The Truth Behind the Closing of Irwindale Speedway


I keep reading a ton of incorrect information online about the impending doom of Irwindale Speedway so I talked to several people close to the situation and built this story. The rumors of it all being a fancy ploy to sell tickets is flat out not true sadly and soon our beloved Irwindale Speedway will come crashing down from the Los Angeles County map. Here is a timeline of what happened and why the structure is still standing to this day. In fact, last season at Irwindale I helped produce an awesome tribute video to Irwindale Speedway with Mobil 1 that should be released shortly.


This first blip of news came to my attention in October 2013 just days after Michael Essa narrowly won his first championship in a BMW E46 chassis. A friend of mine sent me a link from CurbedLA indicating that a real estate group in Pasadena called Lindom Company purchased the 63.47-acre site of the San Gabriel Valley with plans to repurpose it. The company Nu-Way Industries sold the land to them who purchased it in 1966 and built the very racetrack that stands before us today.

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Yokoi Not Returning for 2016 Formula Drift Season


Masashi Yokoi is slated to not return for the 2016 Formula Drift season. Our speculation is that Yokohama Tire leaving has triggered Yokoi not coming back for the new year since he carries a long term relationship with Yokohama. His style will be greatly missed in America this season but it does sound like he will campaign and drive in Japan for 2016. Thanks Jeffrey!

A Saab Powered 1953 Ford Drift Machine [VIDEO]

A pretty neat and unique drift car build that also tells a great story about man and machine. The project is a home built drift machine that just captures your attention in more ways than one. Hat Tip Jalopnik for the find.

2016 D1 Grand Prix Tokyo Auto Salon Kickoff [VIDEO]

The 2016 D1 Grand Prix season fired off its Exhibition round at Tokyo Auto Salon this week. Here is a video showing off some new liveries for D1. I still haven’t gotten use to see a Lexus LFA drifting….

NeverSlo 98 Nissan 240SX LS2 Formula Drift Car with Enclosed Trailer [BUY THIS]


The best drifting car deal we have seen in 2016. A turn key Formula Drift Nissan for $40,000 that includes a 20 foot enclosed trailer. Basically, if you buy this package the only other things you need are a license and a drivers suit. You would have a hard time building this car for that cost and that doesn’t even account for the trailer. I expect this package to be gone by the end of the week so sell the last of your crumbling GoPro stock or liquidate your parents 401k so you can become a future drift star. Check below for all the spares and build for the package.

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The 2016 Drift Schedule is Coming Together


In case you have never checked it out, our link bar on the website has “Find An Event” where we compile a serious list of drifting events around the world. We are underway building up the 2016 schedule. Shoot us a comment here or an email if you know of 2016 drift events that are not displayed. No event is too small! We already have Just Drift, Midwest Drift Union, Street Driven Tour, and Formula Drift put together for the new year.


Check our Schedule:

Falken Tire Expands Formula Drift Program for 2016


Well, we announced the Yokohama Tire was bailing on Formula Drift late last year and it looks like Matt Field found his new home at Falken Tire. He joins Odi Bakchis who we announced earlier this week who will be back on the 615K tire as well. Tyler McQuarrie is also going to make a return to the program for 2016 who is one of the most winning Falken Tire drivers in the series history. The rest of the team is the same for 2016 with Pat Goodin, Dai Yoshihara, and Justin Pawlak.

Dominican Drift History: The Pioneers of Drifting in Latin America


We all know that there’s a country in the middle of the Caribbean called Dominican Republic that produces some of the best baseball players in the world but a not well known fact about this country is it’s Motorsport history. It doesn’t matter if it’s Karting, Touring cars, Drag Racing or Drifting for sure you’ll find the Dominican flag in drivers list.

Quick fun facts: The first Latino to win the IMSA GTO championship was in 1980 by a Dominican (Luis Rafael Mendez) and The Fast and Furious saga was inspired by a magazine article (VIBE) named “Racer X” about a Dominican Import drag racer called Rafael Estevez (DRT Racing in NYC).


In 2007-2008 a bunch of local drift “pioneers” felt the need to organize themselves to have proper access to local tracks and different venues across the Dominican Republic and in early 2008 the Dominican Drift Drivers Club (Club Dominicano de Corredores de Drift) was founded and led by current president Carlos Rodriguez.

Around that same time a couple of events between Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic were taking place but in order for the sport grow we needed something else.


A “drift only track” was built on a old airport in the middle of Santo Domingo and in November of 2009 the Dominican Drift Series (Serie Dominicana de Drift) was born in a huge event with thousands of fans in attendance.

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Odi Bakchis is 100% Committed to Hyundai Genesis in 2016 with New Tire


Odi Bakchis unveiled he will only be using the Hyundai Genesis coupe for the 2016 Formula Drift season that he performed so well in. Odi Bakchis brought life into this Genesis coupe by finishing second at Streets of Long Beach after another driver failed to perform in the car. The other big news is that Odi Bakchis has broken up with Nitto Tire after the 15 season. He has come full circle and returned to Falken Tire after a stint with Nexen and Nitto. How do you think he can finish up with his solid program for 2016?

2015 Streetwise Drift Round 3/4 [RESULTS]



Streetwise Drift wrapped up their 2015 drifting season at Myrtle Beach Speedway this past weekend in 2016. The double event weekend wrapped up a 2015 season and issued three Pro 2 licenses to some of the best drifters in the southeast. Tyler Nelson took home a Pro 2 license in his HaloEFX liquid wrapped Nissan 240sx (above) along with Jonathan Nerren and Ricky Adams. Below are the results from the double round and 2015 Streetwise Drift season:

Round 3
1st- Jonathan Nerren
2nd – Tyler Nelson
3rd- Nate Roberts

Round 4
Winner- Ricky Adams
2nd- Tyler Nelson
3rd- Eric Loomis


Pro 2 Licenses
Tyler Nelson
Jonathan Nerren
Ricky Adams