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Tyler McQuarrie Defends his Record at Super Lap Battle

The C West/Brian Crower Honda S2000 Time Attack machine last year posted a record lap time for the Unlimited Class with a 1:23.36. While the car had some overheating problems Tyler was able to go out and post up some strong times.

“I went back out on low bost and on sticker tires but there was no change with the heat issue so I was only able to do 1 lap again. I was able to get under the track record by 1 second with a 1:22.23 but at the end of that lap the head gasket blew in a big way just after start finish”

On Sunday they were unable to post a time any better than 1:22.23 but Super Lap Battle counts times from both days. The car just didn’t seem to want to agree with the heat out in the desert but Tyler was able to break his track record! Congrats sir!