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Joe Rogan Experience #661 with Rutledge Wood Talk Drifting

Rutledge Wood of Top Gear USA fame was a guest on the Joe Rogan Experience podcast last week and brought up drifting on more than one occasion in the show. If you are unfamiliar with the Joe Rogan Experience it is a show (also podcast you can download through proper radio means) where he has guests over from all walks of life and chats about interesting topics. Rutledge Wood is the proud owner of the DTA 2JZ powered Scion XB that Pat Mordaunt took drifting around Willow Springs back in the day. If you are lazy, skip to about 35 minutes and tune in for a while.

Top Gear Season 3 starts next week – What cars will Tanner Foust Drift next?

The History Channel will start airing Season 3 of Top Gear next Tuesday, August 14th, at 9pm. Rutledge, Adam, and Tanner are all back for the third season, and their teamwork and camaraderie has gotten progressively better over the past two seasons. We told you that filming was confirmed back in May, but the episodes are coming to light next week. In reality, we tune in each week solely to see which car Tanner will drift around Rutledge and Adam. The best so far has been the Ford F450 Super Duty truck in Episode 3 of Season 2. With Tanner’s drift skills being kept in top shape, hopefully an OEM will decide to bring the Top Gear star back to Formula D for the 10th season next year!

Top Gear USA Season 3 is Confirmed – More Tanner Foust on the Tube

Tanner Foust and the boys will be doing a third season of Top Gear USA which is just about to start filming we have learned. Excited to see the History Channel has gotten so behind this programming which we have heard is bringing in some top viewership on the cable channel. As the episodes have continued the chemistry and entertainment these guys are producing on air is going up up and up. While we cannot see Tanner Foust tearing it up in a Scion tC anymore we guess watching him on TV is the next best thing while his old championship 350z is being driven by Kenneth Moen in Formula Drift this weekend.

Top Gear Season 2 Taping Tickets Available Now – Visit Tanner Foust

Tanner Foust retired from Formula Drift with a send off at Formula Drift Abu Dhabi back in February. If you want to still visit him you can go visit Top Gear HQ (El Toro Field) in Orange County. They have some ticket dates open for July 12th, 13th, and 14th if you hurry up. If you plan on attending one of the Top Gear USA tapings make sure you arrive super early to get inside. The taping will run for quite a few hours to chalk off a good chunk of the day and note you won’t be able to bring in your cellphone so just leave it in the car.

Get Tickets Now:

Tanner Foust to appear on the Tonight Show – 12/16/10

Be sure to catch Tanner Foust alongside his Top Gear America co-hosts Rutledge Wood and Adam Ferrara as they take a break from their Top Gear tomfoolery to catch up with Jay Leno on the Tonight Show this evening. The show airs on NBC tonight at 11:35pm.

Top Gear USA Episode 1 – Thoughts/Comments/Concerns

So Episode 1 finally aired last night with Tanner Foust getting beat in a standing mile Lamborghini race and a Viper/Helicopter chase that Tanner Foust lost as well. What does everyone think about the show after one episode and will they keep watching it? Are the three hosts a good selection for the show? I have even heard a peep of a rumor that another Formula Drift star MIGHT be the The Stig on the show as well. Will you stay tuned in for the rest of Season 1?

Images of the Top Gear USA Set from Facebook [SNAPSHOTS]

Here is an update from my last Top Gear USA post reviewing the Pilot Episode filming I went to on a Saturday morning. Now apparently these images are from a crew member on the Top Gear set that I wanted to share with everyone. As an extra they scan you for cameras and phones before entering and confiscate contraband (including a ton of knives in the bin) until you leave the show premises.

I found these on Facebook last night and wanted to share with you a glimpse of what the set looks like. These photos were not taken the day we attended the Top Gear filming so I am not sure what is going on with the SUV’s in the second frame. Enjoy this glimpse of the show until you can see the whole thing at the end of next month.


Drifting in Ice Skates, Wellingtons, and Flippers [VIDEO]

Making Apple Sauce with a Jaguar in Flippers

Jeremy Clarkson of course is behind these antics where the drivers select their favorite shoes and try to knock over apples at clipping points. Many cars get brought into the mix and Anthony even tries to drive an Audi R8 with ice skates. Yes, this video is that dumb but yet that good. See who can drift the best with the proper attire.
Watch the video:

NBC says no thanks to Top Gear – Rather air more Knight Rider

NBC once again proves to me they are clueless and have one of the worst network planning teams of all times! They still air Knight Rider, don’t promote 30 Rock, and the list could go on forever. They are passing on Top Gear which isn’t really a big shock to anyone out there. Accorrding to Top Gear they are chasing after a cable network to pick up the show.

Formula D Sonoma: Gallery

Formula D Sonoma Round 6 is now complete and it was the best event of the year by far. A great mix up in top 16 including Wild Bill Sherman making his great RETURN to Formula D and landing on the podium. Check out the gallery with 500+ photos from Formula D Sonoma by clicking here

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