Vaughn Gittin Jr.

2014 East Coast Bash at Englishtown [GALLERY]


Dan Jenkins braved some bad weather to bring us a ton of images from East Coast Bash! The rain came down, the drifting continued, and the party went all night. These images should give you a great idea of why this weekend ranked #3 on our Top 10 Drift Vacations before you Die post. Follow the link below for tons of awesome images straight from New Jersey.


Check out the Gallery:

Tandem Train over at East Coast Bash [VIDEO]

Chris Forsberg posted this Instagram video of the Drift Alliance and friends having a blast at Englishtown! Don’t worry, we have Dan Jenkins on the scene and will have a ton of images and content coming up on the site very soon!

Geoff Stoneback Takes on Road Atlanta [VIDEO]


Geoff Stoneback made a  video highlighting his Top 32 battle against Vaugn Gittin Jr. along with his Road Atlanta debut. Check out the full video story here.


Watch the video:

A Eurotrip Following Drifting Across the Continent [VIDEO]

Lukas Skersas left Chicago, Illinois and spent a good amount of time checking out the European drift scene. Come back to this page when you have an hour to enjoy this awesome video. Lukas checks out Drift All-Stars, EEDC, and Gatebil on his tour around Europe. He even runs into Ryan Tuerck, Odi Bakchis, and Vaughn Gittin Jr. on his tour around the country! Some European drivers get special airplay in the video like Jack Shanahan, Dmitriy Illyuk, James Deane, and Fail Crew.

Top 10 Drift Vacations to Take Before You Die


Regardless if you are independently wealthy or have a credit card to max out I put together the Top 10 drifting vacations you need to take before you die. The list is compiled upon driving, fan entertainment, atmosphere, and all the fun you can have in the area!


10. D1NZ Final Round – Mt. Smart (Auckland, New Zealand)


The D1NZ season ends at Mt. Smart under the lights! The venue is a custom built and it puts fans very close to the action. The track does take place in the Mt. Smart Stadium parking lot which normally holds duties for the National Rugby team. Once the race ends you are just a quick cab from downtown Auckland where some of the real fun can begin. Don’t miss some top drivers like Mad Mike Whiddett and C’s Garage take on the New Zealand night.

9. Irish Drift Championship – Mondello Park 


The most fun you can have in Ireland is by far Mondello Park. It puts you pretty close to Dublin and has the most energy over a drift weekend in Ireland. Big name drivers such as Dai Yoshihara, Darren McNamara, and other international stars tend to come and drive at this Ireland track as well. If you happen to come here and enjoy watching a weekend of pro drifting then you could also do the ProDrift Academy and drift on your own at Mondello!

8. Formula Drift Irwindale Speedway (Los Angeles, California)


The “House of Drift” as everybody knows it had to make the list. So many people attend this event now parking has been moved off site and stands have been put anywhere they can fit. The driving here tends to be world class and over the last few seasons a championship has been sorted out during the event weekend. Once the Irwindale weekend is over you will find yourself not very far from Los Angeles, Hollywood, and other places to finish out a great weekend.

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2014 Streetwise Drift Round 1 Kickoff [EVENT RECAP]

The day after Round 2 of Formula Drift at Road Atlanta, Streetwise Drift held their first Pro Am event of the year. The event was held right down the street at Greshman Motorsports Park. Greshman is a half mile oval track, with 12 degree banks. The park also has a smaller quarter mile flat oval inside of the larger track. This combination makes it a great location for awesome drift course layouts. Being the day after Road Atlanta, many pro drivers were in attendance. Danny George was a guest judge, Chelsea DeNofa was spotting for Kelsey Rowlings, and both Pat Goodin and Vaughn Gittin also attended the event. By mid morning you could tell that this was going to be an outstanding day of drifting!

As with any oval track with a very high bank, the day was filled with high speed, very hard crashes. Johan Munoz was a little too aggressive in practice, and took it hard into the wall. He completely tore the front right suspension off of his car, as he elevated off of the pavement. Before the accident he was one of the better looking drivers. It will be interesting to see how he recovers for the rest of the season.


One of the crowd favorites, Jonathan Nerren, was also a victim of the bank wall. Before the wreck he looked fantastic in his Magnuson Supercharged ls7 s14. Later Jonathan said, “After the wreck is what truly amazed me. My crew as well as quite a few other fellow drifters, got my car fixed and ready to qualify with the exception of one [axle]. It is great to have such a driven crew, family, and friends . My man Vaughn Gittin Jr was even getting his hands dirty. His passion and support for the sport is second to none. Thank you to all who were involved. Ready for Round 2.” The speed at which his crew got the car back together was faster than any Pro Am team I have seen before! Jonathan is definitely a guy to watch out for this year.

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10 Things I Learned From Formula Drift Round 2 This Weekend

10. Conrad Grunewald Does the Best Entries at Road Atlanta
A highlight of Road Atlanta is the creative entries drivers use coming down the big hill. Conrad Grunewald has the coolest ones in the series. You can watch a POV view here of his wild reverse entry.

9. For Good or Bad – The Judges Didn’t Seem to Agree This Weekend
The judges were so split this weekend I didn’t even bother to keep logging it in my notes after a while. Brian Eggert voted for Danny George to win and the other two picked Daigo Saito in Top 32. Andy Yen wanted an OMT for Dean Kearney vs. Ken Gushi and the other judges wanted Ken Gushi to move on as two examples. I do like the diversity in perspective and it will be interesting to see if this continues throughout the rest of the 2014 season.

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2014 Formula D Tire Round 2 Atlanta – OEM Manufacturers Championship [STANDINGS]


By claiming the first win of the season for the blue oval, Vaughn Gittin Jr. has piloted Ford to the top of the OEM Championship leaderboard. Gittin Jr. took out his Ford Mustang cohort Justin Pawlak in the top 16, but the combined points were enough to take the lead. Scion sits in second place, with NIssan not too far behind. Last year’s champion Lexus is just under 100 points off the pace, although it’s still very early in the season.

Here’s how the OEM championship shapes up after two of seven rounds:

1. Ford – 249 points
2. Scion – 224.5 points
3. Nissan – 209.5 points
4. Lexus – 151.5 points
5. BMW – 148.5 points
6. Chevy – 131.5 points
7. Mazda – 54 points
8. Dodge – 51 points
9. Toyota – 33.5 Points
10. Hyundai – 19 Points

2014 Formula D Championship Standings after Atlanta [STANDINGS]

Chris Forsberg Formula Drift Long Beach

By earning his second podium in two events, Chris Forsberg remains atop the Formula D Championship standings after Atlanta. Vaughn Gittin Jr slides into second place behind Forsberg, with Fredric Aasbo taking third place.

Here’s the top 20 standings after two rounds of Formula Drift competition:

1. Chris Forsberg                 173 points
2. Vaughn Gittin Jr.         145.5 points
3. Fredric Aasbo                  137 points
4. Kenneth Moen                 135.5 points
5. Justin Pawlak                  103.5 points
6. Odi Bakchis                      102 points
7. Forrest Wang                   93 points
8. Michael Essa                    91.5 points
9. Darren McNamara        84.5 points
10. Robbie Nishida              83 points
11. Conrad Grunewald       70 points
11. Ken Gushi                        70 ponts
13. Daigo Saito                     68.5 points
14. Tyler McQuarrie          61.5 points
15. Chelsea Denofa              57 points
16. Ryan Tuerck                 45.5 points
17. Kyle Mohan                   54 points
18. Pat Goodin                      52.5 points
18. Pat Mordaunt                52.5 points
20. Dean Kearney               51 points

2014 Formula Drift Round 2 at Road Atlanta [RESULTS]


An insane weekend saw Michael Essa dismissed in Top 32 and Daigo saito bail out in Top 16 due to mechanical failures! We will have more in depth updates and analysis in the next few days. With all of that being said here is how the podium finished up for the night:

1. Vaughn Gittin Jr.
2. Fredric Aasbo
3. Chris Forsberg
4. Robbie Nishida

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