Walker Wilkerson

Biggest Disappointments in Drifting From 2013

In case you missed it our whole staff got together for a Google+ Hangout with special guests Justin Banner of MotoIQ.com and Formula Drift judge/US Drift owner Brian Eggert. We weighed in on six categories including one that was the biggest disappointment of 2013. Here is my paraphrasing of everyones answers or you can watch them answer in video directly by using the link below.

Joey Redmond (me) – The Rookie Class
The rookie race over the past few seasons has been a fun and interesting battle to say the least. The word I described them as for the season was “deplorable” in Formula Drift. It threw the future of the sport into question and I think forced the hand of Formula Drift staff to fast track the Pro 2 series. Marc Landerville really showed promise at New Jersey but only participated in that one event. Some of the drivers that ran like Mats and Nate Hamilton have potential but they just didn’t put it together. The 2014 class has tons of promise so don’t give up hope yet.

Rathyna Gomer – Final Fight at Irwindale
The way Michael Essa won a championship and how it was anticlimactic. It just lacked excitement as a fan and most people were in the dark about behind the scenes activities like the protests going on.

Justin Banner – Protests
He points to the slowing down of the show for protests this year was a huge let down. It really played a major effect on Round 6 at Texas with the judging call reversal which he doesn’t even 100% agree with after watching replays.

Jacob Leveton – Walker Wilkerson
Tons of people were excited about his twin turbo LS7 Nissan 240sx S14 and managed to miss Round 1 which was already a let down with the build. He did attend Motegi Drift Challenge and did very well at the event and landed a podium. With an engine issue at Road Atlanta he didn’t perform well and then vanished for the rest of 2013. He had a good car and program in the past so it was a let down to not see him around. Jacob spoked with him and a good bit of it was attributed to parts issues.

Brian Eggert – Corey Hosford / Nate Hamilton / Ken Gushi
Brian didn’t want to place it as a dissapointment but more of a misfortunte or disappointment for the season with these two drivers. Corey Hosford he felt with the help of Chris Forsberg Racing was going to do really well and with car troubles and issues just couldn’t make it happen. Nate coming off a great performance in XDC he had high hopes for just had a couple issues and couldn’t make it come together. He was eighth in 2012 and finished 21st this season. He missed rounds 2/3 with car issues and just never really recovered.


Watch Us Discuss Our Disappointments: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dlJNAKAx9sM&feature=share&t=10m15s

2013 Formula Drift / Drifting Year in Review with Wrecked Magazine Staff [VIDEO]

We gathered the Wrecked Magazine staff (Jacob Leveton and Rathyna Gomer) for a Google+ Hangout with some special guests to look back at the whole 2013 season of drifting. We brought on two special guests for the episode including Justin Banner (MotoIQ.com / Mackin Industries) and Brian Eggert (Formula Drift Judge / US Drift Founder / Pro Am Founder) for the show. In just over one hour we cover the big 6 topics below along with giving some inside scoops on potential Formula Drift formatting changes and analyzing the Pro 2 series. The following drivers all got rewards/mentions in our video: Vaughn Gittin Jr., Danny George, Pat Goodin, Chelsea DeNofa, Darren McNamara, Chris Forsberg, Michael Essa, Conrad Grunewald, Walker Wilkerson, Corey Hosford, Patrick Mordaunt, Daigo Saito, Robbie Nishida, Nate Hamilton, Geoff Stoneback, Rapper Dan Savage, Mike Pollard, and Dan Brockett. Here are the six categories we focused on:

Most Improved in 2013
Most memorable tandem battle 2013
Biggest letdown/disappointment of 2013
Driver of the Year 2013
Best Up and Comer for 2014
Hopes for 2014

Walker Wilkerson Misses Another Round with Engine Issues

Round 4 was a wash with Walker Wilkerson talking about engine issues they suffered in Palm Beach. Sadly his engine parts such as the crankshaft didn’t make it to him in time for a retune, test, and drive up to Evergreen Speedway. This just puts a huge damper on his 2013 season overall and doesn’t allow him to drive on his original hometown drift track. Here is what he released on his fan page:

It’s killing me to have to post this but unfortunately we will not be able to make it to FD Evergreen this year. The crank was backordered for much longer than expected as well as the dry sump pan. Even after overnight shipping the backordered items there still wouldn’t have been enough time to put the car back together, retune it, shake it down and get it to Washington in time for FD.

