2015 Formula Drift Japan Drivers List


Formula Drift Japan is coming up this weekend and is an official Formula Drift World Championship round. Mad Mike Whiddett is listed to be driving a Mazda RX7, Matt Field is listed in a S14, and a ton of Japanese drivers are throw in the mix. Here is the full drivers list –

1. Yuji Saito
2. Mitsuru Yoshioka
3. Hokuto Matsuyama
4. Chiam Benjamin
5. Kenji Takayama
6. Yoshichika Tamagawa
7. Shinichirou Saito
8. Masataka Hawashima
9. Shunnosuke Mito
10. Daisuke Nakamura
11. Masayoshi Tokita
12. Shinji Minowa
13. Tetsuya Hibino
14. Kawabata Masato
15. Tomokazu Hirota
16. Masao Suenaga
17. Takahiro Imamura
18. Toshiharu Kazama
19. Hirohide Tanaka
20. Tsutomu Fujio
21. Tetsuya Iha
22. Inafuku Ryo
23. Yoshinori Shinozaki
24. Shigehisa Sasayama
25. Yuki Inaoka
26. Keiichirou Kadekaru
27. Noritsugu Totani
28. Tadahiro Fukada
29. Yuji Tanaka
30. Kazumi Takahashi
31. Daichi Oshiro
32. Sheng Nian Ng
33. Kazuya Iizuka
34. Michihiro Takator
35. Kiyotaka Yamazaki
36. Toshimitsu Masuda
37. Atsushi Taniguchi
38. Yoshitatsu Kaneda
39. Koji Yamaguchi
40. Yusuke Kusaba
41. Daisuke Hasegawa
42. Tomohiro Nakamura
43. Kenji Yaminaka
44. Kazaya Taguchi
45. Andrew Gray
46. Manabu Fujinaka
47. Kazuki Hayashi
48. Kuniaki Takahashi
49. Charles Ng
50. Daigo Saito
51. Dean Kearney
52. Mad Mike Whiddett
53. Robbie Nishida
54. Masashi Yokoi
55. Matt Field
56. Fredric Aasbo
57. Odi Bakchis

2015 Formula Drift Canada Round 1 [GALLERY]

FormulaDriftCanadaRound1 LexusSC300.FormulaDrift


Formula Drift Canada kicked off with Round 1 which was covered by Jeremy Glover. The Canadian version of Formula Drift drew a nice crowd and has Round 2 right around the corner. The big event is happening on Labor Day weekend outside Montreal which is also a Formula Drift World Championship round. Follow the link below and enjoy the gallery from the first event of the 2015 season.

Check out the Gallery:

Parks & Rec with Brandon Wicknick and Juha Rintanen [VIDEO]

ChaseBays released this cool video of Brandon Wicknick and Juha Rintanen drifting some closed streets in Alabama recently. A cool piece and I just love the way both these 2JZ engines sounds!

2015 Drift AllStars Round 2 – Sweden [RESULTS]


As if the success in Mondello wasn’t enough for Irish drifting, two Irish drivers took the top two positions at the Drift Allstars race in Sweden. James Deane continued his success over the past several months by taking out his fellow countryman and friend Nigel Colfer in the final. Swede Alexander Granlund took the final podium position.

Here are the Round 2 Results:

1. James Deane – Falken Motorsports
2. Nigel Colfer – Tri-ace Tyre
3. Alexander Granlund – No Coast Racing

A replay can be found here: Eversport.TV

2015 Irish Drift Championship Round 3 – Mondello [RESULTS]


How strong are the Irish drivers? Not only was their 11-year unbeaten streak on home soil continued, but the top two drivers aren’t even old enough to earn their drivers license here in the US! 15-year-old Tomas Kiely defeated 15-year-old Jack Shanahan in the all-Irish final, with fellow countryman Dean Kearney taking third place over his Achilles Tire teammate Daigo Saito. For those wondering, Ryan Tuerck was taken out in top 32, and Robbie Nishida was unable to qualify after his initial car was totaled in practice and he jumped into a borrowed ProAm car just moments before qualifying started.

1st – Tomas Kiely
2nd – Jack Shanahan
3rd – Dean Kearney
4th – Daigo Saito

A replay is available here:

A Judges View of Alec Hohnadell vs. Chris Forsberg from FDNJ


Had I known the Forsberg vs Hohnadell battle was going to be so controversial, I would have gladly gone on the mic with Jarod to explain my decision. We explained split decisions or the outcome of one more times in New Jersey, but we had no way of knowing at the time what runs were viewed as controversial or confusing.

