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Ryan Tuerck Chasing Down Drift Alliance at Street Driven Tour [VIDEO]

We go on board with Ryan Tuerck at Street Driven Tour VIR to watch him chase Drift Alliance members Chris Forsberg and Vaughn Gittin Jr.  Huge thanks to DBA for helping bring Ryan Tuerck out and Subject Media Group for putting this content together! We have more content coming from this wild weekend of drifting and entertainment. Next stop on the tour is Gateway Motorsports Park on July 4th!

Chris Forsberg vs. Geoff Stoneback – A Judges Perspective


This is a guest post by Formula Drift judge Ryan Lanteigne which includes his outlook and perspective on the Geoff Stoneback vs. Chris Forsberg tandem battle at Road Atlanta – 

Personally, I have a notebook with rows and columns set up for each tandem battle. The other 2 judges have their own methods, but I’m showing this one because it is easy to follow for this explanation. It looks like this:


In the example below, we have the battle between Chris Forsberg and Geoff Stoneback.
In Run 1, Chris lays down a solid lead run, hitting all of the clipping points and zones with great angle and flow throughout the course. Stoneback, in the chase position, drops a tire at inside clip 1, understeers up the hill towards outside zone 1 and straightens exiting the horseshoe, giving him a zero.


In Run 2, Geoff initiates well, drops a tire on the outside of outside zone 1, has a bobble as he approaches outside zone 2, which causes him to miss the zone, is slightly off of IC2, and finishes the rest of the course without any other issues. While Chris is following, he has much higher proximity, mimics Geoff well but drops 2 tires as he approaches the finish line, giving him a zero.


In this case, since both drivers had judgeable lead runs, but both zeroed out on their chase run, it stands to reason that we would judge the lead runs to find a winner. We are judging “apples to apples”, and it is the most fair way of settling this battle between these two drivers. We can’t ignore the two lead runs that were run cleanly without any interference.

To be fair, two drivers both having complete lead runs and zeros on their chase runs is a rare occurrence, which is why it seems like we’re straying from our usual judging procedure.
If a chase driver zeroes out, the lead driver is still expected to complete the course and will be judged on his/her performance. The chase driver spinning or crashing does not affect the lead driver in any way, which is why we require the lead to complete the course.

In the case of a driver spinning out in the lead position, we do not require the chase driver to complete the course, as this could potentially put both drivers at risk. As soon as a lead driver zeroes out in any way (spinning, hitting a wall, going off course, straightening, etc) we consider the run to be over and the chase driver will not receive a zero if he/she stops drifting.

Street Driven Tour VIR by Black Hand [VIDEO]

This video drops some hip-hop over the insane weekend at VIRginia International Raceway. It pulls coverage from the Street Driven Tour stop and some clips from US Drift Round 1 which took place the next day.

10 Things I Learned from Formula Drift Road Atlanta

10. The fans at Road Atlanta Are Still Ridiculous
The fans and atmosphere seem to be one of the most entertaining parts of Road Atlanta each year. Fans bring posters, beer, EZ-Ups, and loud voices making it by far 100% the best atmosphere on the Formula Drift circuit. Something about sitting in clay on a big hill makes your experience so much more intimate than big concrete and steel bleachers.


9. Tanner Foust is Gone Until Irwindale
Tanner Foust had a lackluster return to Formula Drift in the VW Passat which kind of has left me disappointed. The fact he won’t return to the car until Irwindale makes me even sadder. This Euro/Chevy fusion project I felt was going to turn a corner any minute now and start dominating our sport. We can thank Geoff Stoneback for crushing our dreams of VW domination over the Road Atlanta weekend but more on that later. If Tanner Foust needs more seat time before Irwindale he is openly invited to attend any of the three remaining Street Driven Tour events this season!


8. Odi Bakchis – The 2015 Champion Contendor No One Is Talking About
Odi Bakchis just took the championship lead from Fredric Aasbo this weekend by a solid 44 points. Is anyone even talking about Odi Bakchis winning a championship before this weekend? My guess is probably not but he managed to score BIG points in two consecutive rounds with two different cars. At some point we need to stand by and acknowledge that he could win this thing in 2015 leaving the big funded teams in the dust. Not to mention he could also win the World Championship since he has a car ready for Asia.

