Pat Mordaunt and Tyler McQuarrie Show Off 2015 Formula Drift Team



Patrick Mordaunt and Tyler McQuarrie have sealed up a 2015 program together where they are set to function as a team for the new season. The guys are sharing transport, crew, along with R&D so they can further both programs rapidly. Pat Mordaunt is carrying quite a few more sponsors than Tyler including Konig Wheels and AEM for the 2015 Formula Drift season. Both drivers have run the Falken 615K before but are returning to it in the 2015 season as well. You can head over to our Facebook page and see a little Pat Mordaunt hype/release video right now. Which teammate do you think will finish higher in the championship this season?

Andy Blackmore took the reigns on the creative for this project – “As with any design, I produced a variety of proposals to ensure we have covered all bases and resolved any issues beforehand and this is where the Black central section of the livery came from,“ Andy said about the change, “It was decided from the outset to have a livery based on Tyler’s trademark look and the end result works individually as a livery with Falken coloration and also as a collective next to Tyler’s Camaro.“ Blackmore also designed the new Sparco Infinity race suit for Pat. Instead of traditional sewing logos and designs into the fire-retardant fabric, they are printed directly on to the Nomex suit and not only create a safer option but allow for much more freedom in how the suits turn out. “It was great working with Pat, who was pro-active in the design direction, review, and branding placement.”

“Since car style is so important in FD, this season I opted to work with Andy Blackmore Design,” says Pat Mordaunt on his new render for 2015. “We wanted to create a livery that pays homage to the car’s roots while showing that we are a part of Tyler McQuarrie Racing.” Was working with the incredible talent worth it? “Working with Andy Blackmore has been phenomenal. His creativity and attention to detail is unrivaled when it comes to car design.”

Tanner Foust’s 900hp Volkswagen Passat [VIDEO]

Maybe I am just a sucker for Tanner Foust’s humble banter but he doesn’t sound super confident in this video about his return to Formula Drift. Perhaps, it is just more realistic than others realizing that since he has been gone the “game has changed” for lack of a better analogy. Tanner did touch on something I thought about quite a bit…. speed is all but gone and that was his variable weapon in the sport over years past. The car sounds INSANE with it’s sequential 8 to 1 header developed by AEM. The car makes 700hp without nitrous and a 200 shot to place it right at 900hp on the squeeze. Tanner boasts 60 degrees of steering angle but didn’t show that off for the camera in this video. He also seems to answer the question as to why Nitto Tire dumped half of its team for 2015 since they signed him and the delayed Mad Mike Whiddett for the new year. I think most of the grid is very glad that Tanner isn’t running a full 2015 Formula Drift season.

Ryan Tuerck Goes Old School Toyota Livery for 2015 Formula Drift

Ryan Tuerck unveiled his new Scion FR-S sitting on some white Fifteen 52 wheels and a throwback TRD livery. The one thing that sticks out to me on this car is how far out his front wheels are compared to the rear clearing showing some off-season changes they have made with the setup of this car. I do know a new shop tackled the build this go around which could show some serious changes and overhaul in his program and build of the FRS. I will try and grab Tuerck today and go over some of the changes if he is at Media Day. Tuerck remains on Maxxis Tires and has added Valvoline to his program for the new season. If I remember correctly as well, VP Racing seems to be a new partner for 2015. What do you think of Ryan Tuerck’s new setup?

Photo Credit: Hoonigans / Ryan Tuerck

Matt Coffman Returns in 2015 with Similar Look


Matt Coffman brought his same kind of style to Formula Drift into the 2015 season with a cream and flat black style design. He still packs a humungous Roush crate engine under the hood and appears to of added a few new partners. He seems to of added a partnership with KW Suspension and Braille Battery moving into 2015. He is now on Falken Tire for the new season after spending last year on Maxxis Tire. Also, last year Matt would have moments of brilliance in this car along with long spans of what appeared to be clueless driving. It will be interesting to see how he grew during the off-season along with the rest of his 2014 Rookie class. 

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Jhonnattan Castro Shows Off E3 Spark Plugs on 370z As Title Sponsor


My favorite Dominican on this planet, Jhonnattan Castro, brought his refreshed Nissan 370z into tech inspection this morning. Castro continues to be a part of the Chris Forsberg Racing team moving into this new season. We are most excited about his new sponsorship deal with E3 Spark Plugs for his new 2015 season. He is a driver I continue to see raw talent and abilities in the more I see him drive. His tandem battle last season with Vaughn Gittin Jr. about made me lose my mind in Miami.

Sneak Peak – Chris Forsberg’s 2015 Formula Drift Livery


The 2015 season is officially underway with drivers showing up for Tech Inspection this morning. We found Chris Forsberg’s Nissan 370z sitting right by the tech area. He added some sponsors such as Valvoline and ST Suspension for the new season and even brought NOS Energy Drink back as a title for his program it appears in 2015. Chris also carries one of our partners AEM again for the 2015 season. Who thinks Chris can do a repeat and win a second championship in a row?


Source: Our own @wreckedmag Instagram

Marc Landerville Bails on V8 and Heads 2JZ for 2015 Formula Drift


We just got a drop on Marc Landerville’s newly build S14 Nissan 240sx with a photo overload from our resident Canadian Jeremy Glover! Marc made the call for the 2015 season to leave his V8 powered Nissan 240sx he drove last season in Canada to use for DMCC and build a complete new car for the Formula Drift season. His new car is a 2JZ powered S14 with help from Brian Crower and Turbo by Garrett. Marc will also be siting on Achilles Radial for the 2015 season. Check out below for a photo overload of his new S14 that you can see in action next weekend at Formula Drift Long Beach.

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Matt Field Leak – New Wheels, Aero and Yokohama Tire for 2015


Someone sent us a quick shot they snapped of Matt Field’s S14 from the Drift Cave last night. While the car looks like it still needs a livery application this week it does have some hints of new things to come. The car features Rotiform BLQ-T wheels which I was told are 19’s in the back! The best I can tell from this picture the tires are Yokohama Advan AD08-R for the new season. Matt Field joins a pretty long list of people who left Nitto for the new 2015 season.

Our source told us in the email the two tire sizes he saw were 255/35/18 and 19×10.5 295/30/19 which sound like a pretty wild and fun setup if Matt Field goes through with that. The car does seem to be his token highlighter yellow for the new year. Cannot wait to see a livery on this car next week! 

Nate Hamilton Brings Out 144VM Series for 2015 [VIDEO]

Nate Hamilton launched a new video series this week promoting his pre-season and showing off that he can skateboard better than everyone reading this article I imagine. The new series meshes Nate Hamilton’s life of drifting and a world of skateboarding together in one pretty solid package. Sit back and see what Nate took on during this off-season! His new build is a SINGLE turbo Chevrolet LS V8 setup which seems pretty interesting.

Pat Goodin Shows Off 2015 Formula Drift Livery Ready for Long Beach


Thanks to a render we posted earlier last month we did know that Pat Goodin was going back to his bamboo livery. We caught some footage of the car drifting at the Enjuku Racing Test Day but it lacked a complete livery. Pat’s throwback livery looks good on the car and it appears he added Competition Clutch and Cosmis Racing Wheels for the new season. He remains Enjuku Racing title sponsored for the new year and I think he could be looking at his best season finis in career history. I think his season’s performance will be boosted greatly by a home track visit to OSW where I could easily see Pat land on the podium.