Daigo Saito’s Nissan GT-R All Taken Apart – Getting Ready for Formula Drift 2015 [SNAPSHOT]


WOW! Someone sent us this insane photo of Daigo Saito’s Nissan GT-R project at his new shop in Japan. The car is currently under construction for the 2015 Formula Drift season. We still cannot get over the tire size Daigo Saito is set to run for 2015. We reported on the tire size back around the 2014 SEMA Show but Ken Gushi was kind enough to show off how ridiculous a 295/35/21 drift tire is by rolling it over next to a common drift setup and taking a photo side by side.


Daigo Saito’s tire setup will be a 295/35R/21 in the rear and a 275/35/21 provided from the Achilles ATR Sport 2

Charles Ng Shoots a Drift Selfie Video With A C63 AMG [VIDEO]

Charles Ng hangs onto a selfie stick and drifts around the AMG Winter Sporting in Sweden. The car is a C63 AMG and it rips around the snow in this thing drifting with just one hand! Pretty impressive for the Formula Drift driver as he is out working in Sweden for the winter!

Shane Lynch and Team Japspeed Debut 370z at Autosport International

ShaneLynch.370z.BDC ShaneLynch.370z ShaneLynch.Rear370z

Team Japspeed and driver Shane Lynch unveiled a new 2015 Nissan 370z drift build. The car sat in the Maxxis booth during the Autosport show and gathered tons of attention from the UK press. We aren’t shocked to see more drivers building the 370z chassis as they get cheaper in cost, gain product support, and also are one of the few chassis to now win a Formula Drift championship. No word just yet on detailed specs with this car but we are sure more information will come out shortly before the BDC 2015 series gets underway!

Imamura Shows Off His Lexus LFA Set for D1GP

D1GP.Yoichi.ImamuraLexusLFA.Drifting.D1GrandPrix D1GP.Yoichi.Imamura.DriftCar

This Lexus LFA was built by Yoichi Imamura for D1 Grand Prix duty this season. What I can safely say is the most expensive OEM car to be built into a professional drift car to date in the world. Rumor has it from reader Lexis King that this build features a TRD NASCAR motor and dogbox in place of the factory V10 engine. This is another pretty wild build to come out of Tokyo Auto Salon after we saw the unveiling of Mad Mike’s Formula Drift Asia RX-7 and Robbie Nishida’s 1000hp Nissan GT-R for Formula Drift Asia. Stay tuned to the website for more builds coming out soon! 
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Robbie Nishida Shows Off 1000hp Nissan GT-R at Tokyo Auto Salon for Formula Drift Asia

Tokyo Auto Salon this year might have more drift car debuts than the SEMA Show at this rate of unveilings. Thanks to Mad Mike Whiddett’s social media savvy we found Robbie Nishida’s new Formula Drift Asia build. A 1000hp Nissan GT-R featuring a flat olive look and a Liberty Walk wide body kit. We don’t quite have all the specs on this car but it can serve I would imagine as a testing/learning vehicle for Daigo Saito’s GT-R coming to Formula Drift USA for 2015. No word yet if Robbie Nishida will also be running the most insane tire sizes for 2015 along with Daigo but we can assume, yes indeed.

Vaughn Gittin Jr. and Drift Alliance Celebrate 50 Years of Fun [VIDEO]

Here is Vaughn Gittin Jr. and his fellow Drift Alliance teammates hopping in Ford Mustang’s of all eras for this Ford Racing “50 Years of Fun” piece which brings together the celebration of the Ford Mustang. Watch some cars from every era get sideways in this cool piece.

Mad Mike’s New HUMBUL Looks Amazing – Tokyo Auto Salon 2015 Preview

MadMike.HUMBUL.Japan MadMike.JapanBuild

Mad Mike Whiddett’s HUMBUL is here! The 4 rotor twin turbo motor looks insane and the whole car is on the top quality one would expect to come from Mad Mike. Tons of the aero is sourced from Total Car Produce Magic (whom we found these photos through as well, thanks guys. The car is currently at Tokyo Auto Salon sitting in the Garrett Turbo booth in Hall 9.

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Vote for Dean Kearney’s 2015 livery


Dean Kearney’s title sponsor Oracle Lighting is holding a poll on their Facebook Page to help choose the livery for the 2015 Formula D season. Both liveries were designed on Forza, and these two finalists were narrowed down from several other entries. Both entries have some clear influences from previous liveries that both Kearney and Sam Hubinette have worn on previous Dodge Viper drift cars. Which design do you like better?

Livery Design #1 (white):



Livery Design #2 (red):


Dreamride Los Angeles with Fredric Aasbo [VIDEO]

Fredric Aasbo finds himself in downtown Los Angeles and Willow Springs in a new video called Dreamride LA. The video shows his Scion tC taking on some downtown Los Angeles streets with a unique passenger. Sit down and buckle up as Fredric Aasbo throws down some out of this world driving around the mean streets of downtown Los Angeles.


Wrecked Magazine Issue 33 Is Here! [READ THIS]

hand-controlled-v8-240-wip-2 (2)


Wrecked Magazine Issue 33 is packed full of some great drift car build features. The cover features one very inspirational V8 swap/build with quality parts from brands such as Canton Racing and Vortech Supercharger. We peel back and look at Mad Mike’s old D1NZ RX-7 and head to the Caribbean’s Dominican Republic to show off this 1JZ powered LHD S15 Silvia. Hawk Pads teaches us how to stop and drift and we go IN FOCUS with Chris Forsberg.

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