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Wrecked Magazine Issue 29 – A Ten Year Tribute of Formula Drift

Issue 29  is a tribute piece to the first 10 seasons of Formula Drift. Using the number 10 as a benchmark, we look at the Top 10 Unique Car Builds, Top 10 Reasons I’m A Fan, and a look at the Victories by OEM. The cover spread is the Top 10 Moments of Formula Drift which covers wrecks, thousands in cash, and even some international travel.

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2013 Sonoma Drift Round 4 [RESULTS]

Round 4 of Sonoma Drift wrapped up this weekend bringing an end to the Sonoma Drift series. Formula Drift driver Calvin Wan who took home a victory on the same course during Formula Drift in 2005 provided the podium photo and was also a guest judge for the day. Here is how the podium finished:

1. Josh McQuire
2. Julian Dumay
3. Joe Farasati

2006 Formula Drift Chicago Flashback [GALLERY]

Downtown Chicago was invaded one last weekend by Formula Drift in the early summer of 2006. Our gallery features 500+ images from the four year old drifting event that took place right next to Lake Michigan. Sadly the venue is way to small to hold Formula Drift these days and they have moved on. Sam Hubinette took home the victory in his Dodge Viper after a controversial win as Rhys Millen complained of water on the track. Tyler McQuarrie even took home third landing on the podium!

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Hella Flush 3.5 Meet featuring Calvin Wan [VIDEO]

Hella Flush 3.5 with Calvin Wan

Watch this video featuring Calvin Wan along with a ton of other cars you will probably recognize from Hellaflush 3.5 team tandem drift event. The event was at Buttonwillow and featured teams of guys drifting it up around the Buttonwillow course which happens to be in the middle of no where. A great video production that has to be one of the best I have witnessed in quite a minute.

Watch the video:

Who Will Drift the Bergenholtz Racing Mazda Rx-8 for 2010?

Justin Pawlak

All we really know at Wrecked Magazine is that sometime this week a big announcement will be made this week and put the mystery to rest. Until then, we are opening a poll to see if the readers have a guess at who will be replacing JTP. The comments section has been buzzing about Mad Mike Whiddett but we are quite skeptical. Some other talented Mazda drivers made our poll list which should have you thinking as well!

Who Is Replacing Justin Pawlak in the Bergenholtz Mazda Rx-8?

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Calvin Wan Keeps Sliding According to His Blog

Even though we announced that Calvin Wan has got the can from Falken Tires and his S15 it looks like he has been sliding around still without worries. His blog mentioned him taking some cars out to Thunderhill for a great time including this Infiniti G37 pictured above. The car looks good sideways and with him putting in some track time during this off season it makes me wonder if we have seen the last of Calvin Wan? I’ve heard some rumors that he might be coming out to campaign himself. Only time will tell I guess.

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Calvin Wan Dropped for 2010 [RUMORMILL]

The rumor mill has been ablaze since coming off SEMA that Calvin Wan is no longer a Team Falken driver for 2010. From what we have heard is that Falken is going to an even slimmer team for next season just running the four official Team Falken cars. Calvin Wan did account for Team Falken’s first victory back in 2005 at Sonoma but recently he has struggled to keep his S15 in one piece at events such as Long Beach where he smashed Turn 10 battling Ryan Tuerck.

This leaves them with a strong chance of picking up a championship in my eyes for next season with Darren McNamara, Tyler McQuarrie, Vaughn Gittin Jr., and Daijiro Yoshihara all in the mix.

Calvin Wan Blogs about his E46 BMW M3


Calvin Wan took to his blog on Speedhunters to document his person E46 M3. The car is freshly sprayed with this new white color. Previously, the car was black with factory wheels last time I saw it circling the Internet. Calvin Wan has a gorgeous pair of Falken Azenis stretched on some black powder coated factory wheels. Looking good Calvin!

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Formula D Official Announcement from Calvin Wan/Chris Forsberg Sonoma Event

Below is a statement released from Formula D on the Calvin Wan/Chris Forsberg incident It looks like we missed this one right when it came out but the statement has some very interesting/useful facts and information from the perspective of the sanctioning body. The snapshot above was posted in our blog comments and came from where you can check out a full sequence of images from this angle. Here is Formula D’s official statement:

Formula DRIFT Memorandum

Date: August 22, 2009
Re: Decision regarding tandem match-up between Chris Forsberg and Calvin Wan

Due to various external communications based on poor information from unqualified sources, Formula Drift has issued the following clarification ruling regarding the Round of 32 match-up between Chris Forsberg and Calvin Wan.

– On the first run of the head to head match-up contact was made between Chris Forsberg and Calvin Wan. Calvin Wan, who was chasing, was deemed at fault for the contact. Subsequently Chris Forsberg’s car was damaged. Specifically a lower control arm was broken.
– Chris Forsberg Racing enacted the 5 Minute Rule via their spotter; legally per the guidelines of the Formula Drift rulebook.
– The 5 Minutes expired and Chris Forsberg Racing brought the vehicle back to the line to run the second run of the head to head match-up.
– The judges’ decision was One More Time.
– Chris Forsberg Racing asked for a second 5 Minute and was denied by the Chief Steward
– The match continued and Calvin Wan was deemed the victor.
– 8 minutes past the expiration of the Head-to-Head battle Chris Forsberg Racing filed a legal protest deeming that they were unjustly refused additional time to fix their vehicle according Appendix E/”5 Minute Time Out” of the 2009 Formula DRIFT Rulebook. Chris Forsberg Racing stated that there is no provision that would NOT allow additional time if the team requests and that the Chief Steward can allow for additional time to fix the vehicle if deemed warranted.
– The protest by Chris Forsberg Racing was deemed legal and valid and that additional time should have been allowed which would have easily repaired the minor issue with the car
– The Chief Steward ruled to run the One More Time battle between Chris Forsberg and Calvin Wan.

Formula DRIFT understands that this is a rare and isolated incident and in no way sets precedent for “Re-runs”. This is an example of a team properly using the protest provision on a non-subjective call and finding error in a specific ruling by a Formula DRIFT official.
Any questions and comments, can be addressed to Randy Hembrey, Jim Liaw, or Ryan Sage. Contacts are listed on the Formula DRIFT website.

Chris Forsberg Vs. Calvin Wan – The Crash/Runs on Video

Chris Forsberg Vs. Calvin Wan at Formula D Sonoma

Check out this intense video from this weekends Formula D weekend in Sonoma, California. Round 6 had huge championship implications and this tandem battle really mixed things up. Calvin Wan crashed into Chris Forsberg on the first run and somehow CFR held the car together with ratchet straps. We didn’t shoot this film but Andy L. did over at DA Films and it’s quiet so crank your audio way up to hear Jarod’s voice and the sound of these cars fly by. Now that you have watched the video, what do you think of the runs?

Watch the video: