Kristaps Blušs Unveils HGK Motorsports BMW for Formula Drift

Drift.BMW.HGKMotorsports.BMWE46 Drifting.HGKMotorsports.BMWE46


HOLY COW, the guys famous for building insane and over the top BMW’s delivered with this Formula Drift legal bat shit insane E46. If you follow the “more” link below you can find some pictures of this beast without it’s body cladding on to see how wild the engine setup really is. Kristaps has opted for an all motor setup with some big ITB’s. His suspension is helped by WiseFab suspension and Achilles Radial to make that big horsepower stick. Follow the jump to see more photos of this beast!

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Alec Hohnadell Shows Off Get Nuts Lab x Achilles 240sx [SPYSHOTS]


Alec Hohnadell has released his 2015 livery showing off some new partners for 2015. He linked up with Forrest Wang’s operation Get Nuts Laboratory in Las Vegas to get his program off the ground and running in 2015. He has kept his LS Chevrolet engine for the new season and slapped a Magnuson TVS2300 jackshaft supercharger on it for a nice bump in horsepower for the year. I also like how his core color is green to match with the overall Get Nuts branding we have seen in years past. Alec seems to be carrying Holley Performance as a partner for the new year as well helping him with some great LS engine support. Alec mentioned to me he drove Forrest’s competition car at Vegas Drift over the past weekend and really did love the way a 2JZ engine felt in drifting. Perhaps we will see him shift over to the inline 6 setup in a future car build? What do you think of his new 2015 Formula Drift setup?

Drift Garage Is Back and Shows You How to Build a 370z and Missile Version 2

Ryan Tuerck and Chris Forsberg are back with season two of Drift Garage at MA Motorsport. Ryan Tuerck is refreshing his S13 missile car while Chris Forsberg is blowing the budget this year with a twin turbo Nissan 370z build. Tune into the first episode and check out the new cars for this NetworkA season debut.

Tommy Van Cleef Goes Throwback TRD Livery for Formula Drift Pro 2

Tommy Van Cleef

Tommy Van Cleef is a really interesting and exciting driver in the world of drifting. My favorite part about him you might ask? The fact that he drives a MK3 Toyota Supra and earned a Pro 2 license with it impresses me in itself. Trust me, if the MK3 Supra was such a piece of cake to make into a drift car then plenty of other people would be doing it.

For 2015 Pro 2 Tommy has turned up the power on his 2JZ engine which we were told was making 700whp in Pro Am. He also made a move on the tire side and signed with Achilles Radial for the new upcoming Pro 2 drift season. He carries some other partners such as Turbo by Garrett, Brian Crower, Clutchmasters and BC Racing. I really dig his Ivan Stewart TRD throwback livery he has going on with his Supra as well. You can see this car make its debut on the east coast at Formula Drift Orlando Speed World in June.

Tanner Foust’s Volkswagen Passat Will Be American Under the Hood


Tanner Foust’s Volkswagen Passat drift project has many secrets and mysteries behind it. Other than a quick announcement and YouTube video we haven’t heard much word from anyone about the build or detailed information with all of his sponsors. Well, we got a leak from a very trusted source of ours that this Volkswagen will be powered by a Chevy Performance V8 engine for 2015. It is possible the motor will also come with a turbo setup on it!

This tends to give me way more faith in the performance of Tanner Foust in 2015. I felt like developing and building a VW engine program with little to no previous information in the market it seemed like a very tough challenge. A drop in Chevrolet V8 crate engine (photo is just for reference, not sure what he is running) is a well known and strong entity within the drifting community.

Achilles Radial Supports 25 Drivers for 2015 Formula Drift Season


The 2015 Achilles Radial team is huge at 25 drivers and features a ton of heavy hitters in the drift series. The 25 drivers are split between Pro and Pro 2 and Achilles is showing clear intention of winning another championship for 2015. Several other tire brands seem to be divesting from the sport but Achilles is heading full throttle into the thick of it for the new year.

Formula Drift Roster
Daigo Saito
Robbie Nishida
Dean Kearney
Kenny Moen
Alec Hohnadell
Joon Maeng
Brandon Wicknick
Kristaps Bluss
“Rapper” Dan Savage
Marc Landerville
Geoff Stoneback
Nikolett Szanto
James Evans

Formula Drift Pro 2 Roster
Andrew Grey
Faruk Kugay
Alex Youe
Jeff Wolfson
Brody Goble
Juha Rintanen
Dewayne Ramsey
Mike Pollard
Doug Van Den Brink
Sergey Karbargain
Eric Hill
Tommy Van Cleef

Josh McGuire Shows Off Formula Drift Pro 2 Livery


Here is Josh McGuire’s Pro 2 look for his S14 Nissan 240sx. The car has a black lightning bolt with a white/light blue look. We featured an old look of his car after he won the Lone Star Drift Pro Am in our magazine seen here in this issue. Josh has an insane LS7 setup under the hood and is prepared to make a run at the Pro 2 season this year.

Jeff Jones Hops into DNA Motoring S14 Nissan 240sx for Formula Drift


Jeff Jones just unveiled his S14 Nissan 240sx with a big title sponsorship from DNA Motoring. Jeff Jones kept his partnership with Hankook Tires in tact coming off his best performing season in his career last year. Not a bunch of news has been released on what his engine setup is and what other changes he made for the 2015 setup. Stay tuned and we will have more on Jeff Jones program and the other 2015 Formula Drift liveries.

Vaughn Gittin Jr. Unveils 2015 Mustang RTR Livery

Vaughn Gittin Jr. released the look of his 2015 Mustang RTR demo machine for the 2015 season. The livery has a tweaked look and design which he debuted on the snow for this year. Vaughn is staying on Nitto Tires for 2015 while it seems about everyone else is switching up tire brands for the new season. You won’t see this 2015 Mustang RTR at Round 1 Long Beach just yet as Vaughn will be sticking with his 2014 chassis to compete in Formula Drift until his build is 100% dialed in and then this 2015 RTR will debut into the series.

This 2015 Mustang RTR being unveiled will be used at demos for awesome events such as Hyperfest x Street Driven on May 2nd  at VIRginia International Raceway. We haven’t seen a complete 2015 schedule from Vaughn Gittin just yet but we are sure he will be trekking around the United States with the new setup plenty for you to catch a glimpse of it.

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2015 Formula Drift Chevrolet Camaro Debut with Conrad Grunewald


Conrad Grunewald unveiled his teal Chevrolet Camaro packed with some new partners for the 2015 Formula Drift season. His new look includes three new sponsors Always Evolving, ReplayXD, and GT Radial. He joins Chelsea DeNofa who announced earlier this week he has moved to the GT Radial SX2 tire as well for this upcoming season. “I am very excited to welcome CGR to the GT Radial formula drift team for 2015,” said Mike Meeiem, Motorsports Marketing Manager, Giti Tire USA. “We were very comfortable with signing on the veteran driver. We are looking to make an impact in the series this year using our Champiro SX2 tire.” After years of his Hankook branded Camaro it will be hard to recognize his new tea/black setup during the new year. Conrad is also building a twin turbo LSX376 powered Chevrolet Camaro as a demo car for the new year.

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