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Pat Goodin’s Turbo V8 Monster on the Dyno [VIDEO]

Pat Goodin finished off the 2013 season at Irwindale as the highest ranked Falken Tire driver of the weekend while being a privateer. He has come at 2014 with a very different build including a turbocharged Chevrolet V8 engine. It sounds super awesome on the dyno and we cannot wait to see him unleash it at Round 1 Streets of Long Beach.

Sikky Manufacturing Team Won’t Make Formula Drift Round 1


The Sikky Manufacturing  team made a sad announcement today that they won’t be making Round 1 at Streets of Long Beach. The three car team of Rapper Dan Savage, James Evans, and Brad Heyl are going to put focus on debuting at Road Atlanta.

Rapper Dan Savage retired that S13 pickup truck pictured above and is building a Mazda RX-8 with a LS engine. James and Brad also have some big developments on the Z platform for the 2014 season as well. Sikky specializes in engineering quality products for swap kits which we used in our Project V8 240sx sometime ago. Below is the PR sent to us by Sikky confirming their absence from Streets of Long Beach:

It comes with great sadness that we must announce that SIKKY Racing will not
be in attendance at Long Beach for Round 1 of the 2014 Formula Drift season.
Formula Drift, being the pinnacle drifting series in the world, brings the
top drivers and teams with veteran experience along with it. As it is the
primary goal of SIKKY Racing to not only match, but exceed the standards set
by our competitors, we have come to the hard decision to delay our entrance
in this 2014 Formula Drift season to Round 2. #GETSIKKY

Matt Field Makes It Official with Nitto Tires in 2014


Matt Field was rumored to be looking at a new tire back in February with our post that had many readers speculating he was heading over to Nitto. Matt just posted this photo of him filming with a bunch of NT05 tires behind him. This makes his Nitto swap from Maxxis official for 2014. He joins the ranks of Vaughn Gittin Jr. and Chelsea DeNofa on his 2014 team.

Formula Drift Qualifying Overhaul and Changes


Formula Drift’s qualifying and judging came under some serious scrutiny over the last year. For starters the qualifying format is reverting to the 2012 model or what we can call the “traditional” format. All drivers that enter an event will make 2 runs and the top 32 of all runs from all drivers will be tallied to build a best 32. Everything not noted in this post such as clipping points and course markers do remain and are not changed. What do you think of the qualifying changes?


This is what the sporting regulations says due to an event of weather/rain that makes qualifying not running:

In the event of rain or weather that does not cause cancellation of qualifying or head-to-head, the judges have the right to make adjustments to the criteria of judging and to subsequently disseminate this information to the spotters and drivers.

In the event that qualifying cannot be completed, such as a rain-out or other circumstances, qualifying order will be established by rank or by previous season points.


The only judging elements in 2014 will be based on line, style, and angle:

Line judge can award up to 25 points + 10 points for Style
Angle judge can award up to 25 points + 10 points for Style
Style judge can award up to30 points
Total maximum points is 100

*Note: In the event of a tie in qualifying, the tie-breaker will first be the Style points allocated followed by rank followed by logged speed.

Items that Produce an Automatic Zero

1. Clear and punctuated straightening or losing drift (Losing drift and reinitiating quickly is a major deduction, but not a zero. Judges will determine if an action results in a zero)
2. Two tires of course
3. Hood, hatch and/or doors open during a run
4. Resulting contact causes an abrupt change in the vehicles drift and/or causes a spin


Replay System

The use of replays in Qualifying can be requested by a judge, but for the run of show, the typical flow will be the driver’s run and then one full replay for the live and online audience.

Third Place Will be Based on Qualifying Score – No More Third Place Battle


So if you dug into our championship points structure change post you will notice that third and fourth both only get 64 points now in the new structure. One of these reasons is the third place battle will be eliminated in the new competition structure. Once the two top four battles happen we will move right into the Finals for first place.

How do you wind up on the podium then you might ask? Well, it comes down to your qualifying score. The two drivers who lose the final four battle will be ranked third to fourth based on a qualifying run. So if you qualified into the event at 32nd place you have 0 chance of getting third place in this new system. Perhaps qualifying means a little more to some of these drivers who constantly are accused of sandbagging but we doubt it.

