2015 Drift Mania Round 2 at Riverside Speedway [GALLERY]

DriftManiaTandem JeremyGlover

Riverside Speedway was overrun by the Canadian drift series Drift Mania for a weekend of high speed drifting. Jeremy Glover made the hike out to St. Croix in Quebec to provide us with some great coverage.

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The new issue of Wrecked Magazine has arrived! We talk about the forgotten SR20 engine, a look at the Street Driven Tour, and one crazy Toyota Corolla from Texas and quite a bit more.

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2015 Formula Drift Round 3 at Orlando Speed World [GALLERY]




What a weekend Orlando Speed World turned out to be for better or worse I am still not really sure which one? Regardless, Brad Hodgin documented everything through the rain and lack of media spaces so you can get some still memories from a controversial Round 3.


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At Street Driven Tour Riding with Chris Forsberg [VIDEO]

A great POV ride with Chris Forsberg tearing up the VIR Main Course at the end of the Street Driven Tour event in Virginia. More events from Street Driven Tour are around the corner and you can even sign up to ride with Chris Forsberg in his Infiniti M56!

July 4th – Gateway MotorSports Park @ St. Louis, Missouri
August 1st – Atlanta Motor Speedway @ Atlanta, Georgia
September 26th – Las Vegas Motor Speedway @ Las Vegas, Nevada


2015 Formula Drift Pro 2 at Orlando Speed World [GALLERY]

FormulaDriftPro2 FormulaDriftPro2.AndyGray

Brad Hodgin took on the rain and terrible parking at Orlando Speed World to capture images from the wild Pro 2 event. This was the debut of the 2015 Pro 2 season which will continue with three more rounds at Seattle, Texas, and Irwindale Speedway.


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10 Things I Learned from Formula Drift Round 3 at Orlando Speed World


10. The Weekend Just Lacked Any Positive Narratives 

You know in sports when some miracle happens and they use that tacky cliche “you couldn’t even script this or write this…”? Well, I do hate that cliche because people can write about aliens, unicorns, and flying cars so putting together a compelling sports narrative with a shocking finish does’t seem that far fetched. This weekend of Formula Drift was the opposite of all that hype and lacked any real positive narratives.

The rain made drifting so slow and robbed us of smoke that we would of been just as entertained watching drivers draw straws to get a win. The home grown hero who cut his teeth at Orlando Speed World known as Pat Goodin couldn’t even qualify due to some car troubles giving this weekend the final nail in a miserable coffin.


9. Pro 2 Has Promise for 2015

Even with the bad weather conditions and a track that seemed hell bent on preventing good tandem drifting I saw that the Pro 2 ranks were far more entertaining than last season. I won’t make a bold proclamation about the Pro 2 season until I see them run at Seattle, but I do really like the builds and some drivers that have come out of the wood work for Pro 2 in 2015. The whole operation seems far more professional and relevant than its first season which I enjoy and shows potential for Pro 2 in the future.


8. Yokoi and his Car Are Growing into Formula Drift

Yokoi and his S15 Silvia look like night and day compared from his driving in Long Beach to Orlando. If it wasn’t for the wild fire coming out of his fuel system (more on that down at  #4) in a battle versus Ryan Tuerck I think he could of won that battle and possibly became the event winner.  Before going out in the Great 8 he managed to beat #1 in points Odi Bakchis in a Road Atlanta rematch. He also made pretty easy work of potential champion Fredric Aasbo in Top 32.

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2015 Irish Drift Championship Round 2 – Millstreet [RESULTS]


Round 2 of the Irish Drift Championship took place inside Green Glens Arena, a rare occurrence where a competitive drifting event took place entirely indoors. Initially, James Deane was set to debut a new title sponsor in his FD Rx7, but some last minute delays in parts led him to return to the track in his tried and true Falken Tire Nissan S14. In the final, it took three “One More Time” battles with 16 year old Jack Shanahan before Deane would emerge the victor.

Here are the final results from Round 2:
1st – James Deane – Falken Tire Nissan S14
2nd – Jack Shanahan – Shanahan Car Sales Nissan S14
3rd – John Paul McCarthy – E36 BMW
4th – Duane McKeever – 6Boost Nissan S13

2015 Formula D Round 3 Orlando – OEM Manufacturers Championship [STANDINGS]


With two more drivers on the podium, repeating their two-podium effort in Long Beach, Scion extends their lead in the OEM championship and is already starting to run away with the championship. Three of the top five drivers in the championship are piloting Scion vehicles, proving that this could be the year for Scion to win not only the OEM Championship (for the second consecutive year) but the Formula Drift championship as well.

Here are the standings in the OEM Manufacturer championship after 3 of 7 rounds:

1. Scion  – 468 points
2. Nissan – 260 points
3. Ford – 234 points
4. Chevy – 179 points
5. Mazda – 125 Points
6. Infiniti – 122 points
7. Dodge– 70 Points
8. BMW – 52 points
9. Lexus – 51 points
10. Toyota – 37 points

2015 Formula D Round 3 Orlando – Tire Manufacturers Championship [STANDINGS]


With two of the three cars on the podium, Hankook extends their lead in the Tire Manufacturer Championship and is on pace to win their third consecutive title. Nitto Tire is still within striking distance, and any tire manufacturer could make up substantial ground with a pair of podium finishers in Wall.

Here’s a look at the Tire Manufacturer standings after 3 of 7 rounds:

1. Hankook Tire – 449 Points
2. Nitto Tire – 362 Points
3. Maxxis Tire – 294 Points
4. Falken Tire – 278 Points
5. Yokohama Tire – 259 Points
6. Achilles Tire – 257 Points
7. GT Radial – 143 Points

2015 Formula D Championship Standings – Round 3 Orlando [STANDINGS]


Despite an early Top 16 exit, Odi Bakchis maintains the lead in the Formula Drift championship due to his two podiums in the first two events. The gap has closed, and Ryan Tuerck now sits second in the championship for the first time since the 2009 season when he ended in second position, with Chris Forsberg close behind in third. Aasbo dropped from second down to fifth due to his top 32 exit, just behind Ken Gushi who has moved up from fifth after back-to-back podiums. All drivers in the top five have two Final Four finishes to their name, showing that consistency will be required to win the championship.

Here’s a look at the top 20 in the points standings so far:

1 Odi Bakchis 223 points
2 Ryan Tuerck 208 points
3 Chris Forsberg 189 points
4 Ken Gushi 173 points
5 Fredric Aasbo 162 points
6 Matt Field 156 points
7 Vaughn Gittin Jr. 139 points
8 Pat Mordaunt 120 points
9 Forrest Wang 108 points
10 Tyler McQuarrie 106 points
11 Alec Hohnadell 105 points
12 Kenny Moen 104 points
T13 Geoff Stoneback 103 points
T13 Masashi Yokoi 103 points
15 Justin Pawlak 95 points
16 Robbie Nishida 87 points
17 Charles Ng 86 points
18 Conrad Grunewald 73 points
T19 Dan Savage 71 points
T19 “Mad” Mike Whiddett 71 points
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