I know this will get asked so yes, we could’ve rushed to get the car to Evergreen by installing a stock crank and doing without a dry sump system. However, we would be at square one once again with another blown motor and no results to show from it. Rushing to make the next round with a car that’s been proven to not be 100% is simply not worth the sleepless nights, wasted money spent and disappointment once something goes wrong.

The car and motor are in the hands of our sponsor Real Street Performance. We are very thankful to have Real Street rebuilding the heart of the S14. I am ecstatic to get back behind the wheel and shake her down before we head to Texas.

I’d like to say thank you very much to all of my sponsors: Fueled Racing, Insane Innovations, Exedy, Achilles Radial, Real Street Performance, CP/Carrillo, GodSpeed Project, Seibon, Turbo’s by Garrett, CSF, Enkei, Brian Crower, BC Racing, Fatlace, Era-1, Whiteline, TiAL, Radium Engineering, AEM, Canton Racing, LA Wraps, Grip Royal, Treadstone, Sams Autoland, KAAZ, Astars, Grip Royal and Spyder Auto. Thank you guys so much for believing in me and for your continued support. I’d also like to thank all my fans for sticking by our side through the thick and thin. You guy’s are awesome, see you all in Texas.

Walker Wilkerson Announces No Round 4 at Wall for him – More Engine Issues

Walker Wilkerson announces he won’t be attending Wall Speedway this weekend due to more engine problems occurring in Palm Beach. The first problem struck at Road Atlanta but they got a rebuild put together in time to make it out to PBIR. While at Round 3 the car suffered some more issues and the guys have called it until Round 5 at his home track Evergreen Speedway. Here is the official release Walker put out:


I am extremely bummed to announce this but we unfortunately are not going to be running at Formula Drift New Jersey this weekend. After blowing the second motor this year in Florida what we just thought was rod knock turned out to be 1 twisted ruined crank, 1 bent discolored connecting rod, all 8 pistons, piston rings, piston pins, piston clips…. fried, the cam…toast. The list could continue for days. Luckily the block was salvageable but needed to be over bored to eliminate the scaring on the sleeves. With our uncommon larger new bore size, it requires custom-sized engine internals. Engine internals have the longest manufacturing lead time out of any other car parts, and not only do we need over half of the internals replaced, they are all custom sizes, which equals to even a longer manufacturing lead time which is physically impossible to have made within the amount of time between Formula Drift Palm Beach and New Jersey. I am truly sorry that we cannot make it to New Jersey and it is eating me alive knowing that I won’t be getting to drive this weekend.

Otto Graven, Alex Lee, Andy Hateley, and others will miss Road Atlanta

We have received word that for the second event in the row, Otto Graven’s crazy ‘Ultimate 86’ Scion FR-S will not be in attendance. There was talk that Otto may make an appearance in his old 350z, but it looks like he will be attending an event in South Africa instead.  Alex Lee has also mentioned that he will not be attending Atlanta in his Lexus GS300 that he debuted in Long Beach. We have also learned that Chris Jeanneret and Kory Keezer, both rookies from the Evergreen Drift series, as well as Andy Hateley will not be attending. On the other hand, drivers like Walker Wilkerson, Jeremy Lowe, and Mike Pollard will be making their 2013 FD season debuts at Road Atlanta, all will be looking to make up for missing the Long Beach round.

2013 Formula Drift Grand Prix – Super Drift $25k Main Event [GALLERY]

The Top 16 suffered various delays including tons of water being poured onto the track from the ALMS idiot vendors. After a small delay we kicked off to one insane run of tandem battles. Robbie Nishida defeated his Achilles teammate Daigo Saito and Fredric Aasbo banged into the turn 10 wall in the final four battling his Motegi teammate Matt Powers. Here are images from all the tandem battles of the day.

