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Following Bob Patinka Around Drift Mania Round 2 at St. Eustache

After having a pretty good round 1 Bob was locked and loaded for Rd2!

The event started pretty early in the morning as everything was jammed into one action packed day. First up was the first drivers meeting of the day.

The drivers meeting was packed since it was a special Top 32 event where the top Pro Ams were invited to compete with the Pros.  The meeting was pretty standard. The judges made it very clear what they wanted to see. With the drivers meeting over it was time to hit the track.

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2013 Drift Mania Round 2 at St. Eustache [GALLERY]

Some great pictures of the Round 2 weekend at St. Eustache which saw the first ever Chevrolet S10 take home a victory at a North American drift event. Drift Mania has been pumping out huge payouts in 2013 and pulling in top level talent all year. Dave Briggs even brought up his Formula Drift competition S14 out for the race weekend. Enjoy all the coverage from Quebec.

Check out the gallery:

Following Marc Landreville at Drift Maina Round 2 Autodrome St Eustache

The weekend right after coming back from his debut Formula D event in New Jersey it was time for Marc to hit the track again for DMCC RD2 at Autodrome St Eustache.  For his first time ever competing in FD Marc had a great event and made it all the way into the Top 16 Main event.

The day started early as for this event it was a top 32 combining thew top Pro Am Drivers into a one day action packed event.

Marc was very comfortable right off the bat with the track and the car set up. He was putting down some crazy runs.

Marc had a slight incident with Paco during practice.

But the damage was minor.

Marc was looking great out there and was dialled in for qualifications that were coming up next.

Marc put down a sick smokey pass.

>For qualification Marc released his newest sponsor now riding on his front fenders. Achilles Radials! Look at that smoke! With the added traction and speed of his new rubber Marc was able to lock himself into the 3rd qualifying spot for the main Top 32 battle.

After the qualifications there was a short track break where Marc was able to chat with fans.

And his crew was able to do the final prep on the car before the main competition.

Placing high in the qualifications Marc had a bye run in the Top 32. The grand stands were packed so Marc laid on the tire smoke for the fans.

Before the Top 16 drivers intro Marc did a little demo with one of his sponsors “Le Roi du Camion”.

Top 16 driver intro: Look Ma no hands!

Going into Top 16 Marc faced Maxime Cyrenne. Marc had a great lead run.

On his chase run things didnt go as planned.

As Marc was chasing down Maxime the clutch in Marc’s car let go ending Marc’s chase run and his RD2 all at once since there was no way to change a clutch in 5 minutes.   Rd3 was coming up the very next weekend and his team was going to have the car ready to rock!

Lacroix tuning
Bar le garage
Achilles Radials
Vipec powersport
S.w.a.t wheels
Roi du camion
Standard suspension
Moteur national
Battle version
Autodrome st eustache

Elf fuel
Blaast performance

2013 Drift Mania Round 2 at Saint-Eustache [RESULTS]

The Drift Mania Round 2 weekend wrapped up well into the night at St. Eustache and saw a Chevrolet S10 take home a victory. The first truck to win a professional drift event in North America happened in Canada over the weekend. Pat Cyr who is one of the most winning drivers in DMCC history was defeated by the pick up truck. Here is how the podium finished:

1. Maxim Lemoine
2. Pat Cyr
3. Alex Michaud

Following Marc Landreville around DMCC Round 1

After having a great season last year and taking home the  2012 Championship Marc Landreville was back and ready to defend his title.

He was back this season with his trusty S14 rocking a great new look. He has an other car currently being built but not sure when it will be race ready.

Practice was going good.. It was really cold out but at least it was dry.. Marc’s car on the other hand started having issues.

The car was brought back into the pits to get worked on the best his team could and Marc went back out for some more runs..

He put down some solid runs

But the car again developed an issue..this time with a axle.

Marc sourced a axle off an other team.

And his team went to work fixing the car.

As his crew worked on the car Marc was interviewed for a local car site.

Once the crew got the car back together Marc was able to make a few more passes but the car was still not running 100%..The only problem is qualifications were about to start.

Marc and his team had to go to plan B.. They were lucky enough to borrow Pro Am drivers Jonathan Guitards Lexus SC400 to qualify with.. With 0 practice time in the car Marc went out for his qualification run.. With the new knock out style qualifications Marc ended up 9th.

The next days practice session did not start all to well.. Rain! and lots of it.

Marcs crew worked hard to get the car set up for the main event.

Marc prepped for Top 16. G ood news the rain had stopped and the track was drying out!

Relaxing on the pre grid.. With the chance of more rain DMCC decided to skip the usual top 16 drivers intro and head pretty much right into competition.

Marc’s first battle was against Claude Poirier. Marc was able to pull a big gap on Claude and got the win.

