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Pat Mordaunt and Tyler McQuarrie Show Off 2015 Formula Drift Team



Patrick Mordaunt and Tyler McQuarrie have sealed up a 2015 program together where they are set to function as a team for the new season. The guys are sharing transport, crew, along with R&D so they can further both programs rapidly. Pat Mordaunt is carrying quite a few more sponsors than Tyler including Konig Wheels and AEM for the 2015 Formula Drift season. Both drivers have run the Falken 615K before but are returning to it in the 2015 season as well. You can head over to our Facebook page and see a little Pat Mordaunt hype/release video right now. Which teammate do you think will finish higher in the championship this season?

Andy Blackmore took the reigns on the creative for this project – “As with any design, I produced a variety of proposals to ensure we have covered all bases and resolved any issues beforehand and this is where the Black central section of the livery came from,“ Andy said about the change, “It was decided from the outset to have a livery based on Tyler’s trademark look and the end result works individually as a livery with Falken coloration and also as a collective next to Tyler’s Camaro.“ Blackmore also designed the new Sparco Infinity race suit for Pat. Instead of traditional sewing logos and designs into the fire-retardant fabric, they are printed directly on to the Nomex suit and not only create a safer option but allow for much more freedom in how the suits turn out. “It was great working with Pat, who was pro-active in the design direction, review, and branding placement.”

“Since car style is so important in FD, this season I opted to work with Andy Blackmore Design,” says Pat Mordaunt on his new render for 2015. “We wanted to create a livery that pays homage to the car’s roots while showing that we are a part of Tyler McQuarrie Racing.” Was working with the incredible talent worth it? “Working with Andy Blackmore has been phenomenal. His creativity and attention to detail is unrivaled when it comes to car design.”

Dean Kearney Shows Off Oracle Lighting Dodge Viper for 2015


Dean Kearney debuts his new look Dodge Viper for the 2015 Formula Drift season. I really like the new black/red livery he has going on and it seems a nice change in wheel choice from this render as well. We have been told Dean and team has made some serious changes to the build during this off-season but not a ton of information has been given to us on exactly what has been reworked. He is carrying some partners such as SPEC Clutch, BC Racing, and AEM.  Dean’s program remains on the Achilles Radial program for tires and continues to carry Oracle Lighting as a title sponsor. Dean was my pick for one of the most improved drivers of 2014 and I think he could make a Top 10 finish for the season if he and the car improved over the off-season.

Chris Jeanneret Shows off his 2013 Formula Drift Livery

Here is a glimpse of Formula Drift rookie Chris Jeanneret’s Nissan 240sx powered by a LS6 engine. He is bringing STR Racing in as a title sponsor for 2013 which is a manufacturer of high performance racing wheels at an affordable price. Chris is running Falken Tire for the 2013 season. He will be competing at all seven events and is giving away a set of STR wheels at every round. Swing by his pit for details on how to win.


Chris Forsberg’s 2013 Formula Drift Livery – Flat and Gloss [FIRST LOOK]

Chris Forsberg showed off his 2013 livery for the first time today at the Formula Drift Media Day after showing some teasers on his Instagram. The Nissan 370z is painted and involves a mix of flat and gloss paints from BASF. Here are some more photographs of the 370z and minor changes we noticed when walking around the car today.

Here is Chris running the modern Formula Drift  #64 door plate with Andy Laputka setting up a SLR camera inside for some of his practice runs.

Like many drivers in the series Chris has swapped over to KW Suspension in the past few seasons providing him witha ton adjustability and custom options for his setup.

Chris is actually running one of the smaller cubic inch V8 engines on the Formula Drift grid. He currently is running a full race Nissan engine borrowed from a former truck series and the guys at MA Motorsport has put even more tuning and power through it. Chris was telling me today that this engine is the highest horsepower naturally aspirated Nissan motor you can find on the planet.

Here is Chris sitting inside his new Recaro seat he swapped in to run for the 2013 season.

