Ahmad Daham 2JZ S15 from Drift UAE [VIDEO]

Here is a highlight reel video from the last round of Drift UAE. Ahmad Daham shows off his driving skills inside a 2JZ powered S15 Silvia and lines up against some of the Middle Eastern heavyweights of drifting. Below are the battles highlighted in the video as Ahmad Daham finished 3rd for the weekend.

Battles in Video:
Ahmad Daham vs Ahmad AlRumaithi (V8 R33 Skyline)
Ahmad Daham vs Jihad Hassan (S14 Silvia)
Ahmad Daham Vs Ahmed AlAmiri (2JZ GT86)

Filippo Pirini Shows off 2JZ Mazda RX-7 for Drift All-Stars


This render is for Italian driver Filippo Pirini who is showing off the look this his FC Mazda RX-7 powered by a 2JZ-GTE engine. Here is some progress of the build below and it will be set to unveil at Round 1 in England.


Brandon Wicknick’s Render for 2014 Formula Drift


Brandin Wicknick has a very similar livery to his 2013 season but has made some big sponsorship changes. Brandon ran on Falken Tires last year and has now swapped to Achilles Radials. His big new title sponsorship was announced earlier this month on our site  that he is now signed with Since Godspeed has left the Brandon Wicknick team and drifting as a whole in 2014 from what we can tell he is now on Feal Suspension.

Jhonnattan Castro Testing His CFR Built Nissan 370z [VIDEO]


Last week Jhonnattan Castro got some seat time in his new ride for the season at Summit Point Raceway. This year he’ll be driving VK56 powered 370z producing 800hp (200hp less that Chris) built by Chris Forsberg Racing. The car is the same spec that Chris ran last year, but with a few more upgrades to keep up with the competition. Both drivers will run similar cars, and Hankook tires this season.

How to Watch Formula Drift in 2014 – NBC Sports / DailyMotion


Formula Drift has announced its media packages for the 2014 season. They are leaving for the 2014 season and partnering up with for the next two seasons. DailyMoation boasts 120,000,000 global uniques a month, but has a much clunkier UI than in my opinion. This partnership confirms that the TV Show or Livestream will be absent from the amazing NBC Sports app.

The NBC Sports show is confirmed for the 2014 season with episodes kicking off July 27th. NBC Sports has promised a minimum of 24 episodes to present the seven rounds of Formula Drift this year.

New Home for Livestream:

Alec Hohnadell S14 Nissan 240sx for 2014 Formula D [SPYSHOT]


The 2014 season is getting awful close and we found 18-year old Alec Hohnadell’s new look for Formula Drift this season. We caught up with Alec Hohnadell at the 2013 SEMA Show for a Wrecked Weekly interview which you can view here. Alec has been one of the lesser talked about rookies along with a lack of experience compared to the other rookies but he could make a run for ROTY. He will be bringing a turbocharged V8 engine to the grid this season.

Vegas Drift Pro Am Round 2 – Full Top 16 [VIDEO]

Winding Studio shot and captured the Top 16 of Vegas Drift Round 2 in Phoenix. The video is just a RAW consumption video of the drivers running down from the 16 to podium. In case you were wondering how the podium finished we have a results recap right here.

Vaughn Gittin Jr. Testing Ford Mustang at Charlotte Motor Speedway

VaughnGittinJr.2014Test2 VaughnGittinJr.2014Test3 VaughnGittinJr.2014Test

Vaughn Gittin Jr. was spotted testing at Charlotte Motor Speedway today. His car and design looks the same as last year for the most part with a couple sponsorship additions. Ecko is added to his car for 2014 which we had noticed Vaughn wearing a good bit recently. Vaughn did tell us back when he was on Wrecked Weekly that a 2015 car will probably make a debut this season but just not in Formula Drift. We imagine some form of a demo car or international car such as WDS China build? Vaughn does also add the additive company Gumout it appears to his sponsorships in 2014.

Dave Briggs S14 is Ready for Formula Drift Long Beach


With all of these builds we keep seeing lacking an engine, body parts, and much more it seems that Dave Briggs is ready for the 14 season. We posted his render yesterday but now here is a physical look at the car. He is probably long hauling right now to Southern California as he is on the list for Tech Day this Saturday.

Michael Essa’s 2014 Formula Drift Livery with NewEgg / Bilstein


The 2013 Formula Drift champion has come out with a new look under a new shop with some new partners for 2014. Essa Autosport is now the new label of his program/shop since he split ways with GSR Autosport. Essa stuck to a very similar build but has focused on improving cooling with a rear mounted CSF Radiator in the 2014 build. What do you think of the new render?