Vaughn Gittin Jr.

Vaughn Gittin Jr. Visits Spain for Gymkhana Grid Finals

Vaughn Gittin Jr. flew out to Spain to run the Gymkhana Grid to hang out with his Monster Energy drink family/friends over in Europe. While doing so he hopped on the track and put down the second fastest RWD time of the weekend 50.2 falling just shy of Luke Fink. His time even ran close to Ken Block who was just 1.44 seconds faster in the AWD category. Vaughn is now traveling to SEMA for the week to provide demos in the Ford Out Front category of the show.

Formula Drift Irwindale by The Numbers [INFOGRAPHIC]

Nitto Tires put together an info graphic of consumption and usage at Formula Drift Inrwindale. 1,800 tires were used in the weekend by 54 drivers. While the fans in attendance consumed 2,500 hot dogs along with 4,500 waters/sodas. A poor performance in the keg department with 15 tapped and my coffee consumption went unmonitored apparently. What do you think of Formula Drift by the numbers?


Bash Bangers Part 3 – East Coast Bash [VIDEO]

Bash Bangers Part 3 was released by Hoonigan today showing off all the fun of East Coast Bash. The Drift Alliance members running team tandem, Bentley’s doing burnouts, and tons of east coast drivers taking on all the tracks at Englishtown. Enjoy!

2013 Formula Drift Awards – Ace of the Decade: Vaughn Gittin Jr.

Several decade awards were given away this weekend at the 10th year anniversary of Formula Drift. Vaughn Gittin Jr. was awarded one for the Ace of the Decade. Vaughn has run all 10 seasons of Formula Drift and stocked up the most tandem victories of any driver in the series. Quite an impressive feat he should be proud of!


2013 Formula Drift Awards – Top Qualifier of the Year: Vaughn Gittin Jr

This was a pretty straightforward award which was given to Vaughn Gittin Jr. for having the highest average qualifying place over the 2013 season. Congrats to Vaughn Gittin Jr. who made a 2013 season transition to Nitto Tires this season smoothly and would of come damn close to a championship this year without fines and overturned protests against his favor.


2013 Formula D Final Championship Points Standings

Here are the final 2013 points standings, baring any technical violations or other points deductions which may have happened without our knowledge.

1. Michael Essa                   555.5 points
2. Chris Forsberg                 538 points
3. Daigo Saito                       510.5 points
4. Fredric Aasbo                  487 points
5. Vaughn Gittin Jr           481 points
6. Justin Pawlak                425 points
7. Matt Field                        407 points
8. Darren McNamara       388.5 points
9. Robbie Nishida                387.25 points
10. Odi Bakchis                    378 points
11. Dai Yoshihara              333.5 points
12. Conrad Grunewald     309.5 points
13. Chelsea Denofa               291 points
13. Ryan Tuerck                  291 points
15. Tyler McQuarrie          290.5 points
16. Matt Powers                   282 points
17. Forrest Wang                 276.5 points
18. Kenny Moen                   258.75 points
19. Ryan Kado                      239.75 points
20. Danny George                231.5 points

Lexus Wins OEM Manufacturers Championship for 2013 [RESULTS]

Lexus has clinched the OEM manufacturers championship with the elimination of Vaughn Gittin Jr. in Great 8 and Robbie Nishida and Daigo Saito making it into the Final Four. Lexus was only 9 points behind Ford going into this weekend and made a huge pass with an insane presence this weekend. Here are the results from Round 6 but we will have a full points score tally posted tonight. However, it is official that Lexus is our first ever Formula Drift OEM manufactures champion.

What it takes to win in 2013: Vaughn Gittin Jr

The third person we’re profiling in the march to the 2013 Formula D Championship is Vaughn Gittin Jr. To say his season has been crazy would likely be an understatement. After starting off with two podiums in two events, JR faced a major point deduction after Seattle and a controversial protest in Texas (which he talked about in the post-race press conference) which would have potentially put him much closer in the championship chase.

