Odi Bakchis vs. Fredric Aasbo in the Finals – You Decide [VIDEO]

After watching this video a couple hundred times and sharing it with some other pro drifters I cannot seem to determine who was truly at fault for the contact but it does seem to me when you watch this in full screen at 1080 that Fredric Aasbo intentionally makes the car spin once Odi hits him. That is somewhat hard to say either way since Odi made contact with his wheel but you can see him rotating the wheel from the drivers position and the wheel moving (implying to me that suspension wasn’t broken) in the video. Fredric was hit quite a few times in the same area this weekend which makes me lean more towards the favor of Odi Bakchis not being at fault. I am curious to see what you guys all think in the comments.

One thing is for sure, Formula Drift needs to provide judges a better viewing angle in this hairpin other than what the Livestream provided. Our POV in this footage is far better than anything the judges had to look at. Several people in my 10 Things post even chimed in about drivers knocking over clip cones and people missing it but the Livestream view is less than ideal. I think they really need an inside clip camera and one on the outside to watch wheel speeds, e-brakes, and all the other games that clearly went on in that area. Chime in below!

Tanner Foust’s 900hp Volkswagen Passat [VIDEO]

Maybe I am just a sucker for Tanner Foust’s humble banter but he doesn’t sound super confident in this video about his return to Formula Drift. Perhaps, it is just more realistic than others realizing that since he has been gone the “game has changed” for lack of a better analogy. Tanner did touch on something I thought about quite a bit…. speed is all but gone and that was his variable weapon in the sport over years past. The car sounds INSANE with it’s sequential 8 to 1 header developed by AEM. The car makes 700hp without nitrous and a 200 shot to place it right at 900hp on the squeeze. Tanner boasts 60 degrees of steering angle but didn’t show that off for the camera in this video. He also seems to answer the question as to why Nitto Tire dumped half of its team for 2015 since they signed him and the delayed Mad Mike Whiddett for the new year. I think most of the grid is very glad that Tanner isn’t running a full 2015 Formula Drift season.

Nate Hamilton Brings Out 144VM Series for 2015 [VIDEO]

Nate Hamilton launched a new video series this week promoting his pre-season and showing off that he can skateboard better than everyone reading this article I imagine. The new series meshes Nate Hamilton’s life of drifting and a world of skateboarding together in one pretty solid package. Sit back and see what Nate took on during this off-season! His new build is a SINGLE turbo Chevrolet LS V8 setup which seems pretty interesting.

Vaughn Gittin Jr. at Street Driven X Hyperfest Media Day [VIDEO]

Check out some footage of Vaughn Gittin Jr. in his 2015 Ford Mustang RTR tearing up the VIR Patriot Course at Street Driven Media Day. Local Virginia news and TV crew came out to preview the May 2nd @ VIR big automotive weekend. Vaughn Gittin Jr. was there to give ride-a-longs which you can buy during the same event coming up. It is a shame we will have to wait and see this car in Formula Drift since he is delaying the release while they learn more about the new chassis but you will be able to check it out in person at Street Driven x Hyperfest weekend coming up – Facebook Event Page for people who want more info.

Conrad Grunewald Brings Active Aero into Formula Drift for 2015

Years ago when Tyler McQuarrie had a roof malfunction I made a post joking about his “active aero” on the 350z the post got pretty out of hand. Well, fast forward a couple years and it appears Conrad Grunewald is bringing an active aero rear spoiler to Formula Drift for real. It’s almost like a “DRS zone” F1 spoiler except it has a tilt more than a larger opening. My lack of Science classes really stop me from giving you a detailed explanation of what is happening and why this is very beneficial for Conrad but I am sure some armchair wind tunnel expert will reply and explain in teh comments. Regardless, it looks pretty cool! First motion on spoiler happens around :20 mark.

Conrad Grunewald Testing Two New Camaro Builds for 2015 [VIDEO]

Here is Conrad Grunewald testing out his two new Camaro builds for 2015. The AE car is his competition car for 2015 which is tame compared to his over the top demo car. The SDPC demo car has a twin turbo kit and nitrous strapped onto it to make maximum power. Jacob covered the engine build on this when Conrad leaked some build content. Here in this video, Drift International caught some coverage of the shake down/testing being done on both cars before Long Beach.

Drift Garage Is Back and Shows You How to Build a 370z and Missile Version 2

Ryan Tuerck and Chris Forsberg are back with season two of Drift Garage at MA Motorsport. Ryan Tuerck is refreshing his S13 missile car while Chris Forsberg is blowing the budget this year with a twin turbo Nissan 370z build. Tune into the first episode and check out the new cars for this NetworkA season debut.

Yoichi Imamura Drifting and Shake Down of his Lexus LFA [VIDEO]

Imamura has silenced all the doubters and haters by doing some drift testing with his Lexus LFA. It sure looks like this build is progressing into a legit D1GP build. My favorite part about this video is that this wildly exotic and rare car sliding around this parking lot sounds just like every car on the Formula Drift grid pretty much. Someone also needs to go film this thing ASAP with a better camera please and thanks.

Matt Field’s New Engine Setup Sounds Insane [VIDEO]

A video posted by Matt Field (@mattfield777) on

Matt Field showed off his new engine setup on the dyno through Instagram. He said he is going testing ASAP with the setup now tuned which probably puts him ahead of most Formula Drift builds. Part of his new engine setup is a new billet impeller wheel from his Vortech Supercharger which he claims basically eliminates the need for nitrous on his setup completely.

Odi Bakchis Updating Everyone on the Genesis + 240sx for Formula Drift

Odi Bakchis in collaboration with ARK Performance released a cool off-season video talking about the changes to both of his rides for 2015. The 240sx is getting more horsepower for the Formula Drift season while the Hyundai Genesis is undergoing a complete rework it seems. Odi is converting the Genesis to a Holley ECU and rebuilding the suspension with a Feal setup. The Genesis will make its debut with Odi at Formula Drift Streets of Long Beach before heading overseas for the rest of the Formula Drift World Championship.