Conrad Grunewald adds twin turbo and nitrous for 2015 season



Conrad Grunewald confirmed with us that the BRE Motorsports team will be building out a brand new engine package for 2015, pairing up two Garrett turbochargers with a nitrous setup and a box full of supporting parts from Scoggin Dickey to push some big horsepower numbers in his Chevy Camaro demo car.There have been a few photos trickling in over social media over the past month or so, but it looks like all the piping is in the final stages of fabrication. The car pictured is the 2010 to 2012 chassis that was built for the SEMA show, not the ‘new’ chassis BRE built in 2013. This car will be used for demos and exhibitions, and on display at all FD events, but will NOT be the main powerplant of his competition car. The horsepower wars continue!

UPDATE: This powerplant will be for a demo car. The main competition car will remain a naturally-aspirated LS7 + nitrous

Chris Jeanneret – 2014 Formula D Season Review [VIDEO]

Chris Jeanneret had a frustrating year in Formula Drift with his Honda S2000 drift car. This video feature gives you a round-by-round rundown of what happened at each round with Jeanneret and the Speedfactory team. Jeanneret has told us that he will be running the Pro 2 class during the 2015 Formula Drift season.

Mad Mike Set to Unveil New RX-7 HUMBUL at Tokyo Auto Salon


On January 9th (just a few days from now) you will see the unveil of Mad Mike Whiddett’s newest project called HUMBUL. Other than some sporadic photos we haven’t been able to get a 100% scoop on the deal. We imagine this car will be part of the Formula Drift World Championship unit for him since we have heard he is coming to Formula Drift in 2015 with a Mazda Miata already. Who is excited to see Mad Mike in 2015 with these new wild builds that are coming together?

FBF – James Deane vs. Darren McNamara Was Awesome [VIDEO]

The 2015 year is kicking off a little slow so I dug up this video from the Wrecked Magazine Archives. This video takes us back to 2010 when James Deane arrived in America and given the keys to a “crappy and undriveable” S15 Silvia that had been campaigned with little success in previous Formula Drift years by other drivers. Legend has it, James Deane and his team flew to Amreica, had one test day and threw an alignment at it which resulted in him qualifying for Streets of Long Beach. In an emotionally charged run to the Final Four he wound up running his Irish compatriot Darren McNamara who helped him come to the States in the first place. He sent Darren McNamara packing after this wild wall smacking performance in the Great 8. He went on to battle Tanner Foust in the Final Four and lost but what a run he had that weekend. We have been big cheerleaders on his return to the States but nobody has coughed up a ride for him just yet while he wins everything in Europe over and over again. If you want to learn more about James Deane, I did a really fun interview with him when he was visiting the United States a while back which you can see here.

Reviewing the 13.5 inch Suede Driven Steering Wheel

Words: Rathyna Gomer
Over the last year, I have been taking my car building much more seriously. I made one promise to myself – no more half-assing anything on my competition car (my LS3 powered 350z). After getting the bulk of the swap completed, I began making a checklist of all the other parts I needed to make this car perfect. Unfortunately, I don’t have much flexibility with my seat (I have to push my seat all the way forward since I’m so short), it all comes down to the size, depth, and position of my steering wheel. Crazy, I know – but the struggle is seriously that real. So when I hit the market for a steering wheel, it was no small task. After much research and many side-by-side comparisons, I was extremely comfortable in choosing a Driven Steering wheel.

While Drifting – Obviously, steering and maneuverability are critical in any motorsport. However, with drifting, steering wheels are spinning like crazy. Being able to catch the wheel during a transition or during a fast manji, is extremely critical. I’ve had experiences with an OEM steering wheel where I wasn’t able to catch the wheel, which could really end up disastrous. Pro Tip > > Watch this video:

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Formula D’s 2015 Pro 1 and Pro 2 Driver Roster, via Promotion / Relegation


Prior to the Formula D season finale at Irwindale, we previewed how the whole promotion / relegation system would work entering the final event. Now that the standings are complete and 2015 is officially just days away (although Formula D’s season is still more than 120 days away), we thought we would give you the full list of drivers and their current standing as it relates to the Pro 1 or Pro 2 class.

While these rosters were derived from the final standings, keep in mind that drivers will be allowed to petition for Pro 1 standing. While previous petition approvals haven’t been very transparent, Formula D officials told us that moving forward, they are moving towards black-and-white criteria for petition approval. We believe this means that drivers who have a proven international or previous Formula D history of podiums would likely be allowed to jump straight to Pro 1, but Pro-Am graduates would likely need to earn their Pro 1 license via Pro 2 regardless of sponsor support or overall level of commitment to the series.

Pro 1 Roster in alphabetical order (Top 32 from Pro 1 + top 8 from Pro 2) – 38 total due to 2 drivers earning licenses via both methods

Aasbo, Fredric
Bakchis, Odi
Baribeau, Mats
Briggs, Dave
Castro, Jhonnattan
Coffman, Matt*
DeNofa, Chelsea
Essa, Michael
Evans, James*
Field, Matt
Forsberg, Chris
Gittin, Vaughn
Goodin, Pat
Grunewald, Conrad
Gushi, Ken
Hamilton, Nate*
Hohnadell, Alec
Jones, Jeff**
Kado, Ryan
Kearney, Dean
Landreville, Marc
Lowe, Jeremy*
Maeng, Joon
McNamara, Darren
McQuarrie, Tyler
Moen, Kenny
Mohan, Kyle
Mordaunt, Pat
Ng, Charles
Nishida, Robbie
Pawlak, Justin
Saito, Daigo
Savage, Dan*
Stoneback, Geoff**
Tuerck, Ryan
Wang, Forrest
Wicknick, Brandon*
Yoshihara, Dai