Current standings:

1. Mike Essa 489 Points
2. Chris Forsberg 474 Points
3. Fredric Aasbo 425.5 Points
4. Vaughn Gittin Jr 410 Points
5. Daigo Saito 409.5 Points
6. Justin Pawlak 400.5 Points

Much of the math for Daigo Saito applies for Gittin Jr as they are just 1/2 point away from each other. Without the point deduction from Seattle and the win that was taken away in Seattle, JR would have at least 38 points more than he currently does (and possibly more pending the top-4 battles in Texas). As it stands now, a top 32 qualification from Essa (513.25 points minimum) would require a win plus a top-6 qualifying effort from JR to have a shot at the championship, and would also require Forsberg to lose in his top 32 battle. Fortunately, JR has been quite strong at qualifying this season, earning a top-6 qualification in three of the six events this season including top qualifier in Texas.

Outside of Formula D, Gittin Jr has been a very busy guy, drifting in both Europe and Asia between FD rounds along with doing demos at military bases around the US. Pending his finish in Irwindale, JR will likely finish the season in the top-5 of the points standings for the second straight year (2nd last season), which is quite an accomplishment considering this is his first season running his own team. He also has a chance to earn Ford the first-ever OEM championship which would probably be greatly appreciated by one of his biggest sponsors.

WDS Releases Videos of Luoyang Grand Prix [VIDEO]

If you wanted to see what all the hype was about with the World Drift Series they just released a bunch of the Top 16 runs in full on their YouTube page from the Luoyang Grand Prix. Embedded above are the runs from Vaughn Gittin Jr vs. Han Yue and Han Bin vs. Matt Powers. Matt Powers takes a pretty gnarly blast through the barrels in his tandem run.

More Top 16 Battles:

2013 Formula Drift Irwindale Speedway – Tentative Drivers List

Here are the people who have paid and registered to drift next weekend at the House of Drift. The real strong title contenders are Mike Essa and Chris Forsberg and unless they drop the ball big time one of them is taking home a championship. If they both fail to advance a win could be taken by another driver to advance and win a championship as well. All eyes on Irwindale next weekend! Here is who is driving:
1 Essa, Mike 101
2 Forsberg, Chris 64
3 Aasbo, Fredric 151
4 Gittin, Vaughn Jr. 25
5 Saito, Daigo 1
6 Pawlak, Justin 13
7 Field, Matt 777
8 McNamara, Darren 8
9 Bakchis, Odi 723
10 Nishida, Robbie 31
11 Yoshihara, Daijiro 9
12 Grunewald, Conrad 79
13 Denofa, Chelsea 88
14 Moen, Kenneth 22
15 Powers, Matt 665
16 Tuerck, Ryan 62
17 George, Danny 7
18 McQuarrie, Tyler 17
19 Wang, Forrest 808
20 Kado, Ryan 614
21 Mordaunt, Patrick 90
22 Gushi, Ken 21
23 Yoshioka, Toshiki 104
24 Maeng, Joon 51
25 Aono, Taka 86
26 Ovcharik, Miroslav 235
27 Goodin, Patrick 46
28 Mohan, Kyle 99
29 Jones, Jeff 29
30 Angelo, Tony 96
31 Briggs, Dave 24
32 Baribeau, Mats* 30
33 Mertzanis, Dennis 323
34 Castro, Jhonnattan 717
35 Ward, Chris 23
36 Kearney, Dean 43
38 Wicknick, Brandon* 801
39 Parsons, Will* 48
40 Hamilton, Nate* 144
41 Hosford, Corey 232
42 Rydquist, Carl 300
44 Jeanneret, Chris* 111
45 Primozich, Rob* 3
46 Stone, Gabe 15
47 Mendoza Jr., Enrique 16
48 Wilkerson, Walker 95
49 Steele, Josh* 72
50 Moore, Victor 360
52 Hildebrand, J.R. 6
53 Pakula, Luke* 714
55 Lee, Alex 81
57 Osaki, Karl* 14
61 Cano Estrella, Carlos 10