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2016 Formula Drift Round 2 Atlanta – Tire Manufacturer Championship [STANDINGS]


Nexen Tire continues to lead the Tire Manufacturer Championship after Atlanta after receiving strong performances from Alec Hohnadell and Tanner Foust. Nexen has now had four different drivers contribute to their points total on the season. Falken tire improved to second in the standings, while Nitto Tire jumped from fifth after Long Beach to third. All six tire manufacturers are within striking distance of the championship.

Here’s a look at the Tire Manufacturer standings after 2 of 8 rounds:

1. Nexen Tire – 262 Points
2. Falken Tire – 247 Points
3. Nitto Tire – 212 Points
4. Hankook Tire – 199 Points
5. GT Radial – 153 Points
6. Achilles Radial – 149 Points



After the quiet exit of Maxxis Tire in the offseason as well as the loss of Yokohama, but the return of Nexen Tire, the number of tire manufacturers competing for the Tire cup is currently at 6 brands. Chelsea Denofa brought GT Radial not only their first podium but also their first event win, while Aasbo and Gushi brought Nexen their first two podium victories in Formula Drift history. The Nexen Tire team looks stacked, and the early lead in the Tire Championship isn’t much of a surprise. Hankook Tire has ran away with the Tire Championship in each of the last three seasons, but this season should be much more contentious as each brand has several great names under their banner.

Here are the Tire Manufacturer standings after the 1st of 8 rounds:

1. Nexen Tire – 144 Points
2. GT Radial – 116 Points
3. Falken Tire – 112 Points
4. Hankook Tire – 96 Points
5. Nitto Tire – 80 Points
6. Achilles Radial – 64 Points

Dean Kearney Bringing American Muscle over for IDC Mondello Park


Dean Kearney is bringing over his Dodge Viper (one of his two) to Ireland so he can compete in the Irish Drift Championship final round at Mondello Park. I’ve always been told by the Irish fans that Mondello Park is the one event you want to attend if you ever want to see Irish drifting and fan insanity on display. I’ve been told they are expecting 10k+ for a wild series finale. Dean is shipping over one of his 8.3L Dodge Viper’s to join up with his Achilles teammates at the end of this month. \

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Robbie Nishida’s Infiniti G37 is running just in time for Atlanta [VIDEO]

Robbie Nishida posted a video of his VQ-powered Infiniti G37 idling via Instagram yesterday, which he previewed at SEMA last November. This motor is said to be stroked out to around 4.0L, and pushing 1,000hp to the rear wheels. After making the Great 8 in Long Beach, he has a good foundation of points to build on for the rest of the season. Hopefully this new car is actually competition ready for this round, we would hate to see Robbie drop in points due to new car issues.

2015 Formula D Round 1 Long Beach – Tire Manufacturers Championship [STANDINGS]


With the event win, Hankook Tire takes the early lead in the tire championship, although there seems to be much more parity in the pits this season than in seasons past as far as tire compounds. All four of the final Long Beach competitors were on different tire brands (Aasbo on Hankook, Bakchis on Nitto, Tuerck on Maxxis, and Field on Yokohama), although Long Beach isn’t always the best indicator of tire performance due to the patchy pavement. With Kenda tire leaving Formula Drift this season, there are now 7 tire manufacturers competing for the Tire Manufacturer Championship.

Here’s the standings after the first event in the 2015 Formula D Championship:

1. Hankook Tire – 143 Points
2. Nitto Tire – 135 Points
3. Maxxis Tire – 102 Points
4. Falken Tire – 101 Points
T5. Achilles Tire – 86Points
T5. Yokohama Tire – 86Points
7. GT Radial – 52 Points

Marc Landerville Bails on V8 and Heads 2JZ for 2015 Formula Drift


We just got a drop on Marc Landerville’s newly build S14 Nissan 240sx with a photo overload from our resident Canadian Jeremy Glover! Marc made the call for the 2015 season to leave his V8 powered Nissan 240sx he drove last season in Canada to use for DMCC and build a complete new car for the Formula Drift season. His new car is a 2JZ powered S14 with help from Brian Crower and Turbo by Garrett. Marc will also be siting on Achilles Radial for the 2015 season. Check out below for a photo overload of his new S14 that you can see in action next weekend at Formula Drift Long Beach.

