What it takes: The threat of Relegation to Pro2



The 2014 season brought one major change to the licensing structure of Formula D – namely the Pro 2 series, and the system of relegation that it would bring. We covered the relegation system earlier in the season, but now that we’re entering the last event of the season, it’s time to see what names are in or out. Above is a screenshot of the current points standings from 26th to 46th, the drivers who are most likely at risk of relegation.

It’s likely that the cutoff line will be around 70 points overall, given that some drivers below the the line are likely to qualify for top 32, while some drivers above the line may miss the cut. Given that, any driver who currently doesn’t have at least 52.5 points will need a top 16 appearance and possibly even a top 8 appearance to keep their Pro 1 license for 2015.  If you don’t already have at least 35 points, your only chance to keep your license is a top 4 appearance, and even with that, you may need some extra points from qualifying on Friday.

Formula D has confirmed that this 40 driver cutoff (32 from Pro 1, 8 from Pro 2) are hard cutoffs. If you end up in 33rd position in Pro 1 and someone in the top 32 chooses not to compete next year, you don’t get ‘bumped’ into the spot they vacated. You will still be relegated to Pro 2. The same rule applies for a driver who may count under both results (IE: Geoff Stoneback, currently 24th in Pro 1 and 1st in Pro 2) – the 33rd driver from Pro 1 and the 9th driver from Pro 2 will NOT be invited to fill the extra space.

There is a petition process which allows a driver to request a Pro 1 license based on their career drifting results. Formula D has informed us that this process is pushing to be more defined based on minimum results and drifting resume, and if  minimum requirements, the petition will be reviewed and approved by an internal committee. Previously, these license petitions were more subjective, but Formula D is moving to make this eligibility more black-and-white.

UPDATE: Word from Formula D is in the event of a tie, results from the final event (Irwindale) will be the tiebreaker. If all tied drivers finished in the same round (IE: eliminated in top 32 or in top 16), then they will look at who qualified higher, which is the same tiebreaker used for final podium position.

Ryan Tuerck & Chris Forsberg Compete in a Hand Controlled S13 [VIDEO]

The hand controlled S13 built by Rob “Chairslayer” Parsons looks pretty hard and even more fun. Ryan Tuerck and Chris Forsberg battled in Opposite Controls this year in the hand controlled S13 making a judged run to see who can win the game/event this season.

Toshiki Yoshioka to drive Apex’i Lexus SC430, not Kuniaki Takahashi


We stumbled on this photo of Toshiki Yoshioka sitting in the Apex’i Lexus SC430 on social media (complete with his name on the door card and all), and have confirmed with the team that Yoshioka will be driving the car this weekend instead of Takahashi. Yoshioka has missed most of this season in his Subaru BR-Z after placing 24th overall last season, only driving in Texas but failing to qualify. Takahashi came into the season with a lot of hype, but did not live up to it as we noted after Long Beach. Takahashi currently sits in 41st place and will not qualify to compete in Pro 1 next season, being relegated to Pro 2.

Formula Drift Irwindale is Running Out of Tickets Despite Price Hike


If you haven’t bought tickets for Irwindale Speedway this weekend you need to act fast. According to Ryan Sage, “Trackside is sold out, VIP is sold out, suites are sold out. All that remains is main grandstand.” The price hike this season saw two day tickets jump from $38 to $45 (not including service fee) which is basically a 20% ticket increase. Apparently this hasn’t slowed down the fans with only main grandstand tickets available for the weekend. Make sure you show up early on Saturday or you will be taking a tram in from Las Vegas or something! The anticipation is building for a big finish to the 2014 season this weekend. 

Formula Drift Pro Am Adds Three Palms in Florida


A new Pro Am organization was announced this week found in Florida just north of Fort Myers on the Gulf side of the state. The Pro Am series will get three licenses for the new season and feature all the races at Three Palms Speedway. Here is a Facebook group if you want to keep up with news but it seems like they have an event coming in November to kick this all off.

Drift All-Stars Judgement Day [VIDEO]

Here is a great piece from Drift All-Stars showing all the action from the final round of the 2014 season at the Lithuanian Drift GP! A creative intro matched with tons of awesome drift shots really give you a feeling with this 11 minute video how much fun the Drift All-Stars series is the top competition in Europe. The best cars, huge crowds, and some creative tracks really give fans the best value for the money you can find. Spoiler alert, James Deane killed it again.

2014 Maple Leaf Bash in Canada [GALLERY]



Jeremy Glover took on Maple Leaf Bash to produce some awesome content from the wild bash style weekend they throw in Canada. Tons of cool cars from up north and no rules were a great mix for the weekend.

Check out the Gallery:

MACHETE Shows off One D1GP Inspired Mazda RX-7 [VIDEO]

Thanks to several Internet sensations like Hert we already knew the FC Mazda RX-7 could rip a mean burnout…. This one that MACHETE is featuring has an awesome Japanese inspired livery and can also do burnouts so check it out!

2014 US Drift Round 4 at Virginia International Raceway [RESULTS]


US Drift wraps up this weekend with a big double round finale at Virginia International Raceway. The first event was Round 4 of the series which saw some great tandem battles turning into a wild podium. Here is how they finished:

1st. Jim Bissey
2nd. Steve Angerman
3rd. Jonathan Nerren
Read More…

Kil-Kare Raceway Closes Doors Right Packed Street Life Tour


I made the trek a few weeks ago out to Xenia, Ohio to enjoy one awesome Street Life Tour x US Drift weekend. The event easily packed out 5,000+ fans and packed out all the grandstands at the oval track and drag strip for this big event. Just days after the whole venue was packed out for a great race day the track seems to of closed down. The track posted this statement below on its website -


“October 3, 2014 – Kil-Kare is being shuddered today. The racing activities for the rest of the season are cancelled. This includes all Test and Tunes, as well as Saturday points chase racing. The points chase stops where it is at. There will be no other racing events. the racers banquets will proceed as planned. Kil-Kare would like to thank all racing participants as well as spectators for your patronage and support. Kil-Kare would also like to thank everyone who has been on board as staff members for all of their hard work and dedication.”