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Ryan Tuerck Gear Coming Out Next Week

May 10th is the date for this new Ryan Tuerck t-shirt set to be released by Gardella Racing. Just after Formula Drift Atlanta you can grab this merchandise if you feel so inclined. The front sports a photo of the Pontiac Solstice sliding off the shirt and the rear features Tuerck’s name along with this Formula Drift car number (44).

Buy Stuff from Wrecked Magazine!

Buy Stuff at the Wrecked Magazine Store

Wrecked Magazine over the last night added something to the top navigation bar that we want to present to you on the blog officially. We have brought the store back in full force with tons of drifting goodies. You can find 1:24 metal diecast cars from Rhys Millen’s Pontiac GTO, Vaughn Gittin Jr.’s Ford Mustang, and Calvin Wan’s Infiniti G35. With almost 100 drifting related items at our launch you have plenty of reasons to whip out your credit card for us.

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