Formula Drift Moves to CBS Sports with Multi-Year Deal


The Formula Drift TV show has jumped ship from NBC Sports to CBS Sports for the future. On paper this seems like a good move for growth in the TV program. NBC Sports was just in 77.8 million homes the CBS Sports network claims to be in 99 million homes (Figures not available for nets that do not subscribe to regular Nielsen ratings) so I couldn’t confirm this with Internet data as everyone omits them with that information listed as to why. 

The reality is…. I don’t think I have watched a single piece of programming on CBS Sports in my whole life. Not sure where Formula Drift fits into that piece of the puzzle? I cannot find any real connections or crossovers fans that will stay tuned in and watch other than maybe some NASCAR, Baja 1000 fans, and perhaps some World Challenge viewers at a stretch.

All and all, NBC Sports to me seemed like a huge waste of opportunity. Formula Drift was never loaded into the NBC Sports Extra app which I found a huge miss. The application was great and I used it constantly to watch Formula 1, GRC, EPL, and etc… It also provided some great live stream quality to the iPad, iPhone, and Internet browser which DailyMotion just doesn’t match on an ease of use. Anyway, that is all said and done but would love to hear your feedback on if you watch CBS Sports or NBC Sports and which one seems to pull you in more.

The great news for the TV show in my opinion is that Episode 1 will be released Wednesday, May 6 at 8:30 PM, ET and the 2015 schedule is set to pack nearly double the episodes. I am assuming the World Championship will account for several of these episode additions for 2015 and beyond. I think it would be much better still to just crank out 10 episodes and cover a whole event over one show. Perhaps we can work towards that on CBS Sports. 

Find CBS Sports on DirecTV Channel 221 and Dish Network Channel 158. For more information, including a full programming schedule and how to get CBS Sports Network, go to

A Tribute to the Past Women of Formula Drift


Yoshie Shuyama is our first women to highlight on International Woman’s Day because she drove in Formula Drift the longest of all the woman in the series. Yoshie drove this S14 and spent some time in an AE86 Toyota Corolla during her Formula Drift career. She has a few qualifications under her belt in the old Top 32 format and is still seen in the sport today, mostly as the spotter for Taka Aono.


Our second woman to highlight is Amanda Lam. Her purple/pink S13 was anything but subtle as they competed in the 2005 Formula Drift season. She remained pretty quiet in her performance compared to this bright car she built and drove. This was before the Top 32 format so she did fail to qualify for the main event but did come rather close on that weekend.


Nadine Toyoda ran during the 2005 Formula Drift season as well but didn’t quite perform at the same level of Amanda Lam.  During the 2005 Formula Drift season she managed a 20th qualifying spot at Solider Field. After that great finish she had a tough accident at Formula Drift Sonoma in 2005 and never really got back into the swing of things with her bright red Nissan 240sx.


Verena Mei is another lady who danced in Formula Drift. In fact, she even loaned her Nissan 350z to Ryan Tuerck once so he could attempt to qualify after she failed to do so. Verena has kept up her racing career but moved into rally racing in more recent years.


Hiromi Kajikuma is the most recent girl to grace Formula Drift with some competition in 2006. She actually made Top 16 twice that year at Road Atlanta and Soldier Field (Chicago). Hiromi has continued her drift career in Asia over recent seasons even competing in Formula Drift Asia.

Now let’s take a look at the future ladies of drifting in America.

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Darren McNamara Has His Insane AE86 Rolling Shell [FOR SALE]


Darren McNamara has his 1983 Toyota AE86 up for sale without an engine and transmission. The car right now is short an engine, gearbox, dry sump system, and intercooler setup but you can buy it now for 15,000 Euros. The car has been featured in Need for Speed Shift 2 video game. It has also been seen on the cover of MAX Power and Japanese Performance car magazine. If you had plans to build an over the top AE86 this season or year it might be a worthwhile purchase for you. The car is currently located in Ireland.


For Sale:

HGK Racing Team Formula Drift E46 Build for Kristaps Blušs



One of the new arrivals to Formula Drift this season is Kristaps Blušs and his insane E46 BMW. The car is currently in progress of build out in Riga, Latvia and will be sent out to California soon to debut at Long Beach. This car seems to have some wild flair on it like typical HGK builds but this one falls within the Formula Drift rules. If you would like to see the European in action before Formula Drift kicks off follow this link where we compiled a bunch of his drifting videos. Below you can see some detailed parts of the build which seems to feature a full carbon fiber rear end, clean setup interior, one insane motor, and a ton of WiseFab. How do you think he will do on his debut season?

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BMXer Mark Webb Shows Off New 1JZ Mazda RX-7


The guys at Failcrew are showing off an amazing wrap done to Mark Webb’s Mazda RX-7. The car has a 1JZ engine and quite an aggressive setup all around. The car lacks a ton of sponsorship representation outside of Failcrew in these renders as well. From what we hear, the car will be attending some sporadic Drift All-Stars events over the 2015 season! What do you think of this 1JZ powered Mazda RX-7?

