Back 2 Basics at Ebisu Circuit Japan with BC Racing [VIDEO]

An awesome and unique look at Ebisu Circuit done by BC Racing with some quality interviews with Chris DeJager and Andrew Gray about drifting in Japan. They also swing by Fat Five Racing and look at some of Daigo Saito’s cars sitting around the shop. Sit back and enjoy some great cinematography and drifting out of Japan.

Daigo Saito Moves to Wanli Tire for 2016


For quite some time we have been hearing rumors about Daigo Saito and Achilles Radial breaking up and it looks like that has come true. Dennis shared us this image of Daigo Saito’s Lamborghini sporting Wanli Tires today (original post found here). It also appears that D1GP has gotten the memo and under the Tokyo Drift listing has his team as Wanli Fat Five Racing (here). Pretty big announcement that makes me think no Daigo Saito in Formula Drift for 2016. I checked with my contacts and was told Wanli is not a tire sponsor of Formula Drift for 2016. We will see where the chips fall but losing Daigo in 2016 would be a huge loss for the series.

Nexen Tire Announce Ken Gushi and Fredric Aasbo


Nexen Tire is making a big return back to the Formula Drift championship in 2016. They have officially announced that Fredric Aasbo and Ken Gushi will be on the Nexen Tire team for the new season. In February we announced that former champions would be heading to Nexen Tire and it looks like we nailed Aasbo making the move! Pretty exciting that Ken Gushi has made the jump to a new tire for the 2016 season. Assuming the tire is decent quality, he has a serious chance at a 2016 championship run after watching him perform last season.

Kelsey Rowlings Showing Off Ford 5.0L Nissan 240sx for Pro 2




Kelsey Rowlings has a new Nissan 240sx build getting set to debut for the 2016 Formula Drift Pro 2 season. Kelsey Rowlings has been on our radar for years and was mentioned in our Tribute to Women of Formula Drift along with this insanely awesome qualifying video of her throwing down at Three Palms seen here. Her new Pro 2 build includes a Ford Performance 5.0L Coyote engine that already gives her and the car a unique stepping stone for 2016. The car is a full blown Pro 2 build and we can expect her to debut it at Round 1 in Atlanta.

2016 Formula Drift Japan Round 1: Suzuka [RESULTS]


For the second consecutive year, Andrew Gray took home the win at the Suzuka round of Formula Drift Japan. Despite having 32 entrants, only 29 drivers could muster a qualifying score, landing the top three drivers in qualifying a first round bye. Andrew Gray defeated defending Pro 2 champion Alex Heilbrunn in the top 32 round, a rivalry that should heat up as both drivers kick off the Formula Drift Pro season in just four weeks. Gray defeated top qualifier Seimi Tanaka in the semifinal, the second consecutive year he faced Tanaka towards the end of the competition. Daichi Oshiro snuck into the podium after taking out defending Formula Drift Rookie of the Year Masashi Yokoi in the top 16.

Here’s a look at the final podium:

1. Andrew Gray
2. Daichi Oshiro
3. Seimi Tanaka

Source: Hanny_Jey

Formula Drift Japan at Suzuka Twin Circuit


The Formula Drift season is kicking off this weekend in Japan with a non World Championship round at Szukua Circuit. Alex Heilbrunn is running Daigo Saito’s old Lexus SC430 for the weekend and competing so keep an eye out for him.

Saturday March 12
1:00 PM (JAPAN STANDARD TIME) – Qualifying
8:00 PM (Friday March 11th PST) – Qualifying
Sunday March 13
4:30 PM (Saturday March 12 PST) – Top 32
8:00 PM (Saturday March 12th PST) – Qualifying

Charles Ng Shows off his Infiniti G37 WiseFab Kit in Pre Season Testing

This new WiseFab kit looks pretty insane after seeing it in testing with Charles Ng here at Willow Springs. The flick on the car is pretty insane. This new kit just arriving in the USA is for the Nissan 370z and Infiniti G37 platform. We will see in just over a month how the kit seems to work and hold up in Formula Drift competition. It will be interesting to see if Charles Ng shoots up the competition leaderboard in 2016 as other drivers such as Ken Gushi seemed to win more battles once switching to WiseFab.

Forrest Wang Set to run Irish Drift Championship in April


Forrest Wang is heading to the Irish Drift Championship for Round 1 at Mondello Park on April 23rd/24th. Mondello Park is the most famous and popular racetrack in Ireland for drifting and according to reports we have heard they have been adding new pavement to the venue to accommodate more track configurations. The IDC has a claim to fame that a foreigner has never won an event in the series since its inception. Perhaps Forrest Wang can change that next month at Mondello Park. Below is a snapshot of the work being done on the track thanks to Irish drifter Jack Shanahan.


Thumb Drift Is Now on Android

Screenshot 2016-03-08 12.14.33

We noticed a bunch of comments last week about how Thumb Drift looked cool but it was missing from Android. Well, the game is now over on the Android platform and available for download. Top tip Android users, you can use the code DRIVEN to unlock the Street Driven Mazda RX-7 owned by Hert right away. iTunes users will have to drift to unlock this awesome car in the game. More info on the game and a video teaser can be found here if you missed our original post.

Tyler McQuarrie Shows Off 2016 Livery


Tyler McQuarrie is returning for the 2016 Formula Drift season in his Chevrolet Camaro. Tyler continues to be with Falken Tire moving into the new year along with Mobil 1. His new partnership for 2016 appears to be with Safecraft. The GoPro branding does seem to be reduced for the 16 season which is happening across Formula Drift and noted here. From our reports, it sounds like Tyler McQuarrie will also be assisting the likes of Pat Mordaunt again for 2016 in his 350z.