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The Third Place Battles You Missed in Formula Drift 2014


Due to a rule change in Formula Drift this season the series no longer has a battle for third place to determine the last spot on the podium. In fact, third and fourth place now both get 64 points for the weekend and one driver is guaranteed a podium once he wins his Great 8 battle. Here are the seven battles you missed this year due to the rule change:

Long Beach- Justin Pawlak vs. Michael Essa
Atlanta- Chris Forsberg vs. Robbie Nishida
Miami- Kenneth Moen vs. Matt Field
New Jersey- Odi Bakchis vs. Charles Ng
Seattle- Chris Forsberg vs. Fredric Aasbo
Texas- Chris Forsberg vs. Forrest Wang
Irwindale- Chris Forsberg vs. Forrest Wang

David Moore Takes on Formula Drift Irwindale with Massive [GALLERY]

VaughnGittinJr TylerMcQuarrie

Watch as the final round of Irwindale Speedway goes down in this massive 2,000 photo gallery (56K WARNING) which produces some fantastic images on the track, off the track, and a big championship celebration from Chris Forsberg as he won his second championship.

Check out the Gallery:

Ryan Tuerck’s Summer of Fun Part 1 [VIDEO]

Ryan Tuerck kicks off his summer with drifting driver Steve Angerman up in New Hamphsire with tons of riding and lake jumping. Chris Forsberg then comes over for missile prep and then the guys head down to Englishtown for a fun weekend at East Coast Bash. Part 2 of the Tuerck summer is coming soon!

Formula Drift Top Qualifier of 2014 – Chris Forsberg


Chris Forsberg turned up his qualifying game this season in a big way! His average qualifying position for the 2014 season was 3.7 on average which helped him win the championship against Fredric Aasbo who failed to gain as many points in qualifying. Chris looked pretty insane on Friday during most rounds of Formula D this season.

2014 Formula Drift Crew Member of the Year – Brian Wilkerson


Brian Wilkerson has been a drifter, shop owner, and now work horse for the Chris Forsberg Racing team. Brian and his MA Motorsports team are currently building our Vapure V3 240sx currently as well in Maryland. Chris never missed a beat this season with mechanical issues showing why he clearly earned this award.

2014 Formula Drift Championship [RESULTS]


All seven rounds of Formula Drift are in the books for 2014. Chris Forsberg ends up the 2014 champion but a margin of just 11 points which came down to the very last tandem battle of 2014. Daigo Saito finally had a motor hold together and was able to make a huge jump in the championship points as well. All Top 32 drivers are given a Pro license for next year while 33 and beyond are relegated into Pro 2. Here is how they finished:

1. Chris Forsberg
2. Fredric Aasbo
3. Vaughn Gittin Jr.
4. Odi Bakchis
5. Forrest Wang
6. Kenneth Moen
7. Darren McNamara
8. Dean Kearney
9. Justin Pawlak
10. Conrad Grunewald
11. Robbie Nishida
12. Ryan Tuerck
13. Ken Gushi
14. Daigo Saito
15. Matt Field
16. Michael Essa
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2014 Formula Drift Round 7 – Final Fight – Irwindale Speedway [RESULTS]


Daigo Saito just won his third straight Final Fight Irwindale Speedway round which has to be some kind of record I imagine. After his mishap in qualifying Daigo turned it around and had an awesome weekend in competition. His final battle with Fredric Aasbo also determined the championship for Forsberg. Here is how the event finished up:

1. Daigo Saito
2. Fredric Aasbo
3. Forrest Wang
4. Chris Forsberg

What it takes to win: 2014 Championship – Forsberg vs Aasbo

Wall_ForsbergAasbo_2782 Atlanta_ForsbergAasbo_5925

After yesterday’s qualifying, not a lot changed. Although Forsberg qualified 4 positions higher than Aasbo, the additional 1.5 points in qualifying is insignificant since each tandem round is worth 16 points. Forsberg’s current lead is 27.5 points, which requires Aasbo to earn at least 2 more tandem wins than Forsberg. The way the brackets are lined up, Forsberg and Aasbo could meet in the top 4. If this happens, Aasbo would have to win the battle and win the event to earn the championship.

If Forsberg loses in the top 32 (vs Geoff Stoneback), Aasbo must make the top 8 to win the Championship.
If Forsberg loses in the top 16 (vs either Pat Goodin or Vaughn Gittin Jr), Aasbo must make the top 4 to be champion.
If Forsberg loses in the top 8 (vs Tuerck / Aono / Field / Pawlak), Aasbo must make the top 4 to be champion.
If Forsberg loses in the top 4 (potentially against Aasbo), Aasbo must win the event to be champion. – Note: It does not matter whether Forsberg comes in 3rd or 4th  based on qualifying score since both positions earn the same amount of championship points.
If Forsberg makes the final round, he is guaranteed the championship.

If Aasbo loses in the top 32 (vs Landreville), Forsberg is the champion.
If Aasbo loses in the top 16 (vs McQuarrie or Baribeau), Forsberg is the champion.
If Aasbo loses in the top 8 (vs Yoshihara / Hamilton / Kearney / Hohnadell) and Forsberg did NOT lose in the top 32, Forsberg is the champion.
If Aasbo loses in the top 4 (potentially against Forsberg) and Forsberg did NOT lose in the top 32 or top 16, Forsberg is the champion.
If Aasbo loses in the final round, and Forsberg did not lose in the top 32, top 16, or top 8, Forsberg is the champion.
If Aasbo wins the event, he is guaranteed the championship since Forsberg would have lost no later than the top 4. He would also become only the fifth driver in FD history to win back-to-back events in a single FD Season (Joining Hubinette, Yoshihara, Pawlak, and Gittin Jr.).

2014 Formula Drift Round 7 Irwindale Thursday Action [GALLERY]

ConradGrunewald.ChrisForsberg KyleMohan


Some great Formula Drift paddock action is here from Luke Munnell. Some crashes, damage, pit action, and drifting on course to cover a big Thursday over the long Irwindale Speedway weekend.

Check out the Gallery:

Ryan Tuerck & Chris Forsberg Compete in a Hand Controlled S13 [VIDEO]

The hand controlled S13 built by Rob “Chairslayer” Parsons looks pretty hard and even more fun. Ryan Tuerck and Chris Forsberg battled in Opposite Controls this year in the hand controlled S13 making a judged run to see who can win the game/event this season.