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2017 Formula Drift End of Season awards


Formula Drift announced their annual awards at a special awards banquet over the weekend. Special thanks to Formula D ProAm partner US Drift for posting these on their Facebook page.

Here’s a look at all the awards that were handed out:

Fan Favorite Car of the Year: “Chucky” Ola Jaeger
Fan Favorite Driver of the Year: Dirk Stratton
Ace of the Year: Kevin Lawrence
Rookie of the Year: Travis Reeder

Fan Favorite Car of the Year: Kristaps Blušs
Fan Favorite Driver of the Year: Kristaps Blušs
Best Personal Style: Ken Gushi
Best Drifting Style: Chelsea DeNofa
Hard Charger: Jhonnattan Castro
Spotter of the Year: Amy Bakchis (Aurimas Bakchis (Odi))
Spirit of Drifting: Robbie Nishida
Crew of the Year: Worthouse Drift Team (Piotr Więcek / James Deane.)
Crew Chief of the Year: Alex (James Deane)
Team Manager of the Year: Brian Bridges (Bridges Racing)
Most Improved Driver (31st [2016]- 20th [2017]): Jeff Jones
Comeback of the Year: Aurimas Bakchis
Top Qualifier of the Year: James Deane
Ace of the Year (29 wins – 3 losses / 90.6%): James Deane
Rookie of the Year: Piotr Więcek
Most One More Times (7): Odi Bakchis
Automotive Manufacturer Champion: Toyota Racing
Tire Manufacturer Champion: Falken Tire
Third Place Season: Odi Bakchis
Second Place Season: Fredric Aasbø
First Place Season: James Deane

Bridges Racing to support James Deane, Piotr Wiecek in addition to Dean Kearney for 2017

worthouse-s15 kearney-2017-livery

Bridges Racing will be supporting both James Deane and Piotr Więcek for their 2017 Formula Drift campaign in addition to Dean Kearney. Bridges Racing has supported Kearney for the past five seasons, but has supported multiple drivers in past seasons including the championship season of Daigo Saito in 2012. Deane and Więcek’s entry into Formula Drift has been some of the biggest news in the off-season, and seeing them team up with a team that has operated logistics for multiple cars in Formula Drift can only be seen as an advantage that will let them focus on learning the new courses and judging criteria.

The Worthouse Nissan S15’s are already being prepped at Bridges Racing HQ in Huntington Beach since they landed last week, and will make their competitive debut this weekend at Long Beach.

Here’s Your Chance to Gain Some Experience in Formula DRIFT

Bridges Racing
Bridges Racing and Dean Kearney are expanding and looking to fill various full and part-time positions. Any time there is a chance to get your foot in the door, it is extremely valuable, no matter what work you do. And it just so happens that a great opportunity is currently presenting itself in professional drifting for upcoming fabricators, admin, race support/prep crew, videographers, etc. looking to grow within the sport. Not only will you be working with a top level team, but you may also get to travel, work in various conditions, and build your network within the industry.

Some driver examples that have had similar experiences working on a Formula DRIFT team and learned from their experience within the sport are Rapper Dan Savage who crewed with Chelsea DeNofa before winning the 2014 PRO2 Championship, Jonathan Nerren who crewed with Vaughn Gittin JR before starting his own multi-car team competing in Formula DRIFT Canada, and Dylan Hughes who currently crews with Chris Forsberg and won the 2016 USDrift PRO/AM Series in his first full year of competition. I also know of countless others that are definitely on their way to make an impact in the sport in some form or another.

As for videographer examples, you have Mark Lenardon (late videographer for Motor Trend Magazine) who started filming with Drift Indy and Midwest Drift Union, moved on to film for Club Loose and Bloodmasters, traveled with numerous drivers in Formula DRIFT such as Tony Angelo and Geoff Stoneback, and then went on to create content and film for productions such as Hot Rod Garage and Road Kill. Sam Nalven (1/3 of Maximum Driftcast) paid his own way to attend and cover Formula DRIFT events when he started producing his “Drift Chronicles” before he worked on “Tuerck’d“, “Drift Garage“, “Off Track” and more recently with “Vaughn Gittin JR“, “Snap-On”, and “Donut Media“.

If you’re still interested and think you have the drive for it, interviews will be held this Saturday morning at the Race Shop in Huntington Beach, CA for local people and those not lucky enough to live in sunny SoCal can schedule a Skype interview. Information about drivers, team, work shop, and schedule for 2017 will be disclosed to selected applicants only. CV’s/Resume sent to

Gas Monkey Energy Drink Sponsors Dean Kearney for Texas



Dean Kearney and Bridges Racing announced a new co-title partnership with Gas Monkey Energy Drink for the Texas round of Formula Drift, taking place this weekend at Texas Motor Speedway. The Gas Monkey brand has grown rapidly in the past few years behind the popularity of the TV Show “Fast n Loud”, and the brand has gotten more involved with racing over the past few years. Gas Monkey also has worked on several high profile Dodge / Mopar builds, which goes hand-in-hand with the lone Dodge Viper on the Formula Drift grid.

The partnership will expand the number of energy drinks involved with Formula Drift drivers up to five as Gas Monkey Energy joins Monster Energy, Rockstar Energy, Red Bull, and NOS Energy Drink as title or co-title sponsors on the current Formula Drift grid. The newly-revealed livery looks fantastic!

Bridges Racing – Wrecked Weekly Episode 12 [VIDEO]

Episode #12 of Wrecked Weekly was shot today with a special co-host Jacob Leveton and the owner of Bridges Racing Bryan Bridges. We talk about his recent acquisition of Kenneth Moen making his team to manage for 2014 four vehicles. The Bridges team will all run Achilles Radial and include Daigo Saito, Robbie Nishida, Dean Kearney, and now Kenneth Moen.

Bryan Bridges touches on his 2015 new car builds and the drag racing team Speedfactory Racing who is entering Formula Drift in 2014. Finishing up our interview Bryan previews the growth of Achilles in the Formula Drift paddock for the 2014 season and talks about what hair gel he uses.

Kenneth Moen to Join Bridges Racing and Achilles Radial for 2014 Formula Drift Season


Earlier this week Jacob reported that Bridges Racing was adding a fourth driver to the team for 2014. The new driver for the Achilles Radial / Bridges Racing team will be Kenneth Moen running a 700whp 2JZ powered S14 Nissan 240sx. The car will be built by Limitless Motorsports and driven by Kenneth through 2014 on the Achilles 123S tire.

“I’m really excited to work with Kenny this year,” said Bryan Bridges.  “He’s caught my eye over the last couple of seasons with his aggressive driving.  He is very passionate and just wants to drive, the same as the rest of our guys.  I think he’s going to make a great addition to our team, hope fully we can provide him with the tools he needs to make that final push for a podium.” 

“We are excited to welcome Kenneth Moen to the Achilles family for this season, and cannot wait to see him create a ton of smoke with his Achilles 123S tires,” said Cheralyn Hale, Director of Marketing for Achilles Motorsports LLC.

Stephen Brooks profiles Bridges Racing in Texas [VIDEO]

Stephen Brooks has produced some epic drifting videos over the past few years, and this one doesn’t disappoint either. Check out this quick short film as we sit just one week away from the Formula Drift season finale.

Achilles Radial: Meet the Team [VIDEO]

Achilles Radial is the newest tire in the Formula D paddock but earned a championship in just their first year of competition. Here’s a look at some of the faces and personalities behind the scenes of the Achilles Radial team including team owner Bryan Bridges, head mechanic Gary Castillo, and the drivers Daigo Saito and Robbie Nishida.

2012 Formula Drift Fan Favorite Car of the Year – Daigo Saito

The fans voted for Fredric Aasbo as the favorite driver in the 2012 series but Daigo Saito got fan favorite car of the year in his flat black Lexus SC430 with a 1,100+ whp 2JZ-GTE engine. With an assumed 15% drivetrain loss we can assume this engine is making 1,300hp. The car just looks like stickers got vomited everywhere all over it in my opinion but the fans seem to love it. With the help of Achilles the car makes big smoke and has a huge wing to boot.

Achilles Tires Going Big in Formula Drift 2012 with Three Car Team

This mystery tire company that is sponsoring Bridges Racing turns out to be Achilles Tire. The Bridges Racing program is jumping up into a three car program with Daigo Saito, Robbie Nishida, and Armando “Dio.” We have already reported that Robbie Nishida is building a Lexus SC300 and we have word that Daigo Saito is currently building a Lexus SC430 in Japan for his 2012 ride. This is a change from an earlier report that he was driving the APEX’i Lexus SC430. We imagine that Dio will be in the 2009 Championship Chassis Nissan 350z he ran for a few events last year.

A quick verification of the latest 2012 rulebook shows  that the Achille ATR Sport and 123S tires are both approved tires under Appendix C in Section 2. It sounds like they will be the only three on this tire for 2012 but they are making quite a big push for the new season so no telling how things wind up!