Tyler Wolfson – Wrecked Weekly Episode #20 [VIDEO]

This weeks Wrecked Weekly gets us a sit down with Tyler Wolfson, a rookie heading into Formula Drift for the first time. Tyler has a Mazda RX-7 which he has retained the 1.3L rotary engine which is pushing out just over 600hp for the 2014 season. Tyler is bringing a large group of sponsors into the series for 2014 including Hawk Brake Pads and Konig Wheels. His title sponsorship comes from the tire company GT Radial who is also a rookie in Formula Drift where they are set to debut their new SX2 tire.

Dai Yoshihara testing his Subaru BR-Z at Fontana [VIDEO]

While Dai Yoshihara first showed of his new livery last weekend at the Illest OC store, he’s been testing a few times this week to dial in his 800hp+ (we’ve heard numbers that are a bit higher than that) Subaru BR-Z. Crew Member Mike Kojima has posted on Facebook that despite having a rather large frame turbo, Dai reports no noticeable lag, just a steady power curve. The team at Falken Tire always is on top of their prep, and Yoshihara is the defending winner of the Long Beach event, a feat he accomplished with longtime suspension partner KW Suspension. Yoshihara and the Falken team look ready for success at this weekend’s first event of the 11th season of Formula D.

Joon Maeng Testing at Willow Springs – Shows off New Partner Maxxis Tire

Joon Maeng shows off his S13 Nissan 240sx at Willow Springs now on Maxxis MA-Z1 tires. This quick Instagram video doesn’t show much of the car in drifting action but nice to see Joon is getting some serious test time in with the new Maxxis tires before Round 1.

Chris Forsberg drifts around town in his Nissan 280Z [VIDEO]

We last saw Chris Forsberg testing his 2014 competition Nissan 370Z at Englishtown Raceway just last week (and before that, drifting his M45 4-seater drift car around the Driveshaft Shop warehouse), but it looks like he’s been doing a little daydreaming in his commute as well. In this video for his sponsor, Clarion USA, Forsberg takes his classic 280Z out on a leisurely stroll around town. As the old saying goes, he who dies with the most toys wins. Seems like it’s a pretty tight competition between Forsberg and Vaughn Gittin Jr these days…

Taka Aono – The Flying 86 – A Complete Documentary [VIDEO]

Taka Aono is the drifting version of a cult classic who year after year brings his AE86 to compete regardless of the changes going on around him in the paddock. Taka is just one of the nicest guys you can find and this video put together by Flying Boy Films teaches you everything you need to know about him.

Danny George and Friends Episode 1 [VIDEO]

Danny George has a brand new engine package including some Trickflow GenX 255 LS3 heads to make more horsepower. His newer generation Miata is almost ready to be put to the ultimate test at Formula Drift next weekend. Watch as the build creeps closer to completion!



Chris Forsberg Testing his 370z at Englishtown with Nitrous [VIDEO]

Chris Forsberg is shown testing his Nissan 370z at Englishtown Raceway with his new nitrous system just before he packed up and headed to California for Round 1. Chris Forsberg’s new setup puts his Z at the 1,000hp mark on nitrous as he charges for his second championship.

D1GP Season Kickoff at Fuji Speedway Drilled with Rain [VIDEO]

The D1GP season kicked off in Japan with a very rainy main event. The guys at Formula Drift are planning to kick off Formula Drift Japan at the same track in July of this year. They will probably hope for a better weather weekend than this one. Here is a 3 minute highlight of tandem battles shot by

Odi Bakchis – Wrecked Weekly Episode #19 [VIDEO]

We grabbed Odi Bakchis at Tech Day to talk about his transition into Nitto Tire for the 2014 season along with his reworked 240sx. Odi mentions he focuses on adding horsepower every season but isn’t quite on board with the 1,000hp+ wars that are going on in the series right now. Odi talks about the return of anti-squad in 2014 for his build and how WiseFab is going to help him get through the 2014 season. Tune in next week where we catch up with rookie Tyler Wolfson!

Chris Forsberg Drifts Inside Driveshaft Shop Warehouse [VIDEO]

Chris Forsberg drifts it up inside the new Driveshaft Shop warehouse in his four door Infiniti M45. The two minute video has him flying around the interior of this new location for Driveshaft Shop.