Forza 3: Drifting for Dummies [FREE SETUP]

Forza Motorsport 3

If your stuck in the PlayStation era than we apologize but we want to get all of the new owners of Forza 3 a great drift base tune.This tune applies to the Nissan 370z and you’ll need some cash but it makes a flawless drift car.

Tire Pressure:
F: 33psi
R: 31psi

Final Drive: 4.10

F: -3.0
R: -1.0

F: 1.0 Toe-out
R: 0.2 Toe-out

Front Caster: 6.5


F: 18.00
R: 20.00

F: 665 lb/in
R: 735 lb/in

Ride Height:
F: 4.2in
R: 4.4in

Rebound F: 6.2
Rebound R: 7.2
Bump F: 4.8
Bump R: 5.6


Balance: 45% Front
Force: 110% (with ABS)

Accel: 85%
Decel: 65%

Conversions: RWD, Normally Aspirated, Factory Motor
Full Race Engine and Power Parts
Full Race Platform and Handling Parts
Full Race Drivetrain Parts
Tires: Sport Compound
F: 275/35R19
R: 295/35R19
Aero: Full Nismo Kit

Let us know how you like the setup. It comes thanks to our graphic designer Kevin Keegan.

Forza Motorsport 3 is Here! Get the Wrecked Magazine Logo in Storefront

Forza 3 - Nissan 370z

Forza Motorsport 3 has arrived in the United States today! We have already loaded up the storefront with some Wrecked logos that you guys can put on your car. Either search “wrecked” or “Drifting magazine” and you can find our logos for your builds. Above is a photo of my Nissan 370z sliding around one of the Benchmark tracks. We will also be releasing a basic drift tune to get you started sliding in Forza 3 later, so please stay in tune for that one.

Forza Motorsport 3 Launch Party [CELEBRATION]

Forza Motorsport 3 Launch Party

Turn 10 Studios and ID Agency invited us to CEC in Century City to bring the new Forza Motrosport 3 video game. Over a hundred people came to receive an early copy of Forza 3 and a huge Audi R8 Forza Motorsport poster.

Joey Redmond - Forza Motorsport 3 Launch Party

Here I am drifting a Ford GT500 on one of the units provided by Turn 10. Even though I had played the game several times this was the first full copy I had played to date. So this was my first chance at drifting in the game and I just loved every second of it.

Daijiro Yoshihara - Forza Motorsport 3 Launch Party

Here is Daijiro Yoshihara enjoing some Forza 3 at the event. He was one of many Formula Drift drivers in attendance at the big launch. Standing next to Daijiro is Ceso from Formula Drift who also was there to try out the game and get a copy. He challenged me to some Xbox Live but we have yet to meet for some battles.

Forza Motorsport 3 Launch Party

Forza Motorsport 3 Launch Party

The crowd was a great mix of people and a huge crowd around the three screen racing wheel setup. The three screen setup is great for cockpit view as you really get a true sense that your sitting in a vehicle while racing. If you have the budget at home you should check out doing this without a doubt.

Forza Motorsport 3 Launch Party

Here you can see several Formula D drivers in attendance at the event. Some people have even been building Formula Drift cars before the game has  been released which we documented in our story “Forza Motorsport 3 Drifting Preview – Released This Week.” If this is a sign of the storefront and support this game will have then it’s going to be worth it beyond a shadow of a doubt!

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Forza Motorsport 3 Drifting Preview – Released This Week

Chris Forsberg

In about 48 hours this game will be rolling out into the public in the United States. Well, thanks to Turn 10 and ID Agency we have had our hands on the game for sometime. The great news is the storefront is full of guys already making Formula Drift skins for your cars. Above is my Fairlady Z with a Chris Forsberg x NOS Energy Drink wrap on it.

Tanner Foust

Tanner Foust has a 350z, Scion tC, and a X-Games wrap I found available. In the game you can drivetrain swap your Scion tC to RWD, install his Formula D design, add some horsepower and go sliding as Tanner Foust in his Scion tC Formula D powerhouse.

