Justin Pawlak’s Turn-Key Formula Drift Mustang [FOR SALE]


The S197 Ford Mustang chassis has become a proven entity in the sport of drifting. The S197 Mustang chassis holds a championship in Formula Drift and nobody can build/drive one better than Justin Pawlak. This Mustang was rented/used by Justin Pawlak for 2015 Formula Drift season and is now up for sale through the owner Jim Guthrie/Car Crafters in New Mexico. The asking price right now is $70,000 and a full list of modifications to this chassis can be found below.

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Chris Forsberg – Removing Christmas Decorations with a Nissan GT-R

Check out Chris Forsberg undecorate a Christmas Tree in the fastest way we can imagine with the help of a new Nissan GT-R. The video above is the official Nissan video and the YouTube video below is a behind the scenes piece with Donut Media. A unique project that helps wrap up the holidays and put them all behind you and gear up for a great 2016 season.

Ryan Tuerck Competing at D1NZ Round 2 in Tauranga


Ryan Tuerck will make his 2016 drifting debut with one of our favorite international series called D1NZ based out of New Zealand. Ryan Tuerck will be attending Round 2 at ASB Baypark Stadium in Tauranga, Bay Of Plenty to kick off 2016. Ryan will be drifting a Toyota GT-86 and looking to take home another international victory from his long overseas trip. The event is January 8th/9th and will also highlight all of the normal D1NZ stars you are normally going to see during an event weekend.

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Stocking Stuffer – Formula Drift Long Beach Tickets On Sale


The first event of the 2016 season has tickets on sale starting today! You will want to act fast and buy some as we know the event will sell out (it has the last few years) and if you wait until the last minute you will be stuck with a ticket way in the nosebleed/finish line. Buy these for you or the one you love right before the holidays.

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How Sikky Saved the Nissan GT-R Rear End

Daigo Saito had some serious issues with his rear end on the Nissan GT-R he brought into Formula Drift. He kept breaking the rear of the car, at least once an event, due to the serious load Formula Drift puts on the car. After the Formula Drift Orlando round of competition, he decided enough was enough and reached out to the guys at Sikky Manufacturing in Maryland to develop a solution that would hold all the power his GT-R puts down. Sikky determined that one of their quick change rear setups would solve the issues and they quickly went to work. After completely tearing down the rear of the car, Sikky scanned the OEM sub frame and sheet metal floor pan with their FARO arm to create a CAD model that would allow them to design the new rear end. The new setup was designed, tested and put through the motions on the computer before any parts were even made. Once the concept was finished and checked out the real fun began.


Sikky started with a OEM R35 GTR sub frame. The new steel pieces that would hold the quick change rear in place were laser cut and bent per their CAD design. Positioned perfectly to account for driveshaft and axles Sikky was able to design a mounting system that would hold this massive rear. The end result is an impressively strong rear that is ready to handle all the abuse Daigo Saito would throw at it the rest of the season. If you just compare the two photos of the rear end you can see how stout they built the new Nissan GT-R rear end.

NissanGTR.OEMrear Sikky.NissanGTR.RearEnd

This buff Sikky sub frame cradles the quick change rear in the proper place and prevented the team from running into any more rear issues for the remainder of the season. The clearance with the sway bar and exhaust are centimeter tight but just managed to work perfectly and fit within the Formula Drift rulebook.

DaigoSaitoRearEnd.Installed3 DaigoSaitoRearEnd.Installed2 DaigoSaitoRearEnd.Installed1

The progression of the Nissan GT-R in Formula Drift has been a slow growth process but with companies like Sikky on the team I can imagine Daigo Saito will be making a championship run sooner than later, perhaps in 2016?

Battle Drift is Here [VIDEO]

Vaughn Gittin Jr. and Daigo Saito tear up an abandoned Russian village in Japan for your viewing pleasure. Daigo Saito is in his Lamborghini and Vaughn Gittin Jr. is in Mustang RTR. Enjoy!

Yokohama Tire Set to Leave Formula Drift Again


Various people are confirming with us that the rumor of Yokohama Tire not returning to Formula Drift in 2016 are true. The brand always seems to be one foot in and one foot out even when they are active in the series. The big performing sponsorship of 2015 they had was Yokoi who came over from Japan and really brought some Japanese style into his drifting. After a slow start in Long Beach he found his own and put on some great battles including Road Atlanta versus Odi Bakchis. No word on if Yokoi will continue with a new sponsor or what the plan for other Yokohama drivers are in 2016 just yet.

Scion Racing recaps from Irwindale [VIDEO]

Fredric Aasbo:

Ken Gushi:

Entering Saturday’s Top 32 tandem day at Irwindale, it was known that one of the two Scion Racing cars would take home the championship. Aasbo went on to take home both the event win and the championship win, but not without Ken Gushi putting up a big fight. After the event, it became known that Gushi went through several engines during the weekend. These videos from Scion Racing are a great documentation of what went on in both pits.

Drift All-Stars Sets Eye on International Round in Thailand


Drift All-Stars is looking beyond Europe in 2016 announcing that the first round of the championship will be taking place in Thailand! I find this a solid move to bring in an international stop as part of the regular series instead of an added on bonus like other organizations.This international stop brings them tothe world-class Chang International Circuit in Buriram, Thailand. The southeast Asia market has always seemed to do so well with drift events coming into town. They don’t have a date set for Thailand or the 2016 season but they promise a full schedule will be delivered shortly.


Have Money Left Over from Cyber Monday? Get This


A few people emailed us in this as a news story and other people in the drift industry posted about it on social media. This thing cost $89.99 right now. Pretty serious deal if you want to start a simple fender rolling business or fix up your buddies 180sx before the next drift event to fit 17×10.5 wheels in the rear.

NEW Eastwood Fender Roller – Lip Forming & Rolling Tool for Larger Tires