Chelsea DeNofa’s Awesome Reverse Entry at Pat’s Acres [VIDEO]

Wow! This entry by Chelsea DeNofa from the Tuerck’d video shoot day at Pat’s Acres is pretty awesome! Just sit back and watch this quick little video over and over again and try to figure out how on earth you are going to do the same thing in your 240sx this weekend.

Ryan Tuerck Signs with Disc Brakes Australia

RyanTuerckRyan Tuerck has a new Formula Drift sponsor for his Scion FR-S that was brought on right before Seattle. The company is Disc Brakes Australia and Tuerck has opted to run the 4000 series one-piece rotors. The T3 slotted brake rotor is the most aggressive one piece rotor which is optimal for motorsports applications. Good news for you street car fans is the rotor also cuts the mustard on the street. The rotors are crafted with high-carbon iron and cured with a patented process that reduces metal stress, rotor edges feature 3 paint marks which change color to reflect different levels of metal temperature, and DBA’s patented Kangaroo Paw ventilation comprised of 144 pillars between the rotor faces providing faster cooling and greater strength.

A POV Look Into Drift All-Stars [VIDEO]

Round 3 of the Drift All-Stars Swedish GP gets a POV look from the drivers perspective. His nighttime activities might be a little NSFW for at least strike some caution where you watch. All and all it looks like great times were had up in Scandinavia for the third round of Drift All-Stars this season!

2014 Golden Gate Drift Round 3 [RESULTS]


Golden Gate Drift Round 3 was scorching hot at Stockon 99 raceway! Some serious carnage went down in morning practice (you can see the aftermath on our Instagram). In the end some talented drivers made it onto the podium and mixed up the championship points chase with only one round left. Photo credit to JJ Wright. Here is how they finished:

Round 3 Results :
1st: Crick Filipi
2nd: Joe Tardiff
3rd: Ryan Rasberry



2014 Formula Drift Round 5 at Evergreen Speedway Main Event [GALLERY]

OdiBakchis DarrenMcNamara RyanTuerck


David Moore put his camera to work during Saturday’s Formula Drift Seattle weekend! Here are almost 800 shots from the big main event. Cars lifting tires off the ground mid drift, wall smashing, and car to car contact is all covered here as Falken returns to the podium with Darren McNamara. Follow the link below to check out all the images from the big Formula Drift weekend!

Check out the Gallery:

Vaughn Gittin Jr. Shows off his Foxbody Mustang [VIDEO]

Vaughn Gittin Jr. walks you around his missile Fox which happens to be one awesome Foxbody Ford Mustang turned missile car. The thing is a bit haggard these days but sure makes a fun drift car. Vaughn does a walk around of the Mustang and takes it out for some fun at Clubloose!

2014 Drift Mania Round 3 at Montmagny [GALLERY]

InfinitiG35.Tandem DMCC DriftMania.SmokeShow

Drift Mania is in full swing after putting Round 3 at Montmagny in the books. A huge crowd came out to support the Canadian drifting industry over the weekend. Follow the link below and check out tons of great images from this recent DMCC weekend!

Check out the Gallery:

Kumakubo Shows off his LS3 Powered S15 Silvia [VIDEO]

Global warming might come to an abrupt end because this swap has made hell freeze over. Kumakubo walks through and shows off his LS3 powered S15 Silvia. This video from Option shows off a decent bit of track time in the car. Kumakubo seems to like his big V8 swapped Silvia but it sure looks like it could use some more horsepower or perhaps he is just slowly getting it all together. What do you think of his new build? Could it be coming to America for the international series in 2015?

2014 Formula D Seattle – Behind the Numbers


Since Formula Drift started attending the Seattle track in 2006, I have yet to miss an event at the track. Evergreen seems to be a track that produces memorable finishes, both positive (in the sense of first-time podium winners) and negative (major crashes). Joey revealed some of these stats in his ‘10 things I learned‘ post, but here’s a bigger look back on some of the major stats that arose from this weekend’s events.

  • Darren McNamara’s win for Falken Tire was the 20th for the brand, doubling up any other tire manufacturer. The win also ended an 8-event podium drought, tying the longest previous drought in their history (New Jersey 07 to Irwindale 08).
  • McNamara’s podium was his 9th of his Formula D career, which puts him into 7th place overall. Previously, he was tied with Daigo Saito, Justin Pawlak, and Ryan Tuerck who all remain tied with 8 career podiums.
  • McNamara was both the winner and top qualifier to earn maximum points, which has happened six previous times. Most recently, Yoshihara took both the pole position and the top podium spot at Long Beach in 2012, and Vaughn Gittin Jr. bookended both portions of the weekend back at Seattle in 2012.
  • Dean Kearney became the 36th unique Formula D driver to earn a podium, joining Odi Bakchis as the second driver to earn his first podium this season. Kearney is the 5th driver to earn his first career podium in Seattle. Others include Seigo Yamamoto (06), Robbie Nishida (08), Eric O’Sullivan (09), and Fredric Aasbo (11), all drivers who have been commuters to the Formula D series. Interestingly, no North American driver has earned his first podium at the track.
  • Dean Kearney’s podium was the 16th for Dodge, who now moves ahead of Scion for sole ownership of fourth most podiums all-time. Dodge’s last podium was by Sam Hubinette in Long Beach 2009 (39 events), the longest drought for Dodge.
  • Forsberg’s podium was his 23rd in his career, passing Dai Yoshihara for the most overall in Formula D history.
  • Forsberg’s fifth-consecutive podium is the most ever in Formula D history. Previously, Millen’s 4 podiums spanning the 2004 to 2005 season was the most, with Foust, Gittin Jr, Saito, and Hubinette all having 3-event podium streaks.
  • Mike Pollard, Nate Hamilton, and Taka Aono became the 42nd, 43rd, and 44th unique drivers to score championship points this season. Pollard is the 7th rookie to score points this season.

The Nate Hamilton and Carl Rydquist Crash at Seattle [VIDEO]

So someone actually captured this Pro 2 Formula Drift practice incident on video. Nate Hamilton spun and stalled out on course and for whatever reason was unable to get his car fired back up in any quick fashion. During that time the next pair of drivers were sent and Carl Rydquist just drove straight into Nate Hamilton. Clearly with some better flaggers or some more solid communication to the start line the wreck could of been avoided. You can see one flagger trying to get the attention of the drivers by running towards them with a yellow flag. Even though the mistake was made by course workers could the wreck of been easily avoided in the first place? Tons of questions to be asked on this one which effected both cars going into Pro 2 qualifying. A tough break for both drivers regardless of what happened. Who do you think was mostly at fault here?