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2010 Formula Drift Las Vegas – Friday Qualifying/Practice [GALLERY]

Eric O'Sullivan FormulaD Las Vegas

Sam Hubinette as Top Qualifier at Formula D Vegas

Here is our Friday night practice gallery from Formula Drift Las Vegas. Once the sun drops the temperature feels just perfect with the light breeze rolling through the track. Some drivers including Kyle Mohan and Mad Mide Whiddet looked the best I have seen them all season. Enjoy our 200+ photos from night practice in Las Vegas.

Check out the Gallery:

Chris Forsberg Blogs about Formula Drift Seattle

Chris Forsberg Drifting at 2010 Formula Drift in Seattle

Check out Chris Forsberg’s blog about how he tackled Formula Drift Seattle. He ended up qualifying with a 86.3 and beat Eric O’Sullivan in the Top 32. Then Forsberg defeated Daijiro Yoshihara in the Top 16 before moving on to Darren McNamara in the Top 8. If you want to hear about the perspective from Chris Forsberg then check out his blog. Here is a preview of the first paragraph.

I returned home yesterday from Round 4 of the Formula Drift Championship series at Evergreen Speedway in Monroe, WA. Overall, we had a great weekend that began on Wednesday with an in town appearance with the local NOS crew. We spent the day spreading the word about Formula Drift and the event that was happening only a few days from then. Not only did we hand out a bunch of drinks, we were even able to give away two tickets to the event.


Eric O’Sullivan Wants Another Qualifying Run – Files Protest

Eric O'Sullivan Files A Protest with Formula Drift at Seattle

Apparently when Eric O’Sullivan went out for his second run he got caught up in all sorts of oil left on the track from the previous car that shut down the track for 20 minutes for oil cleanup. According to someone from his team on the exit of the bank oil was left everywhere causing Eric to make a huge correction and get a low score (65.0). ┬áHe filed a protest with Formula Drift after requesting another run and being denied from what we are told.

I am guessing Eric O’Sullivan isn’t going to get very far with this complaint especially since he made the Top 32 it appears as I type this (JTP is running) up for the site. Matt Field who ran before Eric we are told also spun due to the oil issues but we haven’t had a chance to speak with him. They focused cleaning up the oil on the front straight failing to remove it from other locations is the report we got from EOS team members. Should be interesting to see if anything happens with this and we will update you guys.

5 Things We Know Will Happen at Formula Drift Seattle This Weekend

Last year I made some predictions for Seattle found at “5 Things We Know Will Happen This Weekend at Formula D” where I listed the same events in this post and got most of them right. The only one I don’t remember happening last year is #4 which was a pleasant surprise.

Eric O’Sullivan landed second place on the podium for his first time in his Formula D career making #5 happen. #3 happened with a little sprinkle during qualifying if I remember right, this also happens and the locals are unfazed but some of the drivers I feel get on tilt making the whole event interesting. #2 happened because this Seattle crowd is one of the best in the series. #1 was none other than Falken Tire driver Daijiro Yoshihara and his huge wreck into the bank entry “Daijiro Yoshihara Crash [SNAPSHOT]” which you can see at this snapshot. The Lexus was totaled and never returned to competition. This is what lead Daijiro Yoshihara into his S13 which appears to be a blessing in disguise. So now it’s just a matter of who will make my predictions come true this year……

5.Someone will podium for the first time in their Formula D career.
4. We will smell horse manure.
3. It will rain.
2. The crowd will stay and go insane no matter what weather conditions.
1. We will have huge accidents.

Eric O’Sullivan Making Return to ProDrift at Round 3

Eric O'Sullivan at Redbull World Championship in his F20 Toyota Corolla

According to his website, Eric has been hard at work getting the F20 V-TEC powered Toyota Corolla in shape for ProDrift Round 3 this upcoming weekend in Dublin, Ireland. Eric stated the car has been neglected since it’s run at the 2008 Redbull World Championship. He has been hard at work getting the car back in shape and could very well take home a victory at ProDrift Round 3. Maybe a good performance will translate into Formula Drift Round 4 in Seattle just around the corner.

