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Joon Maeng Confirms Car is Ready for Formula Drift Atlanta – We Relive His Wild Crash


Joon Maeng got his 2014 season off to a really really bad start. In qualifying he smashed up his 240sx on the turn 10B wall in a big way. Joon showed off the car today confirming that he will be in attendance for Formula Drift Round 2 at Road Atlanta! Here is a slideshow of the crash in photos and video below:

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Huge D1SL Wreck from Round 1 at Bihoku [VIDEO]

A fan managed to capture this insane Silvia wreck from D1SL Round 1 at Bihoku! We have a results posts along with a video of the final battle from Round 1 at Bihoku here. The tires really sent this car on a ride!

E90 BMW Wrecks at Grassroots Drift Event in Ohio

Ouch! At the Drift Movement event in Columbus, Ohio someone brought out a E90 BMW M3 four door and hit the course. The good news is he saved the car from understeering straight into the big monster truck tire but smacked it on the exit pretty good. That is going to be an expensive one to fix!

Odi Bakchis and Ryan Tuerck Make Contact at Formula Drift Media Day


The incident that left Ryan Tuerck’s Scion FR-S looking worse for wear was made by contact from behind by Odi Bakchis. Reports have told us that Odi had a power steering failure which caused him to slide into Ryan Tuerck creating this much damage to him. Ryan ended up towing his car off on a tow truck to get fixed locally. Odi’s car took way less damage in the whole bang up as well and he should be good to go for Friday without any issues.

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Mazda Miata Flips at Desoto Drift Event ValenDrift

MazdaMiata.Flip MazdaMiata.Rollcage

Luckily this roll bar was installed on this Mazda Miata or this flip over at Desoto Drift could of been much uglier. Here are some pictures that hit the Internet today. We have our eye out for video, feel free to post any other content of the flip you have in the comments and we will add it or post!

2013 World Time Attack Practice Mishap and Crash [VIDEO]

While practice was going on at World Time Attack a driver spun out and put up a smoke screen for all the following cars as they come down the hill. The end result was 3 smashed up drift cars at the big weekend in Australia. May this be a tip for any other drivers when running in an open practice session of things not to do.


2013 G1GP Round 1 Knockout Qualifying Crash [VIDEO]

The G1GP series for those who are not familiar is a fun series for foreigners to compete in from all over the world where drifting started in Japan. The series found 50+ drivers for yesterdays event at Ebisu Circuit. The qualifying sessions are done in a similar Formula 1 style. The event is split into four run groups and each run group goes out on the track at one time to qualify and the judges then pick the top drivers to advance into a Top 16. During one of the last run groups this happened to shut down the track for a few minutes. Both drivers got out just fine but one car is going to be retired for the weekend of Matusri we believe after this hit. Huge thanks to Enjuku Racing for helping us make the trek out to Japan for G1GP and Matsuri weekend!

Not the Best 240sx Drifter We Have Seen to Date – Spring Goes Flying at Cameraman [VIDEO]

Street drifting is a horrible idea for almsot anyone looking to have some fun in this day and age. What makes street drifting even worse is when you are prone to understeer like this Nissan 240sx in the video above. Keep it on the track or at least practice in a big parking lot before getting crazy with some daytime street drifting.

Tony Brakohiapa Crashes his eBay Motors Mustang at Irwindale [VIDEO]

Here is a birds eye view look of the tandem battle between Tyler McQuarrie vs. Tony Brakohiapa in a Mustang vs. Camaro battle that is old as time. Tony B. was unable to hold the same speed as Tyler McQuarrie in the GoPro x Mobil 1 Camaro and crashed into the inner bank ripping off his suspension and smashing his passenger side wheels to pieces. The car goes sliding along the wall until finally coming to a stop. What a tough finish to the 2012 season for this team.

Nissan 350z Street Drifting Has an Accident [VIDEO]

The video speaks for itself as a Nissan 350z overcooks a huge turn and smashes into a curb/guardrail. The curb luckily really put the car to a halt before moving into the guardrail. This is why Midwest Drift Union, Clubloose, and Vegas Drift are around so you don’t do this to your 350z. Going off the racetrack is a tad more forgiving in most cases.