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Daijiro Yoshihara: Updated S13 for 2010

We got some news from the Falken Tire/Discount Tire team about some upgrades being made to Daijiro Yoshihara’s S13 for a new season.Returning for a 4th season with the Falken Tire Discount Tire team is crew-chief and car builder, Scott Dodgion of SPD Metal Works in Anaheim, CA. While new body styling and a set of new wheels will improve the appearance of the brilliant red and white machine, engine upgrades and modifications look to push the 6.0 liter, LS-2 V8 power-plant over 650 horsepower! A new gear set-up in the rear-end will help Dai negotiate his drift runs with more predictability and improve the overall performance of the Discount Tire-clad drift machine!