver (31st [2016]- 20th [2017]): Jeff Jones
Comeback of the Year: Aurimas Bakchis
Top Qualifier of the Year: James Deane
Ace of the Year (29 wins – 3 losses / 90.6%): James Deane
Rookie of the Year: Piotr Więcek
Most One More Times (7): Odi Bakchis
Automotive Manufacturer Champion: Toyota Racing
Tire Manufacturer Champion: Falken Tire
Third Place Season: Odi Bakchis
Second Place Season: Fredric Aasbø
First Place Season: James Deane

Falken Tire Returns to Formula DRIFT with Six Drivers in 2017


Falken Tire, winner of the 2016 Tire Manufacturers Cup has returned to Formula DRIFT as the Official Tire Sponsor of Formula DRIFT.

In addition, they have announced six drivers competing on Falken Tires in the series this year; veterans Daijiro ‘Dai’ Yoshihara and Justin ‘JTP’ Pawlak, the return of the famous Falken Tire teal and blue liveries for Matt Field and Aurimas ‘Odi’ Bakchis, and Europeans James Deane and Piotr Wieck.

Falken Tire will also be offering additional activation at events in the form of dealer hospitality, spokesmodel meet & greets, drier autograph signings, and a learning center display through its Falken rig at most of the 8 rounds.

For more information, click here.


2016 Formula Drift Round 2 Atlanta – Tire Manufacturer Championship [STANDINGS]


Nexen Tire continues to lead the Tire Manufacturer Championship after Atlanta after receiving strong performances from Alec Hohnadell and Tanner Foust. Nexen has now had four different drivers contribute to their points total on the season. Falken tire improved to second in the standings, while Nitto Tire jumped from fifth after Long Beach to third. All six tire manufacturers are within striking distance of the championship.

Here’s a look at the Tire Manufacturer standings after 2 of 8 rounds:

1. Nexen Tire – 262 Points
2. Falken Tire – 247 Points
3. Nitto Tire – 212 Points
4. Hankook Tire – 199 Points
5. GT Radial – 153 Points
6. Achilles Radial – 149 Points



After the quiet exit of Maxxis Tire in the offseason as well as the loss of Yokohama, but the return of Nexen Tire, the number of tire manufacturers competing for the Tire cup is currently at 6 brands. Chelsea Denofa brought GT Radial not only their first podium but also their first event win, while Aasbo and Gushi brought Nexen their first two podium victories in Formula Drift history. The Nexen Tire team looks stacked, and the early lead in the Tire Championship isn’t much of a surprise. Hankook Tire has ran away with the Tire Championship in each of the last three seasons, but this season should be much more contentious as each brand has several great names under their banner.

Here are the Tire Manufacturer standings after the 1st of 8 rounds:

1. Nexen Tire – 144 Points
2. GT Radial – 116 Points
3. Falken Tire – 112 Points
4. Hankook Tire – 96 Points
5. Nitto Tire – 80 Points
6. Achilles Radial – 64 Points

Falken Tire Expands Formula Drift Program for 2016


Well, we announced the Yokohama Tire was bailing on Formula Drift late last year and it looks like Matt Field found his new home at Falken Tire. He joins Odi Bakchis who we announced earlier this week who will be back on the 615K tire as well. Tyler McQuarrie is also going to make a return to the program for 2016 who is one of the most winning Falken Tire drivers in the series history. The rest of the team is the same for 2016 with Pat Goodin, Dai Yoshihara, and Justin Pawlak.

Odi Bakchis is 100% Committed to Hyundai Genesis in 2016 with New Tire


Odi Bakchis unveiled he will only be using the Hyundai Genesis coupe for the 2016 Formula Drift season that he performed so well in. Odi Bakchis brought life into this Genesis coupe by finishing second at Streets of Long Beach after another driver failed to perform in the car. The other big news is that Odi Bakchis has broken up with Nitto Tire after the 15 season. He has come full circle and returned to Falken Tire after a stint with Nexen and Nitto. How do you think he can finish up with his solid program for 2016?

2015 Formula D Round 3 Orlando – Tire Manufacturers Championship [STANDINGS]


With two of the three cars on the podium, Hankook extends their lead in the Tire Manufacturer Championship and is on pace to win their third consecutive title. Nitto Tire is still within striking distance, and any tire manufacturer could make up substantial ground with a pair of podium finishers in Wall.

Here’s a look at the Tire Manufacturer standings after 3 of 7 rounds:

1. Hankook Tire – 449 Points
2. Nitto Tire – 362 Points
3. Maxxis Tire – 294 Points
4. Falken Tire – 278 Points
5. Yokohama Tire – 259 Points
6. Achilles Tire – 257 Points
7. GT Radial – 143 Points

2015 Formula D Round 1 Long Beach – Tire Manufacturers Championship [STANDINGS]


With the event win, Hankook Tire takes the early lead in the tire championship, although there seems to be much more parity in the pits this season than in seasons past as far as tire compounds. All four of the final Long Beach competitors were on different tire brands (Aasbo on Hankook, Bakchis on Nitto, Tuerck on Maxxis, and Field on Yokohama), although Long Beach isn’t always the best indicator of tire performance due to the patchy pavement. With Kenda tire leaving Formula Drift this season, there are now 7 tire manufacturers competing for the Tire Manufacturer Championship.

Here’s the standings after the first event in the 2015 Formula D Championship:

1. Hankook Tire – 143 Points
2. Nitto Tire – 135 Points
3. Maxxis Tire – 102 Points
4. Falken Tire – 101 Points
T5. Achilles Tire – 86Points
T5. Yokohama Tire – 86Points
7. GT Radial – 52 Points

Dai Yoshihara Unveils his Formula Drift 2015 Subaru BRZ in Blue/White


Dai Yoshihara shows off his Turn 14 x Falken Tire Subaru BRZ, this time in a white/blue version of the car from last year. I really like the accent of red they added to the car with the wing and mirrors for 2015. The big question everyone wants to know is…. has Dai worked the bugs out of this car so can be competitive once again. His 2014 season was less than impressive and at some points he risked not finishing in the Top 32 of overall points. Dai remains on Falken Tire and KW Suspension showing that he trusted his old brands to get him through a new season. Dai has been testing a ton at WSIR which can only go to help him perform better this season I imagine. Can he be a Top 5 driver again this year, curious to know readers thoughts?

Pat Goodin Returns to Bamboo Livery for 2015 Formula Drift


Pat Goodin is sending his S13 design into a little bit of a throwback with his bamboo style livery making a return to the center stage. His Enjuku Racing teammate in Pro 2 Kevin Lawerence is sporting a similar livery on a gold S14. Pat is still carrying his Dai Yoshihara race red color as the base for his 240sx. He is retaining Falken Tire for 2015 and seems to of switched wheel sponsors to partner up with Cosmis Racing. What do you think of his old new look?