Bloodmasters Present Bloodbath Part 1 at Englishtown [VIDEO]


In case you ever tried to convince someone that drifting wasn’t just full of hooligan kids doing random hood-rat shit in the time  between robbing liquor stores and mugging old ladies then please don’t show them this video. All joking aside this Bloodmasters Part 1 video shows off some intense skill and entertainment all focused around Raceway Park in Englishtown, New Jersey. The video features some Formula Drift drivers such as Ryan Tuerck, Chris Forsberg, and Tony Angelo who all seem to be driving “missile” car S13′s as they slam into each other, parts of the track, and about anywhere else you could think of around the race course. My favorite part of the video falls around 3:13 when they have a five car tandem (two cars going one direction on the track and three going the other way) all at the same time. This is shown in screen capture three above. Follow the link after the video to see a full list of credits for the Bloodmasters Bloodbath Part 1 video.

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Bloodmasters Teaser [VIDEO]

The team is half street gang and half missile drift crew which is composed of several Drift Alliance Members, a few Drift ALliance Aces, all mixed in with a few new bloods of the sport. The video boasts Ryan Tuerck, Chris Forsberg, and Tony Angelo tearing up Englishtown Raceway in what has to be one of the best drifting videos we have seen in a long time. While the Drift Alliance these days is all but dead (except for Rhys Millen joining the team) this just marks the feeling of 2004 Drift Alliance or dare I say the “Bad As Hell” days. Sit back and enjoy one awesome drifting video.

Jodin Lejeune’s Infiniti G35 in Europe and Now Crashed

Former Formula Drift driver Jodin Lejeune sold his Infiniti G35 drift machine to a customer in Europe recently. The JDM Garage Infiniti G35 is now white with blue accents. Sadly someone sent us these photos of how much the poor former Formula D car got smashed up recently at a local event out in Europe. Hopefully they can get the car back together quickly after this accident!


S13 Hatchback Smashed into Light Pole at Harrah’s Casino [SNAPSHOT]

I cannot really tell you much about this accident because the image just popped into my Newsfeed without any description titled to the photo. This red S13 looks like it got away from the driver and connected to a light pole. The scene of this accident looks like Harrah’s Casino in Tunica, Mississippi. Judging by the massive amount of tire tracks in the back left corner of the image this happened at some sort of sanctioned event/demo. Regardless that is a tough hit and damage done to a good looking S13 hatchback.

Chris Forsberg Vs. Darren McNamara for 3rd Place [VIDEO]

Chris Forsberg Vs. Darren McNamara Insane 3rd Place Battle

Check out the insane tandem battle between Chris Forsberg and Darren McNamara for 3rd place at Formula Drift Irwindale. Darren McNamara crashes into Forsberg on the first lap and then both guys crash so hard on the second lap. Darren McNamara made contact hard enough to remove the rear bash bar off the Saturn Sky.


Watch the video: http://www.wreckedmagazine.com/watchvideo/chris-forsberg-vs-darren-mcnamara—an-insane

Matt Powers Hits the Wall During Formula Drift Irwindale Thursday Practice [VIDEO]

Matt Powers Crashes at Thursday Practice on the Bank

Check out this video showing Matt Powers have a big hit on the start of the bank and have some issues with the Team Need for Speed S14 which put the passenger side of the car hard into the wall. You can see suspension and parts go flying as the car bounces along the area of the bank.

Watch the video: http://www.wreckedmagazine.com/watchvideo/matt-powers-crashes-at-thursday-practice-on-t

Toyota Corolla AE86 Goes Two Wheel Drifting [SNAPSHOT]

Jeremy Glover caught this amazing snapshot from Drift Mania Round 7 over the weekend of this Toyota Corolla driving/drifting on two wheels around the course. How it got in this position is beyond us but it looks damn impressive. This is our snap shot for Friday and we think you cannot find much better than this!

Will Parsons and Dan Savage Crash at XDC Texas [SNAPSHOT]

Found this snapshot on Facebook and it looks like Will Parsons got tagged and went for quite a ride after Dan Savage made contact with him in the Sikky S13. Will Parsons went airborne in his AE86 and flew off the track at XDC this weekend. What a ride he went on after they made contact.

Joon Maeng Destroys the Nitto Tire Mazda Rx-8 in Practice [VIDEO]

Joon Maeng Crashes the Nitto Tire Mazda Rx-8

According to the Bergenholtz Racing PR the Nitto Tire Mazda Rx-8 caught victim to some of the on/off rain we kept having on the track. Joon Maeng keep sliding towards the wall and made contact with the far end tires. The Mazda Rx-8 then swung into the k-rail leaving the car non operational for qualifying.

Watch the video: http://www.wreckedmagazine.com/watchvideo/joon-maeng-crashes-the-nitto-tire-mazda-rx-8

Kyle Mohan Crashes Going Over 100mph into the Tire Wall [VIDEO]

Kyle Mohan Crashes Going Over 100mph Into Tire Wall at LVMS

This one is going to hurt as you sit and watch Kyle Mohan make contact at triple digit speeds (103mph was the estimation given by Formula Drift) as he contacted the wall in his Mazda Rx-8. As we reported yesterday Kyle was cleared by medical without problems and just some soreness from the wreck. This is the best angle you can find of his huge accident against Michael Essa in the Top 16.

Watch the video: http://www.wreckedmagazine.com/watchvideo/kyle-mohan-crashes-going-over-100mph-into-tir