British Drift Championships Round 4 – Lydden Hill [RESULTS]


Jack Shanahan won his second event in two weeks, this time taking out the entire BDC lineup to win Round 4 of the British Drift Championships that took place at Lydden Hill. Shanahan takes a large 34 point lead into the final event of the championship, which takes place September 17th and 18th at Anglesey Circuit in North Wales.

Here’s a look at the results from Lydden Hill:

1st – Jack Shanahan
2nd – Martin Richards
3rd – Marc Huxley
4th – Matt Carter

2016 Southwest Drift ProAm: Round 1 Las Vegas [RESULTS]


Southwest Drift, operated by Vegas Drift, kicked off their 2016 Pro Am season with an event at their home track of Las Vegas Motor Speedway. Several Formula Drift alumni were on hand, including Danny George and Forrest Wang in the judges tower. The competition grid included a handful of drivers who either currently hold or have previously held Formula Drift Pro 2 licenses, which meant some insanely good tandem battles! At the end of the day, Andy Hately’s supercharged LS3-powered BMW E30 held together long enough to take the top step of the podium.

Here’s a look at the full results from Round 1:

1st – Andy Hateley – BMW E30
2nd – Blake Olsen – Nissan S13
3rd – George Kiriakopoulos – Nissan S13

10 Things I Learned About Formula Drift Irwindale Last Weekend

10. The Best Formula Drift Event in History

FormulaDriftIrwindale This is the first time in Formula Drift history the championship came down to the last battle. A sold out Irwindale Speedway cheered and screamed as tandem battles wound up in crashes, door banging, and dramatic endings. Fredric Aasbo even beat Chris Forsberg in the Final Four but just fell short of his first championship by losing to Daigo Saito.

9. A Championship Based on Qualifying
I will be one of the first people to admit or complain about how boring qualifying is when you look at the big picture of the sport. It drags on, has a slow pace, and generally doesn’t entertain like tandem competition. However, Fredric Aasbo lost the championship based on him qualifying consistently worse than Chris Forsberg this season making it quite impactful overall. Fredric even won more tandem battles through the season and successfully beat Chris Forsberg on several occasions to show he could of earned it but qualifying seems to be his glaring mistake for the season.

8. Dean Kearney Keeps Making this Dodge Viper Work
Dean is one of the drivers who just kept improving throughout the 2014 season and he continued to impress me at Irwindale. He banged up the car a few times and after talking to him at Irwindale, he shared with me that his tandem battle versus Dai Yoshihara was done without front brake rotors (basically no front brakes) which resulted in his tandem follow error. It is pretty amazing how he makes this big boat work around the Formula Drift courses in the modern era.

7. Pro 2 Had Some Positives and Negatives
Some of the Pro 2 battles this weekend delivered top billing and a huge crowd reaction for some battles while one tandem battle in particular was the worst professional drift tandem sequence I had seen in my life. In six laps due to two One More Times we had four spins and three inactive chase runs. All and all I would consider Pro 2 a success and will be interested to see how it grows for 2015, especially with the new influx of drivers who couldn’t make the 32 cut.

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A Look into Warfest 2014 at Adams Motorsports Park

The California drift scene has had a gross lack of some grassroots action lately. Sure, there’s been events that are “just for fun” and non-competitive, but the camaraderie simply isn’t present. More times than not, us Cali drifters gawk at the photos we see of drift events in other parts of the country and world. We daydream about the high-fiving, door-bashing, crowd-cheering event that’s essentially a giant family reunion. Well, it finally happened at the 2014 Warfest at Adams Motorsports Park (AMP) over this past weekend.

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Subject Media Takes on Detroit [VIDEO]

Midwest Drift Union visited the Streets of Detroit again and this was the aftermath. One awesome video put together by Subject Media really gives you a sense of what went down inside one broke city.

2014 Midwest Drift Union Round 3 at Kansas City [EVENT RECAP]


Round 3 of the Midwest Drift Union season happened at Heartland Park in Topeka, Kansas. The weather was great despite the signature gusty winds of The Great Plains. The skid pad was utilized at the massive complex as MDU staff wanted to set a track that focused more on speed from start to finish as well as door to door tandems. Simply put, the goal was achieved.
Similar to Round 2 in Iowa last month, practice started off very smooth and it didn’t take long at all to move right in to tandem practice.
Practice went well for all drivers with minimal issues and plenty of solid driving. After qualifying concluded, a great Top 16 was set.
The day’s Number 1 qualifier, Steve Topping, eased his way into the Top 8 by defeating Chance Crooks. MDU’s youngest competitor, David Mesker, faced off against hometown homeboy Mike O’Mara and after going One More Time, Mesker and his 1JZ powere E36 M3 coupe moved on. 

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2014 Vegas Drift Round 4 – Great 8 to the Finals [RECAP]

TravisAvery.DriftThis is the Part 2 blog post about Vegas Drift Round 4. If you want to read an introduction and Top 16 recap written by Justin Banner just head here. Blake Olsen and Travis Avery were the first drivers off the line once the OMT of Hunter and Moore was done. The Road Boss lived up to his name and took out Blake in the Great 8. Kasey King and Rob Carlsen were next to find out who would enter the Final Four and Kasey would start to show off the skill that makes him part of that Triple Crown crew from Colorado!