Read About his Return to ProDrift in the F20 VTEC Corolla:

Gruppe-S Car Troubles Magnified in Jersey by Lack of Adam Depner

Many people told us that the head mechanic for the Dynamic Autosport team did not make the trip to Formula Drift New Jersey for unknown reasons. Many people in the drifting circle feel that Adam Depner is the glue holding the team together, and his absence would be felt greatly. With both Gruppe-S cars having mechanical problems after the Thursday practice, the team stayed up all night fixing the GT-R, but Eric O’Sullivan resorted to wrenching on his own car Friday morning. Eric was forced fix a broken drive shaft and a CV boot problem on his own or not compete, but electrical gremlins kept him from making a full qualifying pass for the second time this season. Eddie Kim won team owner of the year last year, but this is another rough event for Eddie Kim and his whole organization.

Eric O’Sullivan Diary from Formula D Round 2 [VIDEO]

Eric O’Sullivan Formula Drift Diary on Round 2

Formula D driver Eric O’Sullivan released a video from the Formula Drift Road Atlanta event. He shows part of his trip from Ireland to the United States. He then talks about Friday qualifying and how he failed to fail making the Top 32 even with the Hankook/Seibon WRX finally up and running.

Watch the video:

Eric O’Sullivan Video Blogs About Formula Drift Long Beach [VIDEO]

Eric O’Sullivan Blogs About Driveless Adventure to Formula D Long Beach

Check out Eric O’Sullivan and his video blog from the 2010 Formula Drift Long Beach weekend. Even though Eric O’Sullivan was unable to drive his Subaru WRX due to some engine problems. Here is how his week went in the United States minus about 12 trips to the Dubliner in Long Beach.

Watch the video:

Eric O’Sullivan and Robbie Nishida Fail to Make One Pass at Long Beach

These are some things Eddie Kim and Gruppe S said to us back in February on twitter. Here is the original post where they made stuff up we said and @ replied it to me. Well I just wanted to bring it up since neither of the Gruppe-S cars made it to the track to start the 2010 season. This pretty much eliminates both cars from a realistic race at the 2010 championship. If you guys are going to talk smack back to us on the Internet at least have the cars ready so you can really shut us at Wrecked Magzine up!

Two of the most talented drivers on the grid sat out and messed up hundreds of Fantasy Drift teams instantly. Luckily we will be issuing Eric O’Sulivan / Robbie Nishida team owners in Fantasy Drift one point each for vehicle malfunction since they were not ready. A funny fact was that in our original post we never mentioned his motor program and he replied to us about that comment. I guess we will see you guys at Road Atlanta for Round 2.

Fantasy Factory Invasion for Vaughn Gittin Jr. – Monster Energy Party

Eric O'Sullivan

We caught Eric O’Sullivan first who was double fisting some beer in typical Irish fashion at the Fantasy Factory.

Chris Forsberg

Here is Chris Forsberg with Drift Alliance Stay Hungry Director Andy Laputka.

Ryan Tuerck

Newly signed Redbull Energy driver Ryan Tuerck was in attendance as well.

Patrick Mordaunt

Patrick Mordaunt showed up who will be driving his S14 at Streets of Long Beach instead of his new Nissan 350z.

Justin Pawlak

Alex Pfeiffer and Justin Pawlak hanging out before they compete on Friday.

Darren McNamara

Falken Tire driver Darren McNamara was at the party gearing up for Streets of Long Beach.

Brian Wilkerson

Drift Alliance Ace Brian Wilkerson was at the party who flew out this week to test and drive the BMI Racing Mazda Rx-8 four rotor this weekend at Streets of Long Beach.

Matt Powers
Matt Powers made an appearance as a 2010 Team Need for Speed member.