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Super Drift in Italy by Clash Productions [VIDEO]

Super Drift Italy by Clash Productions

The guys at Clash Productions visited Italy for an amazing look into the Italian drifting scene. It is an area we haven’t heard much from over the past years but they have quite a few BMW’s sliding around the track. The video even has a camao from an older generation Subaru WRX converted to RWD sliding around the racetrack.

Watch the video:

The Drift Monkey Crew and Guest Ken Nomura Drifting by Clash Productions [VIDEO]

Nomuken and the Drift Monkey Crew by Clash Productions

A great video from Clash Productions that features the European Drift Monkey Crew. D1 Grand Prix driver Ken Nomura “Nomuken” is also in the video and drifting. A five minute video featuring the Drift Monkey cars, one long turn drifted over and over again, and some gorgeous women. Just go ahead and tune in to this one.

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Clash Production Brings Us the Drift Monkey Part 1

Drift Monkey Part 1 from Clash Productions

Clash Production just released a new film from Europe about the Drift Monkey. While I am not sure who these guys are they have some pretty awesome shirts. The video features that E92 BMW M3 we showed sliding around earlier this week along with a ton of other top notch European vehicles.Don’t miss it as Clash Productions always brings a great video to the table.

Watch the video:

New Supercharged BMW M3 E92 Drifting [VIDEO]

E92 BMW M3 Supercharged Drifting

A quick video from Clash Productions shows this gorgeous white BMW M3 screaming past us sideways. A great clip that I had to watch at least 10 times over and over again. Talk about a stout and expensive drifting machine to have out at the track.

Watch the video:

JDM All Stars Round 2 [FULL VIDEO]

Clash Productions with JDM All Stars Round 2

Clash Productions put together this great JDM All Stars Round 2 full video production. Some great clips and multi tandem action shots with cars like the Falken Tires BMW. Don’t miss this solid piece together from Clash Productions.

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Clash Production with a JDM All Stars Round 2 Teaser

JDM Allstars Round 2 – Teaser

Clash Productions has got in a 2009 groove now and they are pumping out some amazing videos and teasers for the new Drifting season. This one is from the JDM All Star series which left us begging for more footage from the event. Some multi car tandem action at high speeds really gives the video a nice hook. Also notice the gorgeous Falken Tires BMW rocking the heritage wrap for the team, I love it!

Watch the video:—teaser-

Drifting Gives You Wings with Clash Productions

Drifting Gives You Wings with Clash Productions

This full installment of Redbull Championship footage spans 4 minutes and 27 seconds and packs a punch of entertainment from the show. The highlights and clips keep you hooked as you watch the event unfold in this full Clash Productions video. It’s European style drifting and filming all in the piers of Long Beach, California and we love it.

Watch the video:

Yves Faber’s Foxbody Ford Mustang in action – Euro Style

Yves Faber’s 450hp Foxbody Mustsang – Euro Drift Style

Another one cranked out from the Clash Production factory of amazing European Drifting. Yves Faber scorches the earth in his Ford Mustang that is making over 450hp. Perhaps him and the DriftLive 5.0 Mustang guys have been getting together and exchanging notes. A great video for all Ford Mustang fans. Check out how the Europeans drive our “domestics” in style.

Watch the video:—euro-dr

Clash Productions invades America for Redbull Drifting

Clash Production invades America

Without a doubt he is our favorite European Drifting film man. He pumps out so much content that looks great all the time. He came to Redbull and gave a great rendition in this short sampler about what Redbull was in retrospect. I dig the music and the feel, it’s like if Drifting was alive in the 70’s or something. Amazing work Clash and we want to see more Redbull content real soon.

Watch the video: