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Street Driven Tour Atlanta with SOUTHRNFRESH [VIDEO]

WOW, an amazing video from the Atlanta Motor Speedway drift weekend this month which saw a ton of big name drivers have some fun! Chris Forsberg, Ryan Tuerck, Pat Goodin, Alex Youe, AND Tommy Van Cleef rounded out some of the Formula Drift drivers who came out to drive and entertain. The next Street Driven Tour stop is heading to Las Vegas on September 26th w/ Vegas Drift + StanceWars and more. Get your tickets for Las Vegas today –

2015 Formula Drift Texas Round 6 [RESULTS]


Wow, settling down from this race was a tough one. It was the longest Top 16 in the series 10+ year history from what I counted. This event was also beyond packed with controversy! I really thought Ken Gushi was going to take home his first victory in 10+ years but it just wasn’t meant to be. Here is how they results wrapped up (10 Things post will be coming soon) –

1. Masashi Yokoi
2. Ken Gushi
3. Chris Forsberg
4. Daigo Saito

2015 Formula Drift Round 6 Pro Qualifying [RESULTS]


Qualifying came down to the last two runs which saw Chris Forsberg steal first from Justin Pawlak with a 90 and then Aasbo followed up with a 94. The championship is all up for grabs this weekend for the most part and it is basically Aasbo’s to lose. A top qualifying spot (his first of the year) isn’t a bad start to making that happen. Here is how everyone finished –

1. Fredric Aasbo 94
2. Chris Forsberg 90
3. Justin Pawlak 89
4. Ken Gushi 85
5. Kenneth Moen 84
6. Masahi Yokoi 84
7. Matt Coffman 84
8. Daigo Saito 84
9. Vaughn Gittin 83
10. Alec Hohnadell 82
11. Mad Mike Whiddett 82
12. Tyler McQuarrie 82
13. Ryan Tuerck 81
14. Dai Yoshihara 81
15. Forrest Wang 81
16. Odi Bakchis 80
17. Dean Kearney 78
18. Chelsea DeNofa 78
19. Rapper Dan Savage 76
20. Nate Hamilton 76
21. Kristaps Bluss 76
22. Mats Baribeau 75
23. Conrad Grunewald 75
24. James Evans 74
25. Marc Landerville 73
26. Charles Ng 73
27. Pat Goodin 72
28. Michael Essa 70
29. Jeff Jones 69
30. Jhonnattan Castro 69
31. Robbie Nishida 68
32. Kyle Mohan 68

Top 32 Bracket (Left)
Fredric Aasbo vs. Kyle Mohan
Odi Bakchis vs. Dean Kearney
Diago Saito vs. Marc Landerville
Vaughn Gittin Jr. vs. James Evans
Ken Gushi vs. Jeff Jones
Ryan Tuerck vs. Nate Hamilton
Kenneth Moen vs. Michael Essa
Tyler McQuarrie vs. Kristaps Bluss

Top 32 Bracket (Right)
Chris Forsberg vs. Robbie Nishida
Forrest Wang vs. Chelsea DeNofa
Matt Coffman vs. Charles Ng
Alec Hohnadell vs. Conrad Grunewald
Justin Pawlak vs. Jhonnatan Castro
Dai Yoshihara vs. Rapper Dan Savage
Masahi Yokoi vs. Pat Goodin
Mad Mike Whiddett vs. Mats Baribeau

JustCause Presents Street Driven Tour x SOUTHRNFRESH 5 [VIDEO]

The guys at JustCause whipped up this brilliant recap of the Street Driven Tour X SOUTHRNFRESH 5 which took over Atlanta Motor Speedway last week. Pat Goodin, Ryan Tuerck, and Chris Forsberg were in attendance giving ride-a-longs and several Pro 2 drivers such as Tommy Van Cleef and Alex Youe also showed up to drift at this awesome event!


Chris Forsberg vs. Ryan Tuerck in Tug-O-War

Last week at Street Driven Tour the likes of Ryan Tuerck and Chris Forsberg did a tug-o-war burnout contest at Atlanta Motor Speedway. Hoonigan captured all the mayhem that ensued and put it on the Internet so everyone could enjoy.