7. Justin Pawlak Drove the Best This Weekend
JTP really showed me his most talented driving this weekend throwing that Ford Mustang around a course that left me speechless. I actually think his second qualifying run earned him somewhere in the 95+ column on his qualifying run. He really should of landed on the podium but that is racing for you. If he can keep up this progression in the new Ford Mustang he will land several podiums before the season was over. If you missed his second qualifying run, do yourself a favor, and dig it up from DailyMotion and give it a watch.
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2015 Formula Drift Round 2 at Road Atlanta [RESULTS]


Odi Bakchis used his aggressive driving and consistency to perform at a high level over the weekend and take home his first career victory. It was pretty wild considering that last round he drove a Hyundai Genesis and swapped back to his Nissan 240sx this weekend without skipping a beat. Ken Gushi was just inches away from taking him out in the finals but should be happy with his first return to a podium in 6 years. Here is how they finished up –

1. Odi Bakchis
2. Ken Gushi
3. Chris Forsberg
4. Forrest Wang

Ryan Tuerck Announces Street Driven Tour Attendance


Just days before Street Driven Tour on May 2nd at Virginia International Raceway we had Ryan Tuerck announce he is bringing his street car to it’s first big drift event! With some help from Disc Brakes Australia we will get to see Ryan Tuerck in tandem action with Vaughn Gittin Jr. and Chris Forsberg!


For more information on the event – visit:

2015 Formula Drift Livery Overload [GUIDE]

Below is a breakdown of all the 2015 Formula Drift liveries released to date and I will update as we go along. To make life easy, I ranked them by championship finishing order of 2014.


1. Chris Forsberg – Nissan 370z
The championship returns with a Nissan 370z and some added sponsors for the new year. NOS Energy Drink returns as his title and the car gets a refresh to the new Nismo style front end.


2. Fredric Aasbo – Scion tC
Another car making its return in 2015. Fredric happens to be my personal prediction for 2015 Formula Drift champion if that means anything to you. He added a title sponsorship with Rockstar Energy Drink and I really hope he runs those yellow wheels he used in his car unveiling. Regardless, the car has never looked better and I think he is poised for a great season.


3. Vaughn Gittin Jr. – Ford Mustang
Vaughn Gittin Jr. is using his old Ford Mustang with the new livery as they continue to research and develop his 2015 RTR for competition. My guess is, he will stick with the 2014 Mustang until he winds up mathematically out of the championship. That is when he would bring the 2015 RTR out for this year. If he is in the running for the championship, I expect to see this car in 2016. Good news is, you can always see his new 2015 Mustang RTR at non Formula Drift events such as Street Driven May 2nd at VIR.

4. Odi Bakchis – Hyundai Genesis / Nissan 240sx
Odi Bakchis is running a complex Formula Drift World Championship setup that involves running two cars in the USA. We have a complete Odi Bakchis schedule for his die-hard fans that want to know what he is driving and where. For this weekend, he will be in this big V8 powered Hyundai Genesis with a Vortech Supercharger kit hoping to start off with a great 2015 season.

5. Forrest Wang – LHD S15 Nissan Silvia
This car became the most hyped up and leaked debacle of 2015 all over the Internet last week due to our Instagram page but we will leave that be. Car looks pretty similar to last season and still carries a 2JZ engine setup and WiseFab for big angle.
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Sneak Peak – Chris Forsberg’s 2015 Formula Drift Livery


The 2015 season is officially underway with drivers showing up for Tech Inspection this morning. We found Chris Forsberg’s Nissan 370z sitting right by the tech area. He added some sponsors such as Valvoline and ST Suspension for the new season and even brought NOS Energy Drink back as a title for his program it appears in 2015. Chris also carries one of our partners AEM again for the 2015 season. Who thinks Chris can do a repeat and win a second championship in a row?


Source: Our own @wreckedmag Instagram

Drift Garage Is Back and Shows You How to Build a 370z and Missile Version 2

Ryan Tuerck and Chris Forsberg are back with season two of Drift Garage at MA Motorsport. Ryan Tuerck is refreshing his S13 missile car while Chris Forsberg is blowing the budget this year with a twin turbo Nissan 370z build. Tune into the first episode and check out the new cars for this NetworkA season debut.

Andy Gray – New Formula Drift Pro 2 Driver from Japan for 2015


Andy Gray is another driver heading to American for the 2015 season. You might not recognize his name off-hand but his company Power Vehicles has been renting missile cars to people worldwide from Ebisu Circuit. In fact, over the years, he has been kind enough to loan Chris Forsberg a car when we came into town. They have always taken great care of us when in Japan so he is already a fan favorite of mine. More importantly though, Andy Grey is a destroyer of Ebisu Circuit and probably only drives it second best to Daigo Saito. Above is the car he will be bringing stateside for the Pro 2 season. Here are some videos of him running:

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