This marks one of the more interesting sporting regulation changes made this season by Formula Drift. We did sit down with Ryan Sage to discuss all of these matters that will be coming out soon. What are your thoughts on no more third place battle?

Other Sporting Regulation Changes:
Championship Points Structure Change

Formula Drift Championship Points Structure Change for 2014


The championship points have changed for the 2014 season. The points awards in black on the left are the 2013 championship points and on the right in red are the 2014 championship points. I interviewed Ryan Sage will be released talking about some of the changes. This championship point structure points more of a focus on winning events. All other placements during an event weekend have been reduced with the exception of a victory. Third place as you can see really took a big hit from 78 to 64 points.

FormulaDriftPoints.2013Championship FormulaDriftPoints.2014Championship

Fabian Fernandez KA-T Nissan 240sx [For Sale]


Fabian Fernandez’ Nissan 240sx S14 is up for sale. The car was built by the guys over at Blu808, and kept the Ka24de which produces 300HP. The car competed  in the ThunderDrift ProAm Series in 2010, Formula Drift ProAm Nationals in 2010 and Formula Drift in 2011. For $12,000 you can skip the whole build process and hit the track. Check out the listing on Craigslist.

Here are some specs on what the car has:

Version Select body kit
VLED FD spec led brake lights strips
VIS carbon hood
Stealth Custom Fab fender braces
Enkie RPF1 17×9 +22

Blu808 Fd spec roll cage per 2010
Sparco Evo drivers seat
Sparco Evo3 passenger seat
Sparco steering wheel
Crow 5 point harnesses
Blu808 custom hydro E-brake
Autometer Phantom gauges
Jordan Innovations chassis harness and switch panel
Safecraft FD legal fire system

Engine :
Ka24de turbo
Arp head studs
Cometic head gasket
300whp using 110 octane & safc
JGS top mount turbo manifold
Garrett gt3071r turbo
Tial 38mm wastegate
Mishimoto radiator with dual 8″ electric fans
Godspeed FMIC and piping
Custom Blu808 wastegate dump pipe
Custom Blu808 3″ exhaust

Spec clutch
Stock trans with B&M short shifter
Stock motor and trans mounts
Stock driveline

SilkRoad coil overs
Front sway bar

PBM V1 knuckles
Ikea inner tie rods
Stock LCA with max mod
Wicked Tuning tension rods
Stock brakes and lines

PBM V1 ruca
SilkRoad toe link
Stock traction rods
Stock LCA
Energy suspension bushings
Stock brakes and lines
Subframe spacers
Nismo 2 way differential
Stock axles

Spare parts:
Full car set of Z32 rotor and calipers with steel braided lines
4x 350z wheels
Spare side skirts (painted)
Spare rear bumper (painted)
2 spare stock transmissions
Rear sway bar




Vaughn Gittin Jr. Testing Ford Mustang at Charlotte Motor Speedway

VaughnGittinJr.2014Test2 VaughnGittinJr.2014Test3 VaughnGittinJr.2014Test

Vaughn Gittin Jr. was spotted testing at Charlotte Motor Speedway today. His car and design looks the same as last year for the most part with a couple sponsorship additions. Ecko is added to his car for 2014 which we had noticed Vaughn wearing a good bit recently. Vaughn did tell us back when he was on Wrecked Weekly that a 2015 car will probably make a debut this season but just not in Formula Drift. We imagine some form of a demo car or international car such as WDS China build? Vaughn does also add the additive company Gumout it appears to his sponsorships in 2014.

Dave Briggs S14 is Ready for Formula Drift Long Beach


With all of these builds we keep seeing lacking an engine, body parts, and much more it seems that Dave Briggs is ready for the 14 season. We posted his render yesterday but now here is a physical look at the car. He is probably long hauling right now to Southern California as he is on the list for Tech Day this Saturday.

Michael Essa’s 2014 Formula Drift Livery with NewEgg / Bilstein


The 2013 Formula Drift champion has come out with a new look under a new shop with some new partners for 2014. Essa Autosport is now the new label of his program/shop since he split ways with GSR Autosport. Essa stuck to a very similar build but has focused on improving cooling with a rear mounted CSF Radiator in the 2014 build. What do you think of the new render?