2015 Formula Drift Round 5 Qualifying [RESULTS]


Formula Drift qualifying at Evergreen Speedway was an interesting one. It went quickly but so many drivers scored a zero due to the rain and then transition to dry during the weekend. It was a tough one and we just wish that the weather would behave for a weekend already. Here is how they qualified-

1. Kenneth Moen 89
2. Ryan Tuerck 87
3. Fredric Aasbo 87
4. Ken Gushi 85
5. Kristaps Bluss 84
6. Forrest Wang 84
7. Matt Field 81
8. Chris Forsberg 80
9. Alec Hohnadell 79
10. Chelsea DeNofa 79
11. Odi Bakchis 78
12. Justin Pawlak 77
13. Pat Mordaunt 77
14. Michael Essa 77
15. Pat Goodin 76
16. Charles Ng 76
17. Daigo Saito 76
18. Masashi Yokoi 75
19. Dai Yoshihara 75
20. Tyler McQuarrie 75
21. Dean Kearney 74
22. Vaughn Gittin Jr. 74
23. Conrad Grunewald 74
24. Kyle Mohan 73
25. Nate Hamilton 72
26. Jhonnattan Castro 68
27. Mad Mike Whiddett 67
28. Matt Coffman 66
29. Brandon Wicknick 66
30. Dan Savage 64
31. Geoff Stoneback 62
32. Jeff Jones 61

Top 32 Tandem Battle
Left Bracket
Kenneth Moen vs. Jeff Jones
Charles Ng vs. Daigo Saito

Chris Forsberg vs. Nate Hamilton
Alec Hohnadell vs. Kyle Mohan

Ken Gushi vs. Brandon Wicknick
Pat Morduant vs. Tyler McQuarrie

Kristaps Bluss vs. Matt Coffman
Justin Pawlak vs. Dean Kearney

Right Bracket
Ryan Tuerck vs. Geoff Stoneback
Pat Goodin vs. Masahi Yokoi

Matt Field vs. Jhonnattan Castro
Chelsea DeNofa vs. Conrad Grunewald

Fredric Aasbo vs. Dan Savage
Michael Essa vs. Dai Yoshihara

Forrest Wang vs. Mad Mike Whiddett
Odi Bakchivs vs. Vaughn Gittin Jr.

Chris Forsberg 4th Gear Rev Limiter at Street Driven Tour STL [VIDEO]

Here is what it looks like to ride with the smooth operator Chris Forsberg at the top of 4th gear around the Gateway Motorsports Park track. The Street Driven Tour event on July 4th was a wild one with Forrest Wang and Brandon Wicknick joining the fun and chasing Chris Forsberg all day in his VK56 powered Infiniti M45.

Brandon Wicknick Loses a GoPro in Hilarious Fashion at Street Driven Tour [VIDEO]

Here is a video of Brandon Wicknick from Street Driven Tour St. Louis taking off in a chase run behind Forrest Wang and Chris Forsberg around Gateway Motorsports Park. Once Brandon Wicknick hit the high speed turns at GMP part of his car karate chops the roof and knocks off a GoPro. The war against the GoPro is real!

A Judges View of Alec Hohnadell vs. Chris Forsberg from FDNJ


Had I known the Forsberg vs Hohnadell battle was going to be so controversial, I would have gladly gone on the mic with Jarod to explain my decision. We explained split decisions or the outcome of one more times in New Jersey, but we had no way of knowing at the time what runs were viewed as controversial or confusing.

So here is my breakdown of the Forsberg vs Hohnadell battle:

Forsberg leading Hohnadell: Forsberg initiates high on the bank and gets very high early until the end of the zone. Hohnadell has a good initiation at the same time as Forsberg, but drops down lower on the bank and has less angle throughout the zone. Forsberg comes off the bank strong and is close on inner clip 1, with Hohnadell right behind him with good mimic. Forsberg enters outside zone 2 early and stays wide throughout the zone. Hohnadell is close to Forsberg entering the zone but corrects his angle multiple times and surges forward and falls back a few times during the entirety of outside zone 2. Forsberg gets close to inner clip 2, with Hohnadell close behind. Forsberg fills outside zone 3 fully all the way around and finishes strong. Hohnadell surges forward and falls back twice but keeps fairly steady angle behind Chris.