Chris Forsberg

Here I am sliding around one of the benchmark courses where I went a little too deep drifting as Chris Forsberg. My bumper is about to fly off as I connected with the wall which also removes your drift points. The Top Secert S15 is already in the game as a car you can purchase and I’ve even seen some other D1GP cars along with several other Formula Drift  cars available in the storefront. These are the only two I have built so far but I will be updating you with some new  Forza 3 action soon. Also, we will be releasing a general “drift” setup this week so you guys can start sliding sooner than later once you pick it up.

Forza Motorsport 3 Drifting Demo [VIDEO]

Forza Motorsport 3 Drifting Teaser with Fujimi Kaido

Don’t miss this great teaser from a track in Japan which features the official drifting mode of Forza Motorsport 3. With multi-car tandem racing in this feature  video on some gorgeous looking track layouts you won’t stop having fun on this one. The white 350z they highlight on looks fantastic. We’ve been hooked on the downloadable demo available in the Xbox Marketplace and wait with eager anticipation for the actual game release.

Watch the video:

Need for Speed SHIFT Review: Drifting [PART 2]

Need for Speed SHIFT Drifting

Drifting is a decently large feature in the new Need for Speed SHIFT which we couldn’t wait to get our hands on. Above is our Chris Cook tribute drifting machine I put together after I received a Dodge Viper as a loaner from Dodge to slide around in.  Sadly no Formula Drift tracks are available to slide around at but they do have a decent selection including the D1GP Japan Autopolis course.

Need for Speed SHIFT Drifting

You will unlock the Falken Tires Ford Mustang after achieving Driver Level 10 which should only take you an hour or two. The in car modeling and detail on this machine rock. Sadly, I didn’t have the patience to try and drift in car yet so I have been sliding from out of car. It was a huge struggle at first but I learned some tricks I will share with you for sliding success.

Need for Speed SHIFT Drifting

One trick is hitting your brakes before you want to slide as almost an initiation. It seems to not upset the car as much when your trying to drive sideways. The rest of your formula to success is throttle modulation. It requires a ton of it and I have a heavy throttle  finger so this was an issue for quite a long time.

Need for Speed SHIFT Drifting

In this photo I am running a high speed wide line at Hazyview. A trick to getting way more points is to null the speed as much and stick closer to the clipping points which are the three cones to the right of my BMW M3.

Need for Speed SHIFT Drifting

The way I got my photos onto the website was also a super cool and easy feature that Need for Speed has. You take a snapshot and upload it to your MyNFS account. Setting one up and syncing it to your Xbox handle is very simple. Then on your MyNFS page you click the My Photos Tab and you can thumb through the last 10 photos you took. With only a 10 photo bank  make sure you click download and save the ones you really like to your own computer. It also tracks your performance on other NFS games like Undercover which is pretty neat.

Need for Speed SHIFT Drifting

At some point your going to crash in drifting sending things like the tire barriers flying through the air. Here was an accident on my demo runs at the Hazyview track. I got a little overzealous on the throttle and it was all over for the E46 M3.

Need for Speed SHIFT Drifting

All and all I like the drifting version of this game although it’s quite difficult to pick up and play in. I think they should of offered an “Assistance” mode where they could walk you through steps on how you can drift in the game. The biggest disappointment for me was the lack of cars you can drift in. For some reason they limited the already limited car selection to certain cars with a Drifting badge. Several cars I would of loved to slide around in that are RWD you cannot play with! Don’t worry though, cars like the 240sx, AE86, and Mustangs are all available to drift in. The cars locked out are mostly some of the higher end vehicles.

Need for Speed SHIFT Drifting

Here is an in-car snapshot of me drifting around in my AE86. Watching your revs on the tachometer and your guy smashing the gears really adds to the excitement of drifting in the game. It’s a pretty good drifting mode for Need for Speed and I can only imagine it will get better with time and that is what really excites me and has me waiting. Until then however, this will hold my entertainment over and my drifting video game bug.

Need for Speed SHIFT Review [PART 1]

Need for Speed SHIFT

So I have had a chance to dive deep into Need for Speed SHIFT for exactly one week and I have been hooked into the game in a big way.  It’s the first of racing games slated to come out in 2009. My progress in the game has shown me they could of made the career mode a little longer judging by my progress in the first week. The best way to play this game is with the driver first person mode which you can see above and below.

