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DriftGP Round 1 – French Grand Prix at Tours Speedway [RESULTS]



The first event of the DriftGP series in Europe, which is operated by Drift Allstars, took place at Tours Speedway in Tours, France just 100 km from LeMans. The competition featured competitors from all over Europe, including several top drivers from Ireland, Lithuania, Norway, Poland, United Kingdom, Ukraine, and nearly 20 drivers from France. Fredrik Øksnevad from Norway was the top qualifier in his V8-powered Toyota Soarer. In the end, local driver Benjamin Boulbes defeated Steve “Baggsy Biagioni to take the event win, which received a loud roar from the crowd when announced. The next round of the DriftGP series will take place at the National Exhibition Center in Birmingham, UK on June 24th and 25th.

Here are the final results from Drift GP Round 1:

1st – Benjamin Boulbes – FR – GT Radial Tires
2nd – Steve “Baggsy” Biagioni – UK – Monster Energy
3rd – Andrius Vasiliauskas – Lithuania – Turbo Systems / Zestino Tires

2016 Drift Allstars Round 7 – Hungarian GP [RESULTS]


Steve “Baggsy” Biagoni pulled off what many have considered nearly impossible, defeating James Deane in a tandem competition. Over the past several seasons, Deane has looked unstoppable, but Baggsy was able to pull away from Deane in his lead run to earn the advantage and the overall event win. Max Heidrich was able to hold off local up-and-coming driver Andras Molnar in the consolation round to take the final rung of the podium. Deane ended up clinching the Drift All Stars championship, his fourth career championship in the series.

Here’s a look at the final round results from Mariapocs Circuit in Hungary:

  1. Steve “Baggsy” Biagoni – UK – Monster Energy

  2. James Deane – Ireland – Falken Motorsport

  3. Max Heidrich – Germany – Durst GMBH/ Team SB

  4. Andras “Axl” Molnar – Hungary – Molnar Drift Team

Check out the event highlights below:

2016 Drift Allstars – Round 1 Yas Marina [RESULTS]


While the Formula Drift boys were qualifying practicing in Long Beach, the first round of Drift Allstars was taking place as the historic Yas Marina circuit in Abu Dhabi. The event at Yas Marina was missing a few of the top names including James Deane and Janis Eglite, but the competition was still quite competitive. Similar to Formula Drift, Drift Allstars will crown a European Champion alongside a World Champion, with this round counting towards the “World Championship” title.

Monster Energy driver “Baggsy” Biagioni had a newly-installed Nitrous-fed Chevy LS3 motor shipped over from the US just in time for the event, and the engine would prove to be a winning combination with his Nissan S13 chassis. Baggsy qualified first on Friday, and eliminated all drivers on Saturday in tandem competition to take the early lead in the championship chase.

Here’s how the podium shook out:

1st – Steve “Baggsy” Biagioni – Monster Energy / Westlake Tyre Nissan S13

2nd – Ahmad Daham – Nitto Tire / Tensai Tuning Nissan S13

3rd – Nigel Colfer – Tri-Ace Tyre Nissan S13

Clarification around proposed Drift Allstars 96-or-newer rule comes to light


Yesterday, we were able to get in touch with some sources close to Drift Allstars to get some clarification around the proposed 96-and-newer rule that was rumored around the internet over the weekend. Turns out, this rule may not be as harsh as initially understood. The initial post on another website was designed to get some public opinion around the proposed rule, although the post may have been poorly written and mis-interpreted by many, which lead to the quick backlash.

First of all, we are being told that this is a proposed rule that will be phased in over the next two or three years, not a hard-cutoff that will be initiated immediately. Of the nearly 20 drivers who traveled with the series, this rule would only affect two teams. Drivers like Nigel Colfer (1997 180SX) and James Deane (1999 FD RX7) who drive chassis that span years before and after the cutoff both would be safe. Additionally, there may be some flexibility with cars that are a year or two before the cutoff but have been in the same chassis for awhile, this rule is more to push future builds towards newer chassis.

Drift Allstars apparently has a private drivers discussion forum as well, and this idea has been tossed around for awhile now amongst the drivers, and overwhelmingly, drivers are in favor of it. Looking at the FD grid, only one driver in the top 20 would be affected by the rule for sure, with a few drivers in S14’s possibly being affected depending on the actual year of the chassis they drive. Again, the goal of a rule like this is to allow drivers who have been in an S14 to continue to drive their current chassis, but to encourage new builds to be in newer chassis.

We’re told that Drift Allstars will be releasing their schedule shortly, and more clarification will be available at that time.

2015 Drift Allstars Round 5 – Lithuania [RESULTS]


Drift Allstars Round 5 featured an incredible track on actual city streets in the city of Kaunas (including drifting over a bridge – possibly a first in international drift competition?) and some awesome tandem action. Some familiar names made it back to the podium, including James Deane who continues his incredible run this season with his seventh podium of the year by our count. Drift Allstars allows drivers to drop their lowest score of the season, so the championship chase is still alive for the final round in Warsaw Poland on October 9th and 10th.

