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Pat Cyr’s 2013 Drift Mania Scion FRS in Green [PREVIEW]


The team over at Scion Canada in collaboration with Cyrious Productions unveiled Pat Cyr’s 2013 Scion FRS that will be taking on Drift Mania in 2013. This green/black combination with banana fenders and white wheels will be ready to hit the DMCC circuit. We think Pat Cyr is going to take a run at the 2013 championship. We cannot wait to see this widebody in action as the Scion FRS takes over the drift world in 2013.

2013 Drift Mania – Preview of Pat Cyr’s Scion FRS [PREVIEW]

Pat Cyr, Scion Canada’s pro-drift driver, is building up an FR-S for the 2013 Drift Season. He is retiring his AE86 after this season and stepping into the new 86 thanks to Scion Canada. Pat Cyr is turning to forced induction and a widebody kit with an attempt to take the Drift Mania series by storm. What do you think of his new build?

Formula Drift driver Ian Fournier’s R32 Skyline Stolen and Crashed 10 Miles Down Road

Ian Fournier’s R32 Skyline that made an appearance a long time ago in Issue 13 and was stolen earlier tonight  from exit 200 in Tulalip. It was on his trailer being towed by a 1994 Ford F150 Black with Maroon bottom. Luckily about 10 miles down the road they found the car in a ditch after the thieves couldn’t seem to manage what they stole. It was found rather quickly (while we were working on a post about it being stolen) and even though the thing was driven into a ditch we have been told the damage was minimal. Below are photos of the car where it was found!



Drift Mania Championship 2 Gets Ready for iPhone/iPad/Android and More

The original Drift Mania game brought in over 10,000,000 downloads on the iTunes platform which was released two years ago in September 2010. The new game is being released soon and being sold at $1.99. The game includes a variable throttle bar system or pedal accelerator controls to let you drift. The game comes loaded with 13 vehicles, 13 drift circuits, and over 48 aftermarket upgrades you can install as you move forward in the game on your vehicles.


More Game Information:


2012 Drift Mania Round 7 at Sanair [GALLERY]

Jeremy Glover takes on Round 7 of Drift Mania in picture form which we reported on yesterday came down to the very last tandem battle to pick a champion. Follow all the action as Marc Landerville fought to defend his first place position until his motor blew up in the top four. Also some images of the drifting Chevrolet S10 everybody seems to be in love with!

Check out the Gallery:

2012 Drift Mania Championship – Marc Landerville Wins [RESULTS]

The championship came down to the very last round this year basically between Marc Landerville and Pat Cyr. Both drivers advanced to the final four when Marc Landerville blew his engine battling against Jeff Laflamme in the top four. Once Marc Landerville was eliminated from competition it was set for Jeff Laflamme and Pat Cyr in the finals. If Pat Cyr won the final battle he would of won the championship by 1 point over Marc Landerville. Pat couldn’t defeat Jeff in the finals losing by just 12 points. Here is how the championship finished up:

1. Marc Landerville (532 points)
2. Pat Cyr (521 points)
3. Francis Tasse (448 points)
4. Tomy Boivert Bellemare (408 points)
5. Claude Poirier (394 points)
5. Jeff Laflamme (394 points)
7. Alexandre Michaud (384 points)
8. Eric Paradis (367 points)
9. Dany Bernier (362 points)
10. Simon Schaffner (349 points)
11. Joe Thiffault (336 points)
12. Mike Pollard (292 points)
13. Bradley Carlton (250 points)
14. Alex Gosselin (237 points)
15. Peter Chrisikopoulos (232 points)
15. Marc-Andre Fontanie (232 points)
17. Bob Patinka (210 points)
18. Dominic Desrosiers (173 points)
19. David Briggs (170 points)
20. Tanner Munson (133 points)

2012 Drift Mania Round 7 at Sanair [RESULTS]

What a crazy 7th round finish to the Drift Mania series which saw Marc Landerville blew his engine leaving the door open for tons of people to attack the final round and make a run at the championship for 2012. The Lexus IS300 powered by a LS1 and driven by Jeff Laflamme. Here is how they finished up on the podium for this crazy final round:

1. Jeff Laflamme
2. Pat Cyr
3. Tomy Boisvert-bellemare “Tom Tom”

2012 Drift Mania Road to the Championship with Marc Landerville

Marc had a great RD5…With the event being combined with the Pro and Pro Am drivers all in one day Marc did not get all that much practice time. For qualification he went out and put it down like usual and got himself in the 2nd qualification spot. Since there were a little less drivers then usual Marc’s top 16 battle was a by run.

Then going into the great 8 he was supposed to face Alex Gosselin but his engine let go right before heading out giving Marc and other automatic win.. His first real battle was against Tanner Munson. It was a great battle that had a bunch of door to door moments that resulted in a one more time run.. On the second run Marc sealed the deal and moved on to the final battle. He faced off against his good friend Francis Tasse. They have battled each other before and for this one Marc got the win!. Marc is now leading the championship races with a pretty good points advantage and two rounds left.

Marc went into rd6 leading the championship race and being at his home track RD6 was going to be a good event. Marc had a great practice session and was one of the fastest entering the course. Everything went very good through out the day despite it being very hot especially for a day in Septempber. Qualification started and Marc pushed hard as he always does and secured him the number one qualifying spot which would also get him a by run straight into the great 8.

In the great 8 he moved on over Simon Schaffner..He then faced Tom Tom in the final four… It was a good battle but as always Marc is a great chaser and took the win moving on to face Pat Cyr for the 1st place on the podium.. Marc put down a great lead run and Pat spun out in the dirt behind him pretty much giving the win to Marc right from that point.. Marcs Chase run was solid and he got the win. He now has a nice lead going into the final round that is taking place into this weekend at Sanair Raceway. This story was put together by DMCC photographer Jeremy Glover.

2012 Drift Mania Round 6 at Autodrome St-Eustache. [GALLERY]

Tons of great coverage from the Round 6 weekend of Drift Mania by Jeremy Glover. The sliding Chevrolet S10 is back which we cannot get enough of including some great performance from Pat Cyr and Marc Landerville. Check out over 150+ images from the Canadian drift weekend.

Check out the Gallery:

DMCC Drift Mania Round 6 @ St-Eustache Raceway Montagmy [RESULTS]

The 6th round of Drift Mania wrapped up just hours ago, and Marc Landreville returned to the top of the podium for the second consecutive event. Landreville eliminated Pat Cyr in the final, who was in his AE86 Corolla for one of the final times as he is building an FR-S for next year. American Mike Pollard traveled north of the border for the holiday weekend to take home the final podium spot, his second podium of the season. We will have a full gallery later this week from our favorite eskimo photographer in all of Canada Jeremy Glover.

1st – Marc Landreville
2nd – Pat Cyr
3rd – Mike Pollard
4th – Tomy Boivert Bellemare