Chris Forsberg 4th Gear Rev Limiter at Street Driven Tour STL [VIDEO]

Here is what it looks like to ride with the smooth operator Chris Forsberg at the top of 4th gear around the Gateway Motorsports Park track. The Street Driven Tour event on July 4th was a wild one with Forrest Wang and Brandon Wicknick joining the fun and chasing Chris Forsberg all day in his VK56 powered Infiniti M45.

Faruk Kugay Steps into Formula Drift Pro 2 at OSW [VIDEO]

Faruk Kugay hails from Northern California and made the hella long drive to Orlando, Florida so he could participate in Pro 2. So Faruk is coming off a great performance at Golden Gate Drift Pro Am last season. We even caught up with him back then and made a little documentary of him back in Pro Am.

Brandon Wicknick Loses a GoPro in Hilarious Fashion at Street Driven Tour [VIDEO]

Here is a video of Brandon Wicknick from Street Driven Tour St. Louis taking off in a chase run behind Forrest Wang and Chris Forsberg around Gateway Motorsports Park. Once Brandon Wicknick hit the high speed turns at GMP part of his car karate chops the roof and knocks off a GoPro. The war against the GoPro is real!

Drift All-Stars Round 2 in Sweden Complete Recap [VIDEO]

In case you didn’t have the time to watch the Drift All-Stars Sweden Livestream this weekend (mostly because you were drunk at a BBQ celebrating America’s birthday) the great guys at Drift All-Stars made a nice recap video for you to consume. The video runs through the best battles of the weekend from the super hot round in Sweden.

Parks & Rec with Brandon Wicknick and Juha Rintanen [VIDEO]

ChaseBays released this cool video of Brandon Wicknick and Juha Rintanen drifting some closed streets in Alabama recently. A cool piece and I just love the way both these 2JZ engines sounds!

Ryan Tuerck Chased Down by Vaughn Gittin Jr. at Formula Drift Orlando [VIDEO]

Ryan Tuerck being chased by Vaughn Gittin Jr. back at Formula Drift Round 3 at Orlando Speed World. Ryan Tuerck runs the BC Racing ER Type double adjustable coilovers on his competition FR-S which got seriously put to the test at the terrible OSW track conditions.

Joe Rogan Experience #661 with Rutledge Wood Talk Drifting

Rutledge Wood of Top Gear USA fame was a guest on the Joe Rogan Experience podcast last week and brought up drifting on more than one occasion in the show. If you are unfamiliar with the Joe Rogan Experience it is a show (also podcast you can download through proper radio means) where he has guests over from all walks of life and chats about interesting topics. Rutledge Wood is the proud owner of the DTA 2JZ powered Scion XB that Pat Mordaunt took drifting around Willow Springs back in the day. If you are lazy, skip to about 35 minutes and tune in for a while.

Formula Drift Canada video series “Inside Angle” – Episode 1 [VIDEO]

Top Canadian drivers like Marc Landreville, Pat Cyr, and Dany ‘Babu’ Bernier are all participating in the first competitive season of Formula Drift Canada. The sanctioning body has put out the first episode of their “Inside Angle” video series on Youtube, chronicling these three drivers as they participate in the series. The first event is happening this weekend at Autodrome St. Eustache, known affectionately as the Canadian House of Drift, this video was pushed out as a lead up to this first event. Luckily for us, the video is translated into both French and English.

Ryan Tuerck Taking on Street Driven Tour [VIDEO]

Watch Ryan Tuerck do some awesome foot/arm work chasing down Vaughn Gittin Jr. and Chris Forsberg. Man, the Street Driven Tour just looks like a blast!

A Powerful Look at Matt Coffman from Formula Drift Orlando [VIDEO]

This is just a fantastic video following Matt Coffman around Formula Drift Orlando Speed World. I am curious to see how Coffman carries himself into the other oval tracks such as Evergreen Speedway and Irwindale as the season moves forward.

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