Going into the Great 8 Marc faced Jo Thiffault. Jo qualified 1st and it was looking like it was going to be a great battle. On Marc’s chase run he stayed very close to Jo.. On his lead run Jo pushed too hard and went hard off course giving the win to Marc.

Final 4 Marc faced Bob Patinka who was driving really good all weekend.  It was a close match up but Marc was able to pull it out and moved on to the main battle facing Pat Cyr..Marc and Pat always put on a good show so we knew it was going to be good.

Marc  got right on Pat on his chase run almost touching..

On his lead run Pat stayed just as close.. It was really a toss up between both drivers and the judges went with Pat for the win.

2nd place is very good considering Marc was driving a car he had no practice in.

Marc will be back with his S14 in full force for Rd2 coming up on the 29th of June at Autodrome St-Eustache.

Thanks to all his sponsors that help him make it to every round:

Lacroix tuning
Bar le garage
Vipec powersport
S.w.a.t wheels
Roi du camion
Standard suspension
Moteur national
Battle version
Autodrome st eustache
Elf fuel
Blaast performance


Chevrolet S10 Drifted by Maxime Lemoine in 2013 DMCC

We posted some shots of this Chevrolet S10 last season while Maxime Lemoine was running Pro Am in 2012. He won the DMCC Pro Am series with this S10 and gave it a refresh for the new 2013 season. During his first round in the pro DMCC series he made a Top 8 finish after being eliminated by the event winner Pat Cyr in an awesome tandem battle.

Below are some additional photos of the drift truck which sadly falls far outside the Formula Drift rulebook. Here are some additional pics:

2013 Drift Mania Round 1 at Autodrome Montmagny [GALLERY]

The 2013 season of Drift Mania finally got fired up with some great coverage from Jeremy Glover. The drifting Chevrolet S10 came back with a whole new look for 2013 and the series paid out over $15,000 for the drift weekend. Pat Cyr took home another victory to kick off his 2013 season with Marc Landerville right behind him. Enjoy all the pictures from the event by following the link below.


Check out the Gallery:

2013 Drift Mania Round 1 – Autodrome Montmagny [RESULTS]

Pat Cyr survived a cracked exhaust manifold early in the competition by welding it back together in the hot pit to take the win and the early points lead. Cyr was i n his trusty Toyota Corolla while he continues to build his Scion FR-S for competition. Here’s the full results:

1st – Pat Cyr – Toyota Corolla – $10k prize money
2nd – Marc Landreville – Nissan S14 – $4k prize money
3rd – Eric Paradis – Nissan S13 – $2k prize money
4th – Bob Patinka – Nissan S13 – $500 prize money

Simon Schaffner Shows off his 2013 Drift Mania Nissan [SPYSHOTS]

A brand new year for Simon Schaffner in Canada is going to be led by this SR20 powered 240sx. The car is a nice grey with teal accents and prepares Simon to compete in the 2013 season. If you aren’t familiar with the French Canadian driver here is a look at his all teal 240sx from last season before an engine overhaul. The Drift Mania season kicks off in just at two weeks time at Montmagny!

2013 Drift Mania Series Goes to 8 Events and Adds Big Payouts [SCHEDULE]

The 2013 Drift Mania series was purchased during the off-season by G1 Tour and the Circuit Ste-Croix before the upcoming season. They are going to eight events and paying out over $187,000 in the 2013 calendar year. They are even bringing back the Canadian Pro Am series for the new year. A note is that the Sanair circuit will be moving to the tri-oval where they plan to achieve the highest speeds in Canada.


Round 1 – Autodrome Montmagny – JUNE 1 & 2 (PRO + PROAM)
Round 2 – Autodrome St-Eustache – JUNE 29 – Evening (PRO + PROAM)
Round 3 – Circuit Riverside Speedway JULY 6 & 7 (PRO + PROAM)
Round 4 – Victoriaville, QC – JULY 21 & 20 / 27 & 28 Rain Date (PRO + PROAM)
Round 5 – Circuit Riverside Speedway – AUGUST 10 – (PRO ONLY)
Round 6 – Autodrome Montmagny – AUGUST 17 Evening (PRO + PROAM)
Round 7 – Autodrome St-Eustache – 1 & 2 SEPTEMBER – Labour Day (PRO + PROAM)
Round 8 – Sanair, St-Pie – SEPTEMBER 14 TOP 32 (COMBINED PRO + PRO AM)

To help drivers, the direction of the DMCC is proud to announce that driver payout in 2013 will be the highest ever seen in a drift championship drift around the world. Totaling more than $ 187,000 the payout structure is the following :

1) $ 10,000
2) $ 4,000
3) $ 2,000
4) $ 500
5-8) $ 250

1) $ 3,000
2) $ 1,500
3) $ 750