Danny George & Chris Jeanneret – Episode 13

Posted on Feb 14, 2014 under

Danny George and Chris Jeanneret join the fun on Wrecked Weekly Episode #13. Our hosts Jacob Leveton and Joey Redmond asked all the hard questions and had a great round table on topics such as Formula Drift qualifying, custom kunckles, 2014 engine packages, Honda s2000 chassis, Formula 1 cars, and what tire is Matt Field running in 2014? We even touch on a couple other news stories over the weekend below:

Learn More about Danny George:

Learn More about Chris Jeanneret:

Matt Field Tire Rumor:

Pat Mordaunt to Hyundai Genesis in 2014 Rumor:

Chris Jeanneret Set to Bring Honda s2000 to Formula Drift in 2014:

Chris Jeanneret Crash at Irwindale We Tried to Play from Tofu Drift Van:

Erich Hagen: Up and Coming Driver Mentioned in Google+ Hangout