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Englishtown Pro Bro Down Post Formula D New Jersey [VIDEO]

Englishtown (former host of Formula Drift New Jersey) hosted a Pro Bro Down post Wall Speedway to have some fun and enjoy the wild course of the famed drift mecca Englishtown. The typical suspects were in attendance with the addition of the HGK Racing builds, Mats Baribeau, Pat Goodin, and Chelsea DeNofa.

Chris Forsberg vs. Tony Angelo and a Taser [VIDEO]

Chris Forsberg hopped in his missile car and headed out to Englishtown Raceway to complete the first taser drift challenge. Drift Alliance teammate sat in the passenger seat of his missile car zapping him with a taser in the throttle leg, heart, and shifting arm as he attempts to drift around a course.

East Coast Bash 2014 by Bravo Whiskey [VIDEO]

Here is a look at one of the videos to come out of East Coast Bash 14. The event shows the great track time and tons of fun drivers get at Englishtown over the wild BASH weekend.

Wrecked Magazine Issue 31 is Out! Come Read Now


Tune into Issue 31 and read up on the new issue of Wrecked Magazine! The cover car is a 13B powered FD Mazda RX-7 driven by Tyler Wolfson in Formula Drift and Pro 2 this year. The next car in Issue 31 is a 2JZ swapped Scion FR-S driven by Ken Gushi this season. The issue also features a V8 swapped S15 Silvia from D1NZ driven by Drew Donovan. Chris Allen finishes up the features with a S197 turbocharged Ford Mustang he is driving in Pro Am. Matt Petty then puts our Project FR-S with R/T tuning to the test at Englishtown!


Read Issue 31:

Chris Forsberg Does 100MPH+ Entry at Englishtown [VIDEO]

Chris Forsberg whips out his missile car and throws out drift at 102mph at Englishtown. This is part of the Hoonigan coming to Zumiez campaign starting on May 21st.

A Look at 10 Years of Clubloose [VIDEO]

Brian Casse throws a tribute together of Clubloose footage as they celebrate 10 years of drifting. Clubloose fostered by Matt Petty is one of the best drifting communities in the world with some of the most fun drifting to boot. Claiming home at Englishtown they have ventured into some other northwest markets for the 2014 season. Two Formula Drift champions Vaughn Gittin Jr. and Chris Forsberg cut their teeth in Clubloose back in the day.

Chris Forsberg Testing his 370z at Englishtown with Nitrous [VIDEO]

Chris Forsberg is shown testing his Nissan 370z at Englishtown Raceway with his new nitrous system just before he packed up and headed to California for Round 1. Chris Forsberg’s new setup puts his Z at the 1,000hp mark on nitrous as he charges for his second championship.

Drift Garage Adds Steering Modifications and Hits Clubloose [VIDEO]

As Drift Garage comes closer and closer to a complete build Chris Forsberg adds Hankook Tires, Voodoo Performance suspension mods, MA Motorsport Knuckles, and some wheels to finish off his package and a go a tad over his $5k budget. Once the car is built he heads over to Englishtown to attend the last Clubloose event of the 2013 season. Check it out as the Drift Garage comes to a close.

The Thrash Brothers Take Over Englishtown [VIDEO]

Another fun video piece coming from Clubloose titled The Thrash Brothers featuring upcoming 2014 drift rookie Geoff Stoneback along with other familiar faces such as Nick D’Alessio and John Wagner. Tractors, off-road drifting, and a flying Miata all in the video for your entertainment.

Watch the video:


Tony Angelo Turns His Car Over to Jalopnik Journalist at Englishtown

Tony Angelo handed the keys of his 700+ whp Scion FR-S to ¬†Raphael Orlove of Jalopnik fame to try and drift his Scion at Englishtown. What was reenforced in this story is that drifters shouldn’t let auto journalists try and drift their competition Formula D cars. Raphael did write an interesting piece on the high horsepower of the Formula Drift cars which is growing year to year from an outsiders perspective. He really puts a focus on how the series has secretly come to build the highest horsepower road cars in the world.


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