Need for Speed SHIFT

The interior’s are accurate to the tiniest detail and even carry an odometer with true mileage of your car. The first photograph is from a Lamborghini Murcielago which you can convert your interior to a race interior which you see in that snapshot. The second photo is from a GT500 Mustang in full OEM trim.  You feel the sensation of acceleration when inside the interior view. The game even goes as far to give you tunnel vision as your car increases to high speeds.

Need for Speed SHIFT

The game also has an amazing crash model that you will inevitably find yourself tangled into. While cars tend to go flying high in the air pretty easy and the crash logistics don’t quite seem to mirror the real world but the effects on your car are awesome. When you hit things very hard you will lose proper sight and have your screen turn to black and white. You even get to hear your breathing and heart pounding after a really hard crash.

Need for Speed SHIFT

While the game for some strange reason limits how many cars you can own at one time it also lacks from a large amount of vehicles you can race compared to Forza and Gran Turismo. The tracks are mapped very well and the car designer offers some great wheels and amazing paint options such as matte. You can see below my matte Porsche GT2 in action.

Need for Speed SHIFT

While I won’t dub the game the best racing simulator that has come out you will get hours upon hours of enjoyment from the game. The Need for Speed series has progressed and come a long way from it’s roots with SHIFT and that is something none of us will be upset about. Part 2 of Need for Speed SHIFT will cover the drifting segment of the game so watch out for it!

Buy Need for Speed SHIFT:

Unlocking the Falken Tires Ford Mustang in Need for Speed SHIFT

Vaughn Gittin Jr.

We finally got our copy of Need for Speed SHIFT this afternoon so I put down my work and picked up my Xbox 360 controller. After playing for around 3 hours I hit Driver Level 10 which unlocks Vaughn Gittin Jr.’s Falken Tires Ford Mustang. It took a good three hours of winning races to unlock him but at least he isn’t too far around the corner from when it starts. I unlocked him just before I hit Tier 3 racing. It’s a blast to take him into some of the bigger drifting tracks where you can use this cars horsepower and slide around like Silverstone. I am still getting use to the drifting simulation (struggling through it now) but a full game review is coming soon. Just wanted to update you on how quickly you could unlock the Falken Tires Mustang.

Play as Tanner Foust in Dirt 2

Viewing the Dirt 2 official website you can click a tab called “Race Stars” which displays some key drivers you cna play Dirt 2 as. Of course you have Ken Block, Travis Pastrana, and Dave Mirra but our two time Formula Drift star is included as well. Yes, you can be Tanner Foust in the world of rallying. None of us will ever look as beutiful as him or drive better than him so you mine as well just join him and pick up Dirt 2 to live life on the dirt as Tanner Foust.

UPDATE: Apparently you cannot play as Tanner Foust but you play against him in the game. Not quite as fun but we wish you luck trying to be beat the two time Formula D champion in about anything.

Vaughn Gittin Jr. Interviewed by 0-60 Magazine on Need for Speed SHIFT

0-60 Magazine caught up with the busy and forever traveling  Vaughn Gittin Jr. to chat about the Need for Speed SHIFT game released today. Personally a few months ago I was one of the first people outside of EA Games to try the drifting setup and it was awesome. By far not the most simple thing I have done (like GRID) but challenging and fun. I am waiting to get my hands on a copy and will have a more in depth review here on the website but for now we can listen to Vaughn Gittin Jr. talk about his contributions to the gaming platform. I posted a sample expert from the 0-60 Magazine interview and you can follow a link at the end to the full interview:

Are you into racing simulators, or is this something new for you?

I’ve been a sim gamer for a while, and I use video games in the drifting off-season to keep my hand-eye coordination up. I’ve even built my own drift simulator out of an existing platform for practice because I couldn’t find anything suitable out there.

What was your contribution to developing the gameplay?

I helped to do the physics—spending over 100 hours working on the game and testing it from its initial stages right to the final product. It was literally me sitting with a video game physics engineer and saying, “No, the car should react like this in a turn,” while making changes to swaybars and dampers, just like in a real car.