All in all it seems like Chris has made some advancements with his program for 2013. He also added Corey Hosford with his Ksport 350z making CFR a two car team for the new year adding to the challenges they will be facing in the new year. What do you think of his new look!?


If you want to see more Formula Drift Media content you can check out our whole gallery:

Victor Moore Shows off his 2013 Formula Drift Livery

Victor Moore has bee a huge contender and big name driver in the northwestern US region for quite a few years now. His Formula Drift car is sponsored by Drift Office, SPEC Clutch, Sway Gear, and BC. Victor will be running Hankook Tires for the 2013 season and have one bright S13 on the grid. Victor is another 2JZ engine heading to Formula Drift for the 2013 season! What do you think of his 240sx?

Dean Kearney’s Oracle Lightning Dodge Viper [SPYSHOTS]

Earlier in the week we leaked a little preview of Dean Kearney’s Dodge Viper showing off his rear quarter panel. Here is a complete image of the Oracle Lighting Dodge Viper set to compete during the 2013 Formula Drift season. The new Viper will run under #43 and run Achilles Radial for the season. Other big partners include AEM, and SPARCO. What does everyone think of Dean Kearney’s Viper for the new year?

Daigo Saito Plans to Bring NASCAR Powered Dodge Viper to D1GP in 2013

So the new Option Video talks to the world about his NASCAR powered Dodge Viper heading to the D1GP series in 2013. While we don’t have a translation on the video we got some tips from an article at telling us about the motor set to power this Dodge Viper.

The article talks about the engine tech for this Nationwide Series Dodge 356ci V8 which received an EFI conversion and some help from AEM. If you want to dig into some hardcore tech with NASCAR motors or just read up more on what engine build Daigo will be taking to D1 this upcoming season read up on this great piece below.



Stephan Papadakis Pro Lite 2WD Truck [SNAPSHOTS]

Stephan Papadakis with his Lucas Oil Nissan Pro-Lite 2WD Truck

Stephan Papadakis LucasOil Nissan Pro-Lite 2WD Truck

Stephan Papadakis Lucas Oil Nissan Pro-Lite 2WD Truck Engine

We have been hounding the guys at AEM to score us some photos of the Nissan Frontier being raced by Scion/Rockstar Energy Drink Crew Chief/Team Manager Stephan Papadakis. He has led Tanner Foust into back to back championships with the AEM/Rockstar Energy Drink team.  We are sure he cannot wait to destroy the tracks in the Lucas Offroad Series in Unlimited Pro-Lite 2WD. Here is what Stephan had to say about running in the series.

“I feel the Lucas series is just starting to climb”, Steph says. “After drag racing, there was drift. And while drifting is a great series for us and we are having lots of success, I can’t run the team in a way to keep Tanner’s car front running and drive a car myself”. So like any well adjusted adrenaline junkie, Steph had to find a way to get his fix.


Tanner Foust Wants Qualifying Points in 2010 – Changing Rear Suspension

Tanner Foust’s Scion tC Protested at Formula D Seattle
Hold the Phone: Tanner Foust’s Scion tC Might Still Face Legal Issues

In case you remember all of this nonsense around Formula Drift Seattle last season it all resulted in Tanner being fined his qualifying points for the 2010 season. If you look over the 2009 standings you will see towards the end of the season he didn’t receive his qualifying points due to a fine based on the rear suspension and some other items. Well it looks like the AEM/Rockstar Energy Drink team is getting their ducks in a row for the tech day coming up and Long Beach! Something tells me Tanner Foust and this team won’t be failing to qualify for Top 32 at any point this year, other teams be warned.


Mulholland Highway Drifted by Tanner Foust [VIDEO]

Tanner Foust : Drifting on Mulholland Highway

The Rockstar Energy Drink x Scion Racing tC took over Mulholland Highway piloted by the master Tanner Foust! This is a 18 second tease video but I’m pretty confident when the full flick comes out it will be awesome. Take a few seconds and tune in.

Watch the video:–drifting-on-mulholland-highway