2014 D1 Street Legal Round 1 at Bihoku [RESULTS]

Check out the start of the D1 Street Legal series that went down at Bihoku over the past weekend. The big winner was Naoki Nakamura on the weekend! You can see his final battle with Kazuki Hayashi in the video above. Nakamura qualified third for the event after suffering serious mechanical issues in practice. His car normally around 450hp was down around 370hp after an issue with a broken camshaft put him out for most of practice. Here is how they finished up:

1. Naoki Nakamura (25)
2. Kazuki Hayashi (21)
3. Yusuke Kitaoka (18)

Kenneth Moen – Wrecked Weekly Episode #21 [VIDEO]

Wrecked Weekly grabbed a few minutes with Kenneth Moen just before he went out to compete at Super Drift. My co-host was Jacob Leveton chatted with Kenneth Moen about his rivalry with compatriot Fredric Aasbo and the long road to a possible championship. After Kenneth left we continued on to chat about the $100k Triple Crown prize for next season and the 2015 Formula Drift World Championship which are both hot button topics right now in the paddock!

Rookie Geoff Stoneback Tells Story of uShip and Qualifying 29th [VIDEO]


Rookie Geoff Stoneback trailered his car across the country without turning a wheel back home for testing of just one lap. Typical story you have heard 100 times with drift programs, right? Well his truck broke down in Texas and he called upon uShip to get his car to Long Beach within 24 hours and make his tech appointment. Step 1, complete! During practice and testing he had two car failures leaving just his second qualifying lap to make his first complete lap and qualify. He managed that as well and qualified 29th in the first lap driven with his new 240 build. What a cool story of overcoming diversity for the rookie!

Watch the video:

A Visit to Formula Drift with the Ford Racing Team [VIDEO]

A great look at the Ford Racing team which consists of Justin Pawlak and Vaughn Gittin Jr. for the 2014 drift season. Justin finished the weekend in fourth place and Vaughn had a decent weekend as well for the Ford Racing team. We really liked the quality of this video!

E90 BMW Wrecks at Grassroots Drift Event in Ohio

Ouch! At the Drift Movement event in Columbus, Ohio someone brought out a E90 BMW M3 four door and hit the course. The good news is he saved the car from understeering straight into the big monster truck tire but smacked it on the exit pretty good. That is going to be an expensive one to fix!

Kyle Mohan’s Mazda Rx-7 Featured in Queens of The Stone Age Music Video

Kyle Mohan loaned out his FC Mazda Rx-7 to the Queens of the Stone Age for a recent music video called Smooth Sailing. Kyle actually did some of the drifting/sliding you see the RX-7 perform in the video as well. It has only been online for two days and has broke 300,000 views easily. Watch it to see Kyle Mohan’s car and driving on display.

A Look at 10 Years of Clubloose [VIDEO]

Brian Casse throws a tribute together of Clubloose footage as they celebrate 10 years of drifting. Clubloose fostered by Matt Petty is one of the best drifting communities in the world with some of the most fun drifting to boot. Claiming home at Englishtown they have ventured into some other northwest markets for the 2014 season. Two Formula Drift champions Vaughn Gittin Jr. and Chris Forsberg cut their teeth in Clubloose back in the day.

Kyle Mohan’s Big Top 32 Crash with the Wall [VIDEO]

The crash from Kyle Mohan wasn’t easy to capture since he was following behind Robbie Nishida putting out big smoke from his Achilles Radial tire. Regardless, you can clearly see Kyle make big contact with the wall and his wheel spokes shatter with contact at the wall. The wheel ring stayed in tact and the GT Radial SX2 tire didn’t even come dismounted from it!

Joon Maeng’s Huge Crash from Qualifying [VIDEO]

Check out this awesome capture I got of Joon Maeng’s qualifying accident. The car crumbled into pieces as it made contact with the wall on Joon Maeng’s first qualifying pass. The video has a full speed look at his whole qualifying run followed by a slow motion version of the huge impact with the Long Beach krail.

Corey Hosford and Luke Pakula Announce No Plans to Run in 2014

Corey Hosford and Luke Pakula both took this week to announce and confirm a lack of presence for both of them in 2014. Luke Pakula announed on Facebook his plans for Pro 2 in 2015 with a new S14 while Corey release a video seen above. Its a shame to lose both drivers for this season but we have a ton of 2014 rookies ready to fill shoes of these two for the new drift season.


Luke Pakula via Facebook:
Dear family, friends, fans and sponsors … alot of you have been messaging me in the past few weeks asking about my 2014 Formula D plans … well I apologize about not keeping you all posted but I will not be competing in Formula D this season. I have begun to part out my AE86 with hopes to finish up my S14 that I feel will be more suitable to my driving style and will be capable of taking me further. I plan to return to compete in Formula D Pro 2 in 2015. I hope you all continue to follow me through because I assure you that this is not the end of me! The mark in 2013 has been made and I can’t wait to come back out with another bang!