Here are the results from Kaunas, Lithuania:

1st – Piotr Wiecek – Budmat Auto Nissan S14- Poland
2nd – James Deane – Falken Motorsports Nissan S14 – Ireland
3rd – Nigel Colfer – Tri Ace Tyre S13 – Ireland
4th – Janis Eglite – Tri-Ace Tyre BMW E46 – Latvia

2015 Drift Allstars Round 4 – Estonia [RESULTS]


Just a week after Drift Allstars held round 3 in Latvia, drivers traveled around 300 km North to battle at Laitse Rallypark in Estonia. Formula D driver Odi Bakchis even made an appearance, although he would get knocked out in the top 16. At the end of the day, here’s a look at who stood atop the podium:

1st – Piotr Wiecek – Budmat Auto Nissan R34- Poland

2nd – Janis Eglet – Tri-Ace Tyre BMW E46 – Latvia

3rd – James Deane – Falken Motorsports Nissan S14 – Ireland

4th – Luke Fink – Low Brain Drifters / Fast Factory Nissan S13 – Australia

2015 Drift Allstars Round 3 – Riga, Latvia [RESULTS]


James Deane has looked nearly unstoppable recently, and his performance in Drift Allstars is no different. After winning the last round in Sweden, Deane faced some tough competition from some of the top names in European drifting today in Latvia, but walked away with the win. Deane will extend his lead in the overall championship with this win.

Here’s the results from Riga, Latvia:

1st – James Deane – Falken Motorsports S14

2nd – Janis Eglet – TriAce Tyres BMW E46

3rd – Bartosz Stolarski – Achilles Tire S14

4th – Kristaps Bluss – HGK Motorsports E46

2015 Drift AllStars Round 2 – Sweden [RESULTS]


As if the success in Mondello wasn’t enough for Irish drifting, two Irish drivers took the top two positions at the Drift Allstars race in Sweden. James Deane continued his success over the past several months by taking out his fellow countryman and friend Nigel Colfer in the final. Swede Alexander Granlund took the final podium position.

Here are the Round 2 Results:

1. James Deane – Falken Motorsports
2. Nigel Colfer – Tri-ace Tyre
3. Alexander Granlund – No Coast Racing

A replay can be found here: Eversport.TV

2014 Drift All Stars Round 6 – Lithuania [RESULTS]


Drift AllStars closed out their Lithuanian round with some insane door-to-door action in Kaunas. James Deane continued his amazing season, winning the event after qualifying second and claiming the Drift Allstars championship in the process. Piotr Wiecek entered the event second in the championship standings and earned the top qualifier position yesterday, but couldn’t defeat Deane in the event or the championship. Nigel Colfer took home the final podium position over Janis Eglite, who won the 2013 event in Lithuania. Here’s the full results:

1st – James Deane – Falken Tire S14
2nd – Piotr Wiecek – Budmat Auto R34
3rd – Nigel Colfer – Nexen Tire Aerokit S13
4th – Janis Eglite – Zeetex Tires E46

2014 Drift Allstars Round 6 – Lithuania [QUALIFYING]


Qualifying wrapped up today in Lithuania, and there’s a few familiar faces near the top of the qualifying list. Piotr Wiecek of the famed Polish drift team Budmat Auto took the top spot in his Nissan S14 EDIT: Nissan Skyline R34, followed by Irishman James Deane in his 2JZ-powered Falken Tire S14 in second and fellow Irishman Nigel Colfer in the Aerokit Nissan S13. Latvian Janis Eglite  piloted his tube-chassis E46 drift car to 4th place, while local Lithuanian Timas Simniska rounded out the top 5 in a Toyota Soarer. Here’s how the top 16 qualifying shook out:

1. Piotr Wiecek – Poland
2. James Deane – Ireland
3. Nigel Colfer – Ireland
4. Janis Eglite – Latvia
5. Timas Simniska – Lithuania
6. Kritjian Klements – Estonia
7. Ingus Jekabsons – Latvia
8. Maciej Bocehank – Poland
9. Andrius Cibirka – Lithuania
10. Fredrik Sjodin – Sweden
11. Dawid Karkosik – Poland
12. Andrius Vasilauskas – Lithuania
13. Artek Opley – Poland
14. Valdmyr Marchenko – Ukraine
15. Harold Valdma – Estonia
16. Jarmo Luht – Estonia

Here’s how the top 16 tandems shake out:

1. Wiecek vs 16. Luht
8. Bocehank vs 9. Cibirka4. Eglite vs 13. Opley
5. Simniska vs 12. Vasilauskas

2. Deane vs 15. Valdma
7. Jekabsons vs 10. Sjodin
3. Colfer vs 14. Marchenko
6. Klements vs 11. Karkosik

Tomorrow’s event in Kaunas will be livestreamed starting at 10am local time. (8am Dublin / 3am EST /  12 Midnight PST)