Check out the Gallery: http://www.wreckedmagazine.com/gallery/thumbnails.php?album=331

Matt Powers wins Motegi Superdrift Challenge at Long Beach Grand Prix [RESULTS]

Matt Powers drove his Fatlace / Nitto Tire S14 to the win in the first ever Motegi Superdrift Challenge, narrowly defeating Mike Essa’s GSR Autosports BMW E46 in the final. Walker Wilkerson earned 3rd place by default due to Freddy Aasbo crashing out in his battle with Powers in the top 4.

1st – Matt Powers – Fatlace / Nitto Tire S14

2nd – Mike Essa – GSR Autosports / Yokohama BMW E46

3rd – Walker Wilkerson – Fueled Racing / Achilles Tire S14

2013 Formula Drift Long Beach Grand Prix – Super Drift Practice/Qualifying [GALLERY]

The $25k Super Drift Challenge fired up with 16 cars battling for a big pay day weekend at the Grand Prix. Michael Essa took home the top qualifier as we reported and we captured some photographs from under the lights thanks to Jacob Leveton. The tandem groups are all set with a drivers suffering from vehicle malfunctions who will scramble today to get their car back in one piece for tandem.

Check out the Gallery: http://www.wreckedmagazine.com/gallery/thumbnails.php?album=330

2013 Formula Drift Long Beach Grand Prix SuperDrift Qualifying Order [RESULTS]

Mike Essa took home the top qualifying spot, scraping both walls between turns 9 and 10 and putting on a show for the Long Beach Grand Prix crowd! Several drivers had car problems, and may or may not return tomorrow. Qualifying was a best of two runs affair, with drivers who failed to make a pass being ranked based on their 2013 FD points standings. Walker Wilkerson turned his first wheels on track for 2013, while drivers like Jeff Jones and Forrest Wang continued to look strong and built off of their performances last weekend.

Here’s the qualifying order:

1st – Mike Essa

2nd – Matt Powers

3rd – Robbie Nishida

4th – Forrest Wang

5th – Odi Bakchis

6th – Freddy Aasbo

7th – Jeff Jones

8th – Toshiki Yoshioka

9th – Ryan Kado

10th – Jhonnattan Castro

11th – Pat Mordaunt

12th – Walker Wilkerson

13th – Chelsea Denofa (transmission)

14th – Daigo Saito (misfire)

15th – Kyle Mohan (apex seal)

16th – Pat Goodin (axle)

Here are how the tandem matchups will work tomorrow:

Essa vs Goodin
Yoshioka vs Kado

Wang vs Denofa
Bakchis vs Wilkerson

Powers vs Mohan
Jones vs Castro

Nishda vs Saito
Aasbo vs Mordaunt

2013 Formula Drift Long Beach Grand Prix SuperDrift Updated Drivers List

Formula D has posted a new roster of drivers that will be competing this weekend at the SuperDrift challenge in conjunction with Long Beach Grand Prix. Here’s the list:

– Fredric Aasbo
– Aurimas “Odi” Bakchis
– Jhonnattan Castro
– Chelsea Denofa
– Mike Essa
– Patrick Goodin
– Jeff Jones
– Ryan Kado
– Kyle Mohan
– Patrick Mordaunt
– Robbie Nishida
– Matt Powers
– Daigo Saito
– Forrest Wang
– Walker Wilkerson
– Toshiki Yoshioka

Compared to this previous list, there are several major names missing including Chris Forsberg, Conrad Grunewald, Tyler McQuarrie, Ryan Tuerck, Dai Yoshihara, and Tony Angelo. New names on the list include Jhonnattan Castro, Pat Goodin, Jeff Jones, Pat Mordaunt, Forrest Wang, and Walker Wilkerson. How do you feel about this new roster?