Hohnadell leading Forsberg: Hohnadell initiates much lower on the bank than Forsberg did and stays lower throughout outside zone 1. Forsberg initiates with Hohnadell and is on the same line, but a couple of car lengths behind. Hohnadell comes off the bank well and does a good job on inside clip 1. Forsberg is in proximity and mimics perfectly. Hohnadell hits the outside zone marker (drivers were told this wasn’t a deduction in qualifying as long as the tire wasn’t over the line, and it isn’t in tandem either.) and is very close to one tire off, but the replay isn’t conclusive. Forsberg follows closely and also hits the outside zone marker. Hohnadell has an angle correction and surges forward in outside zone 2, while Forsberg is close behind. Hohnadell has great angle as he exits outside zone 2 and crosses inside clip2. Forsberg mimics perfectly and anticipates Hohnadell’s transitions through this sector and is close for outside zone 3. Hohnadell’s angle fluctuates through outside zone 3 (possibly his left rear tire making contact with the banking) and finishes with good angle. Forsberg stays close to the finish.

What set Forsberg apart in this tandem battle was his finesse and smoothness when transitioning, and the consistency of the angle he held through each corner. He was also higher on outside zone 1 throughout the entirety of the zone, which is by far the highest difficulty section of the track.

Hohnadell has improved greatly since he started competing in Formula Drift, and he showed himself to be a serious contender against Forsberg. But during this run, while he was fast, aggressive and stylish, he lacked the refinement and control that Forsberg exhibited in the lead and chase position. Due to the many bobbles, corrections and surges throughout the course, we had to give the win to Forsberg, who demonstrated his ability to drive at the same speed and on sometimes better lines with more vehicle control and finesse.

-Ryan Lanteigne



*I would of posted the DailyMotion video and referenced the time code but the #FDNJ file seems to be broken*

10 Things I Learned from Formula Drift Round 4 New Jersey


10. Dean Kearney – Irish Future with an American V10
In my opinion, if you could throw Dean Kearney in one of these Top 10 Formula Drift builds he could make a run at the championship. He has a car I would argue probably struggles to fall in the Top 20 Formula Drift builds. Now that Darren McNamara has exited stage right it feels Dean Kearney has taken the torch as the top Irish drifter in America. He fell just short of a victory which I feel the weather played a big impact. Since the runs went out of order, he did his Top 4 run in the dry where Aasbo got to run his Top 4 battle in the rain in addition to the Finals. Looking forward, Dean Kearney is in 11th place but is headed to Seattle where he got his first podium in the past.

9. Vaughn Gittin Jr. Needs to Give Up on Season and Debut 2015 Mustang RTR
Vaughn Gittin Jr. hasn’t had a stellar season by his standards at all. While he is only 117 points behind Ryan Tuerck in the lead, I find that with three rounds left he isn’t going to make up the gap at 39 points an event on Tuerck or Bakchis. With that said, I would rather him just retire the old S197 Mustang chassis and debut his S550 (2015 Mustang RTR). I got to see the car drift in person at Street Driven Tour VIR and the car looks and sounds way better than his old chassis. Let’s get the new 2015 on the track competing in Formula Drift!

8. Joon Maeng is the Only Driver to Not Qualify Under New Structure
Joon Maeng had an up and down 2014 season but nothing has prepared him for the disaster that is 2015 with his BMW Z4. With a 39 driver grid this season he is the only driver left to not qualify for an event yet. One good event could bring him safely into the Top 32 since he is only 51 points behind 32nd place as we stand so he still has some hope. He needs to invest in some serious testing time before these next rounds and start getting some points on the board. I would suggest diving in Pro 2 for the next three rounds to try and either defend his Pro position or at least snag some extra practice laps.

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