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2014 Garrett Turbo Life Cup Winner – Forrest Wang


Forrest Wang wound up being the highest ranked Garrett Turbo driver to finish the 2014 Formula Drift season. He had an outstanding performance this season with two podiums at both Texas Motor Speedway and Irwindale to put him overall in 5th. The Garrett Turbo Life Cup also comes with a solid $3,000 payout.

Street Life Tour this Weekend with Wrecked Magazine!


Wrecked Magazine is heading to Ohio this weekend to enjoy Street Life Tour. Saturday will be an awesome drifting qualifying and competition that has seen big name drivers perform well over the last couple years. We have documented some actions from the show like James Evans 350z crash. We will have some good coverage coming up next week!

Vaughn Gittin Jr. Shows off his Foxbody Mustang [VIDEO]

Vaughn Gittin Jr. walks you around his missile Fox which happens to be one awesome Foxbody Ford Mustang turned missile car. The thing is a bit haggard these days but sure makes a fun drift car. Vaughn does a walk around of the Mustang and takes it out for some fun at Clubloose!

2014 Formula Drift Round 4 – Wall Qualifying [RESULTS]


Qualifying from Wall Speedway is in! One of the biggest (if not biggest) grid we have seen at Wall in history. Also, never have we seen so many ties in Formula Drift history. Almost 75% of drivers were on a point style that came down to style (style points denoted on tiebreakers. Style ties were broke by championship rank.) Here is how they finished up:

1. Chris Forsberg – 93
2. Chelsea DeNofa – 92
3. Michael Essa – 90
4. Dai Yoshihara – 89
5. Odi Bakchis – 87 (46 Style)
6. Tyler McQuarrie – 87 (45 Style)
7. Fredric Aasbo – 87 (44 Style)
8. Kenneth Moen – 85
9. Conrad Grunewald – 84 (43 Style)
10. Forrest Wang – 84 (41 Style)
11. Kyle Mohan – 83
12. Matt Field – 82 (42 Style)
13. Ryan Tuerck – 82 (41 Style)
14. Vaughn Gittin Jr. – 82 (40 Style)
15. Darren McNamara – 79 (42 Style)
16. Robbie Nishida – 79 (40 Style)
17. Marc Landerville – 79 (32 Style)
18. Pat Goodin – 78
19. Dennis Mertzanis – 76
20. Daigo Saito – 75 (37 Style)
21. Mats Baribeau – 75 (35 Style)
22. Justin Pawlak – 74 (35 Style)
23. Jhonnathan Castro – 74 (35 Style)
24. Karl Osaki – 74 (33 Style)
25. Ken Gushi – 73 (36 Style)
26. Tony Angelo – 73 (36 Style)
27. Charles Ng – 72 (36 Style)
28. Ryan Kado – 72 (33 Style)
29. Dave Briggs – 72 (32 Style)
30. Dean Kearney – 70 (37 Style)
31. Patrick Mordaunt – 70 (32 Style)
32. Joon Maeng – 68



Chris Forsberg vs. Joon Maeng
Robbie Nishida vs. Marc Landerville
Kenneth Moen vs. Ken Gushi
Conrad Grunewald vs. Karl Osaki
Dai Yoshihara vs. Dave Briggs
Ryan Tuerck vs. Daigo Saito
Odi Bakchis vs. Ryan Kado
Matt Field vs. Mats Baribeau

Chelsea DeNofa vs. Patrick Mordaunt
Darren McNamara vs. Pat Goodin
Fredric Aasbo vs. Tony Angelo
Forrest Wang vs. Jhonnattan Castro
Michael Essa vs. Dean Kearney
Vaughn Gittin Jr. vs. Dennis Mertzanis
Tyler McQuarrie vs. Charles Ng
Kyle Mohan vs. Justin Pawlak

Formula Drift – A Look at Chevrolet V8 Engines in the Paddock Part 1 [VIDEO]

We take a detailed look at the variety of Chevrolet V8 engines in the Formula Drift series. The guys at really wanted us to highlight the variety of setups in the series so we walked around the paddock and did some quick interviews. Charles Ng shows off his Infiniti G37 with a Vortech Supercharged LS1 engine swap. Then Dennis Mertzanis pops the hood of his Hyundai Genesis to show off a Vortech Supercharged LS7 setup that is making 1000hp! Wrapping up Part 1 is Pat Goodin who brings out a turbocharged LQ9 engine setup into his Nissan 240sx.

10 Things I Learned from Formula Drift Round 3 This Weekend

10. Car-​to​-​ Car Contact ​i​​s Becoming More Common
This is the best car -​to​-​car contact of the season to date! ​Chelsea ​DeNofa just managed to connect with Tyler McQuarrie wheel​-​to​-​ wheel​, throwing him airborne. Do you remember the accident that happened when these guys met at Wall Speedway in 2012? In case you don’t, here is the video. Quite a bit of other car ​-​to​-​car contact happened this weekend​,​ including some nice banging around with Matt Field and Chris Forsberg in the ​F​inal ​F​our. Keep an eye on this to be a theme through 2014.

9. Matt Field Deserves a Tip of the Hat
I will never forget the day the world discovered Matt Field as a serious American drifter. It was back at Irwindale Speedway when he sent Daigo Saito into a two OMT battle before finally ​losing to Saito. Something interesting I have noticed since then is ​Field does exceptionally​ well at new tracks where all drivers start without data. Look back to 2013 at Texas Motor Speedway and this weekend at Homestead. This tells me​, as he drives these tracks and learns what he needs to make things work​, ​​he will be a championship contender.
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Irwindale Speedway Now Has Thursday Night Drifting Sessions Under the Lights


Formula Drift and the House of Drift Irwindale Speedway have launched Thursday night drifting! All on track drifting will be under the control of the same officials and tech staff as the professional Formula Drift series. Entrants of the Thursday night Irwindale events will be grouped into three skill divisions based on experience. There will be three courses set up, each progressively faster and more difficult with the final course being the full Pro Drift course that is used for the series when it visits Irwindale.

“We’re very excited about being able to offer drivers a chance at some very important practice time at Irwindale, and just as pleased that we’ll be able to have our great fans out for an insider’s behind-the-scenes look at the art of Drifting 2014,” said Jim Liaw. Thursday night sessions will be open to the public. Admission to the track grandstand will be $10 and parking is free. Fan gates will open at 4:00pm and the Drift sessions will run until 9:00pm

Irwindale Formula Drift 2014 Schedule
June 12th
July 24th
August 14th
September 25th
November 13th
December 18th

Ryan Litteral Preps for Formula Drift Pro 2 in Miami [VIDEO]

Check out an introduction video to Ryan Litteral who is now on his way to Miami for Formula Drift Pro 2! His Borgwaner turbocharged Nissan was prepped just in time to compete in Formula Drift Pro 2! Enjoy his team prepping for the start of the Pro 2 season.

A Look at the Drift Layout for Formula Drift Round 3 at Homestead


Here is a preview of the Formula Drift course we have received from some sources. This map even marks items such as where the jumbotron will be located. I imagine it is going to be very hard to see the whole track from a single vantage point but that is just speculation from looking at this angle. Even better, Corey Zornes from Florida provided us a video of a driver running the Homestead proposed course.

Drift All-Stars Round 1 London – Drone’s Eye View [VIDEO]

Dan Buck Joyce has been around the European drift scene for as long as I can remember in time. He went out to visit Drift All-Stars Round 1 and put together some awesome practice footage with his aerial drone over the track. It’s super smooth footage and makes the backdrop of London look even more impressive than in pictures we have seen to date!

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