2015 Formula Drift Thursday Night’s At Irwindale Speedway [SCHEDULE]


Southern California just lacked drift events on a Thursday night so Formula Drift has answered that major problem with a 2015 grassroots Irwindale schedule. These events are focused more to local drivers but are open to the public if you happen to be near Irwindale Speedway. Most events do see the attendance of a few Formula Drift Pro and Pro 2 drivers as well. The April 2nd event is probably a great place to spot 2015 builds and liveries being tested just one week before Round 1 at Streets of Long Beach. Season kicks off in just nine days with its first event set to be March 12th. Drifting happens between 5:00pm – 9:00pm for each one of these scheduled dates below. Spectators pay $10.00 to enter and drifting costs just $75.00 for the whole evening.

2015 Schedule:
March 12th
April 2nd
May 14th
June 11th
July 19th
August 13th
September 10th
October 1st
November 12th
December 10th

Double Round of Three Palms Drift Pro Am [RESULTS]

Three Palms Drift finished Rounds Three and Four with two days of intense competition as a double-header on February 21st and 22nd. The weekend enclosed some of the best runs from every driver in the series. Upsets were made, and the points have never been closer for the championship. The amount of devotion each driver put in on both days really showed through as the days went on. Track staff was updated with the addition of Mikey from JimmyUp and Rich DeBerardinis from Slide United Motorsports. As for every 3PDrift event, Steven Purcell was on the microphone informing the crowd of all the action.


The biggest upset of the weekend had to come from Fello Ambivero in the Carlitos Tire E36, who had blown his head gasket coming into the Final Four at Round One. Ambivero had been running his strongest all season, and came into competition sitting pretty with a Number 1 Qualifying Score of 96! Ambivero ended up finishing strong in 4th Place in Round Three and the car sounded like a lawnmower by the end of the day. He was able to source a new head gasket for the E36 and his team was able to get the car back together with no sleep.


In the pink Garrett Turbo S14, Florida’s own Kelsey “Drift Chick” Rowlings came hungry for some points in the season. In Round Three, she scored one point lower than Ambivero with a 95. She drove her car harder than ever before, with more power and angle. On her last few runs of the day, we all were able to hear that her clutch was slipping and she was fighting her car more than usual. By the end of the event, her clutch was toast and that meant another night of no sleep for her team, but that wasn’t before she was able to clench a Third Place victory. She and her crew installed the new ACT Clutch on their backs all at night at the track. Luckily, they finished the car right before Pizza Hut closed.

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Brandon Wicknick Shows Off New Look for 2015 Formula Drift


Brandon Wicknick releases his 2015 Formula Drift look which includes a teleportation device back into the 1980′s. The car in fact, developed some inspiration from late 80′s Japanese circuit race cars. As far as partners go for 2015 it seems Brandon Wicknick is moving forward with many of his partners from 2014. He is carrying a big presence with ChaseBays who provided a 2JZ engine and chassis harness, brake booster eliminator, power steering kit and some brake line relocation parts. Of course, he will run a 2JZ engine setup built by DriftMotion with the help of some other brands such as Garrett Turbo and CP Pistons.

Let’s not forget that Brandon Wicknick finished up the 2014 season super strong with a first place finish at Pro 2 at Texas Motor Speedway and managed to back that up with a third place podium finish the next round at Irwindale. Can he continue that success rolling into the new season? Only time will tell.

Daigo Saito Dismantling Lamborghini for D1 Grand Prix


They say a picture is worth 1000 words but this image of a dismantled Lamborghini Murcielago set to become a drift car has my speechless. Once I reported that this build was happening last month I didn’t know what to think or do other than heading to and looking for a flight deal to Japan this year so I can see this drift car in person. Part of me has still struggled with the reality that this drift build could be happening in the first place. That doubt comes to me regardless of my very reliable sources who have continued to confirm that this is his D1GP plan. Well, inside Daigo Saito’s million dollar+ drift shop they have started dismantling the Lamborghini in preparation for the upcoming D1 Grand Prix season. Here goes nothing?

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Odi Bakchis Updating Everyone on the Genesis + 240sx for Formula Drift

Odi Bakchis in collaboration with ARK Performance released a cool off-season video talking about the changes to both of his rides for 2015. The 240sx is getting more horsepower for the Formula Drift season while the Hyundai Genesis is undergoing a complete rework it seems. Odi is converting the Genesis to a Holley ECU and rebuilding the suspension with a Feal setup. The Genesis will make its debut with Odi at Formula Drift Streets of Long Beach before heading overseas for the rest of the Formula Drift World Championship.