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Tandem Train over at East Coast Bash [VIDEO]

Chris Forsberg posted this Instagram video of the Drift Alliance and friends having a blast at Englishtown! Don’t worry, we have Dan Jenkins on the scene and will have a ton of images and content coming up on the site very soon!

Top 10 Drift Vacations to Take Before You Die


Regardless if you are independently wealthy or have a credit card to max out I put together the Top 10 drifting vacations you need to take before you die. The list is compiled upon driving, fan entertainment, atmosphere, and all the fun you can have in the area!


10. D1NZ Final Round – Mt. Smart (Auckland, New Zealand)


The D1NZ season ends at Mt. Smart under the lights! The venue is a custom built and it puts fans very close to the action. The track does take place in the Mt. Smart Stadium parking lot which normally holds duties for the National Rugby team. Once the race ends you are just a quick cab from downtown Auckland where some of the real fun can begin. Don’t miss some top drivers like Mad Mike Whiddett and C’s Garage take on the New Zealand night.

9. Irish Drift Championship – Mondello Park 


The most fun you can have in Ireland is by far Mondello Park. It puts you pretty close to Dublin and has the most energy over a drift weekend in Ireland. Big name drivers such as Dai Yoshihara, Darren McNamara, and other international stars tend to come and drive at this Ireland track as well. If you happen to come here and enjoy watching a weekend of pro drifting then you could also do the ProDrift Academy and drift on your own at Mondello!

8. Formula Drift Irwindale Speedway (Los Angeles, California)


The “House of Drift” as everybody knows it had to make the list. So many people attend this event now parking has been moved off site and stands have been put anywhere they can fit. The driving here tends to be world class and over the last few seasons a championship has been sorted out during the event weekend. Once the Irwindale weekend is over you will find yourself not very far from Los Angeles, Hollywood, and other places to finish out a great weekend.

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Voodoo 13 Releases Celebration with Chris Forsberg [VIDEO]

Everyone seems to be making angle kits these days. WiseFab got proof with their pudding so to speak by Michael Essa taking home a championship in 2013! The angle kit wars are going to keep going into 2014 as more companies are appearing to make big angle for drivers. Voodoo 13 is a new company who has partnered with Chris Forsberg Racing for the 2014 season. Chris started out the season winning an event on this suspension making him look awful good!

Chris Forsberg Does 100MPH+ Entry at Englishtown [VIDEO]

Chris Forsberg whips out his missile car and throws out drift at 102mph at Englishtown. This is part of the Hoonigan coming to Zumiez campaign starting on May 21st.

2014 Formula D Championship Standings after Atlanta [STANDINGS]

Chris Forsberg Formula Drift Long Beach

By earning his second podium in two events, Chris Forsberg remains atop the Formula D Championship standings after Atlanta. Vaughn Gittin Jr slides into second place behind Forsberg, with Fredric Aasbo taking third place.

Here’s the top 20 standings after two rounds of Formula Drift competition:

1. Chris Forsberg                 173 points
2. Vaughn Gittin Jr.         145.5 points
3. Fredric Aasbo                  137 points
4. Kenneth Moen                 135.5 points
5. Justin Pawlak                  103.5 points
6. Odi Bakchis                      102 points
7. Forrest Wang                   93 points
8. Michael Essa                    91.5 points
9. Darren McNamara        84.5 points
10. Robbie Nishida              83 points
11. Conrad Grunewald       70 points
11. Ken Gushi                        70 ponts
13. Daigo Saito                     68.5 points
14. Tyler McQuarrie          61.5 points
15. Chelsea Denofa              57 points
16. Ryan Tuerck                 45.5 points
17. Kyle Mohan                   54 points
18. Pat Goodin                      52.5 points
18. Pat Mordaunt                52.5 points
20. Dean Kearney               51 points

2014 Formula Drift Round 2 at Road Atlanta [RESULTS]


An insane weekend saw Michael Essa dismissed in Top 32 and Daigo saito bail out in Top 16 due to mechanical failures! We will have more in depth updates and analysis in the next few days. With all of that being said here is how the podium finished up for the night:

1. Vaughn Gittin Jr.
2. Fredric Aasbo
3. Chris Forsberg
4. Robbie Nishida

2014 Formula Drift Road Atlanta – Through the Rain – Qualifying [RESULTS]


During a southern downpour qualifying continued and ran 4 hours in time. Drivers were given a tester/feel lap then had to go and make a judged run right after. The track started to dry up about halfway through the second passes which is the result of the big points gap in the scores.

1. Forrest Wang
2. Tyler McQuarrie
3. Vaughn Gittin Jr.
4. Ryan Tuerck
5. Chris Forsberg
6. Chelsea DeNofa
7. Ken Gushi
8. Fredric Aasbo
9. Conrad Grunewald
10. Jhonnattan Castro
11. Kenneth Moen
12. Kuniaki Takahashi*
13. Odi Bakchis
14. Justin Pawlak
15. Kyle Mohan
16. Daigo Saito
17. Danny George
18. Darren McNamara
19. Pat Goodin
20. Michael Essa
21. Charles Ng
22. Dai Yoshihara
23. Dean Kearney
24. Marc Landerville
25. Matt Field
26. Ryan Kado
27. Alec Hohnadell*
28. Rapper Dan Savage*
29. Patrick Mordaunt
30. Geoff Stoneback*
31. Robbie Nishida
32. Jeff Jones


Top 32 Tandem Battles
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Conrad Grunewald Compared to Chris Forsberg around Road Atlanta [VIDEO]

Compare these two drivers run through the new Road Atlanta Round 2 layout. The big changes for 2014 are the start line has been moved backwards about 150 feet and part of the course has been recently repaved. You will notice that Conrad Grunewald goes for a much more reverse entry as well comparing the two POV videos.

2014 Lone Star Bash Round 2 [GALLERY]

LoneStarS14 NateHamilton Check out some awesome coverage from Lone Star Bash Round 2 shot by Jason Scott. We have photos of Dewayne Ramsey’s smashed up ride along with Formula Drift drivers Nate Hamilton and Chris Forsberg making an appearance over the event. Sit back and enjoy all our tire coming off action.

Check out the Gallery:

Michael Essa vs. Chris Forsberg & Vaughn Gittin Jr. vs. Justin Pawlak by the Numbers


Drift Idiot/Hooniverse did an interesting editorial video based on rivalries in Formula Drift. You can watch the video below but I wanted to focus on the statistics of these two rivalries. One has been a long time coming and one was formed by a battle for the championship last year. So who are the better drivers by the numbers?

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