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Dai Yoshihara Goes to Traditional Falken Tire Colors in 2014 with Subaru BRZ


Dai Yoshihara finally showed off his 2014 Formula Drift Subaru BRZ in a finished fashion. The car made a body in white style debut at the 2013 SEMA Show and now has been unveiled in final form at the Illest Store in Orange County. The car features a similar V8 setup to last season but with an added turbocharger to give Dai some insane horsepower. He has converted to the teal/blue traditional Falken Tire colors for the 2014 season and moved Discount Tire to the rear quarter panel for 2014. Dai had some struggles last season after winning at Long Beach. Can he turn it around for 2014?

Chris Forsberg Testing his 370z at Englishtown with Nitrous [VIDEO]

Chris Forsberg is shown testing his Nissan 370z at Englishtown Raceway with his new nitrous system just before he packed up and headed to California for Round 1. Chris Forsberg’s new setup puts his Z at the 1,000hp mark on nitrous as he charges for his second championship.

D1GP Season Kickoff at Fuji Speedway Drilled with Rain [VIDEO]

The D1GP season kicked off in Japan with a very rainy main event. The guys at Formula Drift are planning to kick off Formula Drift Japan at the same track in July of this year. They will probably hope for a better weather weekend than this one. Here is a 3 minute highlight of tandem battles shot by

Alec Hohnadell Shows off Finished 240sx in front of Enjuku Racing


We already reported that Alec put down 761hp & 879 torque out of his turbocharged V8 Nissan. The rookie Alec hopes to take his success into Formula Drift. Alec will be hoping to chase after the Rookie of the Year this season with a bunch of other high profile rookies. Learn more about Alec from our Wrecked Weekly interview.

Carl Rydquist Nissan 350z Ready for Formula Drift


Here is an updated final look to Carl Rydquist’s Nissan 350z this season. He is carrying a title sponsorship with Road Race Engineering and brought on board some new partners for 2014 such as Champion. Add this to the tally of cars ready for the 2014 drift season!

Odi Bakchis – Wrecked Weekly Episode #19 [VIDEO]

We grabbed Odi Bakchis at Tech Day to talk about his transition into Nitto Tire for the 2014 season along with his reworked 240sx. Odi mentions he focuses on adding horsepower every season but isn’t quite on board with the 1,000hp+ wars that are going on in the series right now. Odi talks about the return of anti-squad in 2014 for his build and how WiseFab is going to help him get through the 2014 season. Tune in next week where we catch up with rookie Tyler Wolfson!

Joshua Steele Refresh’s 240sx but keeps the 80′s Feel


Joshua Steele unveils his 2014 look which is similar to the old look of his S14. The car is a similar build to last seasons but got a rework on the livery for 2014. Joshua managed to qualify 33rd several times last season and is hoping surely to crack that Top 32 and a run of good form this season.

Chris Jeanneret Shows Off Chassis and Aero for his Honda s2000 [VIDEO]

An update to the Chris Jeanneret video series shows his Honda s2000 progress in the chassis and aero department in the lead up to the 2014 season. The s2000 was always going to be a project and a challenging drift car to build but the team seems like they are progressing on it. The video even closes a special guest Victor Moore to talk about their respective car flips from Irwindale Speedway last season.

Dai Yoshihara’s Unveiling his Subaru BRZ – March 30th in Orange County


Dai Yoshihara is set to unveil his Subaru x Falken Tire BRZ this Sunday at the Illest Orange County store. The address to see this unveiling is 2950 Randolph Ave. Unit A Costa Mesa, CA 92626. This will be the wrap on his Subaru BRZ from the Forza 5 contest that ran earlier this year.

Chris Forsberg Drifts Inside Driveshaft Shop Warehouse [VIDEO]

Chris Forsberg drifts it up inside the new Driveshaft Shop warehouse in his four door Infiniti M45. The two minute video has him flying around the interior of this new location for Driveshaft Shop.