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The liveries of FD Tech Day – Jeff Jones, Charles Ng, Ken Gushi, Dave Briggs, and Daigo Saito


Source: Achilles Radial


Source: Briggs Drift fan page


Source: Charles Ng Racing


Source: Greddy Racing


Source: Instagram

Contrary to the name, FD Tech Day didn’t actually include the technical inspection of any cars, unlike in years past. Despite that, there were a handful of liveries which were revealed at tech day, several of which we previewed earlier.

Confirming our rumor, Daigo Saito’s GT-R was not only confirmed to be in the US, but was wrapped live at the tech day, which was a cool experience. The livery still carries the black, green, and purple of the Achilles Radial liveries of years past, but has a cool digital camo type of pattern to it.

Dave Briggs also went green and black with his livery, although he revealed that he will be in Hankook Tires, not Achilles like last season.

Charles Ng showed probably the most dramatic livery change, with major sponsorship from Maxxis Tires and Speedhunters looks to still be involved in the program, but in a much less way than last year.

Ken Gushi’s FR-S livery is very similar to the livery he ran on last year’s Pikes Peak car, but still carries a lot of the elements of last season’s drift livery.

Finally, Jeff Jones’ livery was already revealed earlier, but we are big fans of the livery now that we have seen it in person.


Daigo Saito’s GT-R may already be in the US [RUMORMILL]



With the recent contract negotiations between port workers and the Port of Long Beach causing a several-month long backup, there has been growing concern around international drivers getting their cars into town in time for the first event (which is just 2 weeks away). Yesterday’s news that Mad Mike would be missing the Long Beach round due to these shipping delays brought up several other questions around who else might be affected by the delays. A source has informed me that Daigo Saito’s new GTR may already be in the US, and may break cover as soon as this weekend in the new Achilles Radial livery (which will be different from the mock livery that was on the mock car at SEMA). Saito is one of the 25 drivers Achilles is supporting this year in PRO and Pro 2 combined.

In case you were keeping track, Saito is building a GT-R for Formula D USA, a Lambo for D1 Grand Prix, and a Ferrari for the Asian rounds of Formula D.

We’re glad that at least one of the international cars will be around for the season debut! If anyone has any tips on any of the other international drivers making it to the US in time, please send them our way!

Alec Hohnadell Shows Off Get Nuts Lab x Achilles 240sx [SPYSHOTS]


Alec Hohnadell has released his 2015 livery showing off some new partners for 2015. He linked up with Forrest Wang’s operation Get Nuts Laboratory in Las Vegas to get his program off the ground and running in 2015. He has kept his LS Chevrolet engine for the new season and slapped a Magnuson TVS2300 jackshaft supercharger on it for a nice bump in horsepower for the year. I also like how his core color is green to match with the overall Get Nuts branding we have seen in years past. Alec seems to be carrying Holley Performance as a partner for the new year as well helping him with some great LS engine support. Alec mentioned to me he drove Forrest’s competition car at Vegas Drift over the past weekend and really did love the way a 2JZ engine felt in drifting. Perhaps we will see him shift over to the inline 6 setup in a future car build? What do you think of his new 2015 Formula Drift setup?

Tommy Van Cleef Goes Throwback TRD Livery for Formula Drift Pro 2

Tommy Van Cleef

Tommy Van Cleef is a really interesting and exciting driver in the world of drifting. My favorite part about him you might ask? The fact that he drives a MK3 Toyota Supra and earned a Pro 2 license with it impresses me in itself. Trust me, if the MK3 Supra was such a piece of cake to make into a drift car then plenty of other people would be doing it.

For 2015 Pro 2 Tommy has turned up the power on his 2JZ engine which we were told was making 700whp in Pro Am. He also made a move on the tire side and signed with Achilles Radial for the new upcoming Pro 2 drift season. He carries some other partners such as Turbo by Garrett, Brian Crower, Clutchmasters and BC Racing. I really dig his Ivan Stewart TRD throwback livery he has going on with his Supra as well. You can see this car make its debut on the east coast at Formula Drift Orlando Speed World in June.