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Justin Pawlak On Falken Tires for 2010 – Set to Drive 2010 Mustang

2010 Ford Mustang

We just got word from one of our favorite sponsors Falken Tire that they have picked up Drift Alliance Ace Justin Pawlak for 2010. ASD is getting a new Falken colored (teal/green) 2010 Mustang in shape for him at Long Beach. While Vaughn is moving into a 2011 we will see the older 2010 in the hands of JTP. The boys at ASD are a team I know can have a car in racing form for Long Beach. With a 9th place finish in 2009 I have faith Justin Pawlak can be a champion contender in the Ford Mustang. The real question now is, can Justin Pawlak finish better than the Mustang poster child, Vaughn Gittin Jr.?  What are your thoughts on this one?

2010 Mustang Unleashed – Magic in Las Vegas with Vaughn Gittin Jr. [VIDEO]

2010 Mustang Unleashed – Vegas Magic with Steve Wyrick

To complete the 2010 Ford Mustang Unleashed series the marketing guru’s at Ford teamed up Formula D driver Vaughn Gittin Jr. and Steve Wyrick (resident illusionist at Planet Hollywood) for a stunt on Las Vegas Boulevard. The illusion involves Steve Wyrick being shackled to a cage in front of Planet Hollywood and Vaughn Gittin driving straight through it. We were on the scene live for the event in Las Vegas and made a really neat Behind the Scenes of the Steve Wyrick x Vaughn Gittin illusion. The video stunt is shot in one take, so no tricks were done to the footage, and I witnessed the stunt in person and still have no idea how they pulled it off.

Watch the video:—vegas-magic-with-ste

Vaughn Gittin Jr. Reviews the 2010 Ford Mustang [VIDEO]

2010 Ford Mustang Review

You already heard what we thought about the 2010 Ford Mustang in our 1k Road Trip post but now find out with the man Vaughn Gittin Jr. thinks about this machine. He talked about the different supercharger packages and the general love for the new V8 Mustang. You can even see his factory 2010 Ford Mustang sliding around at Englishtown Raceway.

Watch the video:

2010 Mustang Burnout – What Happens When You Hand the Keys to Vaughn Gittin [VIDEO]

2010 Ford Mustang Burnout

I think the title really speaks for itself. We let Vaughn drive our road trip 2010 Ford Mustang for a few minutes and look what kind of hoonage he was creating. After disconnecting the wheel speed sensors and sliding around this closed course he was still plugging you all to buy one and test drive one at your local dealership. Perhaps the sales man will even let you try and be Vaughn Gittin Jr. but we doubt it. If you missed our 2010 Ford Mustang 1k Roadtrip story you should check that out as well.

Watch the video:

2010 Ford Mustang 1k Road Trip [REVIEW]

2010 Ford Mustang - Front Side Shot

Now before I say anything about this Mustang I took it with the knowledge I would get tons of flack from the community since the 2010 Ford Mustang isn’t exactly a model of “drifting” but it even exceeded my personal expectations and then some.

We picked the car up in Los Angeles and headed out to Las Vegas, Nevada for Formula Drift Las Vegas and embark on our road trip. Hopping in the car before I even left Los Angeles the car was miles apart from the older body style Mustang’s. Sitting in the interior they have lost that cheap feel and have some quality seats and interior. Here is the view from the driver’s seat below. I even love the vintage gauge cluster.

2010 Ford Mustang

For road trips like ours the car has some helpful additions under the armrest. Along with a second D/C power outlet the car has a line in and USB dock. The line in can be used for an iPod to play through the car stereo and the USB plug can charge your Blackberry/iPhone on the go. You can also sync your music with the Microsoft SYNC system the Mustang has but we went old school with an AUX cable and our iPod.

2010 Ford Mustang

The car has on tap power from it’s 4.6L V8 engine which produces a whooping 315hp. To really get the car moving you have to drive it in a pretty aggressive fashion I found but the car just screams it’s way through the gears and loves every minute of it. 5th gear is almost pointless it is beyond an overdrive gear. If you buy one with intentions to drift or just have some everyday hoonage a gear swap is something I would recommend fixing the problem fairly easy.

2010 Ford Mustang

We quickly rolled into Baker, California and had to stop at the World’s Largest Thermometer. The grabber blue paint drew some on lookers and attention as the Baker Thermometer posted a 107 degree temp. for our trip through the desert.

2010 Ford Mustang

Even with the 110+ heat and some harder than average driving the car’s temp. gauges did not budge. The car is built Ford tough (haha, I couldn’t help it!) and is just so well balanced for a big machine. We arrived in Nevada before we could even blink.

2010 Ford Mustang

We then caught up with Formula D driver Vaughn Gittin Jr. who pilots a 2010 Ford Mustang professionally and he gave us some tips about the car and really had some fun in our grabber blue Mustang. Vaughn keyed us into a little trick to put the car in to what could only be described as “drift mode.” You disconnect one of the wheel speed sensors tucked behind the right side of the wheel. Once the cable is disconnected the car will show a check engine light and the ABS light (warning: this will disconnect ABS) but it allows the car to go sliding like crazy.

2010 Ford Mustang

While under the supervision of Vaughn Gittin at Las Vegas Motor Speedway we let the car loose and had some fun! In fact, we had so much fun sliding the car around we forgot to take pictures or video. Nothing too fancy went down due to my lack of skill but the car drifted easier than any OEM car I have ever drifted. I’ve owned a 350z, G35, and G37 which just slide out on demand. The Mustang was on par with the 350z for anyone who has driven the car but with mounds more torque at the pedal. We have a video coming out we made on the car so more with Vaughn Gittin Jr. later!

2010 Ford Mustang

We brought the car out to Red Rock Canyon which is just 20 miles outside of Las Vegas. We took a 13 mile scenic drive around the park to check out Nevada’s gorgeous side and see how the Mustang would handle in these hills. For as heavy and old the suspension setup under my steering wheel the car didn’t handle that bad. While it’s no sports cars like movements the car can take the road more aggressively than I had first imagined.

2010 Ford Mustang

After enjoying Formula D Las Vegas we took a long way home to really enjoy the 2010 Ford Mustang and meet our 1,000 mile mark for our road trip. We drove down 95 to Laughlin, Nevada which got some more gambling out of our system and headed into Arizona. We grabbed I-40 West and finished off the wild wild west in our all American machine.

The one thing that really took me away after driving is the love people have for the Mustang. Mind you to me I am driving a stock 2010 Ford Mustang GT around and people are honking, giving the thumbs up, and any other Mustang owner would pass us with a nice rev. Insane I tell you, the love America has with it’s all American muscle car is something I never expected to that degree.

2010 Ford Mustang - Front Side Shot

Total Summary:
Total Miles: 1,123 miles
Gas Total: $193.52
Gas Stops: 6
Overall Fun Factor: 8
Daily Driver Factor: 7.6
Drift Machine Potential: 9.4
Trunk Space: 8.7
Road Trip Machine: 8.3

Check out the gallery from our trip:

Vaughn Gittin Jr. Wrecks Going Into Turn 1 – New Look [VIDEO]

Vaugn Gittin Jr. Crashes at Turn 1 in Las Vegas

The 2010 Ford Mustasng took a huge hit when Vaughn Gittin Jr. was unable to steer going into turn one of the Las Vegas Motor Speedway track. The Mustang was coming in fast and essentially drove straight into the k-rail as you can see the suspension springs and a wheel/suspension setup are left behind as the car drives off camera. The guys at Falken/ASD were able to get the car back together in just a few hours for qualifying which was amaizng.

Watch the video:

2010 Ford Mustang 1k Road Trip with Wrecked Magazine

This weekend along with Formula Drift Vegas we will be taking a 2010 Ford Mustang on a 1,000 mile road trip with a pit stop at good old Formula D Las Vegas. Vaughn Gittin Jr. will be joining us to give us an overall review of the OEM version of his drifting machine.

The thing that interests me most of all about taking out the 2010 Ford Mustang is this will be my first long road trip in an American muscle car. An iconic American symbol blasting across the wild west this weekend lead by a prancing horse logo is already in my dreams. My last long haul road trip was a 3,000 mile cross country venture in a Bentley GT. The car only made it about 2,200 miles with me behind the wheel and struggled to stay in one piece all week.

After driving it around Los Angeles today I have already enjoyed the machine. It’s a nice blend of new car and an American classic. Enough about all that though, we will have your full review once we are back from Las Vegas on Tuesday. Keep checking back for updates coming very soon.

2010 Ford Mustang in Japan Chapter 5: Foreign Exchange

Chapter 5: Foreign Exchange

Chapter 5 has Kumakubo and Daigo Saito getting behind the wheel of the 2010 Ford Mustang as Vaughn watches them slide the V8 power around the Ebisu circuit. Vaughn Gittin even gives a pretty awesome ridealong himself as his final hours at the Ebisu circuit look like a blast.

Watch the video:

2010 Ford Mustang in Japan – Chapter 4: Ebisu

Chapter 4: Ebisu

Vaughn Gittin Jr. finally makes it to the Ebisu circuit which is owned by the legendary Kumakubo from Team Orange. Vaughn acknowledged this is a place he has always wanted to come and enjoy. Kumakubo talks about how he laid out all of the eight tracks here at the Ebisu circuit himself and know the property very well. It even has a zoo that they will give you a sneak preview of.

Watch the video:

Vaughn in Japan – Chapter 3: The Drift King

Chapter 3: The Drift King

Our current favorite mini series is back at it again with some updates from the Motherland of Drift. Vaughn Gittin Jr. now leaves Osaka to find his way to the Drift King. While chatting with the Drift King he tells Vaughn that he thinks he is the best drifter in the United States currently. It is still raining in Japan but Vaughn goes out and slides around with some of Japanese’s best in this episode.

Watch the video: