New Formula Drift Texas Layout with POV Footage

Screenshot 2015-08-11 20.59.40

Here is the new Round 6 layout for Texas Motor Speedway’s Formula Drift event. The track could have used a course fix after the two pretty terrible rounds we had seen at Texas Motor Speedway in the past. This layout looks interesting but somewhat runs against the other layout style of Formula Drift which tends to focus on max speed at entry and slowing down around course. Luckily for all of you, XDC ran this exact same course in 2012 so here is an in car video of Rapper Dan Savage running the course in a 400whp machine.

Central Florida Racing Complex Is Closed – Here is the Send Off [VIDEO]

Central Florida Racing Complex (better known as CFRC) has now officially closed its doors forever. The Florida drift scene has always been quite popular and has further bloomed since Formula Drift arrived on its southeastern shores recently. CFRC was home over the years to XDC along with Formula Drift Pro Am sanctioning bodies. Drifting still has some strong hope in Florida with events already scheduled in 2014 at Orlando Speedworld and a schedule coming soon from Full Throttle Speedway. Formula Drift driver Pat Goodin even credits CFRC made him the driver that he is today.

“Well, CFRC closed down today. CFRC made me into the driver that I am today. Thank you to Donnie Vivier for making sure that I always had a place to test my car and have some fun. Rob Fleming for getting the funding to make CFRC into the place that it was today. Im super bummed that I didn’t get to drive CFRC for the last event, but I think that I had more seat time at CFRC than anyone else.”

Pat Goodin

Mike Pollard – Wrecked Weekly Episode 5 [VIDEO]

Mike Pollard is my week 5 guest who opens up about his 2010 D1GP Japan season where he drove a 180sx and a Toyota Soarer at big rounds such as Autopolis and Fuji Speedway. Mike is slated to be a rookie for the 2014 Formula Drift season with a prepped chassis making big power of a RB engine platform.

Mike Pollard has a great track record around North America with podium finishes at Midwest Drift Union, Drift Mania, Club FR, XDC, and the Slide Open. Tune in to see how he is planning to tackle his rookie season in Formula Drift and his experience in all of these other drift series.

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This Weekend Brings Central Florida Racing Complex – CFRC To An End

The last thing the world needs is one less place to go drifting but after this weekend it appears that CFRC (Central Florida Racing Complex) will be closed forever as a racetrack. The guys running CFRC currently will be moving all the frequent drift events over to Orlando Speed World we are being told.

CFRC held frequent events for the local Florida drift community and even featured some higher profile events such as XDC, Streetwise Drift, and WDrift. You can relive some of the good memories of the track with our tag Central Florida Racing Complex. Some local drivers had a blast sending the track out with a bang which can be seen all over Instagram with entertainment like this:

2014 Formula Drift Pro 2 Series Announced at SEMA Show

Formula Drift announced a new series for 2014 that will be in full function for 2015. Here is the breakdown of what happens for the new year. The series is called the Pro 2 series and will work as a stepping stone between the Pro Am and Pro series currently running. Basically it’s a better version of XDC/WDrift or whatever those guys are calling their series these days.

The Pro 2 series championship will have its own prize money and events will take place on 4 Formula Drift weekends in a year. This is a growth series for Formula Drift to allow newly licensed drivers/teams adapt to the professional sport in a stronger environment. With 2014 being a split season the program will only be in full function during the 2015 season. At that time drivers will regulate/promote into the Pro 2 series from Pro Am and the top pool of Pro 2 will spill into the Formula Drift pro series. We confirmed with Formula Drift that next week we will have a ton of more details on the Pro 2 series and how things are working.



2013 WDrift Championship [RESULTS]

WDrift reached out to us and told us these are the unofficial championship results for the 2013 season which visited Florida, New Hampshire, and California on a very unpublicized national tour.  Here is how they finished the season with Tyler Wolfson in his GT Radial Mazda Rx-7 winning the championship. Here is how the top 3 finished:

1st – Tyler Wolfson
2nd – Pat Goodin
3rd – Steve Angerman

2013 WDrift Finals at Fontana Speedway [RESULTS]

The finals of WDrift finished up last weekend (which isn’t XDC wink wink) to a very light crowd in the parking lot of the Indy finals over at California Speedway. Formula Drift drivers such as Enrique Mendzoa showed up to compete but fell out early due to car troubles. Here is how the top 3 finished during the last round of WDrift:

1. Tyler Wolfson
2. George Limbasan
3. Mark Sanchez

2013 WDrift (old XDC) Round 1 at CFRC [RESULTS]

Photo Credit: Lafayette Britto Photography

The results are in from a wild weekend of WDrift (former XDC) which put some Formula Drift future talents on top with a grassroots girl from central Florida. Kelsey Rowlings was featured in Wrecked Magazine Issue 25 with an awesome interview. Patrick Goodin managed to be the top qualifier of the weekend along with the event winner! Here are how the results stacked up at CFRC for the weekend:

1- Pat Goodin
2- Jeremy Lowe
3- Kelsey Rowlings

Xtreme Drift Circuit (Now WDrift) Doesn’t Deliver on Pre-Season Promises and Offers Free Driver Entries

The last time we brought up Xtreme Drift Circuit on this website was a post “Xtreme Drift Circuit Announces That They Will Soon Announce the Moon,” but that February 20th, 2013 post has’t come much to life. The post promised a TV deal with a major network and a new judging format. In January most of the current staff walked out including Matt Petty, John Wagner, and Brian Eggert leaving more questions than answers with the series. On the bright side this weekend at CFRC WDrift aka XDC is offering some free sponsorships if you are short on funds.


Dear Drift Competitor,

Hope to see you out this weekend at CFRC Orlando as we conduct a tandem drift competition and “drivers search” to see who will compete in the Monster KOE Series this year in Europe.
Attached is the event weekend flyer.
Also, if you haven’t already registered yet for the event, you can do so at the following link:
We are offering driver sponsorships for registration for those who are having financial difficulties.  Please let us know if you would like to drift, but are short on funds.  We have several groups that will look at covering your registration so long as you meet their criteria for drifting.
Hope to see you at the event!

Will Parsons and Nate Hamilton become the first rookies to score points

Nate Hamilton and Will Parsons both qualified for Top 32 Tandem competition today in Atlanta, giving them the first points of the season. Parsons qualified in 26th place with a score of 69.8 and will face Matt Powers in the first round, while Hamilton qualified in 27th place with a score of 68.9 and will face Darren McNamara. At the very least, both drivers will earn .25 points for qualifying in the bottom 8, and another 24 points for making the round of Top 32. If either driver is able to move on to top 16, they will earn an additional 30 points for appearing in the top 16. Parsons and Hamilton both were in the top 5 of our fan poll on who is likely to win Rookie of the Year that we ran in April. Both drivers also have substantial experience with XDC, as both finished in the top 5 of the final standings last season. It will be interesting to see how they do in tandem competition tomorrow!