DylanHummelNext was Patterson and Hummel and Patterson would take the win, increasing his point lead that much further. However, Cameron Moore would answer back after taking the win against Matt Dale! Matt looked great, but Cameron Moore was on a charge to gain points!

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2014 GoldenGate Drift Round 1 [RESULTS]

The first round of GoldenGate Drift took place at Stockton 99 Speedway in Northern California today. Updates given by Christina Gri. Take a look at the top three drivers who are off to a good start in this Formula D Pro 2 licensing series.

1st Place – Ty Milner
2nd Place – Matt Coffman
3rd Place – Cameron Moore

Daniel Giraldo – Winning and Living the 86 Life [INTERVIEW]

We’ve had the pleasure of getting up close and personal with two newly licensed Forumal Drift drivers so far. Now let’s take the time to become acquainted with another talented driver who placed 2nd overall in the 2013 Top Drift Series. This driver driver lives and breathes Corollas (his number placard proves it).

Here’s Daniel Giraldo; an individual who has proven to be one of the more successful drifting purists out there in his Toyota Corolla (AE86). Giraldo was initially introduced into the drift world through Option videos (like many of us). Soon after, he fell in love with a stock GTS and never looked back. During his senior in high school (2007) he bought his first car (his current Hachi Roku). A year later, in 2008, he participated in his first drift event. From that moment forward, every single dime he earned went directly to his car and drifting. Giraldo started out on 99 WHP and now at age 24 has doubled his power (200 WHP) and earned his Formula Drift Pro License.

For all your Hachi gear heads out there, here’s a list of his first (and current) build:
4age 16v head big port with small port intake manifold
4age 20v silvertop block crank and rods.
4agze 8.9 pistons ceramic coated
4agze CAS
HKS metal 1.6mm head gasket
HKS blow off valve
Garret turbo dual ball bearing from s15.
K20 coil pack ignition
Powered by max high mount intercooler.
RC injectors 550cc.
AEM ECU. full Standalone.
w55 transmission
200whp 165tq. 10psi of boost.

Watch a video of Giraldo’s qualifying run at Top Drift Round 4:

I know what you’re all thinking—is this guy a Tofu Delivery guy on his spare time? Read on to find out.

Daniel Giraldo Q/A

Q: What has been your proudest moment in drifting? What about most embarrassing moment?

A: Proudest moment in drifting would have to be the first time I got to tandem with a group of advanced drivers at Balcony and I was still new to drifting. It was a blast! Best thing was I kept saying I wasn’t ready for tandem but peer pressure works haha! Most embarrassing moment would have to be that same drift train. They made me be the last car in the back because I was the slowest car out there and well everyone would be ahead of me by a good amount and here’s this little slow corolla way back finishing up the end of the train drift. All eyes on me.

Q: Will you be competing in Formula D next year? If so, which events should we expect to see you at?

A: Formula D 2014 unfortunately does not look very possible at this point, but I will do everything I can to find sponsors to make Formula D possible in the future.

Q: Any changes to the car for next year?

A: I am still running a lot of stock things on my little car; I believe some of the bushings may even be as old as the car is haha. My goal for next year’s events will be to have the car adjusted for more rear traction. I know it can be quicker around a corner sideways if I get rid of my stock 4-links and have the rear of the car adjusted properly. As far as power from the motor, I will certainly be sure to push it enough to still be reliable.

Q: What has been the biggest struggle getting to this point?

A: Struggle has been TIME. Deadlines, Full time work. But someway somehow we can manage. Even if it takes staying up really late and waking up early. How bad do you want it?

Q: What was your recipe to success in earning a Formula D license?

A: CONSISTENCY, making sure the car was prepared before heading to track, good night’s rest, and do what the judges want to see.

Q: Do you have any pre-drift event rituals? If so, what are they?

A: No ritual to be honest, I just make sure I’m calm and focused to really step up the level.

Q: What advice do you have to offer for all the aspiring drifters out there? Any advice/shout-outs for the Corolla community?

A: My advice—seat time, seat time, seat time… if you want to drift don’t make excuses not to! And power isn’t going to fix your drifting, so worry more about driving the car than worrying about what HP it made on the dyno. Seat time is everything. Shout out to all the fellow ae86 drivers that drift/road race their cars, keep it up. I hope this accomplishment inspires some fellow drivers to step up to the plate.

Q: You have a unique build. Have you ever felt the pressure to change your chassis?

A: Only upon my accomplishment of receiving my FD license I have thought upon having to get a different platform. But never have I ever felt pressured or ever thought I want or need to change chassis, I strongly feel that the Corolla is a great platform for the amateur/grassroots level of drifting competitively; it can hold its ground. My corolla is a great example of what I mean. My corolla finished on top with the big boy V8’s.

Giraldo currently does not have any major sponsors but would like to thank Rival Auto Works, Jimmy Up, FRSport, Megan, and all the Top Drift sponsor for their help.


2013 Drift Mania Round 3 – Ste-Croix [RESULTS]

1st – Dave Briggs – Nissan S14

2nd – Maxim Lemoine – Chevy S10

3rd – Alex Michaud – Nissan S13