Ziptied All-Star Bash X [GALLERY]

Ford Mustang Cobra drifting at All-StarBash X

Matt Powers Drifting at All-Star Bash X

Willow Springs was invaded Fourth of July weekend by Ziptied All-Star Bash X. We sent Ricky Cervantes to cover the action. This is always one of the most noted grasroots drifting events of the year in drifting and tons of Formula D stars came out. We have pictures of Charles Ng, Justin Pawlak, Matt Powers, and Michael Essa. These guys were mixed with plenty of local grassroots guys from Southern California to make a great event.

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All-Star Bash X has a 20+ Car Tandem Finale [VIDEO]

All-Star Bash X at Willow Springs with 20+ Car Tandem

The end of All-Star Bash X closed with one huge 20+ car tandem at Willow Springs as night fell over the track. This quick video shows the large group of cars and some dirt dropping accident around the :10 second mark. If you missed the Fourth of July ASB weekend then check out a glimpse into the events big finish.

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Ziptied All-Star Bash Summer 2009 [GALLERY]

White Lexus SC

Forrest Wang

A mix of Horse Thief Mile and Streets of Willow for the drifting weekend brought grassroots drivers from all around America. The event saw tons of team tandem action including some runs that had a group of seven drifters at once. Don’t miss any of our content from the Just Drift x Ziptied All-Star Bash weekend!

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Ziptied All Star Bash 2009 This Weekend [EVENT REMINDER]

Just Drift and Ziptied are throwing All Star Bash 2009 this weekend at Willow Springs. Here is the breakdown of events so you can check it out, 40 driver max for the weekend. Wrecked Magazine will be out there on Sunday covering all of the fun.Camping is welcome for the weekend.

Saturday – Streets of Willow 8-4pm
Balcony- Team Tandem Starts at 7pm
Sunday- Streets of Willow 8-4pm
Horse Thief Mile 8-5pm


East Coast All-Star Bash 3 [GALLERY]

Pink 240sx

Flat Black S13

Our man Dan Jenkins paid a visit to New Jersey for the third East Coast All-Star Bash held by the Club Loose guys. The north east has been known as a breeding ground for talent and checking out some photos from the event really shows that these guys have been improving and looking better everytime we see a gallery from up there. Don’t miss our 800+ photos from this great grassroots event.

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2009 East Coast All-Star Bash Day 1 [GALLERY]

This event was held in memory of Rich Bible, a fellow Drift Alliance member who took his own life earlier in the year. Many drivers came out from around the United States to slide around, have fun, and pay their respects to his memory. Dan Jenkins rattled off this great gallery while we were out next to him filming a great piece for Exedy Clutches that will be out soon!

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Brian Wilkerson from East Coast All-Star Bash [VIDEO]

Drift Alliance Ace: Brian Wilkerson

Brian Wilkerson is the driver gracing our current cover of Wrecked Magazine and his victory at the Formula D Pro Am East Finals was no fluke we can assure you. After watching Brian drifting it up for years he is now getting ready to enter Formula D here in 2009. Just watch him unleash his 240sx on the track and make sure you hear him finally go WOT at :57 to 1:00 mark.

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Dead Pirate Productions does ZASBV

The Dead Pirates attack the All Star Bash V

V is for Vendetta but also the roman numeral for five. So with all that said Ziptied All Star Bash had it’s event at the end of November I am sure you are all aware of by now. In a way much less crazy than the Somalian pirates who have been attacking oil tankers the Dead Pirate Productions team of Southern CA went out to ZASBV and busted out this great two minute video. All the fun under the sun and then some at this great Southern California grassroots events.

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Another Ziptied All Star Bash Teaser

One more All Star Bash V Teaser

This ASBV teaser comes from Joshau Herron. It’s a quick 30 second clip from Ziptied All Star Bash V that took place at the Horse Thief Mile of Willow Springs Raceway. Hopefully one of thee video guys out at ASB spends the holidays making a whole video from the event, we wanna see coverage!

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On Car Video with Patrick Mordaunt

On car with Patrick Mordaunt at All Star Bash V

This video is from Ziptied All Star Bash V at Horse Thief Mile this December. Will Roegge spliced this video together from his on board footage with Patrick Mourdaunt’s S14 Nissan 240sx. Some great runs and close calls during some multi tandem action for this flick.

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