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Drift Garage Episode 2 – ISIS Turbo Kit and Engine Prep [VIDEO]

Drift Garage Episode 2 takes Ryan Tuerck and Chris Forsberg to another level with its missile car build by adding an ISIS turbo kit and getting the new KA motor installed. They also threw on a Mishimoto radiator and ISIS intercooler to fight off temperature issues.

Drift Garage Episode 1 with Chris Forsberg and Ryan Tuerck [VIDEO]

Ryan Tuerck and Chris Forsberg set to walk you through the building of a $5,000 drift car. The platform is a S13 Nissan 240sx and the build sets off with an introduction from Professor M. Issile. The episode starts with a 240sx hatchback being bought from Formula Drift driver Tony Angelo and a new KA engine from Elite JDM. The broken parts are off the car and next week seems all ready for the ISIS turbocharger being installed which was leaked by Chris in our last weeks Wrecked Weekly interview with him which you can see here.


Chris Forsberg – Wrecked Weekly Episode 9 [VIDEO]

After our original interview became out dated and quite a disaster due to people eating on his car (yes, that really happened) and me having random outbursts of laugher I scraped the original interview we shot.  I opted to shoot a retake interview over Google+ Hangouts on Air last night with Chris and we wound up talking about a ton of cool issues. While this episode lacks some formatting, name titles, and fancy editing it still provides tons of great content.

Chris Forsberg talks about his goals to hit 1000hp in his VK56 engine this year, we touch on protests, Formula Drift Pro 2 series, the 2014 World Cup, why D1GP banned nitrous, and his new daily driver which happens to be a RB swapped 240z.

I would also appreciate your feedback on the Wrecked Weekly series as a whole and what drivers you guys want to hear from next! Also, is the Google Hangout format acceptable or do you like the fully produced interviews? Thanks for watching as always.


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Drift Garage with Chris Forsberg and Ryan Tuerck Coming January 20th

On January 20th a new NetworkA show is going to be released called Drift Garage. The show teams up Ryan Tuerck and Chris Forsberg and walks you through all the steps on how to build a drift car. The build is centered around a Nissan 240sx chassis. Tune in soon to see how they put this S13 together!

Wrecked Magazine Issue 29 – A Ten Year Tribute of Formula Drift

Issue 29  is a tribute piece to the first 10 seasons of Formula Drift. Using the number 10 as a benchmark, we look at the Top 10 Unique Car Builds, Top 10 Reasons I’m A Fan, and a look at the Victories by OEM. The cover spread is the Top 10 Moments of Formula Drift which covers wrecks, thousands in cash, and even some international travel.

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2013 Formula Drift / Drifting Year in Review with Wrecked Magazine Staff [VIDEO]

We gathered the Wrecked Magazine staff (Jacob Leveton and Rathyna Gomer) for a Google+ Hangout with some special guests to look back at the whole 2013 season of drifting. We brought on two special guests for the episode including Justin Banner ( / Mackin Industries) and Brian Eggert (Formula Drift Judge / US Drift Founder / Pro Am Founder) for the show. In just over one hour we cover the big 6 topics below along with giving some inside scoops on potential Formula Drift formatting changes and analyzing the Pro 2 series. The following drivers all got rewards/mentions in our video: Vaughn Gittin Jr., Danny George, Pat Goodin, Chelsea DeNofa, Darren McNamara, Chris Forsberg, Michael Essa, Conrad Grunewald, Walker Wilkerson, Corey Hosford, Patrick Mordaunt, Daigo Saito, Robbie Nishida, Nate Hamilton, Geoff Stoneback, Rapper Dan Savage, Mike Pollard, and Dan Brockett. Here are the six categories we focused on:

Most Improved in 2013
Most memorable tandem battle 2013
Biggest letdown/disappointment of 2013
Driver of the Year 2013
Best Up and Comer for 2014
Hopes for 2014

Vaughn Gittin Jr. – Wrecked Weekly Episode 4 [VIDEO]

I got to sit down with Vaughn Gittin Jr. in the Ford Media Center for right around 30 minutes during the SEMA Show to talk with him about a number of really important topics. We covered his new project Mustang RTR, the state of Formula Drift, World Drift Series China, and his $5,000 fine for illegal suspension. We even got to break down his tandem battle with Patrick Mordaunt from Formula Drift Texas and get his thoughts on the first overturned judging call in the sport which directly impacted his season. Last but not least Vaughn spills the beans on when he will make the debut in a 2015 Ford Mustang!


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The New RWD Nissan IDx is a Budget Drift Solution for the Future

Everyone thought Nissan was going to drop a new version of the 370z or  a concept version of the update but instead they released a new future version of the Datsun 510 dubbed the IDx. Chris Forsberg seems so exciting about its release he took to Facebook talking about drifting it in Formula D. The car shows a potential return to the cheap RWD scene for Nissan following in the foot steps of Toyoburu and hopefully some others. No real specs or info yet on the IDx has been released.

Daigo Saito and Robbie Nishida Slated for ADGP Round 2

The guys over at Australian Drift GP released a video announcing that Robbie Nishida, Daigo Saito, and PowerVehicles owner Andy Gray will all be competing at Round 2 on December 7th/8th. For the first round of the season they brought out Chris Forsberg as a guest judge really highlighting the Australia series pushing to be a big name in the world drift market. Now two of the busiest men in drifting it seems these days Robbie and Daigo will be in attendance for the big Round 2 weekend at Barbagallo Raceway.


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Ryan Tuerck Takes on the 2013 SEMA Show [VIDEO]

Ryan Tuerck made a SEMA video that involved off-road trucks, a Gymkhana 6 teaser, a visit to GRC, and some show cars of the SEMA show. Ryan Tuerck threw his own event at The Griffin bar in old Las Vegas and he wrapped up the week at Get Nutz Lab’s private race track in Las Vegas. The longest episode of Tuerck’d by far to date and it is a good one.