A Look at the Final Round of D1NZ Under the Lights at Mt. Smart [RECAP]


It was finally time for the title fight to kick off at the Cody’s D1NZ National Drifting Championship Round 6 at Mt Smart Stadium, Auckland. The competition had been strong throughout the last five rounds of drifting with several drivers in with a chance of taking out the championship along with bragging rights as New Zealand’s next drift king!


The custom built circuit at Mt Smart was another tight and technical track designed to test the driver’s abilities behind the wheel. The return of the concrete walls meant the ever present danger of wrecking the car with one wrong move. Shaped almost like a spiral, the circuit started with a long right hand turn scrubbing the walls, tightening into a roundabout with inside clips and then a very tight left hairpin and back around the first turn. Almost like a mini Road Atlanta section.

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Keep Drifting Serious – Irish Drifting Championships Round 2 [VIDEO]

Peden Nielsen continues his look at the Irish Drifting Championship by focusing on how serious the event is. James Deane won the event, but more importantly, Peden feels that Ryan Sage is having far too much fun and needs to be called out. Jarod Deanda was called out in the first video,  which you can view here, so now it’s up to Ryan Sage to Keep Drifting Serious and #hurryup.

2014 Just Drift Round 2 at Horse Thief Mile [RESULTS]


Spike Chen has been on fire in Pro Am drifting during the 2014 season. He backed up his good form finishing up in first place at Just Drift Round 2. This weekends event took place at Horse Thief Mile on the Willow Springs course. We will have more coverage coming soon from Just Drift Round 2. This is how the event finished up:

1. Spike Chen
2. Donovan Brockway
3. Dan Burkett

2014 D1NZ Round 6 at Mt. Smart Stadium with Season Championship [RESULTS]


The D1NZ 2014 championship came to an end in Auckland at Mt. Smart. over the weekend. Mad Mike Whiddett was just edged out of another championship by Gaz Whiter! Our Issue 30 cover feature managed to finish up the podium in 3rd! Here is how the championship finished:

1. Gaz Whitier
2. Mad Mike Whiddett
3. Curt Whittaker


The final round came to an end under the lights at Mt. Smart! Daynom Templeman took home the victory in his Mazda RX-7! The series champion also landed on the podium for Mount Smart as well. Stay tuned as we have David Atkinson putting together some awesome D1NZ coverage from the weekend. Here is how the podium finished:

1. Daynom Templeman
2. Darren Kelly
3. Gaz Whitier


Tandem Train over at East Coast Bash [VIDEO]

Chris Forsberg posted this Instagram video of the Drift Alliance and friends having a blast at Englishtown! Don’t worry, we have Dan Jenkins on the scene and will have a ton of images and content coming up on the site very soon!

2014 Irish Drift Championship Round 2 at Fermoy [RESULTS]


Round 1 of the Irish Drift Championship wrapped up just now at Mondello Park! Duane Mckeever took a loaner car and managed to qualify in the event and drive his way to second place James Deane who just looked unstoppable all weekend put an end to Duane’s stellar performance with a proper defeat in the finals giving him the win. Nigel Coffer and Shane O’Sullivan had a pretty even battle for third but the judges edged out Nigel to take a win in this Aerokit 240sx. Dean Kearney also made an appearance qualifying 8th and performing pretty well through the weekend! Here is how they finished:

1st. James Deane
2nd. Duane Mckeever
3rd. Nigel Coffer
4th. Shane O’Sullivan

Geoff Stoneback Takes on Road Atlanta [VIDEO]


Geoff Stoneback made a  video highlighting his Top 32 battle against Vaugn Gittin Jr. along with his Road Atlanta debut. Check out the full video story here.


Watch the video:

2014 Midwest Drift Union Round 2 [GALLERY]




Midwest Drift Union photos shot by Jason Carroll are now up from Round 2! Enjoy all the action from these pictures and we will have an event recap coming around the corner shortly.


Check out the Gallery:

Doug Van Den Brink to Drive DeNofa’s Other BMW for Pro 2



Doug Van Den Brink doesn’t have his new Ford Mustang quite ready for the Formula Drift Pro 2 series so he has rented this BMW from Chelsea DeNofa. Doug is making his big return next week after a one and a half year absence from the sport. Earlier this week Doug got a chance to test the car at Orlando Speedworld and got it all dialed in.

The car is very similar to how Chelsea had it setup in Formula Drift except the engine he used in FD was swapped over to his new chassis. Dough told us today he is getting use to how the car transitions and puts horsepower down but he will be ready come next weekend for Formula Drift Pro 2!

A Look at the Drift Layout for Formula Drift Round 3 at Homestead


Here is a preview of the Formula Drift course we have received from some sources. This map even marks items such as where the jumbotron will be located. I imagine it is going to be very hard to see the whole track from a single vantage point but that is just speculation from looking at this angle. Even better, Corey Zornes from Florida provided us a video of a driver running the Homestead proposed course.