So here is my breakdown of the Forsberg vs Hohnadell battle:

Forsberg leading Hohnadell: Forsberg initiates high on the bank and gets very high early until the end of the zone. Hohnadell has a good initiation at the same time as Forsberg, but drops down lower on the bank and has less angle throughout the zone. Forsberg comes off the bank strong and is close on inner clip 1, with Hohnadell right behind him with good mimic. Forsberg enters outside zone 2 early and stays wide throughout the zone. Hohnadell is close to Forsberg entering the zone but corrects his angle multiple times and surges forward and falls back a few times during the entirety of outside zone 2. Forsberg gets close to inner clip 2, with Hohnadell close behind. Forsberg fills outside zone 3 fully all the way around and finishes strong. Hohnadell surges forward and falls back twice but keeps fairly steady angle behind Chris.


Hohnadell leading Forsberg: Hohnadell initiates much lower on the bank than Forsberg did and stays lower throughout outside zone 1. Forsberg initiates with Hohnadell and is on the same line, but a couple of car lengths behind. Hohnadell comes off the bank well and does a good job on inside clip 1. Forsberg is in proximity and mimics perfectly. Hohnadell hits the outside zone marker (drivers were told this wasn’t a deduction in qualifying as long as the tire wasn’t over the line, and it isn’t in tandem either.) and is very close to one tire off, but the replay isn’t conclusive. Forsberg follows closely and also hits the outside zone marker. Hohnadell has an angle correction and surges forward in outside zone 2, while Forsberg is close behind. Hohnadell has great angle as he exits outside zone 2 and crosses inside clip2. Forsberg mimics perfectly and anticipates Hohnadell’s transitions through this sector and is close for outside zone 3. Hohnadell’s angle fluctuates through outside zone 3 (possibly his left rear tire making contact with the banking) and finishes with good angle. Forsberg stays close to the finish.

What set Forsberg apart in this tandem battle was his finesse and smoothness when transitioning, and the consistency of the angle he held through each corner. He was also higher on outside zone 1 throughout the entirety of the zone, which is by far the highest difficulty section of the track.

Hohnadell has improved greatly since he started competing in Formula Drift, and he showed himself to be a serious contender against Forsberg. But during this run, while he was fast, aggressive and stylish, he lacked the refinement and control that Forsberg exhibited in the lead and chase position. Due to the many bobbles, corrections and surges throughout the course, we had to give the win to Forsberg, who demonstrated his ability to drive at the same speed and on sometimes better lines with more vehicle control and finesse.

-Ryan Lanteigne



*I would of posted the DailyMotion video and referenced the time code but the #FDNJ file seems to be broken*

Englishtown Pro Bro Down Post Formula D New Jersey [VIDEO]

Englishtown (former host of Formula Drift New Jersey) hosted a Pro Bro Down post Wall Speedway to have some fun and enjoy the wild course of the famed drift mecca Englishtown. The typical suspects were in attendance with the addition of the HGK Racing builds, Mats Baribeau, Pat Goodin, and Chelsea DeNofa.

2015 Formula Drift Round 4 New Jersey Main Event [GALLERY]



The main event coverage has been delivered by Andrew Jennings to show off some of the really close bank battles going down during competition. I love this snap of Justin Pawlak ramming into and going wheel to wheel with Yokoi in this run. Flick through our gallery to see the pits, driver faces, and some tandem battles for Round 4 of Formula Drift at New Jersey.

Check out the Gallery:

Kelsey Rowlings Heads to Drift All-Stars Round 2 this Weekend


Kelsey Rowlings is heading over to Europe to compete in the second round of Drift All-Stars this weekend. The event takes place in Sweden at the Eskilstuna MotorSportArena. You can tune into the Drift All-Stars Livestream and watch her qualify/compete this weekend here. Kelsey Rowlings is a new and upcoming girl drifter who is dedicated to running the Pro 2 series this season in her pink S14 Nissan 240sx pictured above. Here was her Pro 2 driver preview piece if you want to learn more about her.

2015 Formula Drift Round 4 at New Jersey Friday [GALLERY]



Andrew Jennings was on the scene at Round 4 in New Jersey to capture some great content as the weather went in and out all weekend. Here is his unique look at qualifying and the events that went down on Friday.

Check out the Gallery: