Ng Sheng Nian – Formula Drift Pro 2 Driver [INTERVIEW]


Wrecked Magazine: Who are you and how did you get your Pro 2 license?

Ng Sheng Nian:
Hello! I’m Nian from Singapore, I was granted my Pro 2 license through a petition. I’ve been competing for about 3 years and last year I competed in the full Formula Drift Japan series.

WM: Can you give us a break down of your car and what sponsors you have on board?

Ng Sheng Nian: I’m driving a JZX100 Chaser built by Jono & Andy(Andrew grey) of Powervehicles! Trust me , Andy is a JZX wizard hahaha! It has a 3.4 2J with a GTX42 Turbocharger. Achilles is helping me out with tires ! Tonnka from Malaysia makes the sexiest intakes for me.


WM: What track are you most excited about and most nervous to tackle this season?

Nian:Atlanta actually! It is my first time competing in the States and i’m really excited to check out the atmosphere and the competitors .

WM: Who is your favorite drifter in the world and who to you derive driving inspiration from?

Nian: ANDREW GREY (ANDY) He is not only my teammate but he is also the guy i really want to drive like! He has got a really good style, big flicks, full smoke and is a really composed driver! I wanna drive like Andy ! and I’m really glad that he is so willing to share his driving with me! haha

WM: Who do you think will win the Formula Drift Pro Championship this season?

Nian: Andy!! When he gets his groove he is going to annihilate !


WM: What is one hurdle or headache you ran into during the off-season gearing up for Pro 2?

Logistics? I’m from Singapore . So it will take me about 30 hours to get to the states just for a weekend of drifting!

WM: What advise can you give to the upcoming Pro 2 drivers who are currently in Pro Am?

Nian: I can’t really advise as I’m still a shitty driver myself! haha

Taylor Hull – Formula Drift Pro 2 Driver [INTERVIEW]


Wrecked Magazine: Who are you and how did you get your Pro 2 license (please mention Pro Am and/or former drift experience)?

Taylor Hull: My name is Taylor Hull, I’m 27 and I live just south of Atlanta, Georgia. I started racing on oval tracks when I was 13 and competed in various series with that until 2012 when I took up drifting just because it always looked fun, and I wanted something to just “have fun” driving. I didn’t take into account how competitive I am so it wasn’t long before I started going to grassroots competitions and realizing how much I really had to learn. I won my first grassroots competition in 2012 and decided to do Pro Am with Streetwise Drift in 2013 where I ran the first event, then blew my motor and was out for the rest of the season. I came back strong in 2014 with SWD and made all the events, had some great runs and ended up 3rd in points after going into the last event in 7th. All the stars aligned and I had a great event which gave me my Pro 2 license. I had no idea what I was in for.

WM: Can you give us a break down of your car?

Taylor Hull: We have some great new partners onboard this year as well as several returning from years past.

Aloha Green Tea Hawaii is a power based additive for water that tastes great and is very good for you, it helps with energy during the long days at the track as well. Affirm Consulting is a partner that helps business recognize and resolve deficiencies and be more productive, putting more to the bottom line. I know Dennis that runs the company very well and he has an amazing mind for business, anyone that gives him a chance won’t be disappointed.
Next, my wrap designer, installer, crew chief and friend, Sticker Shark is back and making my car look great again. I took the reins off him this year and let him be more creative on the design, I think people will really like the result. Rovos Wheels is back providing a great 18×9 up front and a 18×10.5 rear in their Durban style. I will be back on Falken Tire 615k Azenis again this year for max grip. Magnuson Superchargers provided a tvs2300 supercharger to go on the Daffron Race innovations built 408 LS engine. Driven Race Group is back for the fourth year providing all our safety equipment. Weir Performance got our back with their race spool for the Q45 rear end as well as the conversion to make it work with the stub shafts needed, it’s a very nice piece for higher powered cars if you aren’t going with a quick change. We are back on Feal Suspension coilovers and I look forward to working with Odi Bakchis on setup, especially now that he is also on Falken this year. Our fuel injection is powered by Donkey Power Injection for the 2nd year with 1000cc injectors. ATI dampers provide a 8 rib pulley setup to keep belts on the car. We have a twin disc ACT clutch to put the power to the ground, they are a new sponsor this season. Wiring Specialties is back on board this year as we are running a beautiful race harness that cleans up the engine bay significantly. Sikky Mfg is a great partner that we traveled with last season that we look forward to continuing to work with in the future. Finally, Enjuku racing is our official aftermarket parts supplier. Their team provides a wealth of knowledge and a vast range of parts that we have used on our build at great pricing.


WM: What track are you most excited about and most nervous to tackle this season?

Taylor Hull- I am stoked to be able to run at Road Atlanta. Since I live about an hour away, this is the first event that many of my friends and family will be able to come to, plus with the fastest initiations of the season should be a great time. I wouldn’t say I am nervous about going anywhere but I feel that Texas was a challenge last year. I have to get more consistent in my runs there and I was born there so I want to have a good showing for my family still there also.

WM: Can you name one drifter you really want to see in a battle in Pro 2 this year?

Taylor Hull: I look forward to all my battles, that’s what makes drifting fun to me. My battle with Brandon Wicknick at Seattle last season was the most fun I’ve ever had in a car I think. I hope to get to battle with some of my friends in the southeast though like Kevin Lawerence, Ricky Adams, and several of the others around here.

WM: Who is your favorite drifter in the world and who to you derive driving inspiration from?

Justin Pawlak.
Last year in Texas Justin took a few minutes to find me and give me some pointers that really helped me with my driving that day and it really meant a lot to me. Having a seasoned pro take the time to do something like that was really cool, so I try to help as many people with quick tips like that as well. We ended up making the same mistake in the competition that weekend so we were able to laugh about it on Saturday. He is a fierce competitor and you can tell how much he wants to win and how hard he works for it. Those qualities coupled with the fact that he’s such a nice guy gives me someone to try to model a career after.

WM: Who do you think will win the Formula Drift Pro Championship this season?

Taylor Hull: I think this may be the year that Odi Bakchis finishes the way he started last year. Again, he is someone I admire who builds his cars and does so much r&d.

WM: What is one hurdle or headache you ran into during the off-season gearing up for Pro 2?

Taylor Hull: We had to build a new motor and drivetrain setup this year, but the car is all mine now which is what I wanted. It’s a lot of work to make sure what you’re building and buying is compatible with what you have and falls within all the rules. We had a few struggles but have most of it worked out now. I build my car mostly myself so if I don’t know how to do something I have to learn.

WM: What advise can you give to the upcoming Pro 2 drivers who are currently in Pro Am?

Taylor Hull: Haha! Expect to spend WAY more money than you budget for each year. The sport is expensive and the competition is greater than you expect. Everyone is good at this level, there are no gimme battles and everyone has earned their right to be here. Also, expect a professionally run series that will top most anything you’ve ever been a part of, being involved with Formula D and interacting with the fans is really the experience of a lifetime.

2016 D1 Grand Prix – Round 2 Fuji [RESULTS]


Daigo Saito continued his winning ways at the second round of D1 Grand Prix, which took place at Fuji Speedway and was dubbed “Warfare”. The second win since moving to WanLi tires gives Saito a fairly strong lead on the championship, although Kawabata-san has finished just behind him in both rounds and could take over the lead if Saito falters. There are 7 total rounds of competition in D1GP this year, with the next round being a twin round in late June at Tsukuba.

Here’s a look at the final results of the second round of D1GP:

1st – Daigo Saito –  Wanli Fat 5 Racing JZX100
2nd – Masato Kawabata – Toyo Tires Trust Racing R35
3rd – Shinji Minowa – Team AP Boss Potenza JZX90
4th – Yoichi Immamura – OTG Motorsports ZN6

2016 Irish Drift Championships – Round 1 Mondello [RESULTS]


The incredible unbeaten streak on Irish soil continued this weekend at Mondello despite some tough competition. Duane McKeever took out fellow Irishman Shane O’Sullivan in the final, while Forrest Wang won his podium battle with Nigel Colfer when Colfer’s clutch gave out in their battle. Wang was driving Darren McNamara’s LHD S13 with a 2JZ engine, a setup that Wang looked quite comfortable in.

Here’s a look at the final results from Round 1:

1st – Duane McKeever
2nd – Shane O’Sullivan
3rd – Forrest Wang
4th – Nigel Colfer

Street Driven Tour’s Best of Drifting in 2015 [VIDEO]

The Street Driven Tour is about to be in full swing for the 2016 season with its collaboration event with Hyperfest at Virginia International Raceway. This video is a compilation of the best drifting action the event saw in 2015. From multi-car tandem battles to drift soccer this event is a fun day of sliding for everyone. The 2016 schedule is out and tickets are for sale right now for the upcoming events in Virginia, St. Louis, Atlanta, and Las Vegas!


Tanner Foust Returns for Three Round Formula Drift in 2016


The two time former champion of Formula Drift will be returning for the 2016 Formula Drift season in his V8 powered Volkswagen. He will be running the following three rounds: Road Atlanta, Evergreen Speedway (Seattle), and Texas Motor Speedway. He made the jump over to Nexen Tire for the new season as well. Tanner finished last season in 36th place and only managed to put on a respectable performance at Irwindale Speedway. Hopefully he has some of the bugs shaken out and has dialed in this VW and can put on a show at Road Atlanta this year!

Maximum Driftcast – A Podcast about Drifting


If you haven’t caught the Maximum Driftcast then you should check it out on iTunes or however you consume your daily podcasts. The show features three hosts (Corey Hosford, Paco Ibarra, and Sam Nalven @ Drift Idiot) and normally a guest to talk about drifting for just over an hour. Wrecked Magazine got a nice shout on Episode 9 I just tuned into so I figured I would return the favor. They just had Chelsea DeNofa hop on the most recent show to talk about his win at Long Beach.


Listen and Subscribe:

Say Howdy Get Rowdy Season 4 Part 3 – Chelsea Wins [VIDEO]

This is a great tribute to cap off his first winning Formula Drift event. I have loved the Say Howdy Get Rowdy videos for years now and Chelsea’s win makes this extra special. The videos this year moved over to the BC Racing YouTube page so make sure you subscribe to not miss an episode. We shared some older episodes on Facebook or you can watch them here.

Part 2 –
Part 1 –

2016 Formula Drift Motegi Super Drift Challenge [RESULTS]


The Motegi Super Drift during the Long Beach Grand Prix had a pretty weak drivers list of 11 that included some Pro 2 drivers to make the field larger than a Top 8. The podium was swept by three drivers who are starting a 2016 season with a new tire company. The final four saw Michael Essa versus Odi Bakchis (#1 qualifier) in the battle of the show that Odi was given the edge on and advanced into the finals. Matt Field made easy work of Dean Kearney in the Final Four with a big mistake from Dean pushing him into the finals.


The $25,000 payout is a nice chunk in the wallet for the top Formula Drift drivers. Here is how the event finished up:
1. Matt Field
2. Michael Essa
3. Odi Bakchis
4. Dean Kearney
5. Kyle Mohan
6. Jeff Jones
7. Ryan Litteral
8. Fredric Aasbo
9. Justin Pawlak
10. Trenton Beechum
11. Alex Heilbrunn

2016 Formula Drift Round 1 Streets of Long Beach [GALLERY]

FredricAasbo MichaelEssa,RainDrifting ChelseaDeNofa TylerMcQuarrie


Here is a great Formula Drift Long Beach gallery from our long time shooter Justin Kaehler. He compiled a great 200+ shots of the action through the rain and dry Top 32 tandem. Follow the link below to follow along and view some great shots of the event.

Check out the Gallery:

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