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Yves Faber and his Foxbody Drift Mustang [VIDEO]

Yves Faber with his Foxbody Mustang by Clash Production

Clash Production made this short video featuring drifting driver Yves Faber and his white 5.0 Ford Mustang foxbody. Just because the 5.0 is back with the 2011 Mustang doesn’t mean you cannot bring out some old school Ford muscle to toss around. Enjoy the video from the guys over at Clash Production.

Watch the video:

Team Orange Vs. Drift Works Chaser [VIDEO]

Team Orange Vs. Drift Works Chaser

Clash Productions put together this great video of an in car camera from Kumakubo as he took on the Drift Works Chaser. Clash always makes some of the best drifting videos on the market and we just love how well these two guys tandem together. Don’t miss this great video.

Watch the video: