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Vaughn Gittin Jr. Crew Takes Big Hit – “Gangster” Dave Steps Away from ASD

Dave Gibson much better known as “Gangster Dave” sent out an email to the drift industry this weekend announcing he needs to step away for what he cited as personal reasons. This comes at a huge loss to the drifting community at large and Vaughn Gittin Jr. who uses him as a crew member in 2013. Dave was well known for his love/involvement in the Rx-7 community and opened a shop in the San Diego area over a decade ago. In 2005 Falken Tire hired and approached his shop to build Tony Angelo’s Mazda Rx-7 that was campaigned in 2005.

Then in 2007 he built a Mazda Rx-8 for Falken Tire and continued his relationship with the company and program. At a point in the near future he linked up with Ian Stewart and packed up to Charlotte, North Carolina to be a part of the ASD program. The rest is history as they say including a rewarding 2010 championship  he was a part of with Vaughn Gittin Jr.  and company. It will be interesting to see who they can slate to replace Dave in the pits for the rest of 2013 and into the future. Sorry about the old photo, it was all I could cough up from GangsterDave’s Instagram page.

ASD Puts Up Other Nissan 350z that Finished 3rd in 2009 [BUY THIS]

In case you were looking to buy a Formula Drift prepped Nissan 350z this month seems to be your best shot ever! Ian Stewart, principal of ASD, announced  on Facebook they were looking to sell the Nissan chassis  that finished up in third place for the 2009 season and took home multiple podiums. Visit the ASD website and give a shout if you interested in buying this Nissan 350z. Both Falken Tire and ASD have failed to give pricing for the chassis and details but serious buyers can inquire.


Joshua Herron Presents 2012 Formula Drift [VIDEO]

A well put together 2012 season review from the hobo Joshua Herron with a big focus on the ASD drivers, Chris Forsberg, and Daigo Saito roaming through the 2012 season. The video walks in order through all seven rounds leading up to the championship victory of Daigo Saito at Irwindale Speedway.

Watch the video:

No New ASD Mob Members for the 2013 Season

The announce came out this week from ASD over in Charlotte, North Carolina that they won’t be added new drivers into the ASD Mob program for 2013. With a current nationwide roster of 21 members they are going to put focus on the roster they have. From TheJackstand, “Instead of growing that number, for 2013 we are going to focus more on ASD Mob current members, as a number of them are headed into the Formula D Pro circuit.”


Justin Pawlak’s 2013 Formula Drift Team Managed by Former ASD Employees [RUMORMILL]

Justin Pawlak

While we lack quite a ton of details we heard over and over again at SEMA that two former ASD employees are settung up a shop to maintain, build, and run the 2013 Ford Mustang RTR program. It appears the guys at SPD Metal Works (who run the Dai Yoshihara and now Darren McNamara program) did not wind up with the third team to manage for 2013. Not 100% confirmation on what employees are coming together for the build but that should help put JTP in good hands for the new season. Can he take a great third run at a championship in 2013 after learning from his mistakes over the last two seasons? Only time will tell with his new old crew/team.

2013 Ford Mustang RTR with Mothers and ASD

This 2013 Ford Mustang RTR with an extra carbon diffuser on the front lip and some fender flares was built with MOTHERS car polish and ASD. The car will be in the Ford booth at the 2012 SEMA Show on display next week. The car has a complete race tuned suspension and 650hp and we should have more information on the build next week.

ASD and Falken Tire Set to Split Ways at the end of 2012

After some rumors have circled around the drift community we got some super solid evidence and communication tonight that after Formula Drift 2012 is complete the ASD and Falken Tire camp will be separated as official partners. The first outward visual issue of the partnership really came when Darren McNamara jumped ship into SPD Metal Works, the team who maintains Daijiro Yoshihara’s 2011 championship S13.4, and planned to finish out the 2012 season with the Falken S15.

Right now Vaughn Gittin Jr. is poised to take home his second championship in three years as he leads the race with just two rounds left. That would leave ASD at a championship average better than most programs building drift cars. No communication yet exactly how things will pan out for Falken Tire or the respective ASD drivers of VGJ and Justin Pawlak but information should be available soon.Whatever they have cooking up in Fontana, California they plan to win more and more championships after going back to back I am sure.

Darren McNamara Stepping into Nissan 350z for Road Atlanta

Darren McNamara apparently needs some new transportation for Formula Drift Round 2 after his big crash at Streets of Long Beach which you can watch again by viewing it in this post below. The 350z of controversy is back after a feather shaking Las Vegas last year with Justin Pawlak stepping into it while removing Tyler McQuarrie. Now in 2012  the 350z is collecting dust over at ASD and getting prepped for this debut at Road Atlanta. I am pretty sure this is the first time DMac will be driving LHD in competition. We hope that he will have some time at Lowes Motor Speedway to test before the big event at Road Atlanta in the car. Darren has stepped onto the podium many times in Atlanta so a new car and a huge lack of points in Long Beach really is going to put pressure on him to perform at this event trying to stay championship points relevant.


Vaughn Gittin Jr. Gets New Mustang for International Events [SPYSHOT]

We pulled a quick screen grab from this video showing the new Ford Mustang rolling into paint according to ASD. The car is being assembled for international demos according to the blog. The car is a simplistic version of his race car like most international demo cars and features a Ford crate motor.



ASD Captures the Podium Sweep at PBIR on [VIDEO]

ASD Invades Formula Drift PBIR

Follow the guys at ASD as they drive to a podium sweep with Justin Pawlak, Vaughn Gittin Jr., and Darren McNamara at the brand new PBIR stop. A great video production again from Zak Kerbelis who also made the last ASD production they released from Atlanta. A great event as the two Mustang bros faced head to head in the finals with Justin Pawlak taking home the victory for his second event win in Formula Drift history.

Watch the video: