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Dean Kearney and V-LEDS Split Ways for 2012

The SHR Dodge Viper won’t be sporting V-LEDS for the new 2012 season as we have received news from Ian Bergin. They are working and seeking new sponsors for the 2012 season but it sounds like they will be returning for the new year starting off at Streets of Long Beach. The Dodge Viper will is committed to the 2012 season with Dean Kearney so you rowdy Irish fans will get to see Dean driving for SHR no matter what this year.

Dean Kearney Driving This Weekend at ProDrift Finals

Dean Kearney is taking the keys this weekend from Dani Murphy’s S14 and returning to the series he won in the past. He will be coming back with plenty of other stars from Formula Drift so let’s see how he stacks up at home versus the Formula D stars in his hometown.



Option2 Magazine/DVD August Issue Featuring Formula Drift

This is a preview page from the August issue of Option2 magazine which is featuring a Formula Drift spread and the 2010 season recap episode inside the DVD. This is the series we were hinting at in our rumor post yesterday and only a few people guessed it would be Formula Drift.

This is a screen grab of the actual layout talking about Round 1 at Long Beach and Round 2 at Road Atlanta. What does everyone think about Option2 pages being filled with some American drift coverage in the magazine along with the DVD inserts? Who in Japan is looking forward to getting DVD coverage from the newsstands featuring American drift content? This is a huge announcement from Formula Drift starting up a bigger invasion of Asia. Is a Formula Drift Asia event in Japan next on the docket? We sure hope so!

Dean Kearney Parked Due to Blown Supercharger Belt at Wall Speedway

It just seems like this poor Dodge team cannot catch a break this season. Dean Kearney in Thursday practice lost his supercharger belt and sadly the SHR team didn’t have a spare on hand. Luckily they have one coming overnight for the V-LEDS Dodge Viper. Dean told me on twitter earlier tonight that they have another one coming and qualifying should be no issue for the afternoon at Wall Speedway.

Dean Kearney Has Engine Problems in the Dodge Viper as Well

According to reports and Dean Kearney they also had some engine problems like his team owner and driving partner Sam Hubinette in the Dodge Challenger. Well apparently Dean had some early week engine troubles as well in the Dodge Viper that have since been all fixed up. The team at SHR had a week from hell but the cars are ready for qualifying tomorrow at Formula Drift Round 1.

Dean Kearney’s V-LEDS Dodge Viper [RENDER]

This was mailed to us last night and we were told it’s floating around Facebook. The render is of Dean Kearney’s V-LEDS Dodge Viper. We currently are installing some V-LEDS products on one of our project cars and loving the LEDS we have installed from them so far. It looks like Dean will be drifting on Federal Tires instead of BFG like his SHR partner Sam Hubinette. The car also features Dodge, AEM, Eibach Springs, and K&N Filters. How does everyone think Dean will do in the 2011 season?

Dean Kearney Confirmed with Sam Hubinette Racing

For whatever reason Dean Kearney announced early last week he would be making an announcement on Friday (two days ag0) about his 2011 Formula Drift program and he didn’t release anything on Friday. However, even with his no news Friday we have kept doing some digging based on our Dodge Viper rumormill we made on Thursday.

I think we found the conformation we needed when we visited Sam Hubinette Racing’s website today and did some digging around. The Team SHR tab now has two drivers in it and one of them is former ProDrift champion Dean Kearney. We screen capped the site in case they take it down but it clearly seems to us that Dean will be in this Dodge Viper with his old sponsor V-LEDS!


Dean Kearney Has V-LEDS for Title Sponsorship for the 2011 Formula Drift

Another one of the Irish forces in Formula Drift Dean Kearney has signed a title sponsorship with V-LEDS for the 2011 Formula Drift season. While he has a title sponsorship to come with him the story we are being told is he might not exactly be driving with Intec Racing for 2011. It sounds like Dean could have a new partnership for the season and bringing a sponsor along with you to a new program always makes things easier. Dean’s rookie season didn’t end up without a rookie of the year with the Intec S14. Where do you think Dean could wind up in 2011?

Vaughn Gittin Jr. Vs. Dean Kearney – What Really Happened? [VIDEO]

Vaughn Gittin Jr. Vs. Dean Kearney – What Really Happened?

A ton of people have been chatting about this tandem battle between Vaughn Gittin Jr. and Dean Kearney in the Top 16 we had to get our hands on some additional footage and put this case to rest. From the personal view I had at the track it was very clear that Dean Kearney parked it on the clipping point and got hit. I assume the Live Stream showed a much different angle since all of these people are talking like Vaughn Gittin Jr. just ran over a S14 at wide open throttle. Here is the video from the 2011 Mustang and now you can be the judge.

Watch the video:—what-reall

James Deane Wins Prodrift Round 3 at Citywest

James Deane

It looks like James Deane is still on a rampage this 2010 season taking home the victory at Prodrift in Dublin over the weekend. I was even told that Dean Kearney showed up at Citywest in Dublin to make a return to the series. Regardless of that it was the Deane brothers taking home first and second for the event. James was able to defeated his older brother Mike to take home another win in the 2010 season. Here is how the top four finished up.

1st- James Deane
2nd- Mike Deane
3rd- Alan Sinnot
4th- Chris Brady