2014 Formula Drift Pro 2 Texas Qualifying [RESULTS]


Pro 2 qualifying Round 3 at Texas Motor Speedway wrapped up and it was quite insane! The last couple spots were a tight squeeze into the Top 16 main event while Matt Coffman put down an insane run to rank first. Here is how they finished:

1. Matt Coffman -89
2. Eric Hill -74
3. Jeff Jones -72
4. Rapper Dan Savage -72
5. James Evans -69
6. Geoff Stoneback -68
7. Juha Rintanen -68
8. Nate Hamilton -67
9. Will Parsons -65
10. Brandon Wicknick -65
11. Dennis Mertzanis -62
12. Ron Ewerth – 62
13. Jeremy Lowe -58
14. Carl Ryqduist -57
15. Tony Cisneros -57
16. Ryan Litteral -55
17. Tyler Wolfson -54
18. Rob Primozich -52
19. Jeff Wolfson -51
20. Mike Pollard -51
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Formula Drift Set to Slow Texas Motor Speedway Way Down


Various reports coming from Texas Motor Speedway today has informed us that track speeds will be greatly reduced this year for Round 6. How is Formula Drift planning to do this? Well, they are going to move the front start line way closer to that strange turn 1 entry. I for one hate this idea and would love to see as much speed as possible coming into that first turn. Regardless of where Formula Drift finalizes the turn one entry point I can only imagine that Round 6 in Texas won’t be as much of a disaster as the 2013 event. In case you forgot, 2013 wound up with the first ever overturned judged ruling in the sports history, an insane amount of dead time due to protested calls, and a record number of protested submitted during one event weekend.

2014 Formula Drift Canada – An International Adventure [GALLERY]

ForrestWang DaigoSaito.350z DeanKearneyJeremy Glover, our main man in Canada, went out to Autodromo St. Eustache to cover Formula Drift Canada. The Americans swept the podium north of the border and Jeremy captured some awesome content as Daigo Saito took home the win. Look through all the images below.


Check out the Gallery:


Is the Missile Crisis Now Over?


This has been a dark month for drifting around the United States. The Nissan 240sx is going to soon cost more than a brand new BMW it would seem and missile cars are no longer officially cool judging by Chris Forsberg’s S13 refresh. The missile car movement in America has really been headlined by the Drift Alliance and the Clubloose/New Jersey drift scene. Chris Forsberg has now taken his beaten up missile car and put some styling into it. Some fresh paint, bash bars, a body kit, and Seibon Carbon all came together to give the car a new look. It’s time to paint that 400 colored 240sx one solid color guys, sorry! Who supports the movement to make drift cars look good again?

A Look into Warfest 2014 at Adams Motorsports Park

The California drift scene has had a gross lack of some grassroots action lately. Sure, there’s been events that are “just for fun” and non-competitive, but the camaraderie simply isn’t present. More times than not, us Cali drifters gawk at the photos we see of drift events in other parts of the country and world. We daydream about the high-fiving, door-bashing, crowd-cheering event that’s essentially a giant family reunion. Well, it finally happened at the 2014 Warfest at Adams Motorsports Park (AMP) over this past weekend.

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Thursday Night Drift at Irwindale – September Date Change


If you were making plans to stop by Irwindale Speedway later this month, you’ll want to adjust your plans. The September drift session that was previously scheduled for September 25th will now be on September 18th, the Thursday after the Texas Motor Speedway event. This will be the last public session before the Final Fight at Irwindale on October 10th, so we may see a few pros out there testing the waters. As a reminder from our “What you need to know” post, tickets are $10, drivers who pass tech will pay $100 to drift at the famed course.

Source: Irwindale Speedway website

2014 Drift All Stars Round 6 – Lithuania [RESULTS]


Drift AllStars closed out their Lithuanian round with some insane door-to-door action in Kaunas. James Deane continued his amazing season, winning the event after qualifying second and claiming the Drift Allstars championship in the process. Piotr Wiecek entered the event second in the championship standings and earned the top qualifier position yesterday, but couldn’t defeat Deane in the event or the championship. Nigel Colfer took home the final podium position over Janis Eglite, who won the 2013 event in Lithuania. Here’s the full results:

1st – James Deane – Falken Tire S14
2nd – Piotr Wiecek – Budmat Auto R34
3rd – Nigel Colfer – Nexen Tire Aerokit S13
4th – Janis Eglite – Zeetex Tires E46

2014 Holley Performance LS Fest Drift Challenge [RESULTS]


Holley LS Fest has been a blast this year! The Top 16 competition went very smooth and quick featuring some great drift battles. Nate Hamilton scored the victory dominating the competition throughout the weekend giving him thousands in free Holley bucks! Here is how they finish up:

1. Nate Hamilton
2. Steve Toppings
3. Dirk Stratton
4. DJ Thornton

2014 Drift Allstars Round 6 – Lithuania [QUALIFYING]


Qualifying wrapped up today in Lithuania, and there’s a few familiar faces near the top of the qualifying list. Piotr Wiecek of the famed Polish drift team Budmat Auto took the top spot in his Nissan S14 EDIT: Nissan Skyline R34, followed by Irishman James Deane in his 2JZ-powered Falken Tire S14 in second and fellow Irishman Nigel Colfer in the Aerokit Nissan S13. Latvian Janis Eglite  piloted his tube-chassis E46 drift car to 4th place, while local Lithuanian Timas Simniska rounded out the top 5 in a Toyota Soarer. Here’s how the top 16 qualifying shook out:

1. Piotr Wiecek – Poland
2. James Deane – Ireland
3. Nigel Colfer – Ireland
4. Janis Eglite – Latvia
5. Timas Simniska – Lithuania
6. Kritjian Klements – Estonia
7. Ingus Jekabsons – Latvia
8. Maciej Bocehank – Poland
9. Andrius Cibirka – Lithuania
10. Fredrik Sjodin – Sweden
11. Dawid Karkosik – Poland
12. Andrius Vasilauskas - Lithuania
13. Artek Opley – Poland
14. Valdmyr Marchenko – Ukraine
15. Harold Valdma – Estonia
16. Jarmo Luht – Estonia

Here’s how the top 16 tandems shake out:

1. Wiecek vs 16. Luht
8. Bocehank vs 9. Cibirka4. Eglite vs 13. Opley
5. Simniska vs 12. Vasilauskas

2. Deane vs 15. Valdma
7. Jekabsons vs 10. Sjodin
3. Colfer vs 14. Marchenko
6. Klements vs 11. Karkosik

Tomorrow’s event in Kaunas will be livestreamed starting at 10am local time. (8am Dublin / 3am EST /  12 Midnight PST)

Vaughn Gittin Jr. with Man’s Best Friend [VIDEO]

This is an awesome video featuring Vaughn Gittin Jr. and his real life dog Brody Gittin. This adventure takes them through his amazing quarry backyard in Maryland. Earlier this year I got a ride around his wild backyard and it was a blast! Check out his grocery delivery adventure with Brody!