Jhonnattan Castro Shows Off Toyota 86 Livery for 2016 Formula Drift


We provided an update on Instagram showing off the build in progress for Jhonnattan Castro’s 2016 Formula Drift build. He has released his livery for the 2016 season showing off Nexen Tire as a main sponsor for the new season. His program will be run by Papadakis Racing and carry sponsors such as Gerdau Metaldom, KW and Advan Racing.“It is our pleasure at Papadakis Racing to partner with Jhonnattan Castro and Nexen Tire with our organization,” said Stephan Papadakis. Time will tell how well Jhonnattan can do with this new setup for the 2016 season.

Vaughn Gittin Jr. Drag Races his Competition Cars [VIDEO]

Vaughn Gittin Jr. took his two competition cars out for a good old fashioned drag race! His new 2016 Competition-Spec Ford Mustang RTR sure looks like a fast machine. That speed won’t matter so much at Long Beach but it seems other drivers will be scrambling to chase him at rounds such as Road Atlanta. This race is essentially 10 years of development in the old car with a straight axle in the rear versus one year of development in the new car with the Ford Mustang’s all new Independent Rear Suspension. Vaughn is set to debut his new car at the Streets of Long Beach for the opening round of Formula Drift on April 9th.

2016 Lonestar Drift ProAm Round 1 [RESULTS]


Lonestar Drift held their first round of ProAm a few weeks back at Gulf Greyhound Park, which featured a complete elimination of qualifying. The event went over well with the drivers, who were slotted into ‘divisions’ and tandem battled from the start. In the end, some familiar names finished on the podium as Josh McGuire took home the win in his Enjuku Racing S14. McGuire already has his Pro 2 license, and likely used this event as a tune-up for the Pro 2 season which starts in Atlanta in May.

Here’s a look at the full podium results:

1st – Josh McGuire
2nd – Jeff Kurtz
3rd – Chris Tyrone
4th – Randall Waters

Ken Gushi Shows Off 2016 Formula Drift Livery for Scion FR-S




Ken Gushi released a look very similar to his old livery with a couple new sponsors resulting the biggest changes. His big move this season was to Nexen Tire. The Scion Racing brand has been kept under the closing of Scion and is now SR by Toyota. Ken Gushi remains with KW Suspension, Greddy, and Rays for the new season as well. Ken had his best season in career history in 2015 and is surely looking to win a championship in 2016.

Daigo Saito Wins D1 Grand Prix Round 1


Daigo Saito walked away from Formula Drift in 2016 to focus on the D1 Grand Prix series and it looks like that extra focus has worked. Daigo Saito defeated Kawabata in a great final battle to win the first round of the 2016 D1GP series. I guess his new tire sponsor Wanli has built a solid product and is helping him back on the road to a championship. The D1 and Formula Drift series have some schedule conflicts this season so running both seasons in full was going to be impossible for Daigo Saito.


One of our awesome readers Sanlis, put together an interesting chart on Daigo Saito’s D1GP finishes over the past five seasons and show he has been just a step off the championship.

2011- 2nd Place
2012 – 2nd Place
2013 – 4th Place
2014 – 15th Place
2015 – 2nd Place

Cleary he has been right there as far as a D1 championship in the last 5 years, but retiring from Formula Drift for the season might give him a chance to break that second place streak. Daigo Saito will be able to return to Formula Drift at anytime due to the former champions clause preventing him from being relegated to Pro 2 for next season. Here is how D1GP finished Round 1-

1st – Daigo Saito
2nd – Masato Kawabata
3rd – ideyuki Fujino
4th – Yusuke Kusaba

Juha Rintanen Debuting 800hp S15 Silvia at Formula Drift Road Atlanta





Juha Rintanen took to the Internet today to debut his S15 Silvia that was built in Europe over the winter. The car is currently being shipped to America and will make its debut at Round 2 of the Formula Drift series at Road Atlanta. Juha will run his S14 at Long Beach that is still in the country. This S15 with a 2JZ-GTE engine hit 800hp on the dyno before being shipped across the Atlantic Ocean. Juha is staying with Achilles Radial for 2016 and continues to use some other awesome brands such as BC Racing and WiseFab. Follow the link below for more pictures of his #FlamingFinn S15 Silvia.

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Lone Star Drift Removes Qualifying and a 2016 Schedule


Here is a Lone Star Drift 2016 schedule showing all the events for the Texas series. They have two key trips to Texas Motor Speedway mixed with a couple other venues around the state. A video below made by Aaron Losey explains how they have eliminated qualifying for the 2016 season.


Event Schedule
Round 1 of the Lone Star Drift Series, March 19-20 – Gulf Greyhound Park, La Marque, TX
Round 2 of the Lone Star Drift Series, April 16-17 – Mineral Wells Airport, Mineral Wells, TX
Round 3 of the Lone Star Drift Series, May 28-29 – Gulf Greyhound Park, La Marque, TX
Round 4 of the Lone Star Drift Series, July 9-10 – Texas Motor Speedway, Fort Worth, TX
Round 5 of the Lone Star Drift Series, Aug 20-21 – Mineral Wells Airport, Mineral Wells, TX
Round 6 of the Lone Star Drift Series, Sept 17-18 – Gulf Greyhound Park, La Marque, TX
Round 7 of the Lone Star Drift Series, October 15-16 – Texas Motor Speedway, Fort Worth, TX

Explanation of New Competition Format/No Qualifying:

Wrecked Magazine Issue 36 [READ THIS]


Steve Topping’s American powered BMW takes the Issue 36 cover and has a great feature inside shot at Street Driven Tour St. Louis! We also check out Adam Knapnik’s chrome S14, interview Holley LS Fest winner Josh McGuire, and look at the V8 oil pan with Canton Racing! We head out to Las Vegas and cover Street Driven Tour Las Vegas stop and look at the many faces of the Chevy V8 inside our In Focus section. Follow the link below and read up on the new issue!

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Is Kyle Mohan Retiring the Mazda RX-8? [RUMORMILL]


Another rumor that is spicing up the 2016 Formula Drift season is that Kyle Mohan is hanging up and retiring the Mazda RX-8! If this is true, his loyalty to Mazda limits what cars I can imagine he will step into for the new Formula Drift season. Kyle has spent his whole Formula Drift career in a Mazda RX platform vehicle but the Mazda factory stopped producing the RX line in 2012 so it is a bit of an older model in the eyes of Mazda. My prediction is that Kyle Mohan will debut a new Mazda MX-5 Miata for the 2016 Formula Drift campaign. Hopefully this is true, but it is possible he is leaving the Mazda brand for something completely new. I will always remember his Mazda RX-8 for the insane 2014 accident in his battle with Robbie Nishida (seen below). What do you think of the possibility of Kyle Mohan in a new MX-5? Do you like it or would you rather see him stay in the RX-8 platform?

Daigo Saito No Longer in Formula Drift – Still With Wanli Tire As Reported


Daigo Saito is officially official not coming back to Formula Drift for the 2016 season. Just five days ago I made a post predicting that “Pretty big announcement that makes me think no Daigo Saito in Formula Drift for 2016.” when we broke he was running Wanli Tires in Japan for D1GP. So now Achilles Radial has released an official statement that Daigo is not returning to America this year. Bye Daigo and thanks for the memories!



There have been many rumors floating around lately, and we find it unfortunately necessary to address them. Daigo Saito notified us that he intended to focus on D1GP and would not be competing in Formula Drift in 2016. Achilles Tires will be returning as a Major Sponsor of Formula DRIFT USA, and this series will be the cornerstone of our motorsports marketing efforts globally. Without a commitment to compete in the series, it did not make sense to continue the relationship. We wish Daigo the best of luck in his future endeavors.

Achilles Motorsports will be making our official 2016 Motorsports Program announcement on March 24th.