* Blue drivers earned their license via Promotion from Pro 2
** Green drivers earned both Pro 1 and Pro 2 licenses

Rumored Drivers (qualifications in parenthesis) – We believe all drivers would be approved for the Pro 1 class:

Kumakubo, Nobushige (2006 & 2012 D1GP Champion, 2007 D1GP Runner-up, multiple D1GP event winner)
Suenaga, Naoto (2008 D1 Street Legal champion)
Whiddet, “Mad” Mike (2009 NZ Champion, FD Asia @ Thailand 2009 event win, 2008 Red Bull Drifting World Championship top 4, 2011 FD Yas Marina exhibition top 4, etc)
Yamanaka, Kenji (3-time Formula D podium winner, finished 7th overall in 2007)
Yokoi, Masashi (FD Japan July Fuji 2nd place,
FD Japan December Okayama winner)

Pro 2 Roster for 2015: (Ranked lower than Top 32 in Pro 1, or earned at least 64 points in Pro 2) – 20 drivers

Angelo, Tony
Aono, Taka
Cisneros, Tony
Ewerth, Ron
George, Danny
Hateley, Andy
Hill, Eric
Litteral, Ryan
Mertzanis, Dennis*
Osaki, Karl
Parsons, Will*
Pollard, Mike
Primozich, Rob
Richter, Jeremy
Rintanen, Juha*
Rydquist, Carl*
Sumida, Hiro
Takahashi, Kuniaki
Wolfson, Jeff

All drivers who earned a Formula D license via a ProAm series in 2014 will be required to run Pro 2. No rookies will be allowed to run in Pro 1.

* Red drivers were below top 32 in Pro 1 and earned at least 64 points in Pro 2

Jeff Jones Driving a Scion FR-S for 2015 Formula Drift? [RUMORMILL]


Jeff Jones is set to retire his beat up Nissan 240sx for the 2015 Formula Drift season after his best performance in career  finish. Jeff Jones actually saw some serious success in Pro 2 with multiple podiums. While everyone is slowing down for the holidays we got this hot tip from our contact form. The rumor is Jeff Jones and Vision Performance are shopping him around for 2015 sponsorships. This would mean Jeff Jones would be in this V8 powered Scion FR-S that actually looked really good throughout the drift season in 2014 and driven by Ron Ewerth. What do you think about this new partnership and build for Jeff Jones in 2015?

2015 Golden Gate Drift Pro Am [SCHEDULE]


The Golden Gate Drift Pro Am series announced its 2015 schedule which finds the series adding two new venues in addition to Stockton 99 Raceway. Last season, the Wrecked Magazine team attended three of the rounds to provide some cool and unique coverage of the Northern California series. Here is a video we shot with Faruk Kugay and his attempt at a championship finish last season at Golden Gate Drift. Check out the 2015 schedule here:

February 1st – Round 1 @ Sonoma Raceway
March 14-15th – Round 2 @ Stockton 99 Raceway
May 16th-17th – Round 3 @ Stockton 99 Raceway
July 5th – Round 4 @ San Joaquin Fairgrounds
September 16-17th – Round 5 @ Stockton 99 Raceway

A Look At the Beginning of Three Palms Drift Pro Am Series [RECAP]

Shortly after Formula Drift came to a nail biting end, Three Palms Drift announced that they would be running an off-season Formula Drift Pro-Am series, awarding three FD Pro-2 licenses and $15,000 in season prize money. Needless to say, drivers all around the South and as far as Texas put their competition cars back under the knife to compete. The benefit of Florida weather allows this off-season drift series to take place in Punta Gorda, at Three Palms Speedway.

A few familiar faces running the program are included but not limited to: Pat Goodin, Jeremy Lowe, Brian Eggert, and Gregg Bucell.

Along with some popular staff members, the drivers list included the likes of Kelsey Rowlings, Fello Ambivero, and Mad Mike Masse. These drivers came with their guns fully loaded. The talk of drivers gunning for the $10,000 first place prize money seemed to be the topic of choice in the pits.


After qualifying came to an end, it was obvious that the event was going to be a close one. With a lower driver count, most likely due to the series being very recently announced, off season while cars were beginning their Winter refreshes, and close to the holidays, there would be only one Top 16 race to fight for a spot in Top 8. After the hard decisions the judges needed to make, the qualifying results came as follows:

1. Fello Ambivero
2. Kelsey Rowlings
3. Brett Collins
4. Brandon McDowell
5. Mike Masse
6. Kevin Lawrence
7. Ryan Quinn
8. Rudy Martinez
9. Kevin Phillips Read More…

2014/5 Drift UAE Round 1 at Dubai Autodrome [RESULTS]


The 2014/5 Drift UAE season kicked off at the Dubai Autodrome last weekend. The new season would herald a new beginning for the Middle East’s premier drift series, with numerous international personnel changes accompanied by a fresh grid of talent. A glorious sunshine basking the beautiful Autodrome Circuit brought out a huge numbers of fans who all lined the parameter fence, ready for a new season of drifting in the Middle East.
2014 - 2015 Drift UAE. Round 1

Qualifying was a heated affair with last season’s champion Ahmed Al-amri fighting off the advances of Ahmad Daham, Ahmed Tarek and Russian newcomer Sergey Kabargin to claim P1 with a score of 93.5 from the judges, who included 2014 Drift Allstars Champion James Deane. While radio presenter Kris Fade kept the Drift UAE faithful informed and entertained, the venue was primed for some